You’re planning the perfect marriage proposal for the love of your life and surely want that resounding ‘a hundred times yes!’ However, planning a magnificent proposal that is just what your partner would expect in terms of effort, prior planning, and execution are easier said than done. 

The proposal is, in many ways, the start of your marriage so it needs to tick a lot of boxes in terms of expectations. Here’s how you can plan and carry out a perfect marriage proposal that will be remembered through the generations. 

Perfect Marriage Proposal Ideas: ready to pop the question?

Before setting the stage for a great proposal, you need a recipe for success and some planning for the big day. Here are a few of the considerations you can make a list about, to tackle one by one.

1. Read The Signs

A perfect marriage proposal is the culmination of a great relationship, but you have to make sure your partner is also emotionally and mentally at the same stage you are. 

You need to take time to ascertain if they are ready to move to the next level and what their reciprocation says about them. 

There’s no harm in enlisting the help of friends to have a better take on the matter! Relay stories about married couples or newly married ones and gauge your partner’s reaction, and body language as those are just as important as words.

2. Ask The Parents

For most people, their parents’ approval and happiness are essential especially when they are taking a big step like contemplating marriage. 

Before planning your proposal, visit your parents and your partner’s parents and get their blessing. You can ask them to keep it a secret until you are ready to propose!

3. The Ring Says It All

As any married person will tell you, the ring is of paramount importance when asking someone to marry you. 

Unfortunately, many people start looking for the perfect engagement ring months in advance! Since the engagement ring is to be worn for the rest of your partner’s life, it is not a decision you can take lightly. Make a mood board to ascertain the kind of cut and style your partner prefers (their existing ring collection can be a good indicator).

You can also ask jewellers for advice about engagement ring styles that are classic, timeless, or likely to be fashionable for many years to come. 

An engagement ring can be as personalized as you like, but it should never be too dependent on a trend as it is meant to be worn for a lifetime and may also potentially become an heirloom. 

Another essential caveat is to get the ring size right and if there is no way to know for sure (as many people’s ring size can fluctuate slightly), always get a little bigger ring so that it can be resized later as per need.

diamond engagement ring

4. Be One With Your Partner’s Heart

After all the time you’ve spent with the person you want to marry, you must have a vision in mind for their sense of style, interests, and what they love about life. For example, do they love travelling or great food or have other particular interests? 

Thinking from their point of view is a beautiful starting point when you’re planning the perfect marriage proposal. 

Ideas for you

The perfect marriage proposal combines wondrous elements that all appeal to your beloved’s interests and styles. 

It can be an intimidating prospect but remember you already possess all the knowledge you need if you know your partner well. 

As any new bride will tell you, it is more about the effort and thoughtfulness that has gone into planning the perfect marriage proposal.

5. An Ode To You

Everyone doesn’t love travelling, and many people adore the comforts of home. If you have a partner who is a total homebody and loves their space and solitude, you can pop the question in the space you share. 

Decorate the main living area or the bedroom with roses, pictures of the two of you, balloons, candles, lanterns, banners, or any décor element you prefer, and pop the big question. 

You can also use this opportunity to share a poem, song, or paragraph you have written about your partner and why you treasure them deeply. With at-home proposals, the more customized, the better!

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6. A Day Out

Some of the most romantic proposals are often carried out in austere, scenic locations such as on a picnic or a hike. 

Perhaps they just happen as a surprise during a regular day out makes them even more special! Plan a special picnic with all your loved one’s favorite dishes, and even invite your friends to hide out at the location to take pictures and jump in to say congratulations!

picnin chest for the perfect marriage proposal

7. Signage Works

All the great proposals in movies happen with a gigantic sign that says ‘will you marry me?’ If your partner loves chick flicks and popular romantic films, you can always use signage for popping the big question. 

It can even be at a family affair at a restaurant or event, although you’ll need to debrief everyone not to give any hints away beforehand. 

Nowadays, light-up or neon signs are particularly fashionable for marriage proposals and wedding events. As far as ideas go, you can’t go wrong with a customized sign.

8. Where We First Met

If you had a love at first sight moment with the person you want to marry, recreating it is powerful and rather unique when considering marriage proposal ideas. 

You can choose elements about that day, or if you think the day was far too unique to recreate effectively, you can plan the proposal to resemble your first date with your partner. 

Adding special personal touches like a written letter or speech explaining how you felt about your significant other at that time and still feel now in a more profound way can be a perfect starter.

9. Find the Best Places To Propose

You can’t beat a destination proposal in terms of marriage proposal ideas, and here are some spectacularly beautiful international locations to choose from.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This castle has been the artistic inspiration behind many of Disney’s castles due to its expansiveness and luxury. It can be the site of your proposal if you are willing to play a real-life Prince Charming to your significant other. Then, follow up with a photoshoot you’ll treasure for decades to come.


Cappadocia in Turkey is absolutely idyllic, with small cottages, lush countrysides, incredible rock formations, and wild plains as far as the eye can see. 

It is one of the best places to propose. You can even choose to stay in one of the specialty ‘cave’ hotels that can be found there. So opt for a hot balloon ride to say what is in your heart and be in the skies (literally) when you hear that ‘yes’!

Bora Bora

Everyone loves an island holiday because it is adventurous, romantic, and a larger-than-life experience. Bora Bora in French Polynesia is known for its breathtaking scenery, ample privacy, and heavenly amenities. 

You can stay in their overwater bungalows, swim, sail, and propose to the love of your life. It is one of the best places to propose and guarantees that, yes, you’ve been waiting for.

Rome, Italy

As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome!’ Rome is a magnificent historic city with plenty of domes, cathedrals, temples, and various heritage sites. 

If your partner is a history and culture enthusiast, they will cherish this trip forever. Consider proposing the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain or the Temple of Venus and Rome; you may not get complete privacy, but the backdrop is to die for, so make sure you take pictures. 

Rome is one of the best places to propose if you’re looking to invest in a destination proposal. 

- VB Tip -

Weigh up what your partner likes best in order to figure out how to make him or her feel more comfortable. Consider whether to make a grand proposal with friends and family or a more romantic and intimate one with just the two of you.

perfect marriage proposal Ponte Milvio Rome

10. Consider the best proposal songs

A spectacular marriage proposal needs a formidable soundtrack, especially if you and your partner love music. 

Your partner’s favorite song or instrumental can be an ideal track to play as you propose, and for your long years ahead as a couple, it will always serve as a beautiful memory that the two of you can dance on.

Here are some of the best proposal songs to use for your marriage proposal:

‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran- 

With lyrics like ‘darling, you look perfect tonight,’ it makes for an epic proposal song. - Listen to it!

‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri

Undoubtedly a favorite among the best proposal songs, ‘I’ll love you for a thousand more’ are the best words you can say to the love of your life. - Here's A Thousand Years song by Christina Perri.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele

Another modern classic, this song is all about making your significant other feel appreciated. - Listen to Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele

‘Just Say Yes’ by Snow Patrol

Just say nothing is holding you back; just say yes’ is a lovely soundtrack for one of the biggest questions you’ll ever ask and one of the best proposal songs.

‘All of me’ by John Legend

 ‘You’re my end and my beginning.’ This song is decidedly one of the best John Legend songs, and it is about wholly and unconditionally loving someone. 

Planning the perfect marriage proposal can be daunting and complicated, especially with thousands or millions of proposals' inspirations floating around the internet. 

Although there's a lot of pressure in deciding whether to plan a simple, expensive or somewhere in between proposal, hopefully, these tips and strategies will help you plan the most incredible marriage proposal for your partner. 

One last tip…to really make it an epic proposal, hire a professional events planner like VB-Events to help.

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Few countries on the earth can match Italy's beauty and romance. You'll be enamored with la dolce vita as soon as you step foot onto a cobblestone square or watch the world float by from a gondola. And if you've got a big question to pop, where better to make the moment all the more unforgettable than Italy? 

But with so much beauty, romance, and love wafting through the air, it can be hard to settle on one location to pop the question. So, we put together a list of the best places to propose in Italy...a Yes is undoubtedly in your future. 

Italians definitely love romance, as seen by Romeo and Juliet, Puccini's operas, and of course, no one can forget the legendary Casanova. 

Italy is brimming with romantic spots. From medieval hilltop towns overlooking rolling hills studded with vineyards and olive groves to breathtaking mountain ranges giving way to mirror-flat lakes and azure oceans softly caressing sandy beaches with dramatic sea vistas, there's something for everyone. 

Every bowl of spaghetti, drop of prosecco, cobblestone, and corner in Italy emanate romanticism. So, if you're thinking about proposing to your loved one, Italy is the ideal location. We’ve rounded up the best place to propose in Rome, Venice, and Florence. 

