Wedding planning doesn’t have to be all boring decisions and contracts. There are some fun things to look forward to, and if you’re looking for a way to elevate your cocktail hour or reception, we’ve got just the thing - signature wedding drinks. 

So whether you’re thinking of offering a signature wedding drink during the cocktail hour, reception, or the “after-party” (or all 3!), keep your guests entertained and captivated with a creative and unique wedding drink menu. If you’re wondering where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve curated a list of the best signature wedding drink ideas for your boozy and alcohol-free guests. 

The cocktail hour is a fantastic time to WOW your guests with a signature drink. This is when guests frequently socialize while the newlyweds enjoy a short period of bliss alone during a private walk or portrait session. 

wonderful signature drink cocktail for wedding
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If you're planning this private time during your wedding, know there are many ways to personalize this short interlude—even in your absence. One of our favorite ways is to offer your loved ones a distinctive or signature wedding drink influenced by everything from your favorite cocktails to the history of your relationships.

A signature cocktail is a must in today's weddings — and the options are endless. We believe the drinks you serve at your wedding should be just as memorable as the food, if not more so. So, we've rounded up a few of our favorite signature drink ideas that incorporate seasonal and classic flavors, including some alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 

wine bottles in ice for wedding

How Do You Pick A Wedding Signature Cocktail?

Choosing a signature cocktail may be more challenging than it seems. But with some help, we’re sure you can select a cocktail mix that tantalizes your guest's taste buds and has them asking for the recipe. 

Here, we have a few pointers that will undoubtedly help you create an Insta-worthy drink concoction, but another great tip is to talk to your favorite mixologist. They’ll be able to whip some drinks up for you to sample, making choosing your signature wedding cocktail easier. 

Simple Is Best.

You want your guests dancing, not standing in line at the bar as the bartender stirs ice and mint together to make a blueberry mojito. That sounds fantastic, but I'm getting off track. 

Unless it can be premixed in a large volume, your signature cocktail should take less time to prepare and should have at most four ingredients.

Select A Beverage You Enjoy.

You're not competing in a mixology competition, so don't overthink it. Instead, you should genuinely want to drink your signature beverage on your big day, so choose flavors you love. 

Choose A Drink That Fits Your Aesthetic

Does it match the theme? If you love all things grape and wine, then why not go with an elegant wine-based cocktail? Or if your happy couple is so in love that they like peanut butter and chocolate together, then maybe a fantastic peanut butter cup martini could be their "something old."

Choosing Flavors Everyone Will Love

A critical aspect of choosing the best signature cocktail for your wedding is selecting flavors everyone will love or at least be intrigued to try. Of course, there are some wild and crazy drink concoctions, but if your guest list is a little more refined than a party bunch, you may want to keep your flavor selections and mixology a little more toned down.

Which Liquors Should You Use?

Choose cocktails with a variety of base spirits to ensure that most on your guest list can find a drink they will enjoy. Most suggest that you create a signature cocktail with clear and one brown liquor to accommodate the greatest number of pallets.

Create one drink, for instance, using tequila, vodka, gin, or white rum. By choosing whiskey, bourbon, or black rum for the other, you can then counteract that. Having liquor from both the clear and dark families will appeal to most guests. 

italian liquor and drinks for wedding

Can It Be Made In Large Quantities?

Nothing could be worse than standing in a long line at the bar when they’re playing your favorite bust-a-move song. So, another great tip for creating a signature wedding cocktail that everyone will enjoy is to choose something that can be made in large quantities beforehand. 

Doing this will help reduce how long guests have to wait in line for cocktails. 

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The Best Signature Drink Ideas For Weddings

Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail

This gorgeous Champagne cocktail is incredibly easy to make and outrageously tasty. It's a stunningly sparkling drink that will encourage your buddies to dance. The syrup with blackberries and lavender is terrific. To make, add your blackberry syrup, then garnish with Champagne and a fresh blossom of lavender. It’s an elegant drink that is simple to make and looks divine. But here’s a hot tip from the experts- it’s best to use fresh lavender flowers.

champagne tower wedding drink

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This prosecco cocktail looks like it was designed specifically for weddings. You should muddle fresh raspberries for this signature cocktail to get the most flavor. You're in for a treat if you've never experienced Limoncello. It has a fresh taste and surprising alcohol content.

