Super Proposals For Valentine’s Day

Proposing to the person you love best in the world can be simultaneously the most anxious and wonderful moment of your life.

While you may be sure of the correct answer, a proposal needs to be as unique and memorable as possible because it will be a moment you both will remember.

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most preferred days for a proposal, but here are some great ideas to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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An Evening To Remember

Several years ago, being ‘notebooked’ was a trendy activity for a date. It consisted of a couple watching the movie ‘The Notebook .’

The steadfast love depicted in it would subsequently bring them closer together.

Consider creating a live-action highlight reel of all your favorite moments as a couple for the perfect Valentine's Day proposal.

Then, design a fantastic evening for your partner, skating at an ice rink, going to their favorite restaurant, having a private screening of their favorite movie, or even going for a long walk with unique pit stops, each with a message of love.

You can also include recreating moments like the first time you met or where you realized you loved your significant other.

The scope for interpretation is broad so let your imagination run wild.

Depending on what your partner loves or is passionate about, you can also design a local tour around a favorite hobby or activity, such as lining up all the best indie bookstores or best cafes.

Then, at the end of this fantastic evening of variety, you can pop the big question with an engagement ring and know you pulled off one of the most romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A Getaway

If you and your partner have been looking forward to a couple of nights away for a long time, Valentine’s Day is the time to do it finally.

But, first, you will need to plan and make bookings for everything from accommodation to activities; just make sure you choose a place that your partner will get a lot out of, such as scenic places or offer history and culture.

A 14-Day Treat

A heartfelt way to show your partner how much you care is to give them 14 individual gifts, leading up to Valentine’s Day Proposal with an engagement ring.

The gifts need to be thoughtful rather than extravagant, like your loved one’s favorite chocolate, a gift basket, or a spa day gift certificate.

Hire A Proposal Planner

Hiring a proposal planner is going the extra ten miles when it comes to proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A proposal planner is a professional individual or company that takes the time to know your story, your likes, and preferences and crafts the perfect unique proposal from scratch.

But, of course, a proposal planner, like VB-Events goes further than just brainstorming romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

They help you execute your plans beautifully, including communicating with vendors and bringing the proposal to life.

If you’ve hired the right proposal planner, they will usually go above and beyond and pay attention to even the most minor details, from the colour of ribbons used to the vendors procuring the flowers.

Many more prominent proposal planners operate in multiple countries offering customized services where you are through their established vendor network.

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Do I need a Proposal Planner for my Valentine’s Day proposal?

Proposing to the love of your life comes with its fair share of nerves and cold feet. Perhaps you aren’t fully confident you can pull off every detail masterfully and want the proposal to be perfect.

In that case, a proposal planner is a brilliant and very convenient option because they have experts who take care of every little detail after taking the time to get to know you and what you share about your partner.

Maybe your partner loves vintage vibes and old movies, or they like a very girly and pinky vibe- an expert proposal planner will know just how to make their heart sing.

The Ring

Popping the question on Valentine’s Day is certainly a romantic gesture and there are many ways to do it. But no matter what creative, unique, and Insta-worthy proposal you plan there is one thing that is a necessity - the ring.

The engagement ring symbolizes loyalty and commitment to the beloved partner, as well as the promise of marriage.

The ring's design hints at its meaning: it's circular, with no beginning or end, and has thus become a worldwide symbol of eternal love and faithfulness, perfection, and infinity.

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, it’s a good idea to know what style your partner likes. Over the time you spend together hints have probably been dropped about the shape they like and if they prefer white or yellow gold. Knowing this information in advance will not only make shopping for an engagement ring easier, but it will also ensure they will love it.

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How to Better Organize and Plan Valentine’s Day Proposal?

A Valentine’s Day proposal, when done right, requires careful consideration of the logistical aspects.

You need to select a location with a special significance attached to it, hire a photographer, arrange for food, preorder, plan for gifts and even look into more minor details like the weather forecast.

