Some tasks are simply more enjoyable than others when it comes to wedding planning. Dessert tasting? Fun. Selecting the venue? A lot of fun. But how do you decide how many guests to invite? This can be one of the most challenging and frustrating wedding planning tasks. 

It's not an easy assignment, regardless of whether your natural inclination is to invite everyone you've ever met, keep it small and private, or just something in the middle. Parents and in-laws frequently have ideas as well, which can make things more difficult.

To help you figure out what your final wedding guest count should be, we are breaking down a few things to consider when creating your guest list.

What’s The Average Number Of People To Invite To A Wedding?

Shortly after the proposal, your mind will probably immediately start wondering, "How many people should I invite to my wedding?" This is a huge question and task as it can dictate where you can host your wedding and how much the wedding will cost. 

It's a question that plagues all couples who are planning their weddings. Whether you envision a lavish Italian estate wedding or an intimate ceremony in your backyard or at city hall, you'll need to decide how many family and friends to invite to your wedding day. 

The most significant determining factor in how many people you invite is your wedding budget. The funds you have available for your wedding day will directly impact the number of people you can afford to host. So the first step is determining your wedding budget. 

What Percentage Of Wedding Guests Attend?

Considering the number of guests who will attend is another tip for determining how many guests to invite to your wedding. Various sources claim that the typical attendance range for wedding guests is 70- 85% of who you invite. So, if you send out invites to 100 people to your wedding, you can typically anticipate 70 to 85 of them to show up. 

Given this situation, consider increasing your goal invite list by roughly 10% in light of the likelihood that not everyone will come. But, of course, it's crucial not to overdo it if adopting this strategy—if almost all of your invitees reply "Yes," make sure you can still accommodate that amount of people.

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How Many Guests Are Considered A Small Wedding?

Small weddings can be any size but typically have between 20 and 80 guests. They are just as romantic and possibly much less expensive than a big event.

How Many People RSVP To A Wedding?

Although there isn't a secret formula to forecast exactly how many guests would say "no" (believe us, if we could foretell the future for you, we would), it's safe to assume that about 15% of guests will decline your invitation(and it will increase to 20–30% for a destination wedding).

Good to know, but what now? You may get a general idea of the final headcount by knowing how many "nos" you might receive. It will also help you decide whether you need to order more invitations for it and whether you should create a B list of people you'd like to invite but are still determining if you have room for just yet. Our suggestion? Organize everything on your A list and B list simultaneously.

You can determine whether there is room to mail your round-two invites once the RSVPs start coming in. However, to give your B-list guests enough time to make travel and lodging arrangements, invite them as soon as possible. 

Consider mailing out your A-list invitations a little earlier than usual because the later you send more invites, the more apparent it will be that they weren't on the initial list. If you're still waiting for RSVPs, follow these instructions.

How Many Guests Is A Good Size Wedding?

Well, this is best answered by whatever is comfortable for you. Because everyone's idea of what a “good size wedding” looks like is different. And that’s ok. One thing to remember while planning your guest list is how easy it will be for you to interact with your guests. 

Proper wedding etiquette dictates that you spend a little time and thank each of your guests for attending while at the wedding. This can take some time when you have an extensive guest list. So, it’s something to consider. Because most weddings last about 5 hours, you can miss most of your party by thanking hundreds of guests. 

That being said, your wedding is your day. So, you must follow your heart and do what’s right for you. A small wedding is considered under 50 guests; a “good number” of guests is probably 100-150 guests. But that doesn’t work for everyone, so following your heart is essential.

But every couple is different, so how you plan your wedding is based on your life and story. You don’t have to stick to the “averages: or do what everyone else does. If you want a grand and lavish event, do it! If you want something small and intimate, that’s fine too. Plan your wedding your way, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. 

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Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Sure, everyone you know will probably want to be invited to your wedding. But the truth is, that’s impossible. So, when it’s time to create your guest list, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to weed out who shouldn’t make the cut. 