With this drink, your wedding guests will fall in love at first sight.

Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour

Some of the most flavorful and energizing drinks available are grapefruit cocktails. And this one has a beautiful flavor and stunning color. When combined, grapefruit and lime have a startlingly acidic and vibrant taste. So make sure to add simple ginger syrup for a spicy-sweet balance.

Finish it with a sweet and smooth bourbon in this cocktail, and your wedding guests will be as head over heels as you are.

Pretty Pomegranate Mimosas

The traditional method to celebrate the wedding day is with a mimosa, which is the ideal beverage for getting ready with the bridesmaids. But this mimosa isn’t just for those intimate moments, getting ready. 

Turn your traditional mimosa into your signature wedding beverage by choosing pomegranate juice instead of the more common orange juice for a creative twist on the classic brunch cocktail.

Caramel Apple Martinis

This is one cocktail that will surely be hard to pass up. Instead of sticking with traditional drinks, try intriguing alternatives like these delightful caramel apple martinis. Add cinnamon sugar and a wooden stir stick to the glasses to decorate them. We’re sure these will be a huge hit, not to mention some pretty Insta-worthy photo opportunities. 

Blackberry + Honeysuckle Spritz

Serve your guests a delectable cocktail that they'll remember all year. Combine sweet honeysuckle vodka with juicy, garden-fresh blackberries to create a vibrant cocktail that tastes like summer in a glass.

wedding signature drink ideas

Make A Splash With These Tasty Mocktail

Mocktails are excellent alternatives to alcohol for your wedding guests. They can be made with fruit juice or soda, and you can even use tea as the base if you want to go all out. You can also add alcohol-free liqueurs like cherry brandy or vanilla vodka. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mocktails!

Also, consider mixing up a signature version of your family's favourite cocktail for everyone at the wedding table. Still, we've included some signature mocktail ideas below that will significantly add to any wedding menu.

The Best Mocktail Wedding Signature Drink Ideas

It's simple to forget that alcohol isn't necessarily an essential component for a fantastic reception, and there are some unique soft drink ideas your guests will adore. In addition, couples may choose alcohol-free or alcohol-restricted solutions for various factors, including financial savings and personal preferences. 

Here are some creative mocktail ideas you can serve if you want to organize a wedding reception without alcohol or want to provide your guests with exciting beverage options.

Lemondrop Martini Mocktail

The classic lemon drop martini is refreshed with creme de Leche and garnished with an orange twist in this fun take on the cocktail. Add mint leaves to give it just enough flavour without being too sweet or overpowering.

Fizzy Basil Lemonade Mocktail

This mocktail has a ginger beer base and plenty of fresh basil to give it its distinct flavor and color—and if you’re not into those two things, there are optional instructions for making the drink without them! On the other hand, if you want something less alcoholic than beer or wine but still have that summery feel, try fizzy juices like this!

Tom Collins Mocktail

Simply take out the alcohol to make this signature mocktail, which is remarkably identical to the original - Tom Collins drink. This vintage signature drink contains non-alcoholic gin (Yes, that’s a real thing), club soda, sugar, and lemon juice. 

Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail

If peaches aren't your thing, but champagne floats are still too much for you to handle (or are just too expensive), try this frozen peach bellini mocktail instead! It's perfect on its own or mixed with soda water over ice cubes for a refreshing treat on hot summer days when all drinking alcohol seems like torture after hours spent sweating under direct sunlight outdoors.

Wedding signature drink ideas for mocktails

Spicy Grapefruit Ginger Fizz Mocktail 

This beverage is ideal if you're searching for something for your non-drinking friends. It has a bite from muddled jalapenos and is sour, lemony, and spicy. In addition, the combination of grapefruit, ginger beer, and mint is superb.