What Is The Most Romantic Place To Propose In Italy?

When it comes to the best places to propose in Italy, we have to admit there are many to choose from. While we wish we could say that there is just one absolute best place to pop the question in Italy, it just isn’t that easy. 

Choosing the place where you’re going to ask the love of your life to marry you is a personal choice. And everyone has different tastes and likes. So, today, we will provide some ideas on the best places to propose and the most romantic places to propose in Italy. Your dream proposal is on the horizon, and it’s going to be swoon-worthy. 

Romantic Places

If you are looking for a romantic place to propose, you can never go wrong with anywhere in Italy. The breathtaking landscape, fresh air, and unbelievable culinary experiences all blend together to create the most magical place on earth. 

But it’s not just the landscape, history, or architectural beauties; Italy also has an unbelievable spirit and culture. So, it’s no surprise that you’re considering it as the destination to pop the question. 

Our favorite places to propose in Italy undoubtedly have to be Rome, Venice, and Florence. There is culture, food, WINE, and of course, the incredible landscapes all make for remarkable settings to not only pop the question but also to enjoy a new chapter in your lives. 

When you travel, it’s an exploration of the earth but also an exploration of your soul, your love, your dreams, and your spirit. 

The two of you are about to join in marriage as one, which is embarking on a new journey or chapter in life. Experiencing new cultures and countries awakens the innermost dreams in your soul and will help to prepare you for marital bliss. 

What Are The Best Places To Propose In Rome?

We have some terrific tips to help you find the perfect (and most photogenic!) proposal spot, whether your style is uber-romantic, distinctive and eccentric, or private and intimate. 

The romantic city of Rome is a favorite destination for couples from all over the globe. And almost every historic cobblestone street in the Eternal City inspires romantic gestures, an unexpected kiss, or even a marriage proposal. Below you’ll find the best places to propose in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

Sure! This is one of Rome's most famous and popular tourist attractions, but it is also an incredible location to pop the question. We recommend that you start by taking a brisk walk to enjoy the sites. 

Then, beginning at the Pantheon, make your way to the Trevi Fountain. Make sure to hire a photographer to capture everything on film ahead of time. 

After popping the big question, the photographer can snap some celebratory shots of the post-proposal glow at the Spanish Steps. This short route covers three of the most important and historical attractions and the most iconic picture spots in Rome, and they are all fantastic locations to propose.

rome trevi fountain view best places to propose

The Pincian Hill & Villa Borghese

The Pincio Promenade (Pincian Hill) is a balcony or terrace that overlooks Piazza del Popolo from Villa Borghese park. 

This Rome marriage proposal idea offers amazing, incredible west-facing views of the city of Rome (perfect for a sunset engagement), and you can walk through the beautiful historic gardens and fountains.

The setting is very romantic, making for the perfect place to pop the question in Rome. So practice it now: Amore Mio, will you marry me?

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After your love says yes, you’ll need to know how to get married in Rome, and we have everything you need to know. 

best places to propose in Rome Villa Borghese

What Are The Best Places To Propose In Venice?

When it comes to romance, we have to say it’s probably pretty hard to beat Venice. A floating city filled with vibrantly colored historic buildings, a river with a Gondola, and of course, experiencing the sounds and smells of Italy…hard to beat, right? 

But, Venice is one of the best places to propose in Italy.  The whole island is full of incredible places and a magical atmosphere. So, here are the best places to propose in Venice.

Gondola Ride

Yeah, we know! Not the most original proposal idea for Italy, but stay with us for a moment. A Gondola ride is an experience that most have never experienced and may never experience again. 

So, that alone makes it a great place to propose. But, to elevate the proposal experience even higher, find a narrow alley to float down while your Gondolier sings the most romantic tunes

The narrow space will make the sound even more epic and provide incredible photo opportunities. Just make sure to have a photographer on hand to document it all—definitely an experience and the best place to propose in Venice.

Rialto Bridge 

The Ponte di Rialto is another well-known structure in Venice. Although Venice has thousands of bridges, this one is the most spectacular on the entire island. 

During the day, it is consistently crowded with people attempting to capture photographs. Our recommendation is to visit the Rialto Bridge at a very late hour, based on your schedule — the later, the better since there will be fewer people. 

The view from below the bridge is breathtaking. Gondolas and Vaporetti will pass beneath the bridge, and the moonlight will shine on the water. Find a spot at the bottom with the bridge in the backdrop; your proposal would be spectacular here.

Ponte Rialto view with gondolas and vaporetti in Venice

And What About The Best Places In Florence?

Florence is one of the most romantic cities globally, and there is no better spot to propose to your sweetheart. But, before you pop the question, take a look at our selection of the best places to go to propose in Florence.


Where are all our adventure seekers and wild wanderers? This location is ideal for individuals who enjoy being active and athletic; to reach the pinnacle of Florence's Duomo, you must climb over 400 steps. 

When you reach the very top of the Cathedral, safe and sound, you have the entire city of Florence below you to assist you in asking the most important question of your life. Truly one of the best places to go to propose in Florence. Talk about breathtaking views and Insta-worthy photo ops!!

best places to propose florence cathedral


You may have never heard of this little hidden gem, but when it comes to the best places to propose in Florence, this is one of the best. 

Off the beaten path a little bit, Fiesole offers incredible views, a fantastic culinary experience, and an epic backdrop to propose. 

Fiesole, a little village just a few minutes from the city center, is the perfect spot to go for fantastic views of Florence and no people. This charming hamlet, home to one of Italy's best-preserved theaters, is a lovely, tranquil spot ideal for wrapping up a trip to Florence and popping the question. 

One of our favorite places and best places to propose in Florence, without question. 

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No doubt, choosing Italy as your destination for your marriage proposal is exciting. From all the great sites you will see to the memories that you’ll make, Italy is the ideal proposal setting. 

Once the love of your life says Yes, then it’s time to find a place for your “I Do’s.” Check out our post, “The 10 Best Places To Get Married In Italy.” Embarking on a new part of your life is an exciting time, and we couldn’t be more excited for you both. 

Contact us today if you need help planning your marriage proposal or wedding in Italy!

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Finding a companion with whom you can spend the rest of your life is a gift. And if your dream is to marry in a Catholic Church, there are a few additional steps you need to know about. 

Because Catholics regard marriage as a sacrament, taking these crucial steps will help you prepare for the lifetime of love and commitment you are about to embark on. 

Choosing to tie the knot in a Catholic ceremony comes with specific expectations, restrictions, and additional requirements. 

You may be required to submit certain documents such as a Catholic marriage certificate,  participate more in church events, and go through an intensive marriage preparation procedure with a priest before being allowed for a Catholic wedding.

Frequently there are marriages between two baptized non-catholic members. Or even between Catholic Christians and a non-baptized Catholic member. 

The reality is that in cases of the latter, the consent of the diocesan bishop is required. When granted, the consent will permit a mixed marriage.

With that said, Catholic weddings are like any other kind of wedding in many ways. For instance, the church insured a credible catholic marriage certificate. 

And that will be our focus in this read. So what are catholic marriage requirements

Here, we will walk through everything you need to know about a marriage certificate. But before we get right at it, what is a catholic marriage certificate?

gold wedding rings on catholic marriage certificate
Photographer: Sandy Millar


What Is a Catholic Marriage Certificate?

A Catholic marriage certificate is presented to the newlywed couple as evidence that the marriage was “solemnized” (a ceremony took place). 

It is just one document that is necessary to complete the requirements for a legal Catholic marriage. 

However, simply having a Catholic marriage certificate is not enough. Before the ceremony, you are still required to obtain an official marriage license from the local government or registrar's office in most places. 

The Process of Getting Married in A Catholic Church

If you are planning to have your wedding in a catholic church, below are the following processes you will have to follow. 

The Interview 

The first process of getting married in a catholic church is an interview which the priest will grant. Couples will be subjected to this interview before the wedding. So here's the vital question: What are the things to expect? 

To start with, you must know that different aspects of your wedding may be affected if you intend to have one in a catholic church. Aspects like wedding dresses, bridal parties, catholic wedding venues, and more will be scrutinized by the priest. And these interviews come in different forms. 

The first is known as the initial investigation. The first interview entails required documentation, schedules with the priest, and all kinds of logistics. And the interesting part is that chances are the priest conducting the interview might not be the one officiating your wedding.

The second one is known as the prenuptial interview. A priest conducts this interview under oath. The purpose is to establish the understanding of the four basic principles of marriage, and that includes:

Requirements for a Catholic Marriage Certificate 

Before a marriage is considered valid before the eyes of the church, certain elements must be in place. 

