One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is curating the atmosphere of your opulent event. From your breathtaking venue to the most intricate details, like florals and tableware, everything needs to blend in seamlessly to create an uninterrupted flow of elegance and harmony.

Naturally, your wedding decor will set the tone of your event, be it bohemian elegance, timeless grandeur, or refined minimalistic luxury. When it comes to centrepieces, most couples tend to acquire their florals first and then focus on the details around them. However, what is typically overlooked is the lighting for tables, and the realization of this comes a bit too late. 

As a quick-fix solution, most choose to feature candles placed in simple holders, though it hardly provides any illumination. Others include elegant candelabras to evoke an authentic vintage feel, though things could quickly get rather messy. 

Why Use Wedding Lantern Centrepieces?

Illumination plays a significant role in the ambiance of your wedding, especially at the reception tables. You want your guests to revel in the beauty of your centrepieces, not be distracted by flickering candles or a dimly lit setting. You can include wedding lanterns in your centrepieces to provide beautiful and romantic illumination while keeping the theme flowing.

Wedding lanterns create an unparalleled setting of romance and enchantment, omitting a captivating glow. Reminiscent of bygone days, these exquisite pieces offer a touch of elegance and refined sophistication to all kinds of celebrations. When set as centrepieces, lanterns not only enhance the visual aesthetic of the tables but also infuse the space with a touch of intimacy and delicate grandeur. Simply put, their allure and radiant glow will be just what your celebration needs!

The Symbolism Of Wedding Lanterns

A great deal of symbolism is attached to lanterns, mainly serving as beacons of light, illuminating the couple’s path to eternal love. As focal points, they symbolize an emblem of exquisite romance akin to the couple's unique love story. Additionally, the allure of wedding lanterns lies in their versatility. Since they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, you can easily find ones ideal for your desired ambiance.

Most importantly, they can provide soft yet radiant illumination – without the sense of being too bright or flashy. And as centrepieces, they draw guests to their warm embrace, ultimately creating an ethereal scenery like those in storybooks.


Due to their highly versatile allure, wedding lantern centrepieces can be styled in many ways. For instance, you can opt for smaller, delicate lanterns and cluster them together, providing twinkling ambient lighting. Or, you can choose stand-alone pieces, which will serve as unmatched attention grabbers. With their ability to seamlessly blend into any decor style, wedding lanterns can effortlessly elevate the overall aesthetic, no matter what kind you want.

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Lantern Ideas For Your Wedding 

Black Lantern Intertwined With Flowers

This gorgeous wedding lantern is an ideal centrepiece for timelessly elegant and rustic celebrations. While centered as a focal point, the surrounding flowers give it a dash of tender romance, complementing its industrial feel. Therefore, this lantern can also fit into a modern atmosphere. You can pair it with soft flowers, like pastel roses or white calla lilies, for a genuinely minimal look.

Marble-like Centerpiece Lantern

Stand-alone lanterns can offer a captivating feel, especially if they feature an intricate design. This wedding lantern centrepiece is made from a marble-like material, evoking a high-end, luxurious statement. Surrounded by delicate flowers, it will catch the eye of everyone present without being too flashy.

Vintage Cage Lantern

This vintage caged lantern is reminiscent of the bygone eras and can be the perfect centrepiece for a rustic wedding. Instead of placing candles, you can fill them with minimalistic florals or lush green accents, adding tiny twinkling lights and providing soft ambient lighting.

The Classic White Lantern

Sometimes, sticking to the classic is the best decision, especially regarding wedding decor. For example, take this classic white centrepiece lantern - although it doesn’t feature any intricate elements, it offers a minimalistic, elegant feel, perfect for contemporary celebrations. To accent its simplistic allure, you can pair it with various striking flowers, like roses or peonies.

Lantern Table Number

While wedding lanterns are mainly used for emitting a romantic glow, you can also find an additional purpose for them. Instead of placing traditional table number papers, you can design little emblems of the numbers and put them on top of the lanterns. This way, your guest will automatically be drawn to its allure, where they’ll be genuinely appreciated for their radiating glow.

Minimalist Gold Lantern

Although classically traditional, a fully-white colour palette can sometimes feel uninspired. Therefore, you need to implement tender touches of colour without overpowering the overall aesthetic. 

For instance, you can use minimal gold wedding lanterns as centrepieces, ideal for traditional and contemporary celebrations. You can also pair the piece with tiny pastel candles and lush floral arrangements for an unmatched romantic appeal.

Ornate Wedding Lantern Centerpiece

Instead of opting for classic designs, why not go for something more ornate? This timeless wedding lantern will fit various aesthetics, providing an unparalleled elegant ambiance. The beauty of this peace is that it can be paired with an array of decorations, from eye-capturing flowers to intricate tiny candle holders.

Terrarium Glass Lanterns

Like classic lanterns, terrarium lanterns can feature different nature elements inside them instead of candles. Since this wedding lantern has plenty of space, you can incorporate an array of greenery; just make sure they’re well protected. Alternatively, you can use a natural aesthetic and place twinkling lights instead.

Other Decor Wedding Ideas For Lanterns

While lanterns for weddings look stunning as the focal point of your reception tables, there are a few other ways you can incorporate wedding lanterns into your decor. 

Wedding Aisle

Vintage lanterns look incredible when used to line the wedding aisle. They can be decorated with flowers, greenery, ribbons and other items to match your wedding theme. Adding them to your aisle adds a touch of whimsy and romance to an otherwise plain aisle. 

Suspended Lanterns

Another way you can use lanterns to elevate the level of romance at your wedding is to suspend them from above. This can be done over the sweetheart or bridal party table, over guest or dessert tables and suspended from trees at outdoor events. It’s an unexpected decor element that your guests will love. 

Photo Backdrop

You can use large lanterns or lanterns in varying sizes as backdrop props for your wedding photos. For example, picture the staircase at a beautiful Italian villa lined with romantic lanterns; it’s a great way to dress up the background in your photos. 

As you can see, there’s a wide range of wedding lanterns. Whether your celebration is glamorous or the epitome of modernism, these intricate pieces will go perfectly with any setting. Additionally, don’t limit yourself, you could have a lot of wedding design options - to achieve a fully authentic look, consider adding various elements that will blend harmoniously with their radiating aesthetic.

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Your wedding is probably the biggest event you’ll ever plan, and because it’s a celebration of your love, you want it to be perfect. But even with the most meticulous planning and a wedding planner, unexpected circumstances can arise, throwing a wrench in your picture-perfect day. That's where plan B weddings come in - a backup plan that ensures your wedding can still happen, even if the original plan falls through.

A backup plan may be the furthest thing from your mind and definitely not what you envision for your special day. But one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is being able to roll with the punches and not freak out when things aren’t “perfect.” 

So, we put together this helpful guide to understanding plan b weddings, so you can rest easy if there are some unexpected happenings. And don’t worry, when planned right, plan b weddings are not the second best, they can be just as unforgettable as your original plan.  

Why Every Wedding Needs A Plan B?

As wedding planners in Italy, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a backup plan for every wedding, no matter how perfect the weather forecast may seem. Unpredictable weather, sudden rain showers, gusts of wind and even heat waves can quickly ruin an outdoor wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. 

A backup plan ensures that the wedding can still run smoothly and be just as beautiful, even if it needs to be moved indoors or to a covered area. 

This provides peace of mind for the couple and their guests and showcases the Italian wedding planner's professionalism and attention to detail in creating a seamless and unforgettable experience.

a table setup under a large wedding marquee set up with lights and decors

How To Create A Plan B That’s Just As Stunning As Plan A

A plan B for your wedding may include simply moving your event indoors, but depending on the size of the venue and your guest list, you may need to procure a marquee. Marquees offer a versatile and elegant solution that can be customized to match your wedding theme and style while also providing shelter from the elements.

Wedding marquees are large, tent-like structures typically made of heavy-duty canvas or PVC material. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sun, making them an ideal option for outdoor weddings. 

Marquees come in different styles and sizes, from traditional pole tents to modern clear-span structures with no center poles. In addition, they can be customized with various accessories, such as flooring, lighting, heating, and air conditioning, to create an elegant, comfortable and inviting space for guests.