If you want to make it an alcoholic beverage, the recipe suggests adding bourbon or vodka. Mocktail or cocktail, we’re sure it’ll be a hit.

Sparkling Cran - Citrus

A mocktail is a terrific addition for individuals who don't drink or young guests. Orange-flavored sparkling water is given a splash of cranberry juice to give it a beautiful coral tint. Add sugar to each glass's rim and an orange wedge as a garnish to create the look of an adult beverage.

Cantalope Ginger Spritzer

A delicious spritzer with some zing is always a good choice. Include unusual flavours like ginger and cantaloupe for a drink that will get people talking all night long. It’s fun, unexpected, and sure to delight guests of all ages. 

wedding bar sign

Adaptogenic Drinks

Adaptogenic drinks are a great alternative to traditional wedding cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. For example, a cocktail made with plant and herbal elements like ginseng is an adaptogenic beverage, and they are taking the wedding scene by storm. 

Some manufacturers of adaptogenic drinks claim their products boost energy, replace alcohol, or promote relaxation. People who desire to experiment with a sober lifestyle while drinking something that can loosen them up have grown increasingly fond of this distinctive cocktail trend. 

While you can certainly make these drinks without alcohol, they also make for a nice change from wine spritzers or other non-alcoholic options that can seem boring and sometimes need to be noticed on wedding menus.

Adaptogenic drinks are perfect for weddings because they can offer a boost of energy so guests can still enjoy all the festivities throughout the evening!

Don't let the bar end up being an afterthought since you've already given so much care to the other aspects of your wedding, such as your dress, flowers, and vows. Keep the traditional wine and beer flowing, but a signature cocktail is how you make a big "just married" statement. 

These cocktail ideas may be the special touch you and your spouse have been waiting for, with their unique names and seasonal flavors.

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Your wedding cake is one of the most important desserts you'll ever have, so choosing a flavor that you and your guests will love is important. Unfortunately, with so many options, knowing where to start can take a lot of work. Luckily, we've put together the ultimate guide to the best wedding cake flavors to ensure your cake is as delicious as it is beautiful.

From classics like vanilla and chocolate to more unique options like lavender and Earl Grey, there's something for everyone on this list. But we’re pretty sure that depending on who you ask, the list of popular wedding cake flavors may vary - because no two “sweet tooths” are the same. So, we’ve buttered up our list to give you some delectable cake flavors for weddings that are traditional, unique, and popular. 

What Are The Top 7 Wedding Cake Flavors?

In 2022 we saw many couples embracing some more unique cake flavors. Of course, traditional cake flavors, including pineapple wedding cakes, red velvet cakes, butterscotch, fruit cake, and the always the life of the party - chocolate cakes tantalized guests' tastebuds. But when it comes to the top 7 wedding cake flavors of all time, the list is pretty standard.

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Funfetti
  4. Lemon
  5. Yellow Cake
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Strawberry
Chef is cutting an Italian wedding Millefoglie Cake
Photo Credits: David Bastianoni

What Are The Best Flavors For Wedding Cakes?

Today couples are becoming a bit more adventurous with their wedding cake flavors. Couples are changing many aspects of weddings by ditching traditional things to make their nuptials more personal and unique. This includes creating more experience-based weddings that will leave their guests speechless. And you can bet this includes the culinary and cake experience.

Recently, we’ve seen the best flavors for wedding cakes become more about tantalizing guests' taste buds and longing for more. 

Here are some flavors that have been making a splash.

Couples are infusing more of their personalities into their weddings, turning them into events that are just as unique as their love story. Because of this, cake flavors are less traditional and more of the tastes they love. 

What Are Some Unique Cake Flavors?

Wedding cakes have advanced in the confectionary ranks to magnificent masterpieces, both inside and out. So the days of simple chocolate or vanilla are long gone. Instead, we are thrilled to see more teas, herbs, and other flavors frequently used in savory dishes now included in cake flavors. 

