Captivating Wedding Lantern Decor For a Magical Celebration

June 1, 2023

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is curating the atmosphere of your opulent event. From your breathtaking venue to the most intricate details, like florals and tableware, everything needs to blend in seamlessly to create an uninterrupted flow of elegance and harmony.

Naturally, your wedding decor will set the tone of your event, be it bohemian elegance, timeless grandeur, or refined minimalistic luxury. When it comes to centrepieces, most couples tend to acquire their florals first and then focus on the details around them. However, what is typically overlooked is the lighting for tables, and the realization of this comes a bit too late. 

As a quick-fix solution, most choose to feature candles placed in simple holders, though it hardly provides any illumination. Others include elegant candelabras to evoke an authentic vintage feel, though things could quickly get rather messy. 

Why Use Wedding Lantern Centrepieces?

Illumination plays a significant role in the ambiance of your wedding, especially at the reception tables. You want your guests to revel in the beauty of your centrepieces, not be distracted by flickering candles or a dimly lit setting. You can include wedding lanterns in your centrepieces to provide beautiful and romantic illumination while keeping the theme flowing.

Wedding lanterns create an unparalleled setting of romance and enchantment, omitting a captivating glow. Reminiscent of bygone days, these exquisite pieces offer a touch of elegance and refined sophistication to all kinds of celebrations. When set as centrepieces, lanterns not only enhance the visual aesthetic of the tables but also infuse the space with a touch of intimacy and delicate grandeur. Simply put, their allure and radiant glow will be just what your celebration needs!

The Symbolism Of Wedding Lanterns

A great deal of symbolism is attached to lanterns, mainly serving as beacons of light, illuminating the couple’s path to eternal love. As focal points, they symbolize an emblem of exquisite romance akin to the couple's unique love story. Additionally, the allure of wedding lanterns lies in their versatility. Since they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, you can easily find ones ideal for your desired ambiance.

Most importantly, they can provide soft yet radiant illumination – without the sense of being too bright or flashy. And as centrepieces, they draw guests to their warm embrace, ultimately creating an ethereal scenery like those in storybooks.


Due to their highly versatile allure, wedding lantern centrepieces can be styled in many ways. For instance, you can opt for smaller, delicate lanterns and cluster them together, providing twinkling ambient lighting. Or, you can choose stand-alone pieces, which will serve as unmatched attention grabbers. With their ability to seamlessly blend into any decor style, wedding lanterns can effortlessly elevate the overall aesthetic, no matter what kind you want.

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Lantern Ideas For Your Wedding 

Black Lantern Intertwined With Flowers

This gorgeous wedding lantern is an ideal centrepiece for timelessly elegant and rustic celebrations. While centered as a focal point, the surrounding flowers give it a dash of tender romance, complementing its industrial feel. Therefore, this lantern can also fit into a modern atmosphere. You can pair it with soft flowers, like pastel roses or white calla lilies, for a genuinely minimal look.

Marble-like Centerpiece Lantern

Stand-alone lanterns can offer a captivating feel, especially if they feature an intricate design. This wedding lantern centrepiece is made from a marble-like material, evoking a high-end, luxurious statement. Surrounded by delicate flowers, it will catch the eye of everyone present without being too flashy.

Vintage Cage Lantern

This vintage caged lantern is reminiscent of the bygone eras and can be the perfect centrepiece for a rustic wedding. Instead of placing candles, you can fill them with minimalistic florals or lush green accents, adding tiny twinkling lights and providing soft ambient lighting.

The Classic White Lantern

Sometimes, sticking to the classic is the best decision, especially regarding wedding decor. For example, take this classic white centrepiece lantern - although it doesn’t feature any intricate elements, it offers a minimalistic, elegant feel, perfect for contemporary celebrations. To accent its simplistic allure, you can pair it with various striking flowers, like roses or peonies.

Lantern Table Number

While wedding lanterns are mainly used for emitting a romantic glow, you can also find an additional purpose for them. Instead of placing traditional table number papers, you can design little emblems of the numbers and put them on top of the lanterns. This way, your guest will automatically be drawn to its allure, where they’ll be genuinely appreciated for their radiating glow.

Minimalist Gold Lantern

Although classically traditional, a fully-white colour palette can sometimes feel uninspired. Therefore, you need to implement tender touches of colour without overpowering the overall aesthetic. 

For instance, you can use minimal gold wedding lanterns as centrepieces, ideal for traditional and contemporary celebrations. You can also pair the piece with tiny pastel candles and lush floral arrangements for an unmatched romantic appeal.

Ornate Wedding Lantern Centerpiece

Instead of opting for classic designs, why not go for something more ornate? This timeless wedding lantern will fit various aesthetics, providing an unparalleled elegant ambiance. The beauty of this peace is that it can be paired with an array of decorations, from eye-capturing flowers to intricate tiny candle holders.

Terrarium Glass Lanterns

Like classic lanterns, terrarium lanterns can feature different nature elements inside them instead of candles. Since this wedding lantern has plenty of space, you can incorporate an array of greenery; just make sure they’re well protected. Alternatively, you can use a natural aesthetic and place twinkling lights instead.

Other Decor Wedding Ideas For Lanterns

While lanterns for weddings look stunning as the focal point of your reception tables, there are a few other ways you can incorporate wedding lanterns into your decor. 

Wedding Aisle

Vintage lanterns look incredible when used to line the wedding aisle. They can be decorated with flowers, greenery, ribbons and other items to match your wedding theme. Adding them to your aisle adds a touch of whimsy and romance to an otherwise plain aisle. 

Suspended Lanterns

Another way you can use lanterns to elevate the level of romance at your wedding is to suspend them from above. This can be done over the sweetheart or bridal party table, over guest or dessert tables and suspended from trees at outdoor events. It’s an unexpected decor element that your guests will love. 

Photo Backdrop

You can use large lanterns or lanterns in varying sizes as backdrop props for your wedding photos. For example, picture the staircase at a beautiful Italian villa lined with romantic lanterns; it’s a great way to dress up the background in your photos. 

As you can see, there’s a wide range of wedding lanterns. Whether your celebration is glamorous or the epitome of modernism, these intricate pieces will go perfectly with any setting. Additionally, don’t limit yourself, you could have a lot of wedding design options - to achieve a fully authentic look, consider adding various elements that will blend harmoniously with their radiating aesthetic.

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