Overall, wedding marquees offer a stylish and practical solution for couples who want to get married outdoors and have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

plan b wedding tent gazebo and all the decors

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Decorating Your Wedding Marquee

Although wedding tents and marquees are beautiful, there are many factors to consider when organizing a wedding in one, and this is where your wedding planner in Italy can help.

These are just a few things to consider when formulating your wedding backup plan. And again, this is where having a wedding planner in Italy in your corner will be priceless. 

wedding plan b backup day

Plan B Weddings - More Than Just Moving Inside

While the main idea of having a plan b for your wedding is to have a secondary location that you can move the event to in case of inclement weather, other things can arise. No one wants to think bad things will happen on their wedding day, but the truth is…things do, occasionally. So, when you’re planning a wedding, especially if it’s abroad, you should hire a wedding planner

Having a wedding planner will take a lot of stress and pressure off your shoulders, and when something unexpected happens, they’ll be the ones to tackle it. 

So, what could go wrong? Planning a wedding typically happens over a year, so what if the venue you chose closes down - you need a plan b. What if there is a fire, a double booking, the venue cancels your event, a water pipe bursts and floods your venue space, etc.? 

These things rarely happen, so don’t start panicking, but it’s a good idea to speak with your wedding planner in Italy to understand how they will handle things like this if they do. 

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If you're planning a wedding in Italy, there's no doubt you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience. What better way to do that than by serving delicious Italian wedding appetizers? Italian cuisine is known for its mouthwatering flavours and elegant presentation. 

So, today, we're sharing some of the most delightful wedding appetizers you can serve at your dream wedding in Italy. From classic bruschetta to tartare, these bite-sized treats will impress your guests and leave them craving more. So, whether you're having a small, intimate wedding or a grand celebration, these Italian wedding appetizers will add a touch of Italian charm to your special day. Let's dive in!

Italian Wedding Appetizer Ideas

Italian cuisine is renowned for its bold flavours and fresh ingredients, making it a popular choice for weddings. We've compiled a list of mouthwatering Italian wedding appetizer ideas that will please even the most discerning palate. Let's explore some of the most delectable appetizers that will take your wedding guests to Italy.

We suggest a minimum of 8 appetizer choices; this allows you to showcase the diversity of Italian cuisine and provide something for every taste and preference. From classic appetizers that guests will love to unique and tantalizing culinary delights that will have them talking for years to come, your luxury wedding in Italy will be a feast for the senses that your guests will never forget!

Here are some of our favourite appetizers for your wedding menu.

Small Waffle Cones With Chianina Beef Tartare And Lime Cream 

This wedding appetizer perfectly combines crispy and creamy textures with a punch of zesty flavour. The small waffle cone is filled with Chianina beef tartare, a tender and flavorful raw beef, and topped with a dollop of lime cream. 

The tartare is expertly seasoned to bring out its natural flavours, while the lime cream adds a refreshing and tangy kick to every bite. This appetizer will impress your guests with its elegant presentation and bold flavours.

Italian Wedding appetizer Small Waffle Cones With Chianina Beef Tartare And Lime Cream

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Warm Beignet Mignon With Truffle And Cheese 

Warm beignet mignon with truffle and cheese is a decadent and luxurious appetizer that is perfect for a wedding celebration in Italy. The savoury and earthy truffle pairs perfectly with the creamy and tangy cheese, while the warm and fluffy beignet creates a delightful contrast in texture. 

This indulgent appetizer will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your wedding an unforgettable culinary experience.

italian appetizers Warm Beignet Mignon With Truffle And Cheese 

Bruschetta With Porcini Mushrooms And Truffle-Flavoured Oil 

Bruschetta with porcini mushrooms and truffle-flavoured oil is a classic Italian appetizer that never fails to impress. The earthy and robust flavours of the mushrooms are complemented perfectly by the delicate truffle oil, making this appetizer a delicious and sophisticated addition to any wedding menu. Every bite is Mamma Mia! 

Small Blinis With Smoked Salmon And Wasabi Mayo 

Small blinis with smoked salmon and wasabi mayo are a perfect appetizer for seafood lovers. The delicate and flaky smoked salmon pairs perfectly with the spicy kick of wasabi mayo, while the mini blinis provide a soft buttery base.

stick appetizers with shrimps and veggies

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Fried Bites for your Italian Wedding Menu

When planning your Italian wedding menu, remember to include some fried bites for a bit of indulgence and variety. The most common ones are:

Cinnamon Parmigiano cheese cubes 

These little bites of cheesy goodness are coated in a crispy, sweet cinnamon batter. 

Rice balls with pecorino cheese and truffle 

Also known as arancini, these fried rice balls are stuffed with a mixture of pecorino cheese and truffle for a burst of flavour in every bite.

Zucchini sticks

Lightly breaded and fried until crispy, zucchini sticks are a classic Italian appetizer everyone will love. 

Appetizers cone with fried sea fruits

Food Stations

Adding food stations to your wedding cocktail hour is a great way to offer your guests a wide variety of delicious options while creating a unique and memorable dining experience. Some popular food station ideas for Italian weddings include;

These food stations allow your guests to sample a range of flavours and textures while also adding an element of interactivity to your wedding reception. Your guests will love mingling and exploring the different stations, and you'll love the unforgettable dining experience they provide.

Italian wedding appetizers grissini, pasta with tomato ad veggies, and crostini misti

What are the 5 types of appetizers?

Finger Foods: Finger food is a popular choice for weddings because it's easy to eat, doesn't require utensils, and can be passed around by waitstaff, making it perfect for mingling and socializing during cocktail hour.

Dips and Spreads: Savoury dips or spreads are usually served with crackers, chips, or bread, such as hummus, tzatziki, or pâté.

Small Plates and Bowls: Small portions of food served on plates or in bowls, such as soup shooters, mini quiches, or Caprese skewers.

Skewers and Kabobs: Grilled or roasted meat, vegetables, or fruit skewered on a stick, such as chicken satay, shrimp skewers, or fruit kabobs.

Hors d'oeuvres: Fancy, high-end appetizers usually served at formal events, such as caviar, foie gras, or smoked salmon.

As the Italians say, "la dolce vita"  is about enjoying the good things in life. By serving some of these delectable Italian wedding appetizers, you can treat your guests to a taste of the sweet life and create a truly unforgettable celebration of love.

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Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event of love, joy, and unforgettable memories. As a bride, you want every wedding detail to be perfect, from the breathtaking venue to the exquisite flowers and your stunning bridal look. Your wedding hairstyle is crucial to this look, reflecting your unique style and personality

It's a way to express your love story through your hair, to make a statement that will be remembered for years to come. That's why we've curated the most exquisite and trendsetting wedding hairstyles for you, the modern and sophisticated bride. From glamorous Hollywood waves to ethereal braids, these hairstyles will elevate your bridal look to the next level, leaving you feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to say "I do" in style. 

So, get prepared to be inspired.

Fall in love with these elegant wedding hairstyles

1. A Crisp Top Bun

Touted by many as a timelessly chic hairstyle, no bride can go wrong with a crisp, sleek, and tight top bun. It elongates shorter necks, makes you look younger, and accentuates a long neck. While a sleek top bun is a style that is said to suit everyone, it is a brilliant one if you are getting ready yourself for your wedding and doing your own hair and makeup.

Start with preliminary flat ironing of the hair, especially if you have wavy, curly hair or hair prone to frizz. Use a styling mousse or an anti-frizz serum or spray to smooth the hair down. You can make two braids and style them into a top bun or simply twist a high ponytail, neatly securing it with U-pins.

Adding flowers or other hair accessories is optional! A top bun glam hairstyle allows you to show off your statement earrings, necklace, or tiara since it attracts less attention, allowing these other elements to shine more. An off-shoulder gown benefits from a top bun, as do V-neck or ball gowns.

A Crisp Top Bun

2. A Flattering Lazy Girl’s Wavy Ponytail

For weddings in adventurous locations or on the beach or a farmhouse, a formal hairstyle often looks out of place. Brides want a fun, relatively low-maintenance, but incredibly flattering hairstyle that will power through the sweat and tears and the moving about without falling flat.

If, as a bride, you are diverging from popular trends and opting for something fun and unique like a wedding jumpsuit or a chiffon knee-length dress, then having a semi-casual but pretty loose wavy ponytail can be an attractive choice.