Months before the wedding, the couples must attend several classes to duly inform the intending couples of their consent. These four requirements are:

Also, the Code of Canon Law demands that the wedding ceremony be held at the parish of the groom or bride. 

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Required Documents for a Catholic Marriage

You need to know that the required documents for a catholic marriage come in different forms. 

There are different sets of required documents set of couples like:

But below are the commonly required documents for a catholic marriage.


Now that the necessary documentation process is out of the way, the next on the list is Pre-Cana. 

Earlier, we mentioned that the couples will be required to attend a marriage class. The class is known as Pre-Cana. 

The church organizes the marriage-preparatory class. It comes with multiple sessions with a priest and other church-related activities. 

But the majority of the marriage-preparatory class has to do with your sessions with a priest. These sessions will cover the following:

Determining Wedding Date 

Determining the date is unarguably one of the most aspects of planning a Catholic marriage. It's no secret that Catholic churches often have an event-filled calendar. That is why it is advisable to have a calendar of events and holidays of your parish. Couples can get married any other day except on Holy Thursdays, Holy Friday, and Holy Saturday. 

Proper Dress Code

Appropriate clothing and dress code are non-negotiable for catholic and non-catholic churches. 

Marriage is synonymous with purity and holiness. And the Roman Catholic churches would like to keep it that way.

Therefore, if you are considering having a Catholic marriage, your dresses and garments must be modest. 

Not just that, your dresses must have modest cuts. It’s best if you can avoid deep-back gowns, high slits, sheer panels, and plunging necklines.

Some Catholic churches make it mandatory that the shoulders should not be exposed. 

Ask your parish about the dress code to save you from all kinds of embarrassment and inconveniences.  If you must, keep the stylish dresses for the reception.

The Importance of Catholic Marriage Certificate

The importance of a Catholic marriage certificate is that it serves as proof that a wedding takes place. 

Although, the marriage certificate issued by churches might not hold much water for legal dealings. But to a large extent, a marriage licence is legally binding as well as Catholic marriage.

Also, since a Catholic marriage certificate is legally binding, you can use it for purposes such as:

The Dos and Don’t of Catholic Marriage Conclusion 

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to catholic marriage. Here are some you should watch out for.

The entire Catholic wedding ceremony takes up to 90 minutes. 

spouses hands in hands reading the catholic marriage certificate
Photographer: Bastianoni Studio 

It includes a full mass and a holy communion which takes up to 60 minutes. The whole rite of marriage ceremony takes up to 45 minutes. 

The processional order for a Catholic wedding starts off with the groom and the best man entering first. Then the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk up to the aisle. 

This is followed by the entrance of the maid of honor. And lastly, the bride and her father walk up to the aisle.

Catholic weddings are not so different from the weddings you have attended in the past. The only differences are the little religious modifications. 

If you have been to Catholic weddings, you will know that they are always beautiful. Also, attending marriage-preparatory classes will also help your marriage in the long run.

Unlike other church wedding certificates, Catholic certificates are legally recognized. It can be used the same way court certificates are utilized. 

It can be used for change of name, proving your identity, filing taxes, applying for loan/mortgage, sharing health benefits, to mention a few.   

By now, I believe this read has done justice to understanding what is a Catholic marriage certificate, the process of getting married in a Catholic church, Catholic marriage requirements, and the perks of a catholic marriage certificate.

If you are searching for help for your Catholic Wedding, please let us know and send us a personal message, and let's begin your Journey.

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The diversity of sacred customs across nations and religions is one of the most attractive features of wedding rituals. For Catholics, marriage is considered a religious sacrament, and it often involves specific, time-honoured traditions.

Couples may be asked to submit particular paperwork, participate in more church events, and go through an intensive marriage preparation procedure (also known as Pre-Cana) with a priest before being allowed for a Catholic wedding.

While modern weddings are taking on new characteristics due to couples wanting to create unique experiences, having a Catholic wedding means you’ll be sticking to some age-old traditions.

There are many things to learn about honouring the Catholic marriage requirements, but today we’re going to focus on what is Pre-Cana and why it’s necessary.

What Is Pre-Cana?

Pre-Cana is a marriage preparation course, workshop, or consultation for couples planning to marry in a Catholic church. The name comes from John 2:1–12, when Jesus performed the miracle of changing water into wine at a wedding feast at Cana, Galilee.

All couples who wish to receive the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church must undergo Catholic marriage preparation.

Pre-Cana approaches can differ amongst Catholic dioceses and parishes. But generally speaking, a priest or deacon usually leads six-month sessions with the couple and the help of a married Catholic couple.

These discussions will be crucial for you as a couple in your forthcoming marriage, ensuring that you are both in agreement — or at the very least understanding — about each other's beliefs and values.

Topics that you can expect to learn about include “family of origin” (your existing family roles, expectations, and traditions derived from your own upbringing), financial considerations, career goals and practical issues, communication skills, intimacy and sexuality, conflict resolution, Natural Family Planning (NFP), and the theology and spirituality of marriage.

Your Catholic marriage preparation or Pre-Cana is typically done in person. Although parishes and dioceses deal with dwindling finances, geographically expanding communities, and deployed military couples, online programs have arisen as a viable alternative to gathered celebrations.

gold marriage rings on a book for pre-cana rite

What Happens During Pre-Cana?

Depending on your dioceses, you may have to attend sessions for six months where you’ll be given opportunities to learn about marriage and to discuss many topics that can be considered challenging to address.

Another option that many Catholic Churches allow is a weekend retreat. In this retreat, you would spend an entire weekend with other couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage.

The Catholic marriage requirements of Pre-Cana is a program that you experience in one of the following formats.

First, check with your local Catholic church to see their requirements and offerings.

Pre-Cana refers to all of the organized and systematic events that assist you and your fiancé(e) prepare for marriage. The church provides them as a tool to assist you and your fiancé(e) in better preparing for marriage.

hand in hand during wedding

Is Pre-Cana Mandatory?

Yes! Catholic Marriage Requirements dictate that the Pre-Cana is required for you to get married in a Catholic Church. And honestly, while it may sound like a headache or an invasion into your life, most couples find that they learn a lot.

It can be hard to talk about complex topics when you're in love. And, of course, many things can occur during a marriage that you may never even anticipate.

So, when you participate in this Catholic marriage preparation, you’ll be challenged to open your hearts and dialogue about some pretty in-depth things.

Part of the Pre-Cana many times includes you partnering up with a married couple, kind of as mentors. Their experience will help you talk through challenging situations so that you both can understand the other's beliefs and perspectives - or basically, how you would handle things.

A topic that might not have arisen in your relationship is “What if one of your jobs forced you to move? That’s probably not a topic you’ve talked about. Because for most people, it doesn’t happen. What if it happened, and one of you said, “I’m not going.” It’s important to know where you stand before marriage.

What if one of you got seriously injured or paralyzed? Do you know if your significant other would stand by you through it and take care of you?

Of course, we all like to think that married life will be a breeze and that challenging situations won’t happen. But, unfortunately, that is not reality.

It is so important, especially in today's modern times, that you both understand how the other would react and if the marriage could survive, especially in today's modern times. The Pre-Cana or Catholic marriage preparation will help you talk about these things to go into the marriage ready to tackle anything.

Why Pre Cana Rite is so Important?

Marriage preparation entails more than just knowing about the sacrament's religious, spiritual, and theological dimensions (even though these are essential elements present in every marriage preparation course).

Practical parts of marriage preparation include things that will assist the couple in the "day-to-day aspects" of building a new family.

For example, family of origin, finances, conflict resolution, intimacy and sexuality, and various other topics are crucial to discuss before and during marriage to help the couple deal with significant concerns that we frequently neglect to discuss.

Of course, knowing the religious, spiritual, or theological aspects of the sacrament of marriage is an integral part of marital preparation. The course also contains practical discussions to assist you with starting a new family's "day-to-day issues."

Family customs, money, dispute resolution, intimacy and sexuality, and various other topics to discuss will help you prepare for critical concerns that we sometimes overlook before and during the marriage.

holy bible on bookrest for pre-cana wedding

How Much Does Pre-Cana Cost?

Your Catholic marriage preparation course is not free. There is a fairly hefty fee for attending the weekend retreat — somewhere around $350 per couple, and the price can go up each year.

The six Pre-Cana sessions also cost money, but they are not quite as costly as the weekend. But, it’s always best to check with your local church as different demographic areas may be more (or less) expensive.

Does Pre-Cana Expire?

That’s a great question! If you have completed your Pre-Cana, you don’t have to worry about it expiring. Your certificate is valid for eternity. So when you’re ready to tie the knot, your certificate will be valid even if you postpone your wedding for two years.

