23 Trending Wedding Hairstyles for the Modern Bride

May 2, 2023

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event of love, joy, and unforgettable memories. As a bride, you want every wedding detail to be perfect, from the breathtaking venue to the exquisite flowers and your stunning bridal look. Your wedding hairstyle is crucial to this look, reflecting your unique style and personality

It's a way to express your love story through your hair, to make a statement that will be remembered for years to come. That's why we've curated the most exquisite and trendsetting wedding hairstyles for you, the modern and sophisticated bride. From glamorous Hollywood waves to ethereal braids, these hairstyles will elevate your bridal look to the next level, leaving you feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to say "I do" in style. 

So, get prepared to be inspired.

Fall in love with these elegant wedding hairstyles

1. A Crisp Top Bun

Touted by many as a timelessly chic hairstyle, no bride can go wrong with a crisp, sleek, and tight top bun. It elongates shorter necks, makes you look younger, and accentuates a long neck. While a sleek top bun is a style that is said to suit everyone, it is a brilliant one if you are getting ready yourself for your wedding and doing your own hair and makeup.

Start with preliminary flat ironing of the hair, especially if you have wavy, curly hair or hair prone to frizz. Use a styling mousse or an anti-frizz serum or spray to smooth the hair down. You can make two braids and style them into a top bun or simply twist a high ponytail, neatly securing it with U-pins.

Adding flowers or other hair accessories is optional! A top bun glam hairstyle allows you to show off your statement earrings, necklace, or tiara since it attracts less attention, allowing these other elements to shine more. An off-shoulder gown benefits from a top bun, as do V-neck or ball gowns.

A Crisp Top Bun

2. A Flattering Lazy Girl’s Wavy Ponytail

For weddings in adventurous locations or on the beach or a farmhouse, a formal hairstyle often looks out of place. Brides want a fun, relatively low-maintenance, but incredibly flattering hairstyle that will power through the sweat and tears and the moving about without falling flat.

If, as a bride, you are diverging from popular trends and opting for something fun and unique like a wedding jumpsuit or a chiffon knee-length dress, then having a semi-casual but pretty loose wavy ponytail can be an attractive choice.

Start with smoothing your hair out with an at-home blowout and creating some volume at the roots. Next, create princess waves or beachy waves and secure them with a relatively low-lying ponytail. You can always choose a ponytail studded with gems or flowers, a transparent one, or even a faux one that matches your hair color. 

The effect is beautiful but laid-back, and the best part is that you do not need to worry about your hairstyle getting frizzy or flat in the warmer weather or on a windy day.

Flattering Lazy Girl’s Wavy Ponytail

3. Natural And Polished With A Veil

In many cases, bridal dresses are elaborate with all the bells and whistles, and to keep the look modern and not dated, the hairstyle and makeup need to be toned down. For brides with long hair or even medium-length hair, keeping your hair open is an effortless way to have a beautifying hairstyle without going over the top. Make sure your hair has some volume at the roots and that you have perfected its texture with a good conditioning treatment beforehand.

Throw in some imperfect waves or loose curls and secure the veil about halfway through the crown of the head. You can pin the veil to the shoulders for a more fan-out look or leave it as it is. Some pointers to remember are that if you opt for Hollywood waves or spiral waves with this look, they are more high-maintenance and are likely to change texture during an outdoor summer wedding. 

Natural And Polished With A Veil

4. Soft Glam Curl Bun

Soft glam has been trending for modern brides for quite a few years. Start with immaculately conditioned hair and blow dry some volume into the roots and stay away from that texturizing spray! 

Define the crown area with a teasing comb and some pins, and use the volumizing spray at the roots. Make soft curls or waves work with your natural texture, and then secure them in a low bun that is relatively loose so that some of the curls and waves protrude from it. 

You can add hair jewelry like a barrette or a tiara, or to leave the look modern, leave the bun plain and gorgeous. While bangs are optional, they add an extra wow factor to this look.

Soft Glam Curl Bun

5. Playing With The Length

Brides with long hair have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair, as more hair means there is simply more you can do with it. Sometimes the best style is to display the length and vibrancy of the hair without too many extra styling elements. Celebrate your natural texture (straight, wavy, or curly), or add soft waves for a long, ethereal, fairy maiden look.