Start with smoothing your hair out with an at-home blowout and creating some volume at the roots. Next, create princess waves or beachy waves and secure them with a relatively low-lying ponytail. You can always choose a ponytail studded with gems or flowers, a transparent one, or even a faux one that matches your hair color. 

The effect is beautiful but laid-back, and the best part is that you do not need to worry about your hairstyle getting frizzy or flat in the warmer weather or on a windy day.

Flattering Lazy Girl’s Wavy Ponytail

3. Natural And Polished With A Veil

In many cases, bridal dresses are elaborate with all the bells and whistles, and to keep the look modern and not dated, the hairstyle and makeup need to be toned down. For brides with long hair or even medium-length hair, keeping your hair open is an effortless way to have a beautifying hairstyle without going over the top. Make sure your hair has some volume at the roots and that you have perfected its texture with a good conditioning treatment beforehand.

Throw in some imperfect waves or loose curls and secure the veil about halfway through the crown of the head. You can pin the veil to the shoulders for a more fan-out look or leave it as it is. Some pointers to remember are that if you opt for Hollywood waves or spiral waves with this look, they are more high-maintenance and are likely to change texture during an outdoor summer wedding. 

Natural And Polished With A Veil

4. Soft Glam Curl Bun

Soft glam has been trending for modern brides for quite a few years. Start with immaculately conditioned hair and blow dry some volume into the roots and stay away from that texturizing spray! 

Define the crown area with a teasing comb and some pins, and use the volumizing spray at the roots. Make soft curls or waves work with your natural texture, and then secure them in a low bun that is relatively loose so that some of the curls and waves protrude from it. 

You can add hair jewelry like a barrette or a tiara, or to leave the look modern, leave the bun plain and gorgeous. While bangs are optional, they add an extra wow factor to this look.

Soft Glam Curl Bun

5. Playing With The Length

Brides with long hair have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair, as more hair means there is simply more you can do with it. Sometimes the best style is to display the length and vibrancy of the hair without too many extra styling elements. Celebrate your natural texture (straight, wavy, or curly), or add soft waves for a long, ethereal, fairy maiden look.

The length will speak for itself, and the wedding hairstyle can also be achieved with a weave or extensions to elongate the length. Add some seasonal wildflowers or leave the hair open and casual and they will accentuate an elaborate wedding gown or provide the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry. 

Playing With The Length

6. Criss-Cross Bun

A criss-cross bun looks polished and put together, but it does not require the same precision that a Dutch braided bun or a similar one may need. For brides that want to look sophisticated, classic, and regal but are getting ready themselves, this bun provides just the right level of ‘oomph’ factor and is easy to style. Making a classic, chic bun like this directs attention and emphasis on your wedding gown and jewelry; no touch-ups are required!

The criss-cross bun provides the perfect concave area if you want to add a small tiara or an heirloom hair comb or barrette. You can style it with or without bangs, and it will look sublime in its simplicity and timeless appeal. Keep it a low-hanging bun for added sophistication, and it suits all facial features. 

criss-cross Bun

7. Side-Swept Au Naturel

Nothing beats celebrating your natural hair texture on your wedding day. If you have sublime afro-textured hair, do your regular curl maintenance routine and make a sharp side-parting for an 80s club glam look. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for a black woman.

Depending on your hair length, this hairstyle looks voluminous and naturally beautiful and complements a range of wedding dress designs, especially the more laid-back knee-length dresses or floral patterned dresses that stray from the conventional bridal attire concept. 

Side-Swept Au Naturel

8. A Messy Twist Bun For All  

Messy buns are some of the most alluring bridal hairstyles out there, timeless in their appeal, and they suit every face shape and wedding dress type. Start with blow drying some volume into your strands and roots and use a texturizing spray to create a slight texture in the hair to hold loose waves better. 

Twist strands away from the face securing each with a pin, and divide the main hair into partitions, twisting them together inwardly. Keep the bun loose and low, and add some seasonal flowers for a ‘pretty’ vibe.

You can style your front bangs by straightening or slightly curling them, depending on which you prefer, and you can weave both hair gems and flowers into the bun if you want a more impactful look. A messy bun requires time to get right (the opposite of what its name might suggest), so ensure you have enough time on your wedding day if you do not have a hairstylist helping you. 

A Messy Twist Bun For All

9. An Ethereal Curly Bun

A curly bun with defined curls and hair flowers is an incredibly beautifying hairstyle that each modern bride should seriously consider, especially if the hair is long. Start with some tight curls from about halfway down the hair length, and use rollers or a large barrel tong to avoid a spiral curl effect that may clash with this style. 

Keep the curls pinned for ten minutes or so to increase how defined they are. Make a low bun taking care to have each curl visible, and pearl pins or smaller transparent pins can also be used to keep each curl in place. Style your front bangs and use hairspray to ensure your style stays all day! 

10. Romantic Bridal Loose Curls

The modern bride is not concerned with perfection but rather with more laid-back styles that are still spectacularly beautiful and photograph well. This hairstyle of romantic loose curls is a well-loved favorite for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests alike since it is versatile and not high maintenance, as it looks great even as the day wears on. Use a large barrel tong or larger rollers to achieve these loose hanging curls and waves.

rollers to achieve these loose hanging curls and waves. 

Romantic Bridal Loose Curls

11. A Braided, Loose And Messy Updo

Messy updos always look alluring and youthful and are a perfect bridal hairstyle, largely because they look better with some wear and tear, and the ceremony and reception back to back can be taxing for a bride. Some texturizing spray always helps when putting in some loose curls, and style a Dutch braid or a regular French braid on top of a messy bun of a medium height, one that is not too low and not too high. 

Braided, Loose And Messy Updo

12. Regal Rose Bud Bun Hairstyle

This rose bun hairstyle is one of the most regal and elaborate buns you will ever come across, and it is for the bride that wants to make a huge statement with her styling and attire. The hair is backcombed to perfection and may need to be flat ironed or blow-dried beforehand to smooth out the strands.

Playing with the hair’s length, each immaculate rose bud should be constructed by hand and then pinned into place with a transparent or jeweled hairpin. Extensions and hair donuts can be added for extra volume and larger rose buds. 

Regal Rose Bud Bun Hairstyle

13. A Tiara For A Princess

This hairstyle makes the most of long hair with some soft waves, volume at the crown area, and a statement tiara to top it all off, pun intended. Extensions can be added for greater shape and length if the bride has more medium, shoulder-length hair. Beautiful romantic curls always create stunning bridal hairstyles. 

Tiara For A Princess

14. A Flowery, Messy Bun

A messy wedding hair bun is a timelessly elegant and pretty hairstyle and can be done by brides and bridesmaids that are not experts when it comes to hair, as the messier it is, the better it looks. Throw in some seasonal flowers or gypsy flowers, and you’re good to go! 

flowery bun bride

15. Bohemian White Flower Half Do

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in an orchard, farmhouse, near a forest, or on the beach, this bohemian half up half down wedding hairstyle do will serve you well. It has that pleasing beach waves texture, complete with white wildflowers to give that forest nymph or woodland fairy vibe. You can add French braids or a rope braid on both sides of the head if you have longer hair at the front or simply curl bangs outward if you have them. 

Flower messy bun

16. A Hint Of Vintage For The Modern Bride

This hairstyle has vintage accents, a Dutch braid at the front, and pearl ornaments fitted with gypsy flowers. It traverses two worlds as it is modern with its messy outlook and vintage with its medieval braid setting and hair ornamentation. 

When in doubt, a bride with long hair cannot go wrong with this exquisite hairstyle; it is easy to achieve and maintain, particularly for summer weddings. 

A Hint Of Vintage For The Modern Bride

17. Hair Pearls All The Way Down

An open hairstyle with twisted hair, soft waves or curls, and a pearly hair ornament following down the length of the hair has been trendy for a while. The hairstyle is easy and casual while being alluring and girly. If your hair is naturally frizzy or very thick, you may need to incorporate products accordingly to get it looking smooth and sleek before you make some waves or soft curls. 

Hair Pearls All The Way Down

18. Throwaway Waves With A Veil

The modern bride wants to look natural while still being put together and her best self. These throwaway waves are aptly named as they are irregular and imperfect and give an overall feminine princess vibe without being defined. You don’t need to make them all the same size or shape, and you can use a curling tong and vary the time you are applying heat to all the strands.