When Should You Do The Pre-Cana?

Although specifics and criteria vary by parish, and it's essential to verify where you plan to marry with the parish, the Catholic Church generally advises that you finish your Pre-Cana program six months before your wedding day.

church view with trees during pre-cana
Photographer: @evalindouglass

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Can You Take The Catholic Marriage Preparation Online?

Yes! Many websites do offer the Pre-Cana courses online. But, it’s best to check with your local diocese to ensure it will be acceptable to them.

What Do You Do After Pre-Cana?

There is an online survey that you must complete. It asks you a series of questions on what you talked about at Pre-Cana, and you can choose to agree, disagree, or remain uncertain. To avoid cheating on each other, you and your fiance must answer individually. The findings are then forwarded to your church. Next, you schedule an appointment with a couple from the church who walks you through the questionnaire before leaving you alone to mull over the responses.

This isn't meant to imply that you won't be able to marry. No matter how many of your responses match (or don't), the church will not intervene. It's only to show you any potential red flags that you should address. Better to be prepared, right?

You will only be able to see your findings at this time. You will not receive a copy of the test to compare notes later. They aren't going to be around in the future. You can't say anything like, "Remember at Pre-Cana you said..." and then bring the results out to look for proof of

flip-flopping. This is just a way for you and your fiance to chat; it's not anything you'll be holding over each other's heads later in life.

Do You Have To Do It Together?

Yes! Both of you must attend at the same time.

Is The Pre-Cana Worth It?

Absolutely! In today’s modern times, everyone is in a rush all the time. And we like to think that we really know someone without even having conversations about tough subjects.

Going into a marriage not knowing how your spouse will react to other successes and obstacles is a recipe for disaster.

We’ve heard stories of one spouse resenting the fact that the other earns more money, one whole-hearted will not move from their current location -ever, one likes to spend, the other is a penny-pincher and even stories of one spouse not wanting kids. Can you imagine?

Not knowing that the person you want to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t want kids, and you can’t wait to have them.

Sadly, this happens pretty often, and why? Because they never talked about it.

While this type of Catholic marriage requirement may seem extreme, we can assure you that there are many, many benefits.

No one likes to think their marriage is destined for divorce, right? No one goes into marriage thinking that.

Understanding who each other really is, what they stand for, how they will react, and the role that each one is comfortable being in are crucial to a successful marriage and lifetime commitment.

Dialogue is essential, and the Pre-Cana teaches you how to do it. Absolutely a must if you want a Catholic wedding.

While your wedding will most definitely be a day full of emotions and memorable moments, one of the most exciting parts of it is receiving gifts from your guests and loved ones. But it can be a messy, uncomfortable, and chaotic process if not managed properly.

One of the efficient alternatives to avoid the mess is providing a whole wedding gift table to your guests to give both parties peace of mind. You'll not only leave a lasting moment with a gorgeous presentation, but you'll also leave very little room for attendees to ponder, "Where should I put this gift?"

There are endless alternatives when it comes to creating a unique display, whether you choose an element table that is concealed in plain sight or create a truly stand-alone moment. Use a recycled wood box for cards to match the theme of a maritime or tropical wedding, or place an on-theme truck at the entrance to a ranch wedding.

If you're going for a clean aesthetic, keep it basic with modern glass decorations or even an entirely customized card box that will be perfect for your destination weddings.

Let's have a more detailed look at the top ideas for your wedding gift table.

What are the best and gourgeous Wedding Gift Table Ideas?

Pseudo Aquarium/ Terrarium Decoration

The majority of the elements from your wedding day are influenced by your wedding destination, the season, weather, and more. For example, you are definitely aware that the final choice of your wedding dress is highly connected to the location of your wedding, be it next to the beach, in a forest, or simply out of town.

Similarly, when choosing your wedding venue, you should keep these factors in mind. So why not coordinate your wedding table set up with the rest of the decor? If your ceremony is nearby or on a beach, you can make a faux aquarium or terrarium decoration in which attendees can set their place cards.

Incorporated Chalkboard in Your Wedding Table Design

Chalkboard signage is a fun way to communicate important information to your visitors, and it's a great fit for a destination wedding that can be easily incorporated into your general design. To make things easier, make sure to have your guestbook on the table next to the chalkboard as well. Don’t forget to capture all of the special moments and guest reactions to the gift table with the help of wedding videography, to revisit the memories again.

Vintage Birdcage Decorations

This is a really lovely way to display your wedding cards and gifts, especially if you're having a vintage-themed wedding. To complete the appearance, add delicate small flowers and elegant bird patterns. Choose the same flowers that will be in your bridal bouquet for a perfectly coordinated effect.

white birdcage on a tree as wedding gift table decoration
Photographer: Maurits Bausenhart

Wedding Card Bunting

'Cards' bunting — whatever you use to gather your wedding cards — is essential! Through this, your guests will be able to easily find where the card collection area is. If you have another place set aside for gifts, check if you can locate matching 'gift' bunting there as well!

Antique Suitcase

Do you want something a little different and unique for your wedding gift table? Consider an old suitcase as a decoration. This alternative solution is ideal for a vintage wedding and may be styled in a variety of ways. If you're having a country garden wedding, a gorgeous flowered suitcase will be perfect. Distressed leather bags, on the other hand, are a terrific touch to a dazzling 1950s theme.

Glowing Candlelight

Who could really say no to a candle-lit gift table? Create an enchanting glow with a range of candles, from tapered to pillars to drifting, to completely set a tone for your romantic relationship.

wedding gift table with candles and white flowers
Photographer: @nicola_santini_photographer

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Custom Made Items

We adore the notion of creating a completely unique and customized gift table. If you're going to get married by the sea or have a destination wedding in the Italian countryside, a customized card box decoration will ensure that every aspect is just how you want it.

Personalised Decorative Items

The more personal details you have on your wedding day, the better. Surround the present table with sparkly glitter resin letters spelling out the young couple's names. A personalized monogrammed sign is also a great option. In any case, this is one piece of decor that may be reused long after the wedding is over!

wedding gift table decored with guests souvenirs
Photographer: @nicola_santini_photographer

Concluding Thoughts

Are you planning a wedding? Don't forget to include a gift table in your plans. It will not only be brimming with your gifts and cash, but it will also be enticingly, sensually out in the open. Make sure to save this article to double-check these beautiful ideas for your wedding table decor to save you time.

wedding tabel with guest book
Photographer: Yomex Owo

When it is time to pop up that big question of: "Will you marry me" it is pretty essential that you strive to make it one of a kind because it is genuinely like a once in a lifetime act. One big way of setting the mood right is through music. 

Music has a way of communicating with your emotions, creating an ambience, and setting the mood. But music is also an excellent way to pass a piece of information to your partner through the song's lyrics. 

Choosing the best song for a marriage proposal, in addition to other wonderful things like choosing the perfect ring to propose, will certainly elevate the mood. 

Don’t rack your brain any further by thinking of the best marriage proposal songs to use; we have put together an excellent list of the best proposal songs for you. 

All you need to do is read through and select the ones that match you and your lover's personality, vibe, and the ambience you are trying to achieve. With all these details in place, we can bet that you will be getting a big YES from your Boo. 

- VB Tip -

Use your favourite proposal song for the first dance at your wedding!

Our Top Songs Ideas for a Beautiful Proposal.

1. “Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart 

Genre: R & B With A Folk Vibe 

This song was released in 1991, and it was featured in the Expanded Version of the Vagabond Heart album released by Rod Stewart at that time. This song has had a grammy nomination for the best male pop vocal performance after a live performance was done for the music. 

Rod Stewart is indeed an artist that knows how best to describe your feelings in words of songs, and he displayed this masterpiece for us with this. 

What exactly makes this song a beautiful fit as a proposal song? The answer is straightforward enough: the upbeat ambiance and lyrics of the song. 

Just the introduction of the song is enough to get the attention of the person you are proposing to. This is different from proposal songs requiring you to listen attentively to most of the words before understanding the meaning. 

You will find out that your partner is blushing just at the introduction of the music. It is even more interesting because the lyrics of the introductory part were repeated several times during the chorus so that you can get your lover blushing all through the song. 

To fully enjoy the enchanting effect, the environment matters as well. For example, a noisy atmosphere is not the best setting. 

A serene setting, with beautiful decor and the music playing not too loudly but audible enough to grasp the words. BOOM! They’ll be yours forever.

Here’s a look at the chorus. 

" Have I told you lately that I love you 

Have I told you there's no one else above you 

You fill my heart with gladness 

Take away all my sadness 

Ease my troubles, that's what you do." 