The length will speak for itself, and the wedding hairstyle can also be achieved with a weave or extensions to elongate the length. Add some seasonal wildflowers or leave the hair open and casual and they will accentuate an elaborate wedding gown or provide the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry. 

Playing With The Length

6. Criss-Cross Bun

A criss-cross bun looks polished and put together, but it does not require the same precision that a Dutch braided bun or a similar one may need. For brides that want to look sophisticated, classic, and regal but are getting ready themselves, this bun provides just the right level of ‘oomph’ factor and is easy to style. Making a classic, chic bun like this directs attention and emphasis on your wedding gown and jewelry; no touch-ups are required!

The criss-cross bun provides the perfect concave area if you want to add a small tiara or an heirloom hair comb or barrette. You can style it with or without bangs, and it will look sublime in its simplicity and timeless appeal. Keep it a low-hanging bun for added sophistication, and it suits all facial features. 

criss-cross Bun

7. Side-Swept Au Naturel

Nothing beats celebrating your natural hair texture on your wedding day. If you have sublime afro-textured hair, do your regular curl maintenance routine and make a sharp side-parting for an 80s club glam look. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for a black woman.

Depending on your hair length, this hairstyle looks voluminous and naturally beautiful and complements a range of wedding dress designs, especially the more laid-back knee-length dresses or floral patterned dresses that stray from the conventional bridal attire concept. 

Side-Swept Au Naturel

8. A Messy Twist Bun For All  

Messy buns are some of the most alluring bridal hairstyles out there, timeless in their appeal, and they suit every face shape and wedding dress type. Start with blow drying some volume into your strands and roots and use a texturizing spray to create a slight texture in the hair to hold loose waves better. 

Twist strands away from the face securing each with a pin, and divide the main hair into partitions, twisting them together inwardly. Keep the bun loose and low, and add some seasonal flowers for a ‘pretty’ vibe.

You can style your front bangs by straightening or slightly curling them, depending on which you prefer, and you can weave both hair gems and flowers into the bun if you want a more impactful look. A messy bun requires time to get right (the opposite of what its name might suggest), so ensure you have enough time on your wedding day if you do not have a hairstylist helping you. 

A Messy Twist Bun For All

9. An Ethereal Curly Bun

A curly bun with defined curls and hair flowers is an incredibly beautifying hairstyle that each modern bride should seriously consider, especially if the hair is long. Start with some tight curls from about halfway down the hair length, and use rollers or a large barrel tong to avoid a spiral curl effect that may clash with this style. 

Keep the curls pinned for ten minutes or so to increase how defined they are. Make a low bun taking care to have each curl visible, and pearl pins or smaller transparent pins can also be used to keep each curl in place. Style your front bangs and use hairspray to ensure your style stays all day! 

10. Romantic Bridal Loose Curls

The modern bride is not concerned with perfection but rather with more laid-back styles that are still spectacularly beautiful and photograph well. This hairstyle of romantic loose curls is a well-loved favorite for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests alike since it is versatile and not high maintenance, as it looks great even as the day wears on. Use a large barrel tong or larger rollers to achieve these loose hanging curls and waves.

rollers to achieve these loose hanging curls and waves. 

Romantic Bridal Loose Curls

11. A Braided, Loose And Messy Updo

Messy updos always look alluring and youthful and are a perfect bridal hairstyle, largely because they look better with some wear and tear, and the ceremony and reception back to back can be taxing for a bride. Some texturizing spray always helps when putting in some loose curls, and style a Dutch braid or a regular French braid on top of a messy bun of a medium height, one that is not too low and not too high. 

Braided, Loose And Messy Updo

12. Regal Rose Bud Bun Hairstyle

This rose bun hairstyle is one of the most regal and elaborate buns you will ever come across, and it is for the bride that wants to make a huge statement with her styling and attire. The hair is backcombed to perfection and may need to be flat ironed or blow-dried beforehand to smooth out the strands.

Playing with the hair’s length, each immaculate rose bud should be constructed by hand and then pinned into place with a transparent or jeweled hairpin. Extensions and hair donuts can be added for extra volume and larger rose buds. 

Regal Rose Bud Bun Hairstyle

13. A Tiara For A Princess

This hairstyle makes the most of long hair with some soft waves, volume at the crown area, and a statement tiara to top it all off, pun intended. Extensions can be added for greater shape and length if the bride has more medium, shoulder-length hair. Beautiful romantic curls always create stunning bridal hairstyles. 

