Weddings are not only celebrations of love; they are an opportunity to gather and socialize with all your dearest friends, incorporating the latest trends into one’s celebration is often how a wedding is admired and loved by the guests.

But how does a couple meld their unique style with these sought-after influences and trends?

This is where the wedding planner plays a fundamental role. As experts within this field the wedding planner is equipped to make indispensable suggestions and recommendations. At VB Events, we utilise our vast array of insider knowledge and experience to ensure that the couple’s vision is strengthened and bolstered by any external influences or trends. (Click here to learn more about the importance of having a local wedding planner). 

We consult with each couple on a highly personalised level. This ensures that we understand YOU and YOUR PARTNER. It also allows us to deliver at our optimum as your singular tastes and aesthetics will be intertwined in your celebration.

How is VB Events aware of these sought-after influences and trends?

As our company is one of the leading, luxury destination wedding planners we have ample sources to draw inspiration and knowledge from. The bulleted list below details just a few of our available resources. 

What trends are popular now and which influences does VB Events think will be relevant in the future?

With COVID- 19 restricting the nature of social gatherings and densely populated events, we foresee an increase in ‘micro-weddings’ and elopements. Whilst we acknowledge that safety should come first, we are equally looking forward to larger events resuming in 2022. For this new wave of celebrations, we feel reinvigorated to produce new lighting setups, new entertainment options, and discover new luxury venues across our dazzling, Italian landscape.

For every event that we plan and execute we bring a fresh canvas and overflowing ideas. That is why we relish incorporating new colours, themes, set-ups and ideas into each bespoke event.

However, we know that luxury and destinations in Italy have a Timeless Appeal. Trends may change and be transient but these two fronts, that we have built our brand on, will remain sought-after and fashionable.

Italy’s multitudinous landscapes are renowned for displaying visually-spectacular scenes. At VB Events we know that this magic is best experienced in an immersive way. Our luxury tours and experiences provide the perfect way to appreciate the scope of our country. Italy is culturally decadent and artistically dense, which is why our museum tours seamlessly blend education, history and craftsmanship. Food is another avenue that brings our country much acclaim. Treat your taste buds to tastings as well as cooking classes. For those more inclined to adrenaline inducing experiences you can drive or ride in a myriad of high speed or luxury vehicles.

Now that you have an overview of what is on offer… let’s delve into 5 of our favourites.

1. Hot air balloon rides 

This is an enthralling way to survey Italy’s landscapes from an aerial point of view. Italy is an ‘open-air museum’ and provides a plethora of extraordinary sights. You can embark on a hot air balloon journey in almost every part of country providing you with the chance to admire anything from coastlines to vineyards, mountain ranges and more.

These tours can be enjoyed by couples wanting a private experience or anyone else with a larger group that wants to take to the skies. (You can usually accommodate up to 8 passengers or rent more than one balloon).

2. Vespa tours 

The Vespa is an instantly recognizable Italian vehicle. Their mobility and charm are iconic and allow you to explore all quarters of Italian cities, monuments and famous locations.  

3. Wine and olive oil tasting
Oil and wine are enmeshed in Italian culture. Elevate your destination wedding or Italian experience by sampling a number of these rich flavour profiles. Across Italy there are a number of esteemed locations where you can indulge your senses. 

4. Exclusive tours 

These tours are specially moulded to each client’s requirements. Some examples, according to region, can be seen below:

5. Boat tours 

Capri, Amalfi, Lake Como, Apulia, and Sardinia are just some of the idyllic locations where you can plan an exclusive boat tour. You can choose from elegant private yachts to sailboats and anything in-between. With a glass of Prosecco in hand and the sea in full view, Italy truly comes to life. Boat tours can be organised for the couple or even for a larger party of people.

A VB Events recommendation

Since we are based in Florence we suggest taking the Arno Boat Tour which is stunning, as well as wine tasting in the Chianti area, where the red wine is the main attraction. 

Our role is taking care of every client’s desire.  We provide thoughtful suggestions, inspiring locations and guide your every choice. Furthermore, we collaborate with elite companies and vendors in order to guarantee that our clients have sublime experiences.

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered”- Giorgio Armani

Your wedding day should be etched in your memory long after the celebrations have ended. So too, your event should leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. “Being remembered”, for Armani, is thus a pivotal aspect of epitomising elegance and acclaim. We know that your wedding attire is a key way that you can dazzle your guests, convey your unique style and feel sensational.

Nowadays, there is no ‘correct’ wedding attire. Your personal tastes, traditions, religion and culture could inform the clothing choices that you make. For wedding dresses, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses and any other wedding garments or accessories that you may require, you can consult your local designers, catalogues, or boutiques etc.