When Was The Last Time You Saw Or Spoke To Them?

We remember the days when a wedding guest list included long-lost family members and friends of the couple's parents. Thankfully, today’s guest lists are more drilled down, meaning only the most loved and connected to people make the list. 

So, a good rule of thumb when making your wedding guest list is that if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in a few years, you don’t have to invite them. 

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Will You Be In Touch With Them In 5 Years?

This question is sort of a piggie back on the previous question. If you don’t see yourself being friends or in contact with someone in the next 5 years, exclude them from the guest list. 

And don’t worry, this is ok. People change as they mature; likes and hobbies change, and therefore you may fall out of contact with some friends and family. If you don’t see yourself having a close relationship with them in the future, cross them off the guest list.

Do You Feel Comfortable Having Only A “Few” Coworkers Attend?

This is a touchy question because they are likely people that you work with that you have become close to and even friends outside of work. But, inviting only those “select few” co-workers can alienate the others.

So, this question does deserve some intense thought and consideration. You may want to explain to your work crew that your wedding is an intimate event and only those with whom you have a relationship outside of work will be invited. 

Let this be known from the beginning, so they don’t get their feelings hurt when they don’t get an invite.

Do You And Your Partner Want Kids At The Wedding?

Oooo! This is a biggie. Kids are great, but they can be a distraction at weddings, so it is essential that you and your spouse discuss whether you want kids to attend. Just understand this, if you say “no” to kids, some of your guests may not be able to attend. 

And if you say yes to allowing children at your wedding, you’ll have to plan for a few kid-friendly things. These include kid-friendly food and drink options, a designated quiet place for them to sleep, a private area for them to play, and a babysitter to keep them entertained, under control and not wildly running around, and most importantly, safe. 

Who Absolutely Needs To Be There & Who Doesn’t?

Weddings are truly an event that you want to celebrate with everyone you know. But it’s just not feasible to invite everyone. People that you just met but feel really connected to don’t have to be invited. Old college roommates that you haven’t seen in a while don’t have to be invited, and you don’t have to allow everyone a plus one. 

Make your guest list full of people who love both of you. People who will celebrate your love and new adventures in the future. Curate a list that will help you have a drama-free wedding that is full of wonderful memories. 

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Where Do You Draw The Line With “Extended” Family?

Oh, the extended family list….sounds stressful just hearing the words, right? Well, this is best handled between the two of you and possibly consulting your parents about the family's matriarch or patriarch.

You don’t want to ruffle too many feathers, but at the same time, if it’s a fourth cousin who you hardly know, why should they be at your wedding?

How Do You Handle Your Parents Invite List?

Another touchy subject. There will likely be a few people your parents want to invite, and that’s ok. They are proud to be celebrating your marriage and will likely want to share it with some of their friends. 

But, the best way to handle this is openly and honestly. Try your best not to hurt too many feelings but openly and honestly talk to your parents about “who” is important at your wedding. 

Their work boss, who you don’t know, is probably not one that you’ll enjoy having at your wedding. But, on the flipside…their best friend, who has been part of their life since day one, IS probably someone they want there.

Does Everyone Need A Plus One?

This is a question that has a unique answer for each couple. Certainly, people will feel more comfortable bringing a plus one (someone they know) versus being invited to an event where they don’t know anyone. 

But, if you have a huge circle of friends that all know each other and frequently hang out together may not need a plus one. This is because they will have plenty of friends there to hang out with and celebrate your love. 

Luckily, in today’s modern times, many age-old wedding traditions are being skipped or modified to create events that are truly an extension of the couple's love story. So, with that being said…do what is right for you and your story…invite only those that you love and respect the most. 

Choosing your wedding colours is a crucial step in planning a wedding in any season, but it can be challenging when it’s for an Autumn wedding. Of course, given that it's pumpkin patch season, orange is a no-brainer, but if that's not quite your thing, don't worry. Numerous fall wedding colour schemes are available, including deep jewel tones, earthy neutrals, and pastels, which will capture the season's charm while looking chic and current. 