In the end, secure your veil right in the center, preferably by adding some volume at the crown so it stands raised from the head. 

Throwaway Waves With A Veil

19. A Spiral Curl Bun

Spiral curls are usually rather perfect looking and doll-like. On their own, they can give a slightly dated look, but when they are swept into a messy low bun with a bit of backcombing, they look uber modern and stylish, particularly for a bridal look.  

Throwaway Waves With A Veil

20. A Bun That Is All Volume

This hairstyle starts off with some light, loose waves that are then secured into a ponytail wedding hair with an invisible hair tie and then adjusted into a bun. For added volume, products like a volumizing mousse can be used, or a hair donut or even extensions, as the key is to get the bun looking as large and voluminous as possible. 

The larger, the better! This hairstyle works particularly for brides with smaller or more petite faces, providing a great base for securing the veil at the end. 

Bun That Is All Volume

21. Modern Hollywood Waves With Hair Flowers

A hairstyle that has taken the world by storm is the comeback of classic Hollywood waves, and brides all over the globe are emulating this style due to its versatility and inherent glamour. For most people, Hollywood waves take a while as the hair needs to be made completely smooth and frizz-free with multiple products that are applied step by step, working from liquids to creams and mousses.

The hair is then blow-dried into place, and there isn’t an emphasis on volume near the parting. Extensions are applied in most cases, and always opt for real hair that is close to your natural or dyed hair color. Take one-inch sections and curl the hair all the way down to the end of the hair. A 1.5-inch curling tong is the most ideal tool to achieve Hollywood waves.

Modern Hollywood Waves With Hair Flowers

22. Glamorous Flapper Bride

This hairstyle is trendy but takes inspiration from the 1920s flapper girl style with short curly bob cuts secured, usually with a jeweled or silk hair piece across the forehead. Opt for this hairstyle with some chandelier earrings or other statement jewelry pieces, with the forehead jeweled tiara taking the cake! Soft curls curled outwards away from the face are youthful and glamorous and direct attention to that lovely glitter eye makeup.

Glamorous Flapper Bride

23. Runway Ready Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail

For wedding gowns with a high neck or even a V-neck, some brides want to keep the neck area visible, so an updo like this is ideal for those situations. The hair is kept wonderfully silky with light; loose waves swept into a very high, chic, and uber-fashionable ponytail with a glamorous side parting.

Runway Ready Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail

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One of the most epic ways to begin the next chapter of your love story is jet-setting off to a destination wedding; without question, destination weddings are the most romantic and sentimental event for the couple and the guests. Whether you're the couple planning your dream wedding abroad, or a guest attending, today we’re unlocking the answers to your burning destination wedding etiquette questions, without any stress.

There is no doubt; planning one can be a rollercoaster of stress. Coordinating with your venue and vendors can be a wild ride with the distance factor (and any possible time zone or language hurdles). And since you're inviting your guests to join you on this adventure, there is some super important destination wedding etiquette you should follow. 

So buckle up, and let's dive into the fun and excitement of planning a destination wedding!

Destination Wedding Attire: What to Wear

Destination weddings often have a more relaxed and casual vibe, but that doesn't mean you can show up in your beachwear. 

Generally, for a beach or tropical destination wedding, lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, or chiffon are great options to keep you cool and comfortable. 

For men, a linen or cotton suit in a light color such as beige or light gray is appropriate, paired with loafers or sandals. 

For women, a flowy dress in a bright or pastel color, paired with flat sandals or wedges, is a great choice. It's important to avoid anything too revealing or casual, such as shorts or flip-flops. 

Remember, you want to look stylish and put-together while still being comfortable enough to enjoy the festivities.

Bride and bridesmaid wedding etiquette

How Many Guests Do You Invite To A Destination Wedding?

The number of guests you invite to a destination wedding ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the logistics of your chosen location. In general, destination weddings tend to have smaller guest lists than traditional weddings due to the added expenses and travel requirements for guests. 

There's no set rule for how many people you have to invite to your destination wedding, but the average tends to be around 60 guests. Of course, many variables will determine how many of your friends and family can attend. For example, how far the guests have to travel, the costs associated, the wedding date and more. 

Of course, if you have room in your budget, you can always help cover some expenses.  

Do You Give A Gift If You Go To A Destination Wedding?

What are the wedding etiquette gifts today? Giving a gift is customary if you attend a destination wedding, as you would for a traditional wedding. But, since there are added expenses of travelling, many guests may purchase a smaller gift or contribute to a group gift, and that's ok. 

invitations and gift wedding etiquette

How Long Do Guests Stay at A Destination Wedding?

The length of stay for guests at a destination wedding can vary depending on the couple's plans and location. For example, some couples will have a wedding packed full of activities or excursions planned for their guests, while others may only have one or two main events. 

How long you stay at a destination wedding depends on how much time you can be away from home and work and the costs associated with the trip. 

Who Pays For The Guests At A Destination Wedding?

Want to know who pays for the guests at a destination wedding? Typically, guests are responsible for covering the cost of their travel and accommodations for a destination wedding. However, some couples may help offset these expenses by offering discounted room rates or group rates at their chosen hotel or resort. 

Alternatively, some couples may cover the cost of accommodations or travel for their immediate family members or bridal party as a gesture of appreciation. The couple and their families decide who pays for what in a destination wedding. It should be communicated clearly and respectfully to guests to avoid misunderstandings or surprises. 

bride is trying her wedding dress in front of the window

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Destination Wedding?

While destination weddings can be a beautiful and unique way to celebrate a couple's love, they have potential drawbacks. One of the most obvious drawbacks is the cost. But the logistics of travelling, obtaining passports and time away from your responsibilities can also be a drawback.

The couple may find that planning a wedding from afar can be stressful. There may also be language barriers or logistical challenges; hiring a wedding planner in your destination can make the planning process much easier and less stressful.

What Do We Include On A Destination Wedding Invitation?

When it comes to a destination wedding invitation, it's essential to include all the relevant details that guests need to plan their trip and attend the celebration. You'll provide all the necessary information for the guests in your invitations. But since your wedding is at a destination, you'll need to include more than just the basics, like the date, time, and location. You'll also want to ensure you give your guests the scoop on travel options, hotel accommodations, transportation and any fun activities before or after the wedding. That way, everyone can join in on the celebration and have a blast with you!

It's also a good idea to include a detailed itinerary of the wedding weekend or week and any vital information about local customs, language, or culture that guests should be aware of. 

Lastly, consider including a small map or directions to the wedding venue and any relevant contact information for the couple or their wedding planner in case guests have questions or concerns.

When Should We Send Out Destination Wedding Save-The-Dates?

When sending out save-the-dates for a destination wedding, timing is vital. It's best to send them out at least six to eight months in advance so guests have plenty of time to plan their travel and accommodations. 

For international destinations or during peak travel season, it's a good idea to send them out even earlier, up to a year in advance. This will give guests enough time to arrange for time off from work, secure passports or visas, and make any necessary travel arrangements. 

The goal is to give guests as much notice as possible so they can plan accordingly and ensure they can attend the wedding.

What’s The Best Way To Travel With My Wedding Dress?

Travelling with a wedding dress can be a nerve-wracking experience, but there are several steps you can take to ensure that it arrives safely and in good condition. First, consider purchasing a garment bag designed for wedding dresses if the boutique doesn’t provide one. Having this garment bag with provide extra protection during travel. 

You can also contact your airline in advance to see if they have a place where you can store your dress on the plane. For example, some airlines have a closet where the pilots hang their jackets, and they may allow you to hang your gown there. 

Finally, handle the dress carefully and avoid putting it in an overhead bin where it could get crushed or damaged. By taking these precautions, you can help ensure that your wedding dress arrives safely and is ready to make you feel beautiful on your special day.

Note: We don’t recommend shipping your wedding dress because there is always a chance that it gets lost or damaged. Of course, the chances of that happening are not high, but it won’t be able to be replaced at your destination…so why take the chance? If you do prefer to ship it, use a reputable shipping company, require a signature to receive the package and insure it for the total value of the dress. 

