Sicily is the epitome of an amazingly perfect destination wedding location due to its historical cathedrals, vineyards, and no lack of immense natural beauty coupled with some of the world’s most impressive architecture. So whether you want a luxury wedding in Sicily or a slightly toned-down but still high-value reception, Sicily offers it all with the world’s most astonishingly beautiful island backdrop. 

How To Plan A Stress-Free Wedding In Sicily

Contrary to popular opinion, planning for a luxury wedding in Sicily does not need to be stressful; it can be hassle-free and full of absolute joy from each decision to the next. The magic ingredient is the right wedding planner who will capture your vision of a dream wedding. 

They’ll take your vision and recreate it on location for you, perfecting each aspect, from the flowers to the favor boxes to the catering. Hiring a local wedding planner is ideal as they can network with nearby relevant vendors for the best service at the best rates.

Local wedding planners in Italy can also research the aesthetic you are aiming for and decide how to execute it in any chosen locations they may already be used to working in. 

An expert tip for all significant matters relating to planning a wedding in Italy (destination or otherwise) is to book well in advance to ensure you have no stress as the date draws near. This includes the venue, caterer, wedding planner, and even plane tickets and accommodations if you are not native to Italy and want a destination wedding in Sicily. 

Sicilian Folk Trio
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Where Can I Marry In Sicily? The Best Sicily Wedding Venues

Suppose you adore some fairytale allure for your luxury wedding in Sicily. In that case, you will find an abundance of venues that provide sophisticated and spectacular wedding packages to suit every budget and aesthetic. 

Most couples that go through the extra expense of a destination wedding in Sicily want to capitalize on the inherent glory and beauty of the island itself and traditional Italian styles and cuisine. 

The options are expansive, from palaces to villas to beaches and old historical sites, depending on how you see your wedding coming to life. Sicily is the best place for a destination wedding

Here are a few of our favorite wedding venues in Sicily. 

Grand Hotel Timeo, a Belmond Hotel, Taormina in Sicily

The Grand Hotel Timeo is nested in the shadow of authentic Greek theatre and Mount Etna; it has Michelin-star restaurants and cuisine and has all the stunning beauty of Italian architecture with just the right hint of modern comfort and luxury. 

They have a Taormina church within the hotel grounds and picturesque gardens for wedding ceremonies. No matter which part of the hotel you choose, it will dazzle and impress, along with some of the most amazing delicacies you are likely to find at a wedding in Sicily. 

Donna Carmela, Resort & Lodges in Sicily

Donna Carmela is a beautiful venue for the laid-back destination wedding Sicily couple. It has a gorgeous in-house spa and various other boutique resort services so the couple can have their reception and continue to enjoy their honeymoon there. 

Their event halls have a capacity of under 100 persons, making them perfect for smaller destination wedding gatherings. In addition, their location is in the middle of the countryside overlooking the sea; it does not get more idyllic than that! 

Villa Igiea in Sicily

For old-money grandeur, no couple can beat the iconic and majestic Villa Igiea. That is nothing short of a celebrity haunt, so don’t be surprised if you hear about movie scenes that may have been shot there. For couples looking for an uber-deluxe experience and the best of what luxury wedding Sicily has to offer, the Villa Igiea is a magnificent, dream-like, regal venue. 

It has many terraced gardens, it overlooks a rocky coastline, and it has the classic Italian feel of the villas of European nobility as the story of its ownership goes back more than a hundred years. 

Verdura Resort in Sicily

The Verdura Resort is for couples and their loved ones looking for a luxury wedding in Sicily with quite a lot of adventure, complete relaxation, and rejuvenation. The Verdura Resort promises a world-class experience spa, the best golf course in Italy overlooking the majestic coastline, and hectares upon hectares of lush greenery.

It’s perfect for a magical wedding ceremony, outdoor day, or evening reception. Fine dining and immaculate Italian cuisine are at Verdura's heart, with fresh produce always available and some of the best chefs in town. 

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Sicilian Wedding Table Decored in Sumptuously and richly illuminated way

Frequently Asked Sicily Wedding Questions

How Much Does A Wedding in Sicily Cost?

The cost of having your wedding celebrations in Sicily combines several factors, from the venue, catering, and décor to whether you have gone for more bespoke custom wedding packages or more budget-friendly ones for a destination wedding in Sicily. 

For 4 or 5-star venues and hotels, the cost can vary anywhere from 50 thousand euros to even 100 thousand, but lighter luxury wedding packages can be as low as 15 thousand euros to 30 thousand.