Have you decided on your fall colour scheme yet? We’ve rounded up some great examples of fall wedding palettes that will spark your imagination and help you plan your dream wedding. 

Autumn  wedding palettes
Fall wedding colors

Fall Wedding Colors That Aren’t Boring

Autumn weddings are popular yearly because the weather is getting cooler than summer, but not yet the frigid winter. And, of course, (depending on where you live) the shades on the trees are changing, different florals are blooming, and the humidity isn’t so bad. So it’s genuinely a great time to get married. 

Terracotta and Greenery

Terracotta is a lovely option for a fall wedding for you and your significant other. This warm, earthy color has been popular for some time, and we're not surprised. It's ideal for making your wedding feel warm and inviting.

Beautiful contrast between flora and terracotta. It feels like home when there is greenery around because it gives the walls an earthy, terracotta-like texture. It can serve as a backdrop for photographs or as subtle accent lighting around your venue. Everyone will like the aesthetically pleasing setting created by the contrasting greens and browns!

Navy and Burgundy

Want something classy, stylish, and romantic? Choose burgundy roses and dark navy blue flowers for a natural appearance. Flowers can be lavishly arranged in large and tiny bouquets, with one bouquet for each person. This is a dramatic and elegant color palette for your Fall wedding. 

Teal and Tangerine

Teal and orange are the perfect combinations if you're looking for a rich, colorful palette. At first sight, these textures might not appear to go well together, but they go pretty well together. Because teal and tangerine are complementary colors or opposites on the color wheel, they create a visual contrast that helps intensify each hue's intensity when used together. 

Both of these colors are warm and cool, and they both have characteristics that complement one another. As accent colors or stand-alone colors, they both can give your wedding-day outfit more depth and dimension. In addition, these wedding colours photograph beautifully. 

Copper and Merlot

You know the American saying, “If you find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck”? A penny's coating is made of copper, which has long been thought to bring luck and love into one's life. That’s perfect for weddings, right?

Copper is one of our favorite wedding colors because of its glamorous sheen and the elegant and sophisticated ambiance it creates. When combined with a deep merlot-inspired hue, it appears opulent and welcoming. For a European-chic aesthetic, include traditional calligraphy, wax seals, and gentle greenery in this fall wedding color scheme.

Raspberry and Green

Raspberry and green are beautiful for any type of wedding but look especially beautiful at vineyard weddings. 

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are often a safe bet, which is why fall weddings continue to choose them year after year. To give your palette a regal feel, incorporate deep hues like burgundy, green, navy blue, and dark purple. Flatware, candlesticks, and table chargers with gold trim add glimmer and romanticism to a tablescape with jewel tones.

Plum, Green, and Ivory

The result is tasteful and romantic when you blend the muted versions of these lovely hues. If you want to create a garden-inspired wedding theme, green and purple are stunning colors to use. It will look even better if you include unexpected details like herbs and dried floral arrangements that enhance the botanical motif. 

We can absolutely picture this wedding palette at the stunning Italian wedding venues' ancient and well-manicured gardens with the majestic sea as the backdrop

Burgundy and Gold

This one is one of the most adaptable (and risk-free) color schemes for an autumn wedding. Burgundy and gold are timeless colours, regardless of your wedding's boho, rustic, or formal theme. 

While burgundy is a deep, muted red and gold is a metallic yellow, both warm hues will give everyone the impression that they are at an autumn wedding. However, you may easily incorporate these two colors into your clothing even if you don't have much décor.

Beautiful Color Palettes

Lavender and Amethyst

If your wedding has a vintage theme, we recommend a two-tone palette with light and dark purple tones. These fall wedding colours can be gorgeous, romantic, edgy, or all of the above, depending on how you design them!

We especially love how lavender can add vibrant pops of color while amethyst infuses a rich fall aesthetic. 