In modern-day weddings, cake makers are creating one-of-a-kind taste profiles and pushing customers beyond their comfort zones with a menu full of possibilities like blue cheese, coriander, earl grey tea, sesame, and feta.

If you’re looking for a unique cake flavor for your wedding, check out these ideas. 

Peanut butter cup

Layer a chocolate cake with decadent peanut butter buttercream & a chocolate & peanut butter ganache, then finish it off with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Chocolate Chai

Any cocoa enthusiasts in your group will appreciate a chocolate Bailey's cake. However, that would be overly simplistic. The chocolatey treat is brought to the heights of ultra-sophistication with the addition of a chai-spiced buttercream.

Grand Marnier

Give your wedding cake some French flair using Grand Marnier's zesty flavor. The cognac gives the straightforward cake flavors depth and a touch of je ne sais quoi. Any brandy can be used to enhance the taste of a wedding cake if you're not a fan of Grand Marnier.

Bananas Foster Wedding Cake

Although Bananas Foster originated in the French Quarter, you don't need to be in New Orleans to enjoy the famous dessert. Make your wedding dessert taste like New Orleans by combining a butter cake with a banana, caramel filling, rum, and cinnamon filling.

What Is Trending In Wedding Cakes?

Each year wedding trends change, from themes to color palettes and dress styles - every part of weddings gets a fresh new look. And this is also true for wedding cakes. So, here’s what’s trending in wedding cakes for the upcoming year.

Millefoglie Cake

If you want a traditional Italian wedding cake, the Millefoglie cake is the best! This delicious cake originated in the French Millefeuille; it combines several layers of crispy puff pastry dough that’s covered by pastry cream. Then alternating layers of the Millefoglie pastry are filled with delectable ingredients like chocolate, real fruit, lemon curd, etc.

This cake's crispiness is a defining characteristic; however, what we love most about the Millefoglie cake is that it’s made live. Your Italian chef will prepare the Millefoglie cake at your wedding right before your guests. It’s a wonderful experience that is sure to impress your guests. 

Italian Confetti

Another Italian custom is to place confetti on the wedding dessert table - but it’s not the standard confetti you may be thinking of. In Italian, the word “confetti” means sugared almonds, which can have different flavors. The most loved confetti is made from pistachio, hazelnuts, or chocolate, but in modern times, the variety of flavors is endless!

Confetti translates to "candied" in Italian. It specifically refers to sugar-coated almonds for a wedding. At a wedding, this has a unique significance. The almond represents the beginning of a new life and the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

Another unique tradition is to prettily pack these nuts into Bomboniere. The typical Bomboniere is a tiny organza or tulle sachet, but there are also considerably more ornate fabric, ceramic, metal, or even crystal containers.

wedding confetti table setup
Photo credits: Sofia Camplioni

Tropical Flavors, Unexpected & Delicious

Tropical flavors will be in wedding desserts, and we love it! Some incredible combinations balance the sugary sweetness and acidity, creating an explosion of tropical flavors.

The upcoming year will see a rise in the pairing of fruits and chocolates, such as white chocolate with mango or passion fruit, strawberries and dark fruits, vanilla with mango and peach, and chocolate with orange. Our favorite! Or how about tropical coconut guava? Sounds divine.

The Charlotte Cake Returns

The traditional Charlotte cake, which we haven't seen in a while, is back and more well-liked than ever. This cake, which has a circle of champagne cookies around it, is topped with red fruits, decorated with a bow, and filled with strawberry mousse.

It is dazzling and incredibly tasty. This cake is hard to resist and will surely be a hit with everyone!

Red Velvet Cake (Millennials love it!)

The millennial generation's favorite dessert is red velvet cake, bar none. So more and more couples are choosing it for their big day.

A Cake Of Cheeses

Did you know that cheeses are considered a dessert in France? Yes, this is a fantastic concept for a couple who wants to innovate and surprise guests. So why not make a cake out of cheese? Cakes of cheese are simple to prepare since you may layer your favorite cheeses in a large tower.

