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Located in the southern peninsular section, Puglia has an amazing coastline over the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Planning your destination wedding in Puglia means being surrounded by the Beauty of Italy, since it offers a great mix of stunning beaches, natural beauty and historical towns. Some of the most famous accommodations here are the Trulli, cone-roofed houses that make them unique buildings, and the Masserie, luxury restored farmhouses. Puglia is also considered the capital of the Luminarie, amazing lights that adorned all the cities during some special occasion, a wonderful experience that you can’t miss and why not, having them at your destination wedding.

Masseria San Giovanni

Surrounded by the Apulian olive trees, Masseria San Giovanni, is a 800 century building. Fairy spaces, a Mediterrean atmosphere and overall a warm welcome are the characteristics of this venue.
Wedding at Masseria San Giovanni

Masseria Don Luigi

Built in 1800 in Savelletri di Fasano, on the outskirts of Salento, the venue has the distinctive Apulian architecture hallmarks: squared lines, lime thick walls and poor art furnishings. Light and sunny colors blend with the white of the structure, enhancing its charm from sunrise till sunset.

Masseria Torre Maizza

The renovated 16th century Masseria Torre Maizza is located in the most glamorous destination on the Italian Adriatic coast. Inspired by the sensational landscapes of Puglia, it exquisitely blends local heritage with contemporary luxury and unparalleled service.

Masseria Grieco

The central body of the Masseria Grieco Country Resort is dated around the 16th century and tells in every detail the centuries-old history of the Itria Valley. The boundaries of the estate are traced by traditional dry-stone walls, made of local stone without the use of any cement binder.

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