Navy and Gold

Are you planning a traditional wedding? The perfect colors for any elegant autumn celebration are navy and gold. They are classic and elegant without being overly simple. Leave them as-is, or add burgundy and burnt orange splashes to other parts of your design for extra cosiness.

Dusty Blue, White, and Green

To master this autumn palette, you should start by picking a dusty blue. Incorporating it into your wedding is best done by combining it with white and green flowers. Green will assist bring more color without overpowering the other elements in the space, while white will lighten the color scheme and add some contrast between your dress and bouquet.

fall full coloured leaves

Dusty Rose and Burgundy

You can choose any shade of dusty rose as a gentle, muted pink. It works well for both floral centerpieces and wedding invites and your decor. You might, for instance, use Dusty Rose as the background color of your invitation or as an accent color on the envelope or RSV{ card.

Try to include burgundy details throughout the venue (such as napkins) and dress up the tables with burgundy flowers like rose or ranunculus bouquets to tie these colors in with other elements of your big day! The result will be a romantic and beautiful wedding. 

Burgundy, Peach, and Greenery

Peach is a pale orange hue, whereas burgundy is a dark red. These two hues go well together since they are complementary to one another. Instead of utilizing black or navy blue for your bridesmaids' dresses, burgundy can be a more traditional choice. Additionally, combine it with greenery (consider pine trees) to provide an earthy atmosphere ideal for autumn weddings (or fall-inspired ones).

Brown and Red

Red has been a popular wedding color for decades because it symbolizes love. But when it’s a fall wedding, you can really have some fun with red accents by mixing them with some unexpected Autumn hues. 

Particularly for rustic fall weddings, vibrant orange and crimson are frequently combined. However, this dark red, black, and brown texture scheme feels equally suited for any elegant and rural wedding with a modern twist if you want something pastoral.

Orange and White

Orange and white (or ivory) are your go-to colors because they make us think of homemade pies for dessert, hot apple cider, lots of pumpkin decor, and nice flannel blankets.

Champagne and Salmon

Salmon and champagne are both chic neutral hues. They can serve as the primary colors in your wedding palette or serve as accent colors.

Suppose you decide to utilize these as your primary fall wedding colors. In that case, they look stunning with less saturated versions of the champagne and salmon we've just discussed (for example, pale skin tone ivory is a great color choice). Even better, you might emphasize their neutral tones by including white or silver accessories in your decor!

Emerald Green and Moss

A beautiful two-tone color palette can be made with several tones of green. For example, when combined with a mossy color, sophisticated emerald or dark teal looks exceptionally stylish. This combination would look fantastic for a forest, garden, or vineyard wedding.

Fall is a beautiful time to get married, and if you choose one of the color palettes, you’ll undoubtedly be designing an unforgettable aesthetic. Using these hues in your decor and your flowers and bridal party attire will create a cohesive look. And if you add metallic touches such as gold or copper, it will elevate the theme to a luxurious and sophisticated style. 

All of our life experiences are sewn together by color. For example, a particular hue of yellow may instantly transport you back to your childhood summer days spent playing on the beach's soft sand, while the color red may remind you of your yearly family road trip when the leaves change.

An infinite number of colours finishes, and undertones to pick from enables you to entirely create the ambiance of your wedding day, down to the napkins and bridesmaid dresses. So feel free to infuse your favorite color and definitely your personality, and the result will be a fabulous event no one will forget. 

Full coloured flowers in red, yellow, orange, violet and purple
Flowers coloured in yellow, orange, red and rose

How many people have dreamed about their wedding since they were little kids? What did you imagine for yourself? A luxury wedding in Italy?

Most people want their wedding day to be perfect. But not just perfect: they want it to be luxurious. As travel restrictions are lifted, luxury weddings in Italy have become the hot, new way to tie the knot.

Luxury wedding table setup with lilac candles, flowers and glass underplot

What Makes a Wedding a Luxury Wedding?