All will admire your salty cake if you place it on the cheese table. Everything tastes better with cheese!

Can Wedding Cakes Be Any Flavor?

Well, if we’re being honest sure! You could probably make a wedding cake in any flavor that you like. But if it’s too out there, it may not be well received by your guests. We’ve even heard of a baker that made a Sake wine cake with nori flakes, wasabi buttercream, and black sesame paste.

Suffice it to say; the guests had a love, hate relationship with this cake. So, it’s best to work with a professional baker to discuss which flavors will work well together and create a fantastic dessert experience for your guests. 

Best Seasonal Wedding Cake Flavors

Winter Wedding Cake Flavors 

Spiked Red Velvet

Rich layers of spiked red velvet cake and delicious cream cheese frosting are crowd-pleasers. Adding luscious amaretto to the cream cheese can elevate your frosting taste. This is a terrific approach to subtly push the flavor profile envelope when entertaining a large group of picky eaters. Or, to up the visual ante, choose a white velvet cake by skipping the customary red coloring.

Ginger Spice 

A zesty ginger spice cake is perfect for any autumnal celebrations if you enjoy ginger, spice, and everything lovely. For a festively indulgent finish, combine with seasonal flavors like maple frosting and vanilla bean icing. Just imagining it makes us feel warm and cozy.

Wedding Cake Flavors For Fall

Maple Pumpkin

For the fall couple, nothing is better than a maple pumpkin wedding cake. Add maple syrup to the icing to tantalize everyone's taste buds. Expect no leftovers when you combine sweet and savory flavors.

Caramel Apple

Did that lead you down a tasty rabbit hole of autumnal daydreams? We advise you to take note of the following if your wedding is planned for the autumn and all of its delectable splendor: an apple spice cake with roasted apples, brown sugar mousse, and caramel buttercream.

Wedding Cake Flavors For Summer

Blueberry Burst

Think of it as a tribute to New England summers. The flavor of freshly foraged ingredients virtually explodes from a blueberry-buttermilk wedding cake with blueberry jam filling. Each bite is infused with richness thanks to a delectable maple buttercream.

Strawberry Champagne

These flavor profiles stick to the sensual side of wedding cake flavors and will brighten anyone's day. For example, the flavors of a dark chocolate raspberry cake are genuinely dazzling. You may add a layer of strawberry champagne cake to create the most exquisite dessert in town.

Spring Wedding Cake Flavors

Honey Lavender

Everything sounds more airy and lovely when combined with honey and lavender. While most spring and summer flavors work nicely with the combination, our favorite is a lemon-blueberry cake with a honey-lavender buttercream filling. Swoon.

Earl Grey Tea Cake 

Earl grey tea cake is one of the most inventive spring wedding cakes you'll likely come across. If you have ever tried earl grey tea, you can imagine this cake's rich and bitter flavor – balanced with sweet, heavy cream or mascarpone.

The cake recipe may also call for smooth dark chocolate, honey, lemon or orange zest, brown sugar and vanilla, and earl grey tea and cream.

Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

White Chocolate and Raspberry

This delicious cake taste is for you, raspberry lovers. Add some raspberry filling (or bits of raspberry) incorporated into each layer of frosting for a whimsical cake with a twist. The white chocolate will also give your icing a chocolatey flavor.

Campfire S’mores

All the memories of ghost stories and campfire s'mores are combined in this crescendo of wedding cake flavors. You can make a stack that rivals even the most expert s'mores by layering chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, and graham cracker cake, then adding marshmallows and vanilla buttercream on top.

Italian chef making Millefoglie wedding cake
Photo Credits: David Bastianoni

Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

When planning a wedding around the holidays, you may need inspiration for Christmas wedding cake ideas. And boy, do we have some incredible ideas for you.

White Chocolate Buttercream With Spiced Carrot

Bring the traditional spices and flavors of carrot cake to the table, but with a white chocolate wintery twist! This flavor evokes thoughts of ginger cookies, cinnamon, nutmeg, and just a hint of heat from a secret cayenne pepper component. 

