Charlotte & Serkan

Villa Gamberia, Florence
— 15th June 2019  —

"What a Wonderful World"

The picturesque Villa Gamberia was the perfect back-drop to Charlotte and Serkan’s fairy tale wedding. The villa’s breath-taking gardens highlighted the reception area and added to the ethereal atmosphere. It felt as if we were in a wonderland.

The couple looked magnificent in their white attire with pastel, floral accents. They captured the mood and charm of spring, with a little help from Jardin Divers. The mise en place was carefully selected, interweaving additional spring colours throughout the event. The place settings, although mismatched, were nevertheless harmonious, adding to this glee-filled gathering.

As golden hours turned to night, the sky was flooded with shimmering lights, thanks to our amazing lighting crew from JD Events. We think that Charlotte and Serkan had a balanced blend of character and style, ultimately creating a day filled with elegance and charm.

We are delighted that we could make your fairy tale come true. We are grateful to our many vendors, namely Jez Dickson, for capturing the couple’s delight and the grandeur of the day. All of us wish you the best, Charlotte & Serkan. We hope that you re-live these moments of bliss for years to come. All our love!

A few moments

Photography by Jez Dickson (@jez_dickson) 
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The Couple's Words

"We shall never forget the most wonderful day of our lives"

My husband and I couldn't ask for better wedding planners! Valentina and Elena were so patient and charming throughout the whole process and most importantly ensured the day went so smoothly. Gamberaia is the most stunning venue and we shall never forget the most wonderful day of our lives. Thank you Vale and Elena you both are truly wonderful!

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