Is it the price tag? The decor? Is a wedding luxury if it has a certain colour scheme? Or if the dresses and tuxes cost a certain amount? What makes a wedding luxury is all of the above, and more.

There are 3 factors that make a wedding into a luxury wedding: the location, the details, and the entertainment.


Location is a big part of a luxury wedding. Imagine getting married on the Amalfi Coast in a historic Italian villa. Or in the middle of Rome, the most romantic city in the world, where you will be surrounded by centuries of art and history.

The best way to turn your wedding into the most amazing experience of your life is to tie the knot in Italy.

The second aspect that makes a wedding luxurious is the details. Bridal Guide suggests using lighting, a unified theme, bouquets for chairs, lounging furniture, and pooling table linens.

However, if this sounds like a lot of work for you and your beloved, that’s because it probably will be.

If you don’t want to worry about every little thing on your wedding day, consider working with VB Events to take the stress out of wedding planning.

The last aspect of a luxury wedding in Italy is the entertainment. Most people think they have to choose between a DJ or a band for the wedding, and that those two are their only options.

However, what makes a wedding luxury is going beyond just a band or a DJ. Luxury weddings in Italy often have live dancers, fireworks, and light shows to entertain the couple and wow the guests.

Top 5 Locations For A Luxury Wedding in Italy

The truth is that you can’t go wrong when it comes to wedding locations in Italy. Whether you want a vineyard wedding, a beach wedding, or a villa wedding, Italy is full of beautiful, historic wedding locations. Here are the 5 most luxurious venues for your wedding.

1.    Donna Carmela

Donna Carmela, near Catania, dates back to the 19th century. Since then, it has become a prime location for luxury weddings and for those who want to enjoy exquisite cuisine.

The resort sits on 550 hectares that are home to a nursery full of tropical Mediterranean plants, a vineyard, 26 private rooms, and a restaurant to give your guests a taste of Italy.

If you and your guests value your privacy, you will love Donna Carmela because you can rent out all 26 rooms for up to 70 guests.

This means that you will have the entire resort to yourself, where you can enjoy privacy with your closest friends on your special day.

Donna Carmela wedding location surrounded by palms and mountains
Carrubba di Giarre. Donna Carmela Country Resort

2.    Grand Hotel Timeo

Located in Taormina, the Grand Hotel Timeo has historically been home to artists, writers, and political thinkers.

Nothing is more luxurious than being surrounded by art! When you have your wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo, you can book the exclusive Presidential Suite, which has its own private terrace, a jacuzzi, and panoramic views of both the city and Mount Etna.

Many couples choose the Grand Hotel Timeo for their special day because they want nothing but the best.

3.    Villa Erba

Villa Erba is an architectural gem on Como Lake in Cernobbio. Built in the 19th century, its carved ceilings, expressive frescoes, expansive gardens, and lakefront view make it the most luxurious setting for a wedding.

If you recognize the architecture, it may be because Villa Erba was the backdrop to Tess and Danny Ocean’s elaborate, heist-filled love story in Ocean’s 11.

Villa Erba is a popular destination for a luxury wedding in Italy because it is so large that you can walk the aisle in the garden, on a terrace, or inside one of many grand ballrooms.

Villa Erba wedding location

4.    Castello Odescalchi

Castello Odescalchi is just north of Rome, the eternal city. As one of the most imposing mansions in Rome, it provides a romantic setting fit for royalty.

The castle is large enough for weddings of up to 1,000 guests and has ample room for all your wedding festivities.

The castle is a popular wedding destination among the rich and famous, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but you too can tie the knot within those historic walls.

5.    Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro is a 5-star luxury resort near Siena in the heart of Tuscany. At the centre of this beautiful resort is a lovingly restored 13th-century villa.

Couples from all over the world fall in love with Borgo Santo Pietro because it marries nature with luxury.