2. "Better Together" by Jack Johnson 

Genre: Acoustic Rock With An Alternative/Indie Vibe 

This song was written and performed by an American singer and songwriter named Jack Johnson. It was recorded in 2005 and released in 2006 under the label- "Brushfire" and producer- Mario Caldato Jr. This song is the first track in his third studio album- In Between Dreams. 

Our song snippet below is one of the best parts of this song, repeated more than once, making it perfect.

It just has a way of awakening the love hormones in your body. It's a throwback song, and this is one thing that can get your lover excited. Do you remember how you feel when your favourite throwback song comes on?

Here, your lover gets excited because of the nostalgia of a throwback song, and its sensual beats accompanied by a subtle instrument, plus the main factor, which is the lyrics. 

You can purposefully plan your proposal in a way that you both hold each other's hands and look sweetly into each other's eyes. 

Then, when the song reaches the part we highlighted below, give them a subtle forehead kiss and after that part is sung, go down on your knees to pop up the question. Definitely had to be on our “best song for wedding proposal” list. 

We can bet that you will get a "YES" answer. 

Here’s a small excerpt. 

"Mmm, it's always better when we're together 

Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together 

Well, it's always better when we're together 

Yeah, it's always better when we're together." 


3. “True Companion” by Marc Cohn 

Genre: Romantic Pop Music 

Marc Cohn is an American singer, songwriter, and music artist. In 1992, Marc Cohn won the Best New Artist Grammy Award. 

The "True Companion" song was released in 1991, and it is part of the track of his debut self-titled studio album titled "Marc Cohn." 

Even though most of his songs always fall under country and rock, this particular song falls under romantic pop music, making it a perfect marriage or proposal song. 

If you properly analyze the lyrics of this song, you will realize that overall it doesn't only center on "love" instead has a blend of love and finding peace with someone. 

This is just the perfect theme we are looking for because everybody yearns to find that person you find peace with. 

Your lover will be more than excited to say yes to you by just finding out with the song's lyrics the much peace they bring into your life. 

This song might leave your partner shedding tears of happiness even while saying yes to your proposal. Right from the first line of the song till the last line of it seems to be helping you pop the question and state reasons. 

We trust that your proposal won't go wrong with this masterpiece from Marc Cohn. 

Here’s a look at the chorus. 

"So don't you dare and try to walk away 

I've got my heart set on our wedding day 

I've got this vision of a girl in white 

Made my decision that it's you alright." 

4. “Love Story” By Taylor Swift 

Genre: Pop Or Pop Country 

When it comes to choosing wedding songs, Taylor Swift is always there is always something special about her songs. 

She is an American songwriter and singer whose song genre is fun, inspiring, and filled with love; she displayed this expertise in this song - “Love Story,” making it look like a beautifully narrated love story. 

This beautiful masterpiece from Taylor swift is from her Album titled “Fearless”. It was released in 2008, and it has since been recognized both locally and internationally. Taylor Swift later got a Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year. 

The beauty of this song is not only limited to its lyrics. You can decide to sing out this song to ask your lover to marry you without necessarily adding any other line. 

The part where she sang, "It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes" is genuinely a perfect phrase that your lover will appreciate, but it doesn't end there. 

The instruments accompanying the song add to it’s beauty, and the serene and chill aura provides the music with a romantic feel. A perfect tune for popping the question. 

Despite that, Taylor Swift has other pieces that give this aura, but this particular one seems to stand out because of the unique storytelling tactic added to the way the songwriter expressed her love. 

This song gets a high recommendation from us, and you should try it out.

Here’s a small, wonderful excerpt. 

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone 

I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run 

You'll be the prince, and I'll be the princess 

It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes." 

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5. Just Say Yes” By Snow Patrol 

Genre: Synthpop 

"Just say yes" is a single track by Snow Patrol from the album "Up to now." Even the singer is snow patrol, and the songwriters are Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol. It was released in 2009 and produced by Jackknife Lee. 

A good atmosphere for this song would be a public but serene environment, for example, a couple of customized lunch arenas. The lyrics are powerful, and it has all but takes to leave your partner as emotional as possible. 

Here’s a look at the chorus. 

“I want you to stay here beside me 

I won't be ok, and I won't pretend I am 

So just tell me today and take my hand 

Please take my hand 

Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back.” 

6. “Marry You” by Bruno Mars 

Genre: Pop, Soul, R & B 

This still might be one of the most popular wedding proposals songs. Sure! It’s been around for a while, but doesn’t it just make you happy? And of course, it’s absolutely appropriate as one of the best marriage proposal songs. 

Bruno Mars is an American Songwriter and Singer. Marry me is a song from his debut album titled Doo-Wops and Hooligans in 2010. It was released in 2012 and produced by The Smeezingtons and written by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, and Ari Levine. 

This has been raring as one of the most-played proposing of the moment. But, it is truly worth it because the happy beat tune has elements for a perfect proposal song. It has a cheerful feel, is emotional, and even has a line that reads, “Just say I do...” 

Read a few verses of this wonderful song for your marriage proposal.

“It's a beautiful night; we're looking for something dumb to do 

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. 

Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice? 

Who cares, baby? I think I wanna marry you.” 

Creating a proposal that is unforgettable and magical requires some planning and preparation. Choosing the perfect location: whether private or public, the best marriage proposal song will help develop the ambience and atmosphere you are trying to create 

The songs you choose to play during this time will definitely help immensely. 

There is no doubt that music stirs emotions, feelings and excitement. With the right song to propose, you can never go wrong with our suggestions above.

We hope you enjoyed our list of proposal song ideas. CIAO!

A Catholic wedding ceremony differs in many ways from a typical wedding. For couples embarking on this beautiful, sacred journey together, it is imperative to be well-versed in the traditions and rules specific to a religious ceremony of this kind.

Unlike most other weddings, Catholic weddings may require a long period of pre-marriage counseling with a priest, particular documents to be made, and even attendance in certain church events.

You may think a month or even a few months is enough for standard Catholic marriage preparations, but many churches have a considerable waiting period of up to several months!

Therefore, inform the church of your impending nuptials at least 9 months in advance, so the priest has time to book pre-marriage counseling sessions with you and your fiancé. Know that these steps apply even if your to-be spouse does not belong to the Catholic faith.

Here below we'll show you what Catholic marriage requirements do you need for your church wedding.

catholic marriage requirement church view inside
Photographer: @davidbastianoni

The Wedding Takes Place In Church

A Catholic marriage ceremony has to occur indoors in the church in most cases. The ceremony is unique and sacred, and the couple must feel close to God, so it is not preferred for the ceremony to be held anywhere else, like by the beach or in a vineyard.

If you love outdoor venues for weddings, you’ll have to skip that in favor of a quiet albeit blessed church wedding. Also, remember that Catholic ceremonies do not have custom vows written by the bride and groom, but the priest will recite vows, and the couple repeats them.

The Interview & Investigation

An initial interview can clear up many logistical aspects of your wedding, such as listing the documents needed, how to book counseling, how to book the church for the wedding date, and so forth.

The priest who will act as an officiant at your wedding needs to be near you location-wise; otherwise, you may find booking problems. In many cases, the priest carrying out the pre-marriage counseling may not officiate and may appoint another officiant due to unavailability.

An investigation on the part of the church may accompany or come immediately after the canonical interview. This investigation is vital in the church's eyes because its purpose is to ascertain how ready you and your spouse are for marriage. Divorce is still frowned upon!

The couple must understand the four main pillars of a Catholic union, namely the marriage’s permanence, exclusivity, openness to offspring, and both parties entering the union without reservations or objections.

Bear in mind that particular churches have reservations about remarriages or conducting a ceremony for an individual who has been married before and their previous spouse is still living. Affidavits will be signed, so the church's process is quite formal and documented to ensure complete transparency.

catholic marriage requirements benches inside the church
Photographer: @davidbastianoni

What are the documents and requirements for a valid Catholic wedding?

Documents can vary slightly across churches, so make a point of inquiring about the exact documents you will need to submit and, in some cases, acquire to book your ceremony at your parish.

⮚   Baptismal and confirmation certificates.

Submit certificates from the church where your baptism occurred (this will not apply to a non-Catholic spouse, and there is no pressure to convert). Confirmation certificates confirm the baptism and need to be dated within the last 6 months. Some churches may require submission right away when you interview, and some may wait until a couple of months before the ceremony, but it is better to have them prepared and ready to go from the offset.

⮚   A marriage license

A civil marriage license obtained from your municipality is typically needed. The license needs to be valid for at least 4 months.

⮚   The affidavit of being free to marry is both a legal and a catholic marriage requirement.