Is Sicily A Good Place To Get Married?

Sicily is an absolute dream destination for island lovers and enthusiasts of old European architecture. Not only is its historical importance and natural beauty beyond compare, but it also has many world-famous hotels and restaurants appropriate for wedding receptions. The hotel accommodations also make it easy for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoons, sampling the best fine dining in Italy. 

Whether you fancy the countryside with acres of greenery without a soul in sight or the stunning coastline or ancient architecture as the backdrop, Sicily has it all. 

What Is The Best Month To Get Married in Italy?

For the quintessential Italian wedding experience, the months of May and September are ideal due to near-perfect weather conditions for any festivities. June and August are good months, too, as there is less chance of being drenched by rain or poor weather. 

As with all wedding Sicily dates, you will need to choose them depending on guest availability and work holidays. 

Typical Sicilian decor table for Wedding

Can Foreigners Get Married in Italy?

Foreigners can get married in Italy, and the destination wedding Sicily concept is a favorite for those who adore Italian culture and the epitome of luxury wedding celebrations. No matter where you are traveling from, you need to carry identification and get registered, and you do not need to be a resident of Italy for a legal wedding. 

Sicily is an island paradise with gloriously long, heaven-like summers, picturesque landscapes with orchards, greenery, and beaches, and a wealth of historical architecture for enthusiasts of art, culture, archeology, and history. Not to mention food lovers will find much to pique their interest! 

As far as luxury destination weddings go, Sicily promises the world on many fronts for the couple that appreciates quality and extravagance.

Sicilian Wedding cake Decor
Sicilian Wedding dessert table with tipical Cannoli dessert

More awesome guides chosen for you:

It's never easy to select the ideal location for your Italian wedding, especially with the wide range of options this great nation offers. Castles, Italian wedding villas, renowned 5-star hotels, and everything in between are among the many incredible venues to choose from. 

We know that narrowing it down to just one is a monumental task, and as a Como wedding planner, we want to make it a bit easier. So, we put together this venue spotlight to introduce you to one of our favorite Lake Como wedding venues. 

Italy is a country rich in history, with a wide variety of natural landscapes, such as the sea, mountains, lakes, and hills, as well as many villages and cities with a long history of artistic production. In addition to this, Italy is renowned for its wonderful weather, mouthwatering cuisine, and top-notch wine. 

Italy has long been associated with having some of the most breathtaking scenery and wedding venues; today, we’ll introduce you to Villa Balbiano

Best Locations For Weddings in Lake Como

Villa Balbiano, located on the picturesque western shore of Lake Como, is the gem everyone is looking for in the best Italian wedding venue. A truly remarkable and majestic wedding setting for your special day. The villa has an exceptional heritage beginning with the famous Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, who created it and lived there at the end of the 16th century, 100 year later, Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini used this hidden gem to host daily festivals, banquets, and dances, etc. 

Today, Villa Balbiano is the most recognizable private residence in Lake Como and further. Located by the lake with 2HA property, with a widespread luxurious garden that was designed by the British Society of Garden Designers. 

The Villa itself possesses an outdoor swimming pool and a private boathouse with a pier. The interior is designed with first-class historical furniture and spectacular 17th-century frescoes created by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva that are still spotless on the walls of the Lake Como wedding Venue. 

An Italian Opulence

Weddings in Lake Como, the 3rd largest Italian lake recognizable worldwide for its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque locations, will be perfect for your dream wedding that emits luxury, magic, and class. 

When asked for Lake Como's best locations for weddings, one of our first choices is always Villa Balbiano. The extraordinary beauty not only of the Villa itself but the whole surroundings, the nature, lake view, and perfect Italian garden. 

Villa Balbiano - An Architectural Masterpiece from the 16th Century

Whenever you hear the word masterpiece connected with the 16th Century, the first thing that comes to mind is the Renaissance and its perfect art creations. Well, fortunately, this Villa has it all. Heavenly statues and fountains squirreled away in the perfectly shaped garden and bring life to the ambiance. 

Wedding Chambers and Accommodation for your Guests

The Villa Balbiano offers exclusive accommodation; the newlyweds can enjoy the Master Suite, which has a king-size bed, sitting area, living room with gorgeous furniture, a walk-in dressing room, a bathroom with bathtub, and a shower, a private terrace with lake views for morning coffee with your loved one.  