 The restaurant honours a “farm to table” tradition, so you will be eating the freshest, most natural food during your reception. Once you and your beloved are ready to unwind from the big day, visit the immersive spa for a complete healing experience.

Borgo Santo Pietro wedding location

The Details of Luxury: How Decorations Can Transform Your Wedding

Luxury is all about the details. This is as true for weddings as it is for fashion. You don’t need to go big to enjoy a luxurious experience.

When it comes to the decorations, having a destination wedding in Italy takes care of most of that for you. When your venue is a stunning, historic castle, you really don’t need much else to tie the whole wedding together.

The experts at VB Events recommend that you let the natural beauty of the setting speak for itself and focus on the details of the reception instead. Here are some small ways to make your wedding a luxury wedding in Italy to remember:

It is best to avoid anything too garish. Using muted, classic colors that look good on everyone is the easiest way to elevate your wedding.

A wedding can’t be luxury if everyone in the wedding party isn’t looking their best. When you style your wedding party in different complementary outfits, you can add layers of beauty to the wedding and highlight each person’s important role in your lives.

Bride and bridesmaids with bouquet of buttercups and flowers

For brides: consider wearing a simple dress that flatters you and pair it with a large, statement piece for the veil. For grooms, prioritize a tux that fits like a glove and is made from quality materials, over a glitzy outfit.

Here’s the most important thing you can do to have a luxurious wedding in Italy: don’t try to do it all yourself. There is nothing luxurious about being stressed.

Instead, hire the experts in luxurious wedding planning, VB Events. We will handle everything from the venue to the flowers. All you and your beloved have to do is enjoy your special day.

The Best Food in Italy For Your Luxury Wedding

Food is a big part about what makes a wedding luxury. When you get married in Italy, the home of the best food in the world, no wedding would be complete without a locally sourced, custom menu from Italy’s best chefs.

This is where VB Events comes in. We specialize in handling all the catering. Our team will source the best chefs in Italy to cater your wedding and help them customize the menu to your tastes.

If your guests have any food allergies or preferences, we will ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Some venues for luxury weddings in Italy come equipped with a farm-to-table restaurant on the grounds.

This way, you can enjoy the freshest menu with ingredients that are sustainably sourced. If your venue does not have a local restaurant, VB Events will help you find a caterer to make your wedding dreams come true.

Mozzarella and tomatoes for wedding cocktail

The key to making your wedding luxurious in every bite is the details. No one wants anything mass produced or frozen on the most important day of their life. Gourmet is a must.

The ingredients should also be organic and locally-sourced. VB Events team also recommends tailoring the menu to tell your unique love story. For example, if you and your beloved have traveled extensively or lived in different countries over your courtship, consider having each course represent the cuisines of those countries.

Entertain Your Guests With These 6 Unique Ideas

There are so many popular games that couples can incorporate into their weddings. From the shoe game to lawn games like cornhole and giant Jenga, wedding receptions are as much about the activities as they are about the dancing.

These activities are fun and entertaining, but are they a good fit for luxury weddings in Italy?

The key to unlocking luxury is to think outside the box. For your wedding to be truly luxurious, it has to offer new, elevated forms of entertainment. Here are 6 unique ideas to blow your guests away during your luxury wedding.