It serves as evidence of your marriage and proof you or your spouse are not secretly married to another individual. It is usually referred to as a replacement marriage certificate as it proves a wedding took place in the legal world.

⮚   Marriage preparation course completion.

The bride and groom need to attend marriage preparation courses (also known as Pre-Cana). A certificate of attendance and completion is a vital document you need to present. This may even be done online in some cases if the couple is based abroad but want to return and be married from their local parish.

⮚   Marriage Banns Forms.

Every church does not require this, but ‘banns’ are declarations carried out on 3 successive Sundays in the church in the presence of a congregation to announce the impending nuptials. Traditionally it provides ample opportunity for new information to come forward or raise objections if there are any.

catholic marriage book in a bookrest and flowers
Photographer: @davidbastianoni

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A Guide To Pre-Cana

Pre-Cana is a meaningful and crucial part of Catholic marriage and is always required. It can take the form of classes or a course, but it can also be a series of consultations.

The term Cana comes from the Bible regarding the wedding feast in Cana, where Jesus changed water to wine. Most pre-Cana courses have some core topics and discussions that your priest may choose. The format of Pre-Cana can also vary according to your priest. Still, the primary purpose is to encourage conversations that are considered vital to the spirit of marriage and provide valuable Catholic teachings the couple may or may not know.

The Pre-Cana may be the first time a couple is getting training in having a shared perspective or reaching an agreement on issues such as the faith or upbringing of any children in the future. If your spouse is not Catholic, the pre-Cana attendance can also be a kind of primer course for them to learn some of the beliefs you hold dear. Even topics like intimacy or financial management may be discussed in this course because marriage is made up of many practical decisions and not just romance and love.

Visit your church to know the format they prefer for Pre-Cana. It can even be a weekend retreat you share with several other couples, a series of weekly consultations your priest schedules, or even an online course you are tested on. Know that pre-Cana is the name given to the accumulated knowledge you acquire from a priest or deacon to prepare you for your upcoming marriage.

The pre-Cana may also bring to light psychological issues that you or your spouse may be repressing or suffering from, so the course may include sessions with a psychologist, but that doesn’t happen in every case. If you are a younger couple, you may have the opportunity to be taken under the tutelage of what is known as a mentor couple, just to help you make the most of the course.

bride and groom in the church garden
Photographer: @evalindouglass

Is a Catholic Marriage Certificate a Legal Document?

While laws vary from country to country, generally, it is a sacramental document that needs to be attested and verified by the relevant civil authorities. However, it does offer proof of marriage. Therefore, in some countries, it is common for a civil official to be present at the ceremony so that the couple can sign those legal documents first and then proceed.

What You Can Wear

You are better off straying from a strapless number towards a more modest cut in your wedding gown for a church wedding. You can also wear a shawl or wedding cape to cover your shoulders as that is fashionable, especially if the fabric complements your wedding dress design. Generally, gowns that are deep V-necks or deep back cuts are frowned upon, so opt for a more classic and chic style that is both modest and stylish.

catholic wedding requirements ceremony in the church
Photographer: @davidbastianoni

Music, Pictures, And Cheer

Everyone has to be quite solemn in the church so even though it’s your wedding you probably won’t be able to play loud music or shout a lot. Leave the ‘shouting from the rooftops’ part for when the ceremony is over! There may be a choir in the church to add melody to the proceedings or an organist, but you definitely cannot have a DJ there or your favorite playlist of show tunes.

Remember, if you wish to sing a song yourself or a family member wants to sing one for the congregation, you need to have the express permission of the priest who is officiating (even for religious songs or hymns).

If you’ve hired a photographer you may have to ask them to take a bit of a backseat as a Catholic marriage ceremony must not resemble a photoshoot, and everyone must observe the sanctity of the proceedings. Your photographer can take pictures silently from the side or wait for the right moment, so there is no disturbance.

Many priests prefer to brief professionals like photographers on the etiquette of the church, so expect a no flash photography rule. Photographers may also only be allowed to a specific area in the church.

Falling in love and finding your soulmate is definitely one of the most joyous times in our lives. And when the time comes to make it official and join your two souls together as one in holy matrimony, it’s a celebration. Yes! There may be more hoops to jump through for a Catholic marriage, but it’s your faith, what you stand on, and it should be cherished, respected and celebrated as well.

Super Proposals For Valentine’s Day

Proposing to the person you love best in the world can be simultaneously the most anxious and wonderful moment of your life.

While you may be sure of the correct answer, a proposal needs to be as unique and memorable as possible because it will be a moment you both will remember.

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most preferred days for a proposal, but here are some great ideas to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Valentine's Day proposal engagement ring

Photographer: @julesbower

An Evening To Remember

Several years ago, being ‘notebooked’ was a trendy activity for a date. It consisted of a couple watching the movie ‘The Notebook .’

The steadfast love depicted in it would subsequently bring them closer together.

Consider creating a live-action highlight reel of all your favorite moments as a couple for the perfect Valentine's Day proposal.

Then, design a fantastic evening for your partner, skating at an ice rink, going to their favorite restaurant, having a private screening of their favorite movie, or even going for a long walk with unique pit stops, each with a message of love.

You can also include recreating moments like the first time you met or where you realized you loved your significant other.

The scope for interpretation is broad so let your imagination run wild.

Depending on what your partner loves or is passionate about, you can also design a local tour around a favorite hobby or activity, such as lining up all the best indie bookstores or best cafes.

Then, at the end of this fantastic evening of variety, you can pop the big question with an engagement ring and know you pulled off one of the most romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A Getaway

If you and your partner have been looking forward to a couple of nights away for a long time, Valentine’s Day is the time to do it finally.

But, first, you will need to plan and make bookings for everything from accommodation to activities; just make sure you choose a place that your partner will get a lot out of, such as scenic places or offer history and culture.

A 14-Day Treat

A heartfelt way to show your partner how much you care is to give them 14 individual gifts, leading up to Valentine’s Day Proposal with an engagement ring.

The gifts need to be thoughtful rather than extravagant, like your loved one’s favorite chocolate, a gift basket, or a spa day gift certificate.

Hire A Proposal Planner

Hiring a proposal planner is going the extra ten miles when it comes to proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A proposal planner is a professional individual or company that takes the time to know your story, your likes, and preferences and crafts the perfect unique proposal from scratch.

But, of course, a proposal planner, like VB-Events goes further than just brainstorming romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

They help you execute your plans beautifully, including communicating with vendors and bringing the proposal to life.

If you’ve hired the right proposal planner, they will usually go above and beyond and pay attention to even the most minor details, from the colour of ribbons used to the vendors procuring the flowers.

Many more prominent proposal planners operate in multiple countries offering customized services where you are through their established vendor network.

Valentine's day proposal table decorated with flowers, candles and plates

Photographer: @nicola_santini_photographer

Do I need a Proposal Planner for my Valentine’s Day proposal?

Proposing to the love of your life comes with its fair share of nerves and cold feet. Perhaps you aren’t fully confident you can pull off every detail masterfully and want the proposal to be perfect.

In that case, a proposal planner is a brilliant and very convenient option because they have experts who take care of every little detail after taking the time to get to know you and what you share about your partner.

Maybe your partner loves vintage vibes and old movies, or they like a very girly and pinky vibe- an expert proposal planner will know just how to make their heart sing.

The Ring

Popping the question on Valentine’s Day is certainly a romantic gesture and there are many ways to do it. But no matter what creative, unique, and Insta-worthy proposal you plan there is one thing that is a necessity - the ring.

The engagement ring symbolizes loyalty and commitment to the beloved partner, as well as the promise of marriage.

The ring's design hints at its meaning: it's circular, with no beginning or end, and has thus become a worldwide symbol of eternal love and faithfulness, perfection, and infinity.

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, it’s a good idea to know what style your partner likes. Over the time you spend together hints have probably been dropped about the shape they like and if they prefer white or yellow gold. Knowing this information in advance will not only make shopping for an engagement ring easier, but it will also ensure they will love it.

Cartier engagement ring Valentine's day proposal

Photographer: David Bastianoni Studio

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How to Better Organize and Plan Valentine’s Day Proposal?

A Valentine’s Day proposal, when done right, requires careful consideration of the logistical aspects.

You need to select a location with a special significance attached to it, hire a photographer, arrange for food, preorder, plan for gifts and even look into more minor details like the weather forecast.

For your Valentine’s proposal to be near-perfect, you need to put in a lot of elbow grease as this day is not something to leave to chance.

A Romantic Backdrop

Choose a location that would mean a lot to your partner, so this is an individual choice.

If you want your proposal to go down in the annals of the best Valentine’s Day proposals of all time, you need to have a backdrop that speaks to your partner’s passion for life.