The Villa has a total of 14 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 28 guests. Each of these rooms offers an unforgettable, out-of-this-world experience. The chic furniture, the 16th-century frescoes, sculptures and statues, and the lake and mountain views make your stay a complete adventure.

In addition, as an extra service, you can get butler and chef service, helicopter transfers, wines from the cellar, beauty and spa treatments, and so on. What an incredible way to treat your guests to an unforgettable Italian wedding experience. 

A Fairytale Wedding

Imagine this, you, your lovely partner, caring family, and dearest friends, all together, at a wedding in Lake Como, on YOUR big day.  Let's start from the entrance. You will get an elite, one-in-a-lifetime arrival at the villa by boat. A pretty incredible way to impress your guests. As you step off onto the peninsula, you will feel the breeze that leads you to the terraces that hold a miraculous viewpoint over the lake. 

You have a couple of options for your reception. It can be the upper Loggia Segre that can accommodate up to 60 seated guests. Its own private terrace can later be used for dancing, cocktails, or maybe even an after-party.  Your second option can be the lower garden terrace. Its capacity is a maximum of 150 people seated. 

An interesting and unique thing about Villa Balbiano is that it is one of the very few Lake Como Villas and Venues that are “neighbours free,” and that can mean only one thing: partying all night with no guilt.

Unbelievable Wedding Photo Backdrop Locations

In addition to the lake view, boat, and garden photographs, we will give you some insider tips for a perfect photo. Probably the most famous and celebrated spot of the villa will be the three-arched loggias. A truly special place, the spot that gazes north to Bellagio and the mountains in the distance. Across from the mountains is the single island of Como. This spot can be used for a special ceremony like reading your vows or even an intimate dinner. 

Other ideas for photographs can be with the luxury furniture that is all over the Villa. Ancient and historic furnishings, stunning frescoes, and amazing architecture throughout the villa create beautiful photo backdrops. A professional photographer will instruct you on making the perfect pose that will bring out the best version of you.

And, of course, you can never get too many wedding photos with the awe-inspiring and picturesque view of Lake Como. It will emit a vibe from the Renaissance period itself. And lastly, pianos always create a beautiful wedding portrait. The whole ambiance at the villa just complements love and is an unbelievable addition to your love story.  

3 Main Reasons Why Villa Balbiano Is Perfect For Your Wedding Day

Each couple has unique reasons for choosing a specific location as their wedding venue. And when speaking of the Villa Balbiano, there are a million reasons to think of, but here are just a few reasons why we think it’s a wonderful location to say “I Do” in Italy. 

It is an Architectural Masterpiece

A true masterpiece. Being able to see all of the art that is on the property, art that just speaks for itself, representing the wealthy history and its hard but beautiful tale. Every bit and corner of the whole property just screams luxury, royalty, chic, class, style, elite, and art! The terrace, the two loggias, the peninsula, the Villa itself, the views, the decorations, the nature, the garden...we can just keep on going. The Villa needs to be experienced and not described.

Royalty and Luxury Are Present all the time.

By choosing Villa Balbiano, you will definitely feel like royalty. Starting with the boat arrival, the villa’s service, and perfect and different reception spots, the Villa Balbiano is definitely one of the best Como wedding locations. 

It’s hard to beat the breathtaking views, vibrant green nature, deep blue sky and water, chic furniture, luxurious halls, and interior decor with ancient frescoes that inspire us to dream and wonder, providing truly the best Italian wedding experience.

Uniqueness and a Lifetime Experience

If you’re searching for an Italian wedding venue that will create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, the Villa Balbiano is it! 

Wedding guests enjoy a unique chance to fully experience Lake Como's architecture, art, light, and drama at the majestic Villa Balbiano. The entire experience is characterized by flamboyant styling and opulent detail, and two hectares of well-maintained grounds provide innumerable lovely vantage points from which to take in the striking vistas. 

The property may provide a window into the life of the villa's controversial former owner, Cardinal Durini, who lived there and extended it in the late 18th century. His passion for the arts as a papal nuncio is still clearly visible in the property's Italianate gardens with their dramatic fountains and thoughtful sculptures, beautiful ceiling frescoes, and a world-class library, which all interestingly contrast with the simple lines of the villa's Renaissance façade.

It’s important to remember that your wedding story is about the love that you share for each other and joining together as one. And while the Villa Balbiano is a majestic and unforgettable venue, the true experience for everyone in attendance is based on your love. 