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If you're planning your big day and looking for the ultimate culinary experience, you can't go wrong with wedding catering in Italy. The land of Amore is known for its breathtaking landscapes, romantic ambiance, and mouthwatering cuisine.

From the fresh seafood of the Amalfi Coast to the rich truffle dishes of Tuscany, Italy boasts a diverse range of regional specialties that will tantalize your taste buds and leave your guests in awe. So whether you dream of an intimate garden wedding or a lavish celebration in a historic villa, Italian wedding catering has something to offer for every style and budget.

But with so many options to choose from, where do you begin? That's where we come in! In this guide, we'll take you on a culinary journey through Italy, exploring the country's top wedding banqueting trends, must-try dishes, and insider tips for planning a truly unforgettable feast. So please sit back, pour yourself a glass of Chianti, and let's dive into the world of Italian wedding catering!

From Antipasti to Dolci: A Guide to Italian Wedding Menus

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its incredible flavors and exquisite dishes, making it the perfect choice for wedding catering. From antipasti to dolci, every course on an Italian wedding menu offers an opportunity to showcase the best of Italian cuisine.

The antipasti course is a traditional Italian starter that features a variety of delicious cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and coppa. It also includes vegetarian options, such as marinated artichokes, roasted peppers, and grilled zucchini. These flavorful bites are a great way to whet your guests' appetite and set the tone for the meal to come.

For the primo, or first course, there are endless options to choose from. You can go with classic pasta dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole or lasagna, or a risotto dish like risotto alla milanese or risotto ai funghi. Meat lovers might opt for a meat-filled ravioli or tortellini dish, while vegetarians can enjoy fresh tomato and basil pasta or creamy mushroom risotto. Whatever you choose, make sure it's made with fresh, seasonal ingredients to ensure maximum flavor.

The secondo, or main course, is typically a meat or fish dish that features the region's flavours. For example, in Tuscany, you might opt for a bistecca alla Fiorentina, a grilled T-bone steak that's cooked rare to medium-rare. Seafood lovers can enjoy dishes like grilled octopus or seafood risotto, which are popular choices in coastal regions.

The contorno, or side dish, is served alongside the secondo and often features fresh vegetables that complement the flavors of the main course. Popular options include roasted potatoes, sautéed greens like spinach or broccoli rabe, or a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad.

Finally, it's time for dolci or dessert. The classic Italian wedding cake is the millefoglie, a layered cake with pastry cream and fresh fruit. Other popular options include tiramisu, panna cotta, and cannoli. And, of course, no Italian meal would be complete without a shot of espresso or a glass of limoncello.

When planning your Italian wedding menu, remember to focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and highlight the regional specialties of the area where you'll be celebrating. With so many delicious options to choose from, your guests are sure to leave your wedding feeling full and satisfied.

chef making Italian appetiser in a wedding catering

Regional Specialties: Exploring the Best Wedding Catering in Italy

In Italian cuisine, every region has its own specialties that reflect the local culture and ingredients. From the seafood-rich coasts to the meat-heavy inland areas, the diversity of Italian cuisine is one of its greatest assets. So, when planning your Italian wedding catering, it's essential to consider the regional specialties that can make your menu unforgettable.

Starting from the north, Lombardy is known for its risotto dishes, such as risotto alla milanese, which features saffron and bone marrow. Veneto, home of Venice, is famous for seafood dishes like risotto al nero di seppia, made with cuttlefish ink. Moving down to Tuscany, the region is renowned for its meat dishes, especially the Florentine steak, a thick cut of beef cooked rare to medium rare.

In the south, Naples is the birthplace of pizza and other Neapolitan delights like spaghetti alle vongole, a pasta dish with clams. The island of Sicily is a melting pot of Mediterranean flavors, with dishes like caponata, a sweet and sour eggplant dish, and arancini, fried rice balls filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Of course, a discussion of Italian cuisine would only be complete by mentioning the capital city, Rome. Roman cuisine is all about simplicity and local ingredients, with classic dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara and cacio e pepe.

When planning your Italian wedding catering, don't be afraid to explore the regional specialties and highlight the unique flavors of the area where you'll be tying the knot. So whether you opt for a Tuscan meat feast or a seafood extravaganza in Venice, incorporating regional specialties can take your wedding menu to the next level.

What’s Typically Included In Italy’s Wedding Catering?

When you are working with a wedding catering company to plan your Italian menu, they generally offer package prices, including the following. 


Included in the menù per person there is: 



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wedding caterin in Italy mise en place

The Extras

Wedding catering isn’t all about food and beverages. Depending on your wedding venue, you may need to secure chairs, tables, linens, flatware, and dishes from your caterer. And it’s important to discuss this with them as some caterers will include these items in their package prices while others may charge additional fees for renting these items. 

You’ll need some seating for the cocktail reception for approximately 30% of your guests, as the primary goal of the cocktail hour is for mingling, so you’ll want limited seating. Then, of course, for the reception, you’ll need tables and seating for everyone. Your wedding caterer in Italy will be able to explain everything to you. 

Mise en Place - The Finer Details 

When you go to sign up for a tasting or to book a caterer, they will usually have a space, or a separate room set out where you can review napkin and tablecloth options (they come in all kinds of fabrics) along with choosing from different types of cutlery, plates, and glasses. 

Some items are included in the price of the menù per person; others are extra quoted. Many wedding caterers in Italy will offer “basic” and more luxury or upscale options. When choosing upscale items, there will generally be an additional charge. 

Having a holistic vision, theme, and vibe in mind is helpful as you can work on the finer details of your wedding catering. Decide whether you want a chic and glamorous outlook with gold and white furniture and rose gold accents, a more vintage, antique feel, or a minimalistic vibe. 

While there are global trends for wedding décor or dinner settings, traditional, old-school Italian is a very regal and visually alluring style to follow, so consider adding a lot of muted gold accents, engravements, and maybe some wicker furniture if you are getting married by the coastline. 

When finalizing a catering package, know the taxes in your area and the extraneous costs and fees that a caterer may add. Late evening snacks, speciality alcohols, wine, additional appetizers, and other extra expenses may quickly add up. So, make sure to review all of the costs with your wedding planner before you sign the contract.  

Here are some examples of the costs associated with wedding catering in Italy. 

PRICE: an average idea of price for 120 people could be: 

Italian wedding catering is an experience like no other, offering diverse dishes that showcase the best of the country's cuisine. Whether you opt for traditional multi-course meals or choose to incorporate trendy new options like food stations or farm-to-table catering, the focus is always on quality, freshness, and local ingredients. 

With an abundance of delicious options and a rich culinary heritage, Italian wedding catering will impress your guests and leave them with unforgettable memories of your special day.

Weddings are one of the most extraordinary and memorable events in a person's life, and choosing the perfect location to tie the knot can be daunting. So if you're looking for a picturesque and enchanting destination for your big day, look no further than Masseria San Giovanni in Fasano, Italy. 

This stunning venue is set in the heart of the Puglia region, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, and is a beautiful location for an idyllic Italian wedding. Today, we'll examine why this Masseria San Giovanni is the perfect wedding destination in Italy and what makes it such a unique and magical place to say "I do." From the beautiful landscapes to the exceptional service, let's dive in and discover what makes this Masseria a dream Italian wedding venue.

The History and Charm

Masseria San Giovanni is a beautiful and historic 4-star estate that has been lovingly restored to provide guests with an unforgettable wedding experience. The estate dates back to the 16th century and has a rich history that can be seen in its beautiful architecture and charming details. The property was once a working farm and still maintains many original features, including the stunning stone walls and vaulted ceilings.

The estate has been carefully renovated to provide modern amenities while retaining its original charm and character. The result is a beautiful and unique venue that is the perfect location for a romantic wedding. Guests can take a stroll through the olive groves or relax by the pool while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Whether you're looking for a rustic and charming wedding or a more elegant and sophisticated affair, Fasano’s Masseria has everything you need to make your dream wedding a reality. The estate's rich history and beautiful architecture provide the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable Italian wedding experience.

The Charming Onsite Church

The charming onsite church is one of our favorite aspects of this wedding venue in Italy. Small in size but grand in history and memories, it provides an incredible place for intimate wedding ceremonies and your “I Do’s.”. And trust us, the photos you will get will be beyond magical

Masseria San Giovanni in Puglia

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

The staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring that your wedding day is everything you've dreamed of and more. When you arrive at the estate, you will be greeted with warmth and hospitality as the staff works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your wedding runs smoothly.