It is the ideal blend of a cozy and "holiday" atmosphere. If you add white chocolate buttercream between the layers, your wedding guests will beg for more.

White Butter Cake with Spiced Buttercream and Eggnog Custard

Buttercream wedding cakes are timeless, but you can add eggnog and baking spices to give them a festive Christmas twist. People gravitate to hearty comfort foods in the winter. In addition, we frequently associate nostalgic flavors or from the holidays with our families, making this a wonderful cake flavor for a Christmas wedding. 

Gingerbread with Pear Compote and Vanilla Buttercream

We love cakes rich in flavor but not overly dense and heavy for winter weddings. And we absolutely love this Christmas cake idea. Combine luscious winter pears, a rich vanilla buttercream, and a cake with a strong spice flavor. 

A fluffy and spicy gingerbread cake paired with sweet pear compote screams comfy and cozy.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Put yourself in your wedding guests’ shoes, and imagine yourself jetting off to attend a destination wedding – an Italian destination wedding nonetheless – what would you be looking forward to?

No one adores food more than the Italians, so it is only to be expected that an Italian wedding menu is nothing short of a fantastic spectacle. An Italian wedding menu generally consists of several courses, so you can’t really get away with hiring a food truck! Here is how to design and execute the most excellent traditional Italian wedding menu to keep your guests guessing and on their toes with numerous delicacies. 

Italian Antipasti

No wedding meal in Italy is complete without a specialty appetizer dish. Appetizers are generally served one after the other and are of both hot and cold varieties. Think delicious canapes and a selection of cured meats with sautéed vegetables. Some favorites for an antipasti dish (appetizer dish) are prosciutto, salami, toasted garlic bread, or bread with different toppings and a selection of cheeses. 

As any traveling enthusiast would know, Italians love their cheese. For an antipasti dish (which translates to ‘before the meal dish’), having a few different types of cheese available in tiny bite-sized portions can get the taste buds primed for the later dishes. Parmesan, mozzarella and pecorino are some cheese varieties that perform well in this format. Doing grazing platters with a bit of fruit is also great for a drinks hour or pre-meal cocktails. Don’t forget to include a Prosecco or another suitable drink with these antipasti dishes

Italian "antipasti" appetisers with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
David Bastianoni Studio 

First Course 

The first course, called the primo piatto, is a dish usually chosen for both its delicate flavors and substance, and a typical Italian wedding menu has to feature a pasta dish or sometimes several. Linguine, Penne, Paccheri, Fusilli, Gnocchi, ravioli, and tortellini are all Italian wedding favourites that can have endless flavorful toppings, sometimes with different options for each entrée! Unlike the drinks or the smaller appetizers served at cocktail hour, the first course is done formally inside the reception hall, so sizeable portions are used instead of smaller ones. 

The pasta course might involve more than one course as guests may be made to sample different pasta specialties. Pasta is thought to have the same base regardless of the dish, but that is only partially true. The style and type of pasta, the ingredients it is prepared from, the sauces used to flavor it, and so forth all contribute to a sheer variety of tastes that can be employed in an exquisite Italian wedding reception menu. 

The Second Course

The second course is a delight for food connoisseurs because it features meat and fish options such as beef, mutton, fowl, or lamb. In an Italian menu for weddings, chicken is rarely preferred as a second-course ingredient. Instead, Manzo beef dishes are typically chosen, especially with a side of roasted vegetables. Pork or Maiale is a secondary favorite, along with lamb, fish, and a considerable assortment of side dishes. For an added sophisticated touch, consider serving white wine like Vino Bianco, but red wine should still be present if any guests prefer it. 

Don’t Forget The Dolci! 

Dolci is the darling of the Italian wedding menu because all Italians love desserts. On the occasion of weddings, one dessert simply won’t do, and an assortment is typically required. Panna Cotta is a crowd-pleaser and should always be one of the desserts on offer as it can always be paired with different flavourings, from coffee to raspberry syrup. Gelato and other Italian ice cream varieties are great for receptions where many children are expected to attend. 