Every venue is perfect as long as you and your partner are in it. The couples that marry at Villa Balbiano make it even more beautiful and magical than it already is, the architectural and natural blessings are just supplementary. Are you ready to become part of this palatial villa’s evolving history? We can help you plan it! Give us a call today.

If it seems like everyone around you is tying the knot this year or gearing up for a 2022 wedding, you are not wrong.

A wedding boom is indeed happening as couples from all over the world prepare to make the promise of a lifetime.

As you and your beloved begin thinking about your wedding, you may be realizing that, if everyone around you is getting married, how can you stand out on your special day?

The answer is not to go bigger or to invite more people. The key to truly memorable weddings is to make your wedding luxurious.

This is why so many couples are having exclusive weddings in Italy. With the glamour, the history, the art, and the culture, a destination wedding in Italy is truly a once in a lifetime experience for you and your beloved, as well as your guests.

The bride and groom exchange vows in the presence of guests on the background of the coast

Photographer: @davidbastianoni

Why Do Couples Have Exclusive Weddings in Italy?

Following over a year of lockdown due to COVID-19, couples all over the world are excited to tie the knot. But having a wedding isn’t enough. Many couples want a grand experience in a beautiful location, where they get a vacation for themselves as well as a romantic ceremony.

Every couple has their own reasons for why they chose to have an exclusive wedding in Italy, but here are the biggest benefits for choosing a destination wedding:

  1. The adventure - For couples who love to travel, a destination wedding is a must. It will associate that city with amazing memories for both yourself and your guests. Destination weddings are also a great way to save on the honeymoon.
The bride and groom are in the courtyard of an ancient villa, near a decorated table

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How To Determine The Best City For Your Wedding

The truth is that you can’t go wrong when it comes to having an exclusive wedding in Italy. Every city is full of history, art, stunning landscapes, and a variety of styles of architecture. For the perfect wedding, it is recommended that you tailor the location of the wedding to your unique love story.

When you and your beloved choose a city for your wedding, it is important to consider what landmarks and features are important to you.

For example, if you and your beloved love art and history, you may want to consider Rome or the Amalfi Coast for your wedding. The city of Rome was once the seat of power during antiquity, now it is the home of the most well-preserved architectural features in the world.

Seeing photos of these historic landmarks does not do them justice. You simply need to see the Domus Aurea, the Pantheon, and the Baths of Diocletian in person. Whether you want to have your own little Roman Holiday or to peel back the layers of history after the wedding, Rome is the perfect place to say “I do.”

The Amalfi Coast is the perfect wedding location for couples who are interested in a different era of history. Named one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this region is home to 16 communities that all have their own beautiful and enchanting architectural wonders. The Amalfi Cathedral is an especially breathtaking sight to behold. Built during the 13th century, this cathedral is home to centuries of art, as well as completely unique architecture that is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

For couples who want beauty and luxury, VB Events recommends Como Lake as the perfect location for your wedding. If this area sounds familiar, it may be because Como Lake is a popular wedding destination for celebrities. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh hosted their own modern day fairytale at Villa de Balbianello; Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also picked Como Lake as the backdrop to their special day.

View of the villa, garden, guest chairs and wedding decorations

Photographer: @davidbastianoni

The Best Venues For Exclusive Weddings in Italy

You’ve picked your city, now it is time to decide where you will walk down the aisle. The truth is that you cannot go wrong! Italy is home to hundreds of beautiful wedding locations, all with deep history and artfully restored rooms. Most couples should start by deciding what kind of location that they want: a resort, a vineyard, or a villa.

Resorts are ideal for couples who want to be pampered. Resorts like Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Donna Carmela, and Verdura Resort in Sicily can accommodate between 50 and 100 guests. They also have full amenities, including restaurants, pools, a spa, and exclusive events that you and your wedding guests can enjoy.

Vineyard weddings are a hot, new trend for 2021 and 2022 because they embrace a rustic aesthetic, while keeping it luxurious and exclusive. Consider having your vineyard wedding at Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca, Villa San Michele in the Fiesole hills, or Il Salviatino in Florence. Enjoy wine tasting, garden tours, and experience the best of Italian farm-to-table food with your beloved.

Italy is home to hundreds of historic villas that are the perfect venue for exclusive weddings in Italy. Nothing says “exclusive” quite like booking a villa as a private oasis for your beloved and your guests. VB Events recommends Villa Igiea in Sicily, Villa Clara in the heart of Rome, or Villa Aurelia for your dream wedding.