A Unique and Unforgettable Wedding Experience

Masseria San Giovanni in Puglia offers a unique and unforgettable wedding experience that you and your guests will cherish forever. Saying “I Do” at this beautiful and historic estate will indeed have a wedding experience that is unlike any other.

The estate's rustic charm and elegance and the beautiful Puglia countryside create a stunning and romantic setting for your special day. The onsite church and gardens provide the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, while the estate's charming accommodations offer a comfortable and stylish place for your guests to stay.

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The exceptional service and attention to detail the staff provides ensure that every aspect of your wedding is perfectly planned and executed. From catering to entertainment, the team will work closely with you to create a personalized wedding experience that reflects your unique style and preferences.

high view of Masseria San Giovanni

Wedding Reception Ideas

Masseria San Giovanni offers a range of wedding reception ideas to suit your preferences and budget, from intimate dinners to lavish receptions. Here are some of the most popular options for your dream wedding reception at this breathtaking Italian wedding venue:

Tips for Planning Your Wedding at Masseria In Puglia

Planning a wedding can be challenging and stressful, especially if you’re planning from abroad or trying to plan it yourself. But with the right team in your corner (an Italian wedding planner and the team at the Masseria), it can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

Here are some tips for planning your dream wedding at the Masseria:

  1. Start early: Planning your wedding early can help ensure you get your preferred date and that everything is organized in plenty of time. This is particularly important when planning a destination wedding, as you must consider travel arrangements and accommodation for your guests. And considering this wedding venue in Italy only books weddings between May - October, dates can fill up quickly.
  1. Hire a wedding planner in Italy. This will be the best money you’ll ever spend when planning a wedding. There are so many decisions to make and moving parts to pull together an unforgettable wedding in Italy that having professional wedding planners will be a lifesaver. 
  2. Consider the local traditions: Puglia is known for its rich cultural heritage and unique wedding traditions, such as the Taranta dance. Incorporating local traditions into your Italian wedding celebration can create a memorable and authentic experience for you and your guests.
  3. Take advantage of the local attractions: Puglia has a wealth of attractions to offer, from the beautiful beaches to the historic towns and villages. Consider organizing group activities for your guests, such as a wine-tasting tour or visiting the nearby Trulli houses.

Trulli houses are a must-see when visiting the Puglia region. They are traditional limestone dwellings with conical roofs unique to the area. The beehive-style Trulli houses, thought to have existed in Puglia since the 4th century, are expertly crafted structures that resemble homes straight out of a fairy tale.

  1. Relax and enjoy the experience: Planning a wedding can be stressful, but taking time to relax and enjoy the experience is essential. San Giovanni Masseria provides the perfect setting for a romantic and unforgettable wedding celebration, so take the time to savour every moment of your special day.
swimming pool and secolar olive tree of wedding venue Masseria San Giovanni Italy

Quick Snapshot Of Venue Details

Making Your Dream Wedding In Italy a Reality at Puglia’s Masseria

Puglia offers an idyllic wedding destination in Italy that combines the region's rich cultural heritage with breathtaking natural scenery. And the best wedding venue in Puglia is the Masseria estate. Majestic from every angle, steeped in history, and a team that provides exceptional service, it’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable Italian wedding. 

Puglia may not be the first area that comes to mind when searching for the perfect Italian destination wedding location, but trust us…it’s a hidden gem. From the stunning Trulli houses and olive groves to the historic churches and beautiful coastline, there are endless options for creating a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. 

By taking advantage of the local attractions and working closely with your wedding planner in Italy and experienced wedding vendors, couples can plan a wedding celebration that reflects their personal style and creates cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Are you dreaming of a romantic and intimate wedding in Italy? You may be looking for a unique and unforgettable way to tie the knot without the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. If so, eloping in Italy might be the perfect solution for you! With its stunning scenery, delicious food, and romantic atmosphere, Italy is a top elopement destination. 

But how exactly do you elope in Italy? In this guide, we'll take you through everything you need to know to plan your perfect elopement in Italy, from choosing the right location to navigating legal requirements. So, get ready to say "I do" in the land of love as we explore how to elope in Italy!

When it comes to eloping in Italy, one of the first tasks will be to choose the perfect location. Whether you're dreaming of a Tuscan vineyard, a romantic coastal town, or a historic city, Italy has no shortage of stunning backdrops for your special day. Some popular elopement locations in Italy include the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Venice, and the Italian Lakes region. 

Each area has its own unique charm and appeal, so it's essential to consider what kind of atmosphere you want for your elopement. Once you've chosen your location, you can start to plan the details of your dream elopement in Italy!

Why Elope in Italy

Eloping in Italy is a dream come true for many couples. And there are countless reasons why Italy is such a popular destination for elopements, starting with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the glittering canals of Venice, Italy has no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for your special day.

Another reason why Italy is a top choice for elopements is its reputation as the land of love. Italy has long been associated with romance and passion, making it the perfect destination for couples to celebrate their love meaningfully and intimately. Whether planning a traditional elopement or something more unconventional, Italy will indeed offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

In addition to its natural beauty and romantic ambiance, Italy is also renowned for its food and wine. Italian cuisine is world-famous for its delicious flavors and fresh ingredients, making it a highlight of any elopement in Italy. Italy's culinary scene will surely delight even the most discerning foodies, from traditional pasta dishes to freshly baked pizza and mouth-watering gelato. Overall, eloping in Italy offers the perfect mix of romance, beauty, and gastronomic delights, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience.

couple eloped in Florence

How to Legally Elope in Italy

Getting legally married in Italy does require some advance preparation, but the benefits of eloping to this glorious destination are well worth it! Italy is not only incredibly beautiful but also steeped in history and culture that can make your luxury elopement feel like the trip of a lifetime. And let's remember those stunning wedding photos that will make all your friends and family envious!

The good news is that most of the required paperwork can be obtained conveniently from your home country, so you don't have to worry about language barriers or additional stress. So look at the requirements for a legal elopement below, and start considering whether Italy is the perfect place for your nuptials. Trust us; you won't regret it!

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Standard Requirements For Getting Legally Married in Italy

To ensure that your elopement is recognized worldwide, you must meet the specific legal requirements for marriage in Italy. Fortunately, the general requisites are standard throughout the country. 

Here are the basics:

Keep in mind that some of the specifics may vary depending on the district. For example, non-citizens of Italy may have banns-posting waived or shortened. To ensure you have all the details, it's best to work with a wedding planner in Italy. They can help you navigate the legalities of getting married in Italy

elopement in Italy couple in Florence

Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Italian Elopement

Choosing the perfect location for your Italian elopement can be an exciting and daunting task. When deciding, there are several things to consider, such as your preferences, the type of atmosphere you want to create, and the time of year you plan to elope. In addition, consider whether you want rustic countryside or a bustling cityscape and if you prefer a location with historical or cultural significance.

It's also important to consider practical matters like accessibility, accommodation options, and travel logistics. Research the climate during the time of year you plan to elope and take into account any peak tourist seasons that may impact availability and prices. Ultimately, choosing the perfect location for your Italian elopement should reflect your unique tastes and preferences while also considering the practicalities of your chosen destination.

As Italy wedding planners, we can help you narrow your choices and decide on the best location for your Italian elopement. Here are a few of our favorite locations for elopements in Italy. 

Top 8 spots to Elope in Italy

What Vendors Do You Need To Hire For To Elope In Italy?

When planning your elopement in Italy, you must know what vendors you need to hire to ensure that your special day runs smoothly. While the specifics may vary depending on your location and personal preferences, a few vendors are essential for any Italian elopement.

Wedding planner: 

A wedding planner in Italy is crucial to any elopement, especially if you are planning from afar. They can assist with everything from finding the perfect location to coordinating vendors and ensuring that your day runs smoothly.

Photographer and videographer: 

Having a professional photographer and videographer to capture your special day is a must. Italy is known for its stunning scenery and architecture, so you'll want to make sure that your memories are captured in a way that does justice to the beauty of your surroundings.