  1. Fireworks - Nothing says grandeur like fireworks. A beautiful firework show across the sky is the perfect way to end the night for all guests.
  2. Light Shows - Light shows for weddings are a contemporary twist that will add a little something extra to your big day. If you are concerned for the local pets, a light show is a quieter, safer alternative to fireworks. Not only will you and your beloved get some amazing photos with the light show, it will render your guests speechless.
  3. Dancers - There is something so magical about a live performance. If you and your beloved are former dancers or if you just enjoy the arts, consider hiring dancers to perform at your wedding. A ballet performance will perfectly match the high-class venue by incorporating one of the most beautiful dance forms. Depending on the venue, you could book aerialists to perform a silk waltz in the air.
  4. Wine Tasting - Everyone loves to drink at weddings. The trick to elevating your wedding is to drink mindfully with a wine tasting. There is nothing more luxurious than wine tasting in Italy, especially when you say “I do” in a historic Italian vineyard. Your guests can experience world-famous wines while they celebrate your love.
  5. Classy Bars - Candy bars, ice cream bars, and cocktail bars are very popular at weddings. The trick to making them luxury is to give guests a chance to sample some of the finer pleasures in life. Consider offering a cigar bar, a whiskey bar, or a scotch bar. Guests can taste the woodsy undertones as they enjoy vintage bottles.
  6. Elevate the Music - You have more options than just choosing between a band or a DJ. Consider hiring a harpist or opera singers to perform at the reception. The music will echo all around your castle venue and wrap the guests in beautiful music.
“Emotional Band” playing on stage during a wedding

Learn More About Luxury Weddings in Italy

Are you ready to feel like royalty for a day as you tie the knot? Planning a luxury wedding in Italy does not have to be hard or stressful.

When you work with VB Events, we will handle everything, including booking the venue, the decorations, the entertainment, and all your translation needs. Contact VB Events today to make your dream wedding a reality!

The beautiful blue sea as your backdrop with the fresh ocean mist in the air, we could not think of a more perfect place to say "I do" than on an Italian beach. Beach weddings are truly enchanting and although the outcome is light and easy, the planning takes a lot of consideration.

Here is our list of the 3 main things to focus on when planning a beach wedding in Italy:

1) Location, location, location

● Where in Italy?

● The degree of beach

● Accessibility

● Permit necessity

● Avoid the crowds

2) Know your environment - prepare in advance

● Beach set up

● Sturdy seating

● Prepare for all weather

● Sound system for ceremony

3) Dress to Impress - Dress code

● Light, easy material

● Skip the veil, do an updo

● Ditch the heels

● Plan your tan

● Brief your guests

Bride and groom walk hand in hand at their beach wedding in Italy

1) Where to have your beach wedding in Italy?

Italy has an abundance of breathtaking beaches for your wedding day. All with a unique twist and culture, completing the Italian wedding fantasy. If a sunny, amorous atmosphere is what you desire these are the ideal places to be wed:

Amalfi Coast - filled with vibrant ceramics and zesty lemons.

Capri - true luxury in retail, cuisine, scents and views.

Puglia - with the longest coastline, boasting stunning beaches and exploding with flavour, known as the "breadbasket" of Italy

Sorrento - Known for its Lemoncello and historical landmarks

Italian Riviera - the home of Cinque Terre and beautiful fresh produce.

Sicily - Sicilian cuisine and sandy beaches

Beach wedding Italy - Belmond Hotel Caruso view in Amalfi coast

The Degree of Beach

Having a beach wedding in Italy you are spoilt for choice, able to cater for any couples desire,even up to how much beach they want. 

With luxury villas and hotels resting on the seaside or mounted on the ocean cliffs, you have control of how sandy you want your toes to get. 

Beach wedding in Italy, Riviera Liguria

You could be fully immersed, saying your vowels next to the waves or miles above it on top of a cliff with the stretching ocean as your backdrop.


When planning your beach wedding in Italy it is vital to consider accessibility to your venue, for your vendors and guests, whether on the beach or miles above, accessibility should be the priority. 

If you decide to get married at Capri, an island just off the Amalfi coast, consider the logistics of getting all your guests there in time. The same is true with being on a long stretch of beach, make sure all your guests know how to locate the ceremony and have access to it.

Depending on your party you may have to think about putting in ramps or boardwalks to cater for the elderly or handicapped guests to make it out onto the beach safely.


Many beaches in Italy are open to the public, so you must get the relevant permits to have your beach wedding. This may not always be necessary but better to do your research to avoid any hick-ups on your big day, talk to your wedding planner about how to obtain permits if needed.