To up the ante, consider the Italianized French dessert Millefoglie which is a delicious, mouth-watering cream cake. The dessert is prepared by piling on layers of cream pastry one after the other until a towering dessert is created. Mille means ‘thousand’ in French, and the dessert gets its name from its layered appearance. It is the dessert equivalent of white cake! 

Muscat Moscato is the perfect wine to serve with an Italian wedding reception menu because it compliments many naturally occurring flavours in Italian dishes and desserts. 

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Torta Nuziale 

The wedding cake is a focal point of the reception dinner, and for that reason, the cake is a showstopper and therefore needs to be spectacular with an almost grandiose element to it. 

While some Italian wedding cakes are single-tier white cake varieties decorated with fruits and berries, the more magnificent ones can be multiple tiers covered with cream, bohemian flower decorations, embossing, and whipped cream. In addition, sugared almonds are often placed on top of cakes since they are a much-loved traditional delicacy. 

torta nunziale for wedding menu
David Bastianoni Studio 

An Example Of A Traditional Italian Wedding Menu 

This sample of an Italian wedding menu provides specific options for each expected course in the wedding meal. Any or all of the options can be swapped for your favorites or dishes you prefer within the general type. 


Appetisers with canapès and voulo vant with veggies
David Bastianoni Studio 


Italian chef is cutting prestogious raw ham for the wedding menu
David Bastianoni Studio 

First Course

Scialatielli pasta is one of the many options, as Italian cuisine features as many or more than 350 types! In addition, vegetarian pasta can be an added variety for your vegan and vegetarian guests. 

Main Or Second Course 

Dolci Course

italian chef is decorating a wedding cake
David Bastianoni Studio 

Formal Or Informal Italian Wedding Menus

Couples can choose between a more formal dinner and a buffet-style dinner which offers an opportunity for guests to serve themselves from an impressive display. An Italian wedding buffet menu will still consist of the hour-long cocktail hour, after which the reception hall will be opened. 

A few appetizers will be served in a more formal dinner setting, followed by more than one option in the second and main courses. The buffet style enables the food items to be laid out so that none is compulsory, and guests can pick and choose according to preference, especially if some are vegan or vegetarian. 

In a formal dinner setting, lemon sorbet is typically served between courses to cleanse the palette and prepare it for the next bombardment of flavors. With a dessert buffet in an Italian family style wedding menu, everything from cake and fruits is served, and there might even be a gelato cart if the wedding is not strictly adhering to tradition. At the end of the meal, more wine may be needed or a round of expresso coffee. The style of the meal and its planning depends entirely on the couple’s preference and the overarching theme of the wedding. 

glass pyramid with champagne waterfall
David Bastianoni Studio 

Remember Dietary Restrictions 

To avoid mishaps on the wedding day, ensure you have correctly labeled the food items (especially if there is a buffet) so that guests with specific food allergies know which items to avoid. The same note can be added to the sit-down meal. With a buffet-style menu for the wedding dinner, it is easier to make a special allowance for vegans and other picky eaters by having signage. 


Once the dancing gets underway in the later hours of the evening, you will find your guests need to be topped up on drinks and food. So have some bruschetta, rolls, or mini-pizzas ready as dance fuel! You can also have drinks served as the later hours roll around, even if there isn’t a plan for an after-party. 

For the older guests who are less likely to dance, you can have coffee ready and even re-serve the appetizers if necessary. As the night wears on, guests will want cake or snack options to replenish their energy to keep the festivities going strong. Fritturas are a perfect snack as they are fried vegetables, fish, or leaves, ideal for healthy munching.  

Under the Tuscan sun, eating is a way of life, which is why so many enthusiastic brides and grooms pick Italy for their destination wedding. In Italy, eating is a reason to celebrate every day; yet, at weddings, food takes center stage. Just keep in mind that the matching of the courses is everything.

These are not all the choices VB Events has to offer! So if you are in search of who can delight you with stunning and typical Italian Wedding menu, let's chat with our wedding planners!

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