Photographer: @davidbastianoni

Decorated table for a celebration in the garden of the villa, surrounded by green trees

How To Cater The Menu To Fit Your Location

Once couples choose their city and their venue, the next step is to make some choices about the menu, the cake, and the drinks. Many resorts and vineyards have their own restaurants on-site, which can be available to cater weddings; this is called internal catering.

If you choose to have the on-site restaurant cater your wedding, keep in mind that it may be more affordable overall. The cuisines will also better match the feel of the location. Many vineyards have farm-to-table restaurants, so you can dine on delicious food that was grown only an acre away. However, internal catering can mean fewer options. Most internal restaurants only offer a handful of dishes and you may be unable to request a specific dish for your wedding.

Your other option is external catering, where the caterer is not associated with the venue. With external catering, the flavors may not match to the venue as precisely as it would if the on-site restaurant catered. However, when you work with external caterers, it is easier to customize the menu to involve all your favorite foods and to accommodate a variety of dietary needs. External catering will likely cost more because of set up and transportation, but this is worth it for many couples who want their wedding cuisine to tell their love story.

If you have questions about your options for catering, contact VB Events for more information. Our team is highly experienced at sourcing world-renowned caterers to take your wedding to the next level. All you have to do is tell our team what you want for your special day, and we will handle the rest!

How To Accommodate and Entertain All Your Guests

A common question for destination weddings is: what should we pay for and what should our guests pay for? The way breaks it down is that the couple does not have to pay for the attendees’ flights, but they should provide accommodations that are free or at least affordable for the guests.

The best way to do this for exclusive weddings in Italy is to choose a venue that can accommodate your guests, such as Villa Balbiano which can hold up to 100 guests or Hotel De La Ville. This way, guests do not have to find their own hotels and can be nearby.

Most couples like to host additional events and activities in addition to the ceremony and the reception. These may be activities for only the wedding party or for the entire guest list. Because destination weddings are more intimate with fewer guests, it is easier to schedule and pay for activities for all the guests.Some popular pre- and post- wedding activities include:

Planning extra activities around the wedding is not required, but it can make for a unique experience. Most guests will keep themselves entertained before and after the ceremony, but most couples want to have fun with their friends and family as part of the wedding adventure. If you need a helping hand, VB Events also does bespoke events, exclusive tours, and wedding activities. We can help wow your guests with the trip of a lifetime!

Photographer: @atomingphoto

How Exclusive Weddings in Italy Take it to the Next Level!

Here’s a secret about exclusive weddings in Italy: the key to a luxurious, exclusive wedding is all about going above and beyond to make your wedding unique and magical. This means booking the best photographers and videographers to capture every special moment. Imagine having a

world-renowned photographer shoot your wedding! You will always have the reminder of every special moment to frame at home or to post on social media.

It is equally important to have the right band for the wedding. The music sets the tone for the reception, and can make or break an after party. VB Events manages a band of eight talented virtuosos, who are well-known in the Italian club scene for playing elite clubs and events; this band can play all your favorite songs in any language to create the perfect, customized reception.

It is really the details and the gestures that count. Most exclusive weddings in Italy take it one step further. Here are ways that our clients perfected their luxury wedding:

The bride and groom cut the cake on the background of fireworks

Photographer: @davidbastianoni

Want an Exclusive Wedding in Italy? Leave it to the Professionals

Exclusive weddings do not have to be a lot of work. It’s your special day and the trip of a lifetime, so you should get to enjoy it. When you work with VB Events, we will handle everything. Our team speaks the local languages, so we can easily coordinate with the best caterers, photographers, artists, performers, and florists to make your wedding dreams come true. Begin your wedding journey today!

Being surrounded by phenomenal scenery, with the warm sun on your face and delicious Italian aromas in the air. Booking a wedding in Italy is a dream come true.

However, planning a destination wedding in Italy may seem like a steep hill to hike to make this a reality. But we are here to help your dreams come true! When booking your wedding in Italy, there are a few key steps that you need to consider:

Top five steps for how to book a wedding in Italy:

  1. Find a local wedding planner
  2. Set a realistic budget
  3. Find the best location
  4. Come up with your theme
  5. Execution and final decisions

Bride on piazzale michelangelo, overlooking florence

1. Find a Local Wedding Planner

When you first start looking into how to book a wedding in Italy, it is imperative to have a local wedding planner that is on the ground and that you trust. A good wedding planner is an extension of you.

They will need to understand your needs and your desires. They will make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to, so you must find a planner that gets you and that you work well with.