Is it hiking, nature, books, good food or something else like sports? The perfect setting tests how well you know the person you love and want to marry as there is no single universally brilliant option.

For the perfect backdrop, whether it is scenic or significant in another way, you need to make calls to make sure it is available; perhaps bookings will need to be done with advance payments and so forth.

When and if other vendors are involved in making your proposal happen, like live music players or caterers, they need to be informed beforehand and booked, so there is no confusion.

Valentine day's proposal Wedding decoration

Photographer: @nicola_santini_photographer

Events Leading Up To The Proposal

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, so you need to be sure of your significant other’s schedule and work commitments.

If you need to drive somewhere further or fly to another destination, you will need days off from work.

Having traveller’s cheques, making calls to confirm bookings, etc., are all standard practices to ensure even the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day reach fruition.

The best Valentine’s Day Proposals are planned very effectively because you get points for effort even if an unforeseen mistake occurs later.

valentine's day proposal champagne and two glasses

Photographer: David Bastianoni Studio

A Trip To The Jewelers

All rings are not made the same, and an engagement ring is one your partner will wear for the rest of the time, so you do not have the same allowance for mistakes.

This means multiple trips to the jeweller and a lot of local research to ascertain which jeweller specializes in the style of ring you have in mind.

The most beautiful engagement ring is the most vital part of the best Valentine’s Day proposals every year.


The theme ties into the backdrop or location you choose, but if you’re doing the proposal at home or a local venue, you will need to sit down and brainstorm the proposal ideas that suit a theme your partner is deeply passionate about.

It could be about their favourite music, movies, books, or TV shows!

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day could also be recreating the essence of an architectural style your partner loves or even lining up several curated activities that pique their interest.

At-Home Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

If you’re looking into the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, you may have missed out on one great option: doing the proposal right in the comfort of your own home.

The best Valentine’s Day marriage proposals are not necessarily the most elaborate or expensive but the heartfelt ones with the purest of intentions.

Some great proposal ideas to get you started proposing to your partner at home:

Cook For Them

Nothing shows love like a fancy home-cooked meal prepared to perfection.

You can even take cooking classes beforehand to learn how to make their favorite dishes! A delicious meal with dessert makes for some of the best Valentine’s Day proposals.

Decorate Your Whole Space

Make sure your partner is not at home when you put up a fitting Valentine’s Day décor complete with hearts, balloons, confetti, streamers, and scores of red roses.

You could also decorate with a theme you know your partner would prefer.

Having customized items like cushions, banners, mugs, or signs with your loved one’s face or name on them can further the setting, making it one of the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

flowers on decorated Valentine's day table for wedding proposal

Photographer: @sergiosandonaphotos

Unexpected Mail

You can write and post an old-fashioned letter to your partner asking for their hand in marriage or arrange for a delivery service to bring a cake or a bouquet of flowers with this customized message hidden in the package.

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home can be anything unexpected such as feigning having to travel the day before and leaving but coming back in time for dinner bearing gifts and an engagement ring.

The More The Merrier

Having your dearest family members and friends close by is one of the loveliest proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

You can have them on a zoom call or pretend you are talking to them and then take a moment to propose to the love of your life.

Of course, they could always be hidden in the house as well so that when your significant other gets home, they are there to surprise them after you have proposed.

When cupid steps into your life and presents you with the perfect soulmate, you’ll experience so many emotions. And when it comes to popping the question on Valentine’s Day, only you know your truest and innermost feelings.

But, just asking the question “will you marry me” sometimes isn’t enough.

Planning an incredibly unforgettable marriage proposal takes some time, planning, and sometimes even keeping secrets.

But whether you go all out with something amazing, or you pop the question at home, the most important thing is your pledge to each other. So, get ready, and let’s get ready for their YES!!!

Italy is a country with an unlimited amount of evocative landscapes from which lovers wanting to tie the knot may select their favourite setting: elegant or natural, inexpensive or expensive, well-known or unknown, old or modern, you just have to pick the one that speaks to your soul. 

And thanks to its vast history, natural richness, and incredible architecture, Italy is the perfect country for an unforgettable Catholic destination wedding and dreamy honeymoon. 

But with endless wedding venue choices and catholic traditions, you may find it challenging to choose one. 

So, to help you find the perfect place for your “I Do’s,” We put together this guide to the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations

Santa Maria del Fiore catholic wedding Cathedral Florence
Photographer: Fede Roveda

The Best Locations For A Catholic Destination Wedding in Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Sunny Sorrento is located in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, which is known for its stunning coastline, old Roman ruins, and delectable cuisine

And with so much beauty and history everywhere your eye can see, Sorrento is definitely one of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding settings. In addition, it has a nice, temperate climate, making it an ideal venue for weddings, especially in the less busy seasons of Spring and Autumn. 

Hosting Roman Catholic destination weddings in Sorrento at one of these venues will be unforgettable. 

Catholic Churches In Sorrento Italy

Planning traditional Roman Catholic destination weddings means you’re going to want to say “I Do” in a church. And trust us when we say the Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, will not disappoint. 

Grand architecture, rich history, and ornate artistic treasures make these Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, the perfect backdrop to join together as one. 

Stunning, right? We think any of these churches in Sorrento are a dream setting and the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues. 

catholic wedding church from the inside


When we think of a romantic setting for a destination wedding, you better believe that Tuscany, Italy comes to mind. 

There’s something magical about the scenery, the scents, the history, and the culture that it’s purely spectacular. From quaint villas to luxurious resorts, chic hotels, the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues can be found in Tuscany. 

Tuscany offers so many incredible venues and arguably some of the unrivaled vistas and cuisine in the world. And we have the best Italian wedding planners to design, plan and produce the most beautiful Italian Catholic wedding. 

All you need to do is select your favourite venues! Here are a few of our favourites. 

HotelBelmond and the garden
Photo: David Bastianoni


Ah, you know, Venice had to be on our best Catholic destination wedding location list. 

Venice is in the northeast of Italy, known worldwide for being a floating metropolis of extraordinary beauty. There are no streets or automobiles, only canals. 

All of the structures are surrounded by water, and the only modes of transit are boats and gondolas. Can’t you just imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony in a gondola? 

Here are some pretty unforgettable venues in Venice for your destination wedding in Italy. 

catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Barbarich Venice

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Amalfi Coast

Possibly one of the most breathtaking sceneries you will ever see. If romance and whimsy are what you want for your destination wedding in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is for you! 

Here are our favourite destination wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. And if you need help planning your Catholic wedding in Italy, do not hesitate to contact VB-Events.  

wedding garden with table and chairs
Photo: David Bastianoni

Lake Como

This is simply one of Europe's most spectacular natural locations, and the sight of the small settlements strewn across the surrounding hills will undoubtedly delight you. 

There are numerous venues where you may have a spectacular Catholic destination wedding in Italy, but a Lake Como wedding is truly unique. 

Here are the best Catholic Italian wedding locations in Lake Como.

Here below the beautiful Villa Balbiano in Como lake.

catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Balbiano Como lake


The eternal city cannot be overlooked when it comes to Roman Catholic destination weddings.

A wedding in one of its centuries-old Catholic churches in Rome, or perhaps in one of the villas in the adjacent hilly area, or even in the thermal sub-region next to Tivoli, would add an element of exclusivity to your wedding that not everyone can afford. 

So here are some of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations in Rome. 

inside view of a church for a catholic wedding in Rome


Our list of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations could not be complete without including Sicily. 

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is also home to Europe's tallest active volcano (Mount Etna). 

It is an iconic portion of Italy in the world's eyes, representing the history of blending civilizations (European and Northern-African, Catholic and Islamic). A true melting pot, Sicily is rich with culture, delectable cuisine, luscious wines, and breathtaking scenery. 

It's no wonder that this is one of the most sought-after Roman Catholic destination weddings for international guests. 

If you want to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life here, Taormina is a must-see. 

Here are some other great ideas if you want to have a Catholic wedding in Italy. 

Garden and villa Donna Carmela Sicily in the evening

Roman Catholic destination weddings foster the utmost sense of indulgence, and these beloved Italian wedding locations and venues will not disappoint! 

Couples who marry in Italy know a thing or two about breathtaking romance. From the waterside villas encircling George Clooney's Lake Como villa to the countryside estates amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany to the colorful coastlines of the Amalfi Coast, a catholic destination wedding in Italy is a dream come true and an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

Hindu weddings are a treat to witness because they are not just the union of two beautiful souls but rather a spectacular, incredible journey that takes place over several days in which traditions and customs are practiced, and heritage is honoured.