Avoid the Crowds

It is important to choose a location that offers a sense of privacy to avoid wedding crashers. The time of year and day you want to get married is vital to research beforehand.

2) Know your Environment

Being surrounded by nature on your wedding day is truly magical, with the sand between your toes, sun on your skin and wind through your hair. However, it can be unpredictable so it is essential to plan for all possible outcomes.

Let your location speak for itself and let its natural beauty show. You do not want to compete with it when it comes to extra decor, less is always more. You can however have pops of colour in your flowers to contrast the sand and sea, think local and see what natural product is available to add this contrast.

Beach Set up

If you plan to be married on an Italian beach next to the lapping waves and in the sand, there are a few things one needs to consider when planning the set-up:

● Sturdy seating

Being in the sand you must have sturdy seating for your guests. Look at seating that will not sink in the sand, be hefty enough not to blow away in the wind or collapse with the uneven grounding.

● Changes like the weather

Regardless if you are on the beach or not, if you are outdoors for your ceremony, you are at the mercy of the elements. This includes everything from rain to shine. 

Consider planning your ceremony in the morning or late afternoon to avoid guests being in direct sun at midday. If it is expected to be full sun, think about providing favours to make your guests, keep them cool and comfortable such as Panama hats, day umbrellas or fans

With warmer weather, it may also be wise to have refreshments available at the beginning of the ceremony.

It is also wise to have a backup plan when it comes to an outdoor Italian beach wedding, in case the weather changes drastically with rain or wind.

Another thought for guest favours is to have a shoe changing station. If you are having a beach wedding, to avoid guests having sandy shoes you could gift them all a pair of flip flops to wear during the ceremony.

● Hearing your vows

As soothing as the wind and waves may be, they can drown out your voices, leaving your guests strained trying to hear your vows. Having a sound system in place will prove hugely helpful for your guests and even your videographer.

3) Dress to impress with your wedding attire

Having a beach wedding in Italy will cause all your senses to be tantalised with calm and romantic vibes of tranquillity. Your attire should match this spirit of harmony, consider wearing lighter shades to keep you cool. Avoid stuffy suits and uncomfortable shoes.

We suggest ditching the heels and opting for delicate sandals or barefoot.

When selecting your dress, think about how the material will feel and flow on the day. Look for light, airy dresses that will have a playful element on the beach, with materials like chiffon or charmeuse

Trains and heavy gowns may be difficult to manoeuvre down the aisle, ultimately leaving you hot and flustered on your big day. When it comes to your hair, try an updo to avoid your hair blowing around during the ceremony, so you can focus fully on your partner and what they are saying, we also think this allows for unobstructed pictures. 

The same is true with a vail, more likely than not it is going to be a bit windy so consider skipping on the vail.

A small side note for you to consider before your Italian beach wedding is what swimwear and shirts you will be wearing before the wedding. Being in a sunny destination you are bound to catch a bit of sun, make sure you avoid tan lines that do not fit your dress style.

Consider a spray tan if necessary, always have plenty of SPF on and avoid basking in the sun days before your wedding, you would hate to be burnt walking down the aisle.

Beach Wedding in Italy -Bride getting ready with hair updo

Brief your guests

When sending invitations out to your guests for your Italian beach wedding let them know the exact dress code for your big day. Depending on your location you may discourage heels and penguin suits.

Promate light flowing outfits to ensure everyone is comfortable throughout the day. You could even take it a step further and limit the colour pallet and aesthetic, this always results in having the most beautiful pictures.

Start Planning Your Beach Wedding in Italy

Beach weddings are always alluring and Italian beaches add that extra layer of romance and luxury with turquoise, blue waters and breathtaking views. The crisp air is transcending and you can not help but be infatuated with the whole experience of starting your next chapter together.

Italy is the perfect place to have a beach wedding and VB- Events is the perfect planner to help make your dream day a reality, stress-free. Book a free consultation now.

Beach Wedding in Itali, rings laid on the sand
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