5 Things To Know About Wedding Gift Etiquette.

May 10, 2022

Gift giving is no exception to the etiquette that governs practically every element of organizing, throwing, and attending a wedding. However, in today's world, wedding gift etiquette has evolved significantly. 

Wedding gifts used to be provided to help a young couple build their first home together. Still, nowadays, most couples are either merging two fully functional households or already living together. So, what is the etiquette for wedding gifts today?

It is a great honor and compliment when someone invites you to their wedding. But, an invitation to a wedding always comes up with the daunting task of buying a gift. 

Immediately after getting the invitation to a wedding, the most confusing question arises in everyone's mind "what to buy for a gift?" 

Most people don't know what is the etiquette for wedding gifts. 

How much they should spend on wedding gifts? 

If you are travelling for the wedding, is it ok to spend less or skip the gift? 

What should I buy for the wedding gift? 

After deciding on the present, the question of arises when to send the gift? 

Should we send it before the wedding or after the wedding? 

So many questions start rendering in your mind soon after accepting the wedding invitation. 

And virtual weddings have made it more complicated. But don't worry! You have landed at the right place. We have come up with some wedding gift etiquette that will make it easy to choose a wonderful gift.

Let's jump into the details of etiquette for wedding gifts.

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What Is The Etiquette For Wedding Gifts

You need to know everything about wedding gift etiquettes, starting from the etiquette of wedding gifts to what kind of gift you should buy for the couple. Let's start.

Spending On a Wedding Gift

Are you thinking about what to give a wedding couple as a gift? Have you decided on your budget? This is one of the essential points you need to know before thinking about the present. The selection of the gift depends on the budget you have decided. 

How much you invest in the wedding gift usually depends on your relationship with the couple.

The simple rule is: The closer you are, the higher amount you should spend. 

According to Vogue, the average amount of the wedding gift is $99 if you are a friend of the wedding couple. And at least $127 is projected to spend in the case of a family member.

Even if you are not a very close friend to a wedding couple, you should invest at least $50 to $75 for their wedding gift. If nothing falls within your desired budget, then don't worry! We have an idea. 

Grab the coupons for $50 to $75 from the registered store of the wedding couple. This will fit everything into their places. Also, in wedding gift etiquette, cash is acceptable.

And modern wedding gift etiquette says that it is not mandatory to buy a wedding gift if you are attending destination weddings with a high cost of flights, room booking, and more. 

If you are attending such weddings, you have already spent much on wedding dresses, bridal showers, and bachelor parties. So the budget limitations are a perfectly valid reason for buying no gift.

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Sending a Wedding Gift

After deciding on the budget,  the next question that might arise in your mind is when to buy and send a wedding gift? Is there anything like too late or too early in the wedding gift etiquette? 

The best practice is to buy and send the wedding gift as soon as you receive the wedding invitation. But if you could not ship this earlier, it is recommended to ship closer to the wedding day. It would help to keep in mind any uncertainty like shipping delays, damages, etc., before sending the gift closer to the wedding day. 

People bringing gifts to the actual wedding day is going out of fashion now. There are so many things to be tracked on the wedding day, so it is much appreciated not to bring the gift on the actual wedding day. If you can’t send it before the wedding, it is acceptable to send it after the couple's big day. But, if you’re planning to send it after the “I Do’s,” it is recommended to ship the gift within two months of the wedding.

And if anyhow you could not ship the gift and have to bring it on the wedding day. You must place the present on the gift table set up at the wedding venue. You don’t want your gift to be lost.

Buying a Gift Outside The Couple’s Registry

The question may arise in your mind if you can buy a gift that is not mentioned in the couple's gift registry? We have come up with the answer for you.

In the wedding gift etiquettes, it is usually suggested to have the wedding gift from the couple's gift registry. All couples have unique preferences and needs, so buying a gift from their desired registry is recommended. But it is not mandatory. 

It is perfectly fine and appreciable to buy a gift outside the couple's registry. You could drop off the couple's registry if everything jotted down there is already taken by other guests or are out of your budget.

There might be a question about what to buy as a gift that’s not registered in the registry. Here is the answer. Don't buy anything randomly like serve wares or decoration pieces. Instead, purchase something meaningful to the couple. If you know the couple very well, you can pick up anything according to their taste and needs and your budget. You can also have the thing as a wedding gift that reminds you of the couple. 

If you are a couple's close friend, you must have some great and cherished memories. Then, you can buy something that freshens that beautiful memory with them as a wedding gift. Wedding gift etiquette does not restrict you from purchasing a present from the couple's registry. 

Also, if these all options are not suitable for you or you cannot get anything that would be appreciable by the couple. Then in wedding gift etiquette, cash is absolutely appreciated by the couple, or you can also give a gift token to them. So they can grab anything they like.

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Buying a Gift For a Virtual Wedding

Virtual weddings have made it more complicated and hectic to buy a gift for the couple. In the case of virtual weddings, there are fewer chances for the couple to receive gifts. Therefore, buying a gift for the virtual wedding must be a more admirable and sweet gesture from your side to the couple.

But when it comes to what you should buy for a virtual wedding, we recommend you to stick to the gifts you are getting for them at the in-person wedding. Presents are an appreciative gesture from you to congratulate the couple. 

Some couples may choose to have a virtual and a physical wedding. So, then when to send a gift - at a virtual or in-person wedding? The answer is to send it now. As soon as you receive the wedding invitation, send the gift because who knows what will happen in the future?

Sending a Group Gift

In some cases, you might be deciding to have a group gift for the wedding couple but are confused about the etiquette. Don't worry! We got you covered. It is perfectly palpable and acceptable to send a gift in a group. This might be a group of close friends or a group of close cousins. 

You can go for group gifts if the couple's gift registry has something out of your budget as a single person. In this case, you can invite your mutual friends to join you in a group gift. The couple will be happy about your generous gesture, and you too can save money depending on the size of the group you have made.

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Weddings are a special occasion in one's life. Making them happy with your sweet gestures is something you can do for them at their wedding. Gifts are an essential part of the wedding to congratulate the couple. Gifts also help the couple to start their newlywed life with all the resources they need.

It is essential to be aware of what wedding gift etiquette is. And try to choose your gifts according to the etiquette for wedding gifts, and what you know the couple wants and likes. This would surely make you select the present that the wedding couple would appreciate and love. 

But also remember that the greatest gift you can give a couple on their wedding day is your attendance, support, and love. And you can’t put a price on that!

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