Whether you choose to have a civil or religious ceremony, you must hire an officiant to perform the ceremony and make your marriage official.

Hair and makeup artist: 

A professional hair and makeup artist will ensure that you look your best on your wedding day. They can also help you achieve your desired look- a natural, bohemian vibe or a more glam and sophisticated style.


A florist can provide you with a beautiful bouquet and any other floral arrangements you may need for your ceremony or reception.


Depending on your location, you may need to arrange transportation for you and your guests. This could include everything from a car service to a boat rental.


If you plan to have a reception, you must hire a caterer to provide you and your guests with food and beverages.

Hiring these essential vendors ensures that your Italian elopement is a memorable and stress-free experience. Feel free to ask for recommendations from your wedding planner or research vendors online to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

couple donating their wedding rings

When to Elope in Italy?

The best time of year to elope in Italy depends mainly on the type of wedding experience you want to have and the location. Generally, the peak tourist season in Italy is from June to August, when temperatures are warm and sunny. However, this can also mean crowds and higher prices. On the other hand, spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are often considered the best times to visit, with mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower prices. 

Remember that weather can be unpredictable, so it's essential to research the climate in your chosen location and pack accordingly. 

Ultimately, the best time of year to elope in Italy can be different for each couple.


How Easy Is It To Get Married In Italy?

Getting married in Italy can be relatively straightforward, but some requirements must be met. The process can vary depending on your nationality and whether you're planning a civil or religious ceremony. For civil ceremonies, both parties must be at least 18 years old and provide necessary documents such as passports, birth certificates, and a certificate of no impediment (a document that shows you are legally free to marry). 

There is also a waiting period of 2-4 days before the ceremony can take place. In addition, religious ceremonies have their own requirements and may require additional documentation. It's also important to note that non-Italian citizens may need to obtain a Nulla Osta, a document that confirms that there are no legal obstacles to your marriage, from their embassy or consulate in Italy. 

Overall, the process of getting married in Italy can require some planning and paperwork, but with the help of a wedding planner in Italy, it can be a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Eloping in Italy offers an incredible opportunity to celebrate your love in one of the world's most beautiful and romantic countries. Whether you're looking for a traditional or unconventional wedding experience, Italy has something to offer every couple. From stunning natural landscapes to historic cities, delicious food and wine to rich cultural traditions, Italy is the perfect destination for an unforgettable elopement. 

Following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can plan the Italian elopement of your dreams, creating lasting memories you'll cherish forever. So, why wait? Start planning your Italian elopement today!

Millennial weddings have undergone significant changes in recent years, with new trends emerging as young couples put their own spin on the traditional big day. From destination elopements to sustainable practices, there is a growing focus on personalization and making the wedding day truly unique.

As the first generation to come of age in the digital age, it's no surprise that technology and social media have a major impact on millennial weddings. From virtual guest lists to interactive wedding websites, technology is being used innovatively to enhance the wedding experience for both the couple and their guests.

Millennial couples are also bucking tradition in their approach to wedding planning, prioritizing experiences over material possessions and focusing on creating meaningful memories with their loved ones. From minimonies to adventure-filled destination weddings, there is a growing trend towards more laid-back, relaxed celebrations that prioritize the joy and excitement of the day.

What Is A Millennial Wedding?

A millennial wedding is a modern take on traditional weddings that incorporates contemporary culture and technology elements. Millennial weddings often have a relaxed atmosphere and focus on personalization, customization, and creativity. 

Couples often opt for unique venues, like outdoor parks or barns, to give their guests an experience they will remember. In addition, millennials are more likely to incorporate unique elements into their wedding ceremonies, such as interactive technology, live music, and food stations. 

This generation is also more likely to invest in services like wedding planners and photography to ensure their special day is picture-perfect. But ultimately, millennial weddings are about creating a one-of-a-kind celebration tailored to the couple, their guests, and their own personal style.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Millennial weddings bring a new meaning to the phrase “tying the knot.” With the rise of social media, wedding trends have become more creative, personalized, and unique than ever. From alternative ceremony locations to Instagram-worthy receptions, millennial weddings are about making memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s a look at some of the most popular emerging trends in millennial weddings.

One of the most popular emerging trends for millennial weddings is the use of unconventional ceremony locations. Couples are no longer settling for the traditional church wedding and instead opting for outdoor ceremony venues ranging from gardens to beaches to mountaintops. This allows couples to make their wedding day even more special and memorable.

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Another emerging trend becoming more popular among millennial weddings is the incorporation of technology. From drones to capture unique aerial shots to virtual reality technology to provide a 360-degree view of the wedding, couples are finding ways to make their weddings even more interactive and engaging for their guests.

Finally, millennials are all about making their weddings as Instagram-worthy as possible. From creative table settings to unique backdrops, today's couples are embracing innovative ways to make their wedding photos stand out. From DIY photo booths with personalized props to full-size games, outfit changes, and choreographed dances,  couples are finding ways to make their wedding photos look more professional and unique.

What Are The Wedding Trends For 2023?

2023 is sure to be a year of creative and unique wedding trends! Here are some trends you can expect to see popping up everywhere. 

Nailing The Wedding Culinary Experience

Millennials are outperforming Gen X-ers when it comes to culinary priorities, perhaps due to the effect of social media's #foodporn trend or our love for eating locally, free-range, and seasonally grown vegetables. 

While wedding guests used to have low expectations of wedding catering, whether a soggy buffet or an overcooked “alternate drop” of meat, modern weddings are outshining their predecessors regarding the food.

Sustainable Weddings

One of the hottest trends for 2023 is the idea of a “green” wedding. Couples are looking for ways to make their weddings more sustainable and eco-friendly, such as using recycled materials and locally sourced food. 

Personalized Decor & Favors

Another popular trend is the use of personalized décor and favors. Couples incorporate unique elements that reflect their personalities and interests, such as custom-made centerpieces and signature cocktails. 

Customized wedding Menù with hashtags

Interactive Experiences

Additionally, couples opt for interactive experiences like food trucks, live music, and DIY craft stations. 

The Hottest 2023 Wedding Trend - Destination Weddings 

Finally, destination weddings are a growing trend for 2023 weddings. Couples are choosing to host their weddings in beautiful locations that are meaningful to them and allow them to create the “ultimate experience” for their guests. 

A traditional wedding in a banquet hall or hotel ballroom isn’t trending anymore. Instead, jetting off to a destination wedding in Italy where guests can create lifelong memories is how millennials want to tie the knot. 

We can't wait to see couples' other creative ideas for their 2023 weddings!

What Is The Color Of The Year For 2023 Weddings?

Pantone, the world-renowned color institute, selects a color of the year every year that inspires various industries, including fashion and home décor. For 2023, Pantone has selected Viva Magenta as the color of the year.

Viva Magenta is a bold and energetic hue that evokes a sense of confidence and excitement. This color is perfect for brides and grooms who want to infuse their wedding day with a touch of vibrant energy and playfulness. Whether used as a bold accent color or as the dominant color scheme, Viva Magenta will make a statement on the wedding day.

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Couples looking to incorporate Viva Magenta into their wedding day can do so in various ways. For example, bridesmaid dresses in this color, brightly colored flowers, and décor, or a bold and vibrant wedding cake are all great ways to bring this color to life.

Couples who choose to incorporate Viva Magenta into their wedding day will find that this color pairs well with a variety of other shades, including neutrals like gray, white, and black, as well as other bold colors like yellow, blue, and green. This versatility makes it easy to create a beautiful and cohesive look for the wedding, regardless of the theme or style.

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Millennial wedding logo put into flowers

Are Millennials Getting Married Later?

Yes, millennials are getting married later in life compared to previous generations. On average, millennials are tying the knot in their late 20s or early 30s, compared to their parents and grandparents, who often got married in their early 20s. 

This shift can be attributed to several factors, including a focus on education and career development, changes in societal norms, and the desire for financial stability before starting a family. 

Many couples today choose to live together and have children before committing to marriage. This is a far cry from previous generations, which typically married in their late teens or early twenties. 

While waiting longer to get married may mean fewer marriages overall, those who do eventually tie the knot are doing so with a greater sense of maturity and commitment than ever before. Ultimately, it is up to the individuals involved to decide when the timing is right for them to get married.