Tiara For A Princess

14. A Flowery, Messy Bun

A messy wedding hair bun is a timelessly elegant and pretty hairstyle and can be done by brides and bridesmaids that are not experts when it comes to hair, as the messier it is, the better it looks. Throw in some seasonal flowers or gypsy flowers, and you’re good to go! 

flowery bun bride

15. Bohemian White Flower Half Do

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in an orchard, farmhouse, near a forest, or on the beach, this bohemian half up half down wedding hairstyle do will serve you well. It has that pleasing beach waves texture, complete with white wildflowers to give that forest nymph or woodland fairy vibe. You can add French braids or a rope braid on both sides of the head if you have longer hair at the front or simply curl bangs outward if you have them. 

Flower messy bun

16. A Hint Of Vintage For The Modern Bride

This hairstyle has vintage accents, a Dutch braid at the front, and pearl ornaments fitted with gypsy flowers. It traverses two worlds as it is modern with its messy outlook and vintage with its medieval braid setting and hair ornamentation. 

When in doubt, a bride with long hair cannot go wrong with this exquisite hairstyle; it is easy to achieve and maintain, particularly for summer weddings. 

A Hint Of Vintage For The Modern Bride

17. Hair Pearls All The Way Down

An open hairstyle with twisted hair, soft waves or curls, and a pearly hair ornament following down the length of the hair has been trendy for a while. The hairstyle is easy and casual while being alluring and girly. If your hair is naturally frizzy or very thick, you may need to incorporate products accordingly to get it looking smooth and sleek before you make some waves or soft curls. 

Hair Pearls All The Way Down

18. Throwaway Waves With A Veil

The modern bride wants to look natural while still being put together and her best self. These throwaway waves are aptly named as they are irregular and imperfect and give an overall feminine princess vibe without being defined. You don’t need to make them all the same size or shape, and you can use a curling tong and vary the time you are applying heat to all the strands.

In the end, secure your veil right in the center, preferably by adding some volume at the crown so it stands raised from the head. 

Throwaway Waves With A Veil

19. A Spiral Curl Bun

Spiral curls are usually rather perfect looking and doll-like. On their own, they can give a slightly dated look, but when they are swept into a messy low bun with a bit of backcombing, they look uber modern and stylish, particularly for a bridal look.  

Throwaway Waves With A Veil

20. A Bun That Is All Volume

This hairstyle starts off with some light, loose waves that are then secured into a ponytail wedding hair with an invisible hair tie and then adjusted into a bun. For added volume, products like a volumizing mousse can be used, or a hair donut or even extensions, as the key is to get the bun looking as large and voluminous as possible. 

The larger, the better! This hairstyle works particularly for brides with smaller or more petite faces, providing a great base for securing the veil at the end. 

Bun That Is All Volume

21. Modern Hollywood Waves With Hair Flowers

A hairstyle that has taken the world by storm is the comeback of classic Hollywood waves, and brides all over the globe are emulating this style due to its versatility and inherent glamour. For most people, Hollywood waves take a while as the hair needs to be made completely smooth and frizz-free with multiple products that are applied step by step, working from liquids to creams and mousses.

The hair is then blow-dried into place, and there isn’t an emphasis on volume near the parting. Extensions are applied in most cases, and always opt for real hair that is close to your natural or dyed hair color. Take one-inch sections and curl the hair all the way down to the end of the hair. A 1.5-inch curling tong is the most ideal tool to achieve Hollywood waves.

Modern Hollywood Waves With Hair Flowers

22. Glamorous Flapper Bride

This hairstyle is trendy but takes inspiration from the 1920s flapper girl style with short curly bob cuts secured, usually with a jeweled or silk hair piece across the forehead. Opt for this hairstyle with some chandelier earrings or other statement jewelry pieces, with the forehead jeweled tiara taking the cake! Soft curls curled outwards away from the face are youthful and glamorous and direct attention to that lovely glitter eye makeup.

Glamorous Flapper Bride

23. Runway Ready Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail

For wedding gowns with a high neck or even a V-neck, some brides want to keep the neck area visible, so an updo like this is ideal for those situations. The hair is kept wonderfully silky with light; loose waves swept into a very high, chic, and uber-fashionable ponytail with a glamorous side parting.

Runway Ready Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail

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