A local wedding planner will help you exorbitantly when booking your wedding in Italy. They have spent their careers building strong relationships with reliable vendors and they will know the ins and outs of what you have access to with your budget, ultimately giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

Not only will having a local wedding planner help you save money and keep within budget, but they will also be able to give you access to venues and vendors that are not publicly advertised and have restricted access to.

A local wedding planner can help you book your wedding in Italy and make it a reality as they have the experience and know each step required.

They will be able to take an enormous amount of pressure off you and allow you to enjoy your time as an engaged couple.

Finding a planner may seem daunting as you are giving up some of the control of your day to someone else, but it will be so worth it.

Here are our top three steps in picking the perfect planner:

  1. Look at their portfolio - Look if they have done events similar to your style and to the party size you estimate your wedding to be. Also take note if they can cater for different religions and cultures if that is something you want as part of your day.

For more information on wedding planners and if you need one, click here.

Bride and groom holding their hands

2.   Set A Realistic Budget for your wedding

Once you find your perfect, local wedding planner you can rely on, it is important that you sit down with them and have a frank conversation about how much you are willing to spend.

This is one of the most important steps when looking into how to book a wedding in Italy - and is vital as this will dictate all your decisions moving forward.

Having a set budget allows you to work with your planner in dividing and prioritizing what you want to spend on and where you can cut back, for example, what type of entertainment you wish to have.

Breaking down your budget will allow you to see each section of your wedding and help manage expectations of delivery. Your segmented budget will help your planner propose ideal venues that fit your budget and meet your taste.

3.   Find The Best Location

When it comes to booking a location for your wedding in Italy, this should be one of the first steps tackled. Venues are often snapped up quickly and availability is scarce. It is imperative that you reserve and book a venue as early as possible.

The availability of the venue may also affect the date of your wedding, so if you can not be flexible with your dates booking the location months in advance is a must.

This may seem overwhelming but this is the exact moment you need to lean on your planner for support. They will have the contacts and the knowledge of when venues will be available at the most competitive price.

Working with and sharing your expectations sincerely with your planner will also help them find a venue that suits your style, party size, entertainment and most importantly budget.

The best location for you and your partner will be able to cater for your needs and not bust the bank. And lucky you, to book a wedding in Italy with the top wedding destinations in the world finding the perfect venue will be a joy as we are spoiled with choice in this beautiful country.

4.   Coming Up with Your Theme

Now the fun begins!

Another important step when you start looking into how to book a wedding in Italy is coming up with your theme. Once the budget and venue have been ticked off the list you can work with your planner to start visualising how your venue will be laid out and transformed into your perfect day.

A professional wedding planner will develop bespoke mood boards for you; curating all your colours and textiles to develop your theme.

If the space is large or hard to imagine how the layout will work; your wedding planner can draft mock-ups and wireframes of how tables, lighting and floral arrangements will be placed. Doing this allows you to see all available options and use the venue most optimally without the cost and all the labour.

When coming up with your key colours and theme there are a few things that can help you create cohesion throughout:

Firstly, develop a theme that works in harmony with your selected location, use the surrounding landscape to inspire your creative decisions. Bring in natural elements to pull in your theme and make it flow through the venue.

Be respectful of where you are and give simple nods to the location. You could do this simply by adding olive branches in your arrangements if you were in Tuscany or make a statement with bold, bright ceramics local to the Amalfi region.

Secondly, curate a theme that is natural and genuine to you as a couple.

You can do this simply through your stationery choice, your favourite colours or a nod to how you met. By adding these quirky elements that are authentic to you, it will make your day that more memorable and special.

Wedding stationery

5.   Executions and Final Decisions

Lights, camera, floral, food and action... Once you tackle the first three steps in booking a wedding in Italy, the fun of creating it and seeing it come together is euphoric. Making the final decisions or what florals to include, the lighting set-up and what food to serve your guests is all just the cherry on top.

Booking a wedding in Italy should be a joyful experience and a chance to delve into the culture.

\Take advantage of your wedding planner's knowledge to curate an unforgettable day for you and your guests. The same is true with the vendors you collaborate with; ask your florist their suggestion on ideal flowers for the day, as well as your caterer for traditional flavour profiles.

Wedding fireworks

Booking a wedding in Italy will be one of the most special things you do in your life. This country of pure love and passion will be the perfect start to your chapter as newlyweds. We would love to be a helping hand in writing that chapter. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation with us here; to help you book your dream day and make it a reality. Or read more about how to plan your luxury wedding in Italy in 12 months.

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