What to do in Italy: 5 captivating experiences

February 8, 2021

Italy’s multitudinous landscapes are renowned for displaying visually-spectacular scenes. At VB Events we know that this magic is best experienced in an immersive way. Our luxury tours and experiences provide the perfect way to appreciate the scope of our country. Italy is culturally decadent and artistically dense, which is why our museum tours seamlessly blend education, history and craftsmanship. Food is another avenue that brings our country much acclaim. Treat your taste buds to tastings as well as cooking classes. For those more inclined to adrenaline inducing experiences you can drive or ride in a myriad of high speed or luxury vehicles.

Now that you have an overview of what is on offer… let’s delve into 5 of our favourites.

1. Hot air balloon rides 

This is an enthralling way to survey Italy’s landscapes from an aerial point of view. Italy is an ‘open-air museum’ and provides a plethora of extraordinary sights. You can embark on a hot air balloon journey in almost every part of country providing you with the chance to admire anything from coastlines to vineyards, mountain ranges and more.

These tours can be enjoyed by couples wanting a private experience or anyone else with a larger group that wants to take to the skies. (You can usually accommodate up to 8 passengers or rent more than one balloon).

2. Vespa tours 

The Vespa is an instantly recognizable Italian vehicle. Their mobility and charm are iconic and allow you to explore all quarters of Italian cities, monuments and famous locations.  

  • To drive a Vespa, you need to be +18 years old and provide a car license and driving experience on a scooter or motorcycle. 
  • EU citizens must provide an international license. 
  • You can plan a Vespa tour driven by experienced drivers if the above options are not possible.

3. Wine and olive oil tasting
Oil and wine are enmeshed in Italian culture. Elevate your destination wedding or Italian experience by sampling a number of these rich flavour profiles. Across Italy there are a number of esteemed locations where you can indulge your senses. 

  • Wine cellars tours allow you to taste different kinds of wine such as white, red and sparkling variants
  • There are distinctive local varieties of oil produced in numerous our country. (Olive oil tasting is best in November, when the olives are harvested and new oil is made).

4. Exclusive tours 

These tours are specially moulded to each client’s requirements. Some examples, according to region, can be seen below:

  • Historical and countryside tours in Tuscany. 
  • A tour of the Etna Volcano and a boat tour in the crystalline sea, in Sicily. 
  • Iconic Vespa tours in Rome.  
  • In Apulia you can visit charming towns with recognisable ‘Trulli’ characteristics.

5. Boat tours 

Capri, Amalfi, Lake Como, Apulia, and Sardinia are just some of the idyllic locations where you can plan an exclusive boat tour. You can choose from elegant private yachts to sailboats and anything in-between. With a glass of Prosecco in hand and the sea in full view, Italy truly comes to life. Boat tours can be organised for the couple or even for a larger party of people.

A VB Events recommendation

Since we are based in Florence we suggest taking the Arno Boat Tour which is stunning, as well as wine tasting in the Chianti area, where the red wine is the main attraction. 

Our role is taking care of every client’s desire.  We provide thoughtful suggestions, inspiring locations and guide your every choice. Furthermore, we collaborate with elite companies and vendors in order to guarantee that our clients have sublime experiences.

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