What Is Gen Z Attitude Toward Marriage?

Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, have a more fluid and open-minded attitude toward marriage than previous generations. This generation values individuality and self-expression, and as a result, they approach relationships and marriage in a more personalized and non-traditional way. 

Many members of Gen Z prioritize personal fulfillment, career growth, and financial stability before settling down and getting married. 

Additionally, Gen Z has grown up in a time of increasing acceptance of alternative forms of love and relationships, leading to a more diverse and inclusive approach to marriage. While traditional marriages are still an option for members of Gen Z, they also see value in alternative forms of commitment, such as long-term partnerships or civil unions. 

Ultimately, Gen Z is reshaping the traditional concept of marriage and offering a more modern and progressive approach to committed relationships. Whether this will impact divorce rates is still yet to be seen, but since they marry later in life and are more mature and financially stable, they have a great shot at long-lasting marriages. 

In conclusion, millennial weddings are proving to be more unique and creative than ever before. Couples are forgoing traditional wedding elements in favor of modern and innovative ideas that reflect their personal style and values. From food trucks to food stations and from digital wedding invitations to interactive wedding websites, the possibilities for a millennial wedding are seemingly endless. 

Whether traditional, modern or in between, millennial couples are creating memorable experiences for their guests. And as the largest group of consumers in the market, their choices and preferences are shaping the future of weddings and the wedding industry. 

The wedding industry is constantly evolving, and it will be fascinating to see how these trends continue to shape the future of weddings. We’re excited about what’s to come.

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Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration filled with love, laughter, and delicious treats. Of course, one of the highlights of any reception is the dessert table, where guests can indulge in sweet delights and make lasting memories. With so many unique dessert table ideas, deciding what will work best for your big day can be challenging. In this blog post, we'll explore the sweetest endings for your wedding and give you plenty of inspiration to make your dessert table a true standout.

A well-designed dessert table can be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day celebration. Not only does it offer a sweet end to your reception, but it also serves as a beautiful backdrop for photos and a gathering place for guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities. Whether you prefer classic cakes and pastries or more creative confections, there are plenty of unique wedding dessert table ideas. 

From simple and elegant to over-the-top and extravagant, your dessert table can be customized to fit your wedding style and taste. So whether you're a fan of classic sweets or enjoy more unexpected treats, there is a dessert table idea that's perfect for you. 

Today, we’re diving into the world of wedding desserts and giving you all the inspiration you need to make your dessert table one to remember. So, whether you're a bride-to-be, wedding planner, or just a lover of all things sweet, keep reading to discover the sweetest endings for an unforgettable wedding day!

Wedding dessert tower-shaped

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Wedding dessert tables can range from simple and classic to elaborate and eclectic. One popular idea is a tiered cake stand filled with an assortment of mini desserts such as cupcakes, macarons, and petit fours. 

Another idea is a dessert bar featuring a variety of sweet treats such as candy, cookies, and brownies. 

You could also opt for a dessert buffet with individual portions of pies, tarts, and trifles. 

Consider incorporating a donut wall or an ice cream sundae station with various toppings and sauces for a unique touch. 

And for those who prefer a more classic approach, a beautiful cake adorned with fresh flowers and greenery makes for a stunning centerpiece. The options for a memorable wedding dessert table are endless, so get creative and choose the ideas that best reflect your personal style and taste.

Elegant Wedding Dessert Table

An elegant wedding dessert table is as much about the delicious treats as it is about the decor. So, if you’re hosting an elegant event, dress your dessert table accordingly. Luxury linens, fine china, cutlery, and a beautiful traditional wedding cake should do the trick. But don’t be afraid to add decorative touches such as candles, flowers, and greenery. 

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Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

A rustic dessert table that tantalizes guests and showcases your distinctive personality will add delectable flair to a formal or casual wedding event. If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, you’ll love some of these country-chic, rustic wedding dessert table ideas. 

Modern Farmhouse Chic

Take a lesson from Magnolia Home's decorating manual and create a rustic dessert table with homemade parfaits, tartlets, and cupcakes, among other delightful goodies.

A Tiny Bit Of Country

To give your rustic wedding the perfect finishing touch, showcase pies and other delicacies cooked from family heirloom recipes in wooden boxes.

Donut Miss The Sweets

Who doesn’t love donuts? When you’re hosting a rustic wedding, many elements will be unique and unexpected. So, having a donut table or donut wall is an excellent choice for your rustic dessert table. 

Pulling off the perfect rustic dessert table is all about the decor. Sure! Your sweet treats will be the star, but how you style your table is vital to tying it together with the rustic theme. 

Here are some ideas on how to style your rustic-chic dessert table. 

wedding dessert tble with differents types of desserts

Simple Wedding Dessert Table

You may choose a simple wedding dessert table if you’re a lover of clean lines and minimalist decor. This is easy to achieve by simply letting the wedding cake be the star. Choose pretty but simple table linens, a beautiful setting for the cake, and some classy cake-cutting and serving tools. That’s it! Easy-peasy. 

What is the most popular wedding dessert?

Wedding cakes are the most popular dessert for weddings and come in various styles and flavors. The traditional white cake with white frosting is still popular, but many couples opt for unique and personalized options such as tiered cakes, cupcake displays, and dessert tables. Popular cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and lemon, while frosting flavors range from buttercream to cream cheese to ganache. 

Many couples also incorporate seasonal flavors, like lemon and raspberries in the Spring & Summer and pumpkin or apple spice in the Fall. While other couples choose to incorporate cultural traditions into their cake design and flavor. 

The wedding cake is a centerpiece of the reception and one of the most beloved and anticipated parts of any wedding. It provides a sweet ending to the celebration, making the flavor and design choices an essential aspect of the wedding planning process.

Wedding Layered Cake with spouses kiss

How Do You Set Up An Elegant Dessert Table?

Setting up an elegant dessert table can be a simple yet effective way to elevate your special occasion. Luckily you don’t need a lot of wedding dessert table decorations to create a beautiful display.

Here are some tips for creating an impressive spread:

  1. First, choose a color scheme: Pick colors that match the theme or decor of the event. Next, consider using coordinating tablecloths, plates, and napkins.
  2. Vary the height: Use stands and platters of different heights to create visual interest. This also helps make the table look full and abundant.
  3. Offer a variety of desserts: Offer a mix of sweet treats such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other bite-sized desserts. This gives guests options to choose from and helps ensure there's something for everyone.
  4. Display labels: Clearly label each dessert with its name and any dietary restrictions or allergens. This helps guests make informed choices and is a thoughtful touch.
  5. Add floral arrangements: Use fresh flowers or greenery to add a pop of color and texture to the table.
  6. Provide adequate lighting: Ensure the table is well-lit so guests can see the desserts and make their selections.
  7. Consider presentation: Attractively arrange the desserts using tiered stands, glass jars, and other eye-catching vessels.

Following these tips, you can create an elegant dessert table that will impress your guests and sweeten your celebration.

How Many Servings Of Dessert At A Wedding?

The number of dessert servings at a wedding depends on several factors, such as the number of guests, the number of courses being served, and the serving size of each dessert. However, as a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to plan for 1-2 servings of dessert per person.

For a 200-person wedding, for example, it's common to plan for 200-400 dessert servings. However, you may want to adjust this amount if you're serving multiple courses. For example, if you're serving a large plated dessert in addition to a dessert table, plan for fewer servings at the dessert table.

It's essential also to consider any special dietary needs or restrictions among your guests, such as allergies or veganism, and make sure to include options for them.

It's always better to have a little extra dessert than not enough, so it's a good idea to order a few extra servings as a contingency. This way, you won't run out and can ensure that all of your guests have a sweet ending to their meal.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Dessert Table?

The average cost of a dessert table in Italy can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the type of dessert served, the number of servings, the complexity of the setup, and the location.

A basic dessert table with simple items, such as cupcakes and cookies, can cost around €400-€600. However, a more elaborate setup with various desserts, including cakes, macarons, and mousse cups, can cost upwards of €1000 or more.

Additionally, these costs can add up if you're looking to rent a dessert table and display ware or hire a professional pastry chef to design and execute the dessert table. On average, the rental of a dessert table and display ware can cost around €200-€300, while the cost of a professional pastry chef can range from €500 to €1000 or more.

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