For your Valentine’s proposal to be near-perfect, you need to put in a lot of elbow grease as this day is not something to leave to chance.

A Romantic Backdrop

Choose a location that would mean a lot to your partner, so this is an individual choice.

If you want your proposal to go down in the annals of the best Valentine’s Day proposals of all time, you need to have a backdrop that speaks to your partner’s passion for life.

Is it hiking, nature, books, good food or something else like sports? The perfect setting tests how well you know the person you love and want to marry as there is no single universally brilliant option.

For the perfect backdrop, whether it is scenic or significant in another way, you need to make calls to make sure it is available; perhaps bookings will need to be done with advance payments and so forth.

When and if other vendors are involved in making your proposal happen, like live music players or caterers, they need to be informed beforehand and booked, so there is no confusion.

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Events Leading Up To The Proposal

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, so you need to be sure of your significant other’s schedule and work commitments.

If you need to drive somewhere further or fly to another destination, you will need days off from work.

Having traveller’s cheques, making calls to confirm bookings, etc., are all standard practices to ensure even the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day reach fruition.

The best Valentine’s Day Proposals are planned very effectively because you get points for effort even if an unforeseen mistake occurs later.

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A Trip To The Jewelers

All rings are not made the same, and an engagement ring is one your partner will wear for the rest of the time, so you do not have the same allowance for mistakes.

This means multiple trips to the jeweller and a lot of local research to ascertain which jeweller specializes in the style of ring you have in mind.

The most beautiful engagement ring is the most vital part of the best Valentine’s Day proposals every year.


The theme ties into the backdrop or location you choose, but if you’re doing the proposal at home or a local venue, you will need to sit down and brainstorm the proposal ideas that suit a theme your partner is deeply passionate about.

It could be about their favourite music, movies, books, or TV shows!

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day could also be recreating the essence of an architectural style your partner loves or even lining up several curated activities that pique their interest.

At-Home Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

If you’re looking into the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, you may have missed out on one great option: doing the proposal right in the comfort of your own home.

The best Valentine’s Day marriage proposals are not necessarily the most elaborate or expensive but the heartfelt ones with the purest of intentions.

Some great proposal ideas to get you started proposing to your partner at home:

Cook For Them

Nothing shows love like a fancy home-cooked meal prepared to perfection.

You can even take cooking classes beforehand to learn how to make their favorite dishes! A delicious meal with dessert makes for some of the best Valentine’s Day proposals.

Decorate Your Whole Space

Make sure your partner is not at home when you put up a fitting Valentine’s Day décor complete with hearts, balloons, confetti, streamers, and scores of red roses.

You could also decorate with a theme you know your partner would prefer.

Having customized items like cushions, banners, mugs, or signs with your loved one’s face or name on them can further the setting, making it one of the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

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Unexpected Mail

You can write and post an old-fashioned letter to your partner asking for their hand in marriage or arrange for a delivery service to bring a cake or a bouquet of flowers with this customized message hidden in the package.

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home can be anything unexpected such as feigning having to travel the day before and leaving but coming back in time for dinner bearing gifts and an engagement ring.

The More The Merrier

Having your dearest family members and friends close by is one of the loveliest proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

You can have them on a zoom call or pretend you are talking to them and then take a moment to propose to the love of your life.

Of course, they could always be hidden in the house as well so that when your significant other gets home, they are there to surprise them after you have proposed.

When cupid steps into your life and presents you with the perfect soulmate, you’ll experience so many emotions. And when it comes to popping the question on Valentine’s Day, only you know your truest and innermost feelings.

But, just asking the question “will you marry me” sometimes isn’t enough.

Planning an incredibly unforgettable marriage proposal takes some time, planning, and sometimes even keeping secrets.

But whether you go all out with something amazing, or you pop the question at home, the most important thing is your pledge to each other. So, get ready, and let’s get ready for their YES!!!

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