Whether you are a wedding guest at a Hindu ceremony or looking to indulge in your cultural practices to the maximum, here are some of the most intriguing Hindu wedding traditions you can expect.

Some Hindu wedding celebrations in Italy consist of more than 40 traditions! This guide outlines some of the most practiced wedding traditions in the Hindu culture, including what to wear to a Hindu wedding.

indian groom fix up brides hair

Photographer: gauravfkumar

Authentic Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Traditions and Rituals


This is a pre-engagement ceremony at the bride’s home with her loved ones and at the groom’s house. Pithi involves sharing love and best wishes, and it is a gathering of relatives and friends but often extended relatives as well.

South Asian weddings are big on including as many people as possible, from relatives to acquaintances!

Chick flour paste, turmeric powder, and rose water are applied liberally to the bride and groom’s faces, arms and legs because it polishes the skin and gives it a good glow.

Yellow is traditionally the preferred Indian wedding colour palette. This is one of the many Hindu wedding traditions that are practiced frequently.

hindu bride in yellow traditional dress and tattoed hands
Photographer: ApertureWorks

The Engagement/ Sagai Hindu wedding tradition

The engagement is usually set through a process called Muhurat, which determines the best time for a couple to get betrothed according to various astrological readings carried out by an expert.

The Sagai ceremony kick-starts the wedding celebrations and consists of exchanging rings and distributing sweets and desserts, including throughout the immediate neighbourhood.

Many families may box up sweets and send them to the houses of friends and relatives. The groom also put a ‘tilak’ on the bride's forehead to signify their impending nuptials and express his hopes and dreams of a happy life ahead.

Sangeet And Mehndi

Sangeet and Mehndi are widely considered the most joyous and entertaining ceremonies out of the three commonly observed in a traditional Hindu wedding.

The sangeet ceremony is also a hit among the younger family members as it features more dancing and extravagance than the other ceremonies. Dances are usually performed in groups and sometimes rehearsed for months to sync perfectly. Most of the songs that are danced to are either traditional folk songs or Bollywood songs.

Mehndi is also the Indian name for henna, and it is a bridal custom that entails applying henna to the hands, arms, and in some cases, feet of the bride, a day or so in advance as henna takes a few hours to set properly.

Siblings, parents, and guests may also apply mehndi to join in the festivities and to signify their near relation to the person getting married.

Henna patterns are usually drawn by henna artists who have years of experience creating highly detailed designs with a high level of intricacy.

The bride may also hide her new husband's name in the palms of her hand to show her love!

Henna is traditionally believed to bring happiness, ward off the evil eye, and create love in the hearts of the bride’s new in-laws. It also cools the body down, relieves tension and stress, and is believed to be great for headache prevention.

hindu brides hands with mehndi tattoes wears red and gold bracelets
Photographer: Baljit Johan


This is the main wedding reception where most guests will be invited as the sangeet ceremony is more for people close to the couple as the event is not as formal as the baraat.

The baraat or vara yatra, as it is also called, is the arrival of the groom to take his bride home. As the name suggests, the arrival is met with a lot of fanfare, treating the groom like a prince or a celebrity as he arrives either riding a horse or in an uber-expensive car specially procured for the purpose and decked out with hundreds of flowers and ribbons.

The groom will never arrive alone at the venue and will be accompanied by dozens and dozens of his friends and loved ones that will all be dancing and singing.

Special bands that play trumpets and drums are usually hired for the baraat's arrival at the venue. Since the baraat reception costs more than other ceremonies due to the more significant number of guests, Hindu wedding packages are often offered by hotels and banquet halls that are preferred wedding venues.

When the groom arrives, he meets the bride and her family. And there's lunch or dinner at the end.

Envelopes of money are usually given to either the bride or the groom as other presents are typically not offered at a Hindu wedding. Presents are usually given before the reception or a few days before, while monetary gifts are more common.

Modern Indian weddings even have a 3-tiered cake, but the catering is always local traditional delicacies.

How To Make Your Hindu Wedding In Italy Unique

There’s no doubt that planning a Hindu wedding is an exciting time.

And while it contains many moving parts, lots of individual events, tons of outfit changes, and many traditions, it should still be unique.

Your love story is fantastic, and your wedding experience should also be.

Making your Hindu wedding in Italy unique can be done by adding fireworks, different culinary experiences, and other things that are near and dear to your hearts. Italian wedding planners like VB-Events will help you find the perfect experiences to include in your special day.

hands of hindu bride and groom
Photographer: BD_VAGHASIYA

Pokwanu & Tilak

This is one of the more special Hindu wedding traditions in which the bride’s family lovingly welcomes the groom into their lives and places a ‘tilak’ which loosely translated means ‘mark’ on the groom’s forehead.

This is also symbolic of his changed status as a newly married man, and the traditional Hindu bride wears the tilak either on her forehead or in the parting of her hair for the rest of her life (she reapplies it daily) if she wishes to show the world she is a married woman.

In addition, both the bride and groom will receive garlands of flowers or currency notes from each other’s families to wear around their necks.

The Wedding Mandap

The Hindu wedding mandap is where the ceremonial marriage rites occur, which happens after the baraat has ended. The setting of the mandap itself is stunning and artistic to look at, and it is symbolic of the start of married life and all the joys within. The Hindu marriage simply cannot take place without the mandap!

The mandap itself is a structure with four pillars that people have slightly varying interpretations of. However, the pillars can be understood to represent the four stages of one’s life, namely Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, and Sanyasa.

The small haven or fire burning in the middle of the mandap ensures the couple's future happiness and purges evil.

The couple proceeds to circle the fire seven times to complete the marriage rites, and this is called Mangalphera.

Before the mandap custom begins, there is usually a ‘jhoota chupai’ in which the bride’s sisters, cousins, and friends hide the groom’s shoes, and he has to offer money to all of them to get them back.

It is usually a Hindu custom where the groom drinks sweetened milk, and lots of jokes between the bride and her friends ensue.

Ganesh Puja

Praying to the God Ganesh is pivotal in Hindu wedding traditions. This puja can be done on any of the days or more than once, and many wedding celebrations begin with this puja.

Ganesh removes the evil eye from the happy couple, blesses them, and removes difficulties from their future. This puja is also done so that the wedding proceedings go on without any hiccups and no unforeseen events.

What should I wear to a Hindu wedding?

A Glorious Red Wedding Dress

It's a common tradition for couple and guests to wear traditional Indian clothes, such as saris with shades of red or maroon with gold, they are an unsaid rule for Hindu weddings or baraat dresses.

Every bride must wear red as black and white are associated with bad luck and mourning.

Most brides need anywhere from 4 to 10 dresses depending on how many public appearances they will make before heading off on their honeymoon.

Every ceremony requires its own elaborate outfit decorated with handwoven embroidery, sequins, pearls, gems, gold thread, and so forth.

Saris are a traditional, much loved, and worn Indian outfit, and a red sari is the ultimate bridal statement.

However, it can be challenging for Hindus living away from home to find the best wedding dresses as the cost of multiple receptions can be higher in other countries.

The cost of a Hindu wedding in Italy can vary depending on how many guests and events are included. But, if you plan on shopping for a traditional Hindu wedding dress, you may pay more in Italy as it is a specialized elaborate gown.

Suppose you are a wedding guest wondering what to wear to a Hindu wedding. In that case, you will likely be expected to wear extravagant and luxurious clothes, whether it is silk, organza, or velvet, and the more elaborate, the better! And of course, the Sari is traditional clothing worn by many wedding guests.

So, what to wear to a Hindu wedding? This is your time to pull out all the stops and get glammed up!

hindu bride in red sari dress during her wedding
Photographer: artawkrn

Kanyadaan & Hastamelap

Kanyadaan is the act of the parents giving the bride away and wholeheartedly expressing their acceptance and joy at the union.

The bride’s father typically gives away his daughter to the groom and puts her hand in his.

Hastamelap is when the bride’s mother prepares and pours sacred water on the couple (usually their hands), and this is symbolic of the bride’s new life that is waiting for her away from her parents. Next, a Jai Mala may follow; this is a custom in which the bride and groom exchange vibrant floral garlands that reach the waist.

Hindu weddings in Italy can be just as dazzling and spectacular as they are in other countries worldwide.

They are an incredible experience over several days and feature interactive events, lots of dancing, celebrations of love, and many Hindu wedding traditions.

If you want to host a wedding in Italy with Hindu traditions, we’re here to help.

Contact VB-Events Italian Wedding planners to inquire about Hindu wedding packages or to simply find out the cost of a Hindu wedding in Italy.

Together we can plan an unforgettable wedding celebration including as many or as few Hindu wedding traditions as you like.

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