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March 22, 2021

Weddings are not only celebrations of love; they are an opportunity to gather and socialize with all your dearest friends, incorporating the latest trends into one’s celebration is often how a wedding is admired and loved by the guests.

But how does a couple meld their unique style with these sought-after influences and trends?

This is where the wedding planner plays a fundamental role. As experts within this field the wedding planner is equipped to make indispensable suggestions and recommendations. At VB Events, we utilise our vast array of insider knowledge and experience to ensure that the couple’s vision is strengthened and bolstered by any external influences or trends. (Click here to learn more about the importance of having a local wedding planner). 

We consult with each couple on a highly personalised level. This ensures that we understand YOU and YOUR PARTNER. It also allows us to deliver at our optimum as your singular tastes and aesthetics will be intertwined in your celebration.

How is VB Events aware of these sought-after influences and trends?

As our company is one of the leading, luxury destination wedding planners we have ample sources to draw inspiration and knowledge from. The bulleted list below details just a few of our available resources. 

  • Our acclaimed experience in the wedding planning arena 
  • Conversations with our vendors and suppliers 
  • Wedding planning fairs 
  • Overseas travel and exposure to different ceremonies 
  • Research (blogs, magazines, social media, press offices, celebrities, fashion houses etc.)

What trends are popular now and which influences does VB Events think will be relevant in the future?

With COVID- 19 restricting the nature of social gatherings and densely populated events, we foresee an increase in ‘micro-weddings’ and elopements. Whilst we acknowledge that safety should come first, we are equally looking forward to larger events resuming in 2022. For this new wave of celebrations, we feel reinvigorated to produce new lighting setups, new entertainment options, and discover new luxury venues across our dazzling, Italian landscape.

For every event that we plan and execute we bring a fresh canvas and overflowing ideas. That is why we relish incorporating new colours, themes, set-ups and ideas into each bespoke event.

However, we know that luxury and destinations in Italy have a Timeless Appeal. Trends may change and be transient but these two fronts, that we have built our brand on, will remain sought-after and fashionable.

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