For those who do desire a wedding dress, you may adore the first dress or find the perfect dress on the 100th try. Everyone is different. However, it is useful to know that ‘made to order’ wedding dresses typically take about 6 -9 months to create. Our recommendation is that you visit the bridal salon sooner rather than later to ensure that you have adequate time. This will also aid in stress reduction and make the process more enjoyable.

“The joy of dressing is an art”- John Galliano

Usually our brides buy their wedding dress in their country of origin, without our input. Yet, Valentina does have extensive experience as a personal shopper and is able to consult with clients and provide you with invaluable advice. Additionally, we have connections with a number of ateliers here in Florence and in other parts of Italy. This way you have access to a range of international brands as well as hand-crafted, Italian designs.

Once you have selected your wedding attire or have a vision of the style you want, we work on incorporating your aesthetics into the event itself. Our bespoke mood boards showcase each couple’s tailored made wedding style. From here we share this information with your hand-selected suppliers and vendors. Their expertise and experience means that they can provide advice as to how we can seamlessly incorporate your aesthetic fashion into the setup of the wedding.

Finally, we have a few tips and tricks as to how you can reduce the risk of damaging any wedding garments: 

No matter which style of fashion appeals to your individual tastes, VB Events will be there to cement your vision in reality. We cannot wait to start your wedding journey with you and witness the awe-inspiring, end result.

Close your eyes and picture the colours and theme of your ideal wedding.

Did you imagine warm autumnal hues or fresh pops of green foliage? Perhaps vibrant flowers in a multitude of shades is more appealing? What about violet, cerulean, scarlet or blush?

Most people have a vague idea of the ‘aesthetics’ that they want. Yet, they often forget how this can be linked to the date and the season when the wedding takes place. That is why VB Events will guide you in this selection process.

A few important question to consider are listed below:

These are things that are all worth taking into consideration as the season should inform a few of your wedding choices. So too, your wedding choices should reflect the season you select.

First, VB Events will aid you in your choice of season. We will take into consideration which season or time of year best suits you as a couple. We will also provide insights regarding the temperatures and weather in the various, magnificent regions of our country. From there we can delve into the details.

We consult our masterful suppliers in order to make the most informed decisions: 

It is noteworthy that there is no specific location for a specific season. Our expertise and strength lies in ensuring that the venue’s location is perfect, irrespective of the time of year. Our priority is to bring your wedding vision to life. This means that we always have a ‘Plan B’ in case there are any tumultuous weather conditions. Whether this involves having a backup marquee or moving the event indoors, our meticulous planning ensures that your day is stress-free.

We will always prioritise your wishes and our highly tailored service ensures that we communicate with you effectively. Whether you are adorned with lavender and white flowers or have floral displays boasting autumnal shades, VB Events ensures bespoke beauty.

Italy is a country that is overflowing with scenic beauty. It is no surprise then that we attract millions of tourists each year and are the 5th most visited country in the world. The appeal of Italy lies not only in the versatility and magnificence of our location, but equally in our cuisine, history and culture.

Whilst Italy is a vibrant holiday location, it is also the perfect destination for a luxury wedding celebration. At VB Events we are maestros at wedding planning and bespoke event organisation. Our extensive experience and plethora of connections ensures that your event in Italy is sensational. (Click here to understand the importance of having a local wedding

We have a myriad of choices for your event’s venue ranging from castles to villas, acclaimed 5-star hotels, exclusive properties and everything in between. So too, your options for the location are vast as we have contacts throughout our captivating country. Lake Como, Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast, Apulia and the Islands are a few examples to provide a muse for your wedding vision.

A few of our favourites include:

VB Events Luxury Destination Wedding Planners

Whatever location you select, will leave your guests awe-struck.

VB Events Luxury Italian Wedding Planner

The accommodation itself is set to dazzle your guests. The place that you choose will be inspired by the number of guests and the loca7on itself. Whether you prefer boutique hotels or majestic villas- Italy and VB events will satisfy your every desire.

The list below outlines a few examples of what each location delivers on accommodation.

Our connections and concierge service enable us to find you elite accommodation at the most competitive price.

The cuisine in Italy is another acclaimed feature of our country. Food and wine are criteria that often determine a client’s location as couples embrace sought-after culinary tastes that only Italy can deliver. The various regions of our country shape each gastronomic experience.
The North and central Italy often bring truffle dishes, risottos, steak, various cheeses and cold cuts. In the South, it’s very common to eat seafood, caprese, local desserts and beverages such as cannolis and Limoncello. Wine is a fundamental aspect of dining in Italy, each region boasts their own labels and cheeses to taste with.

If our clients decide to celebrate their own cuisine and culture, this is achieved through our collaboration with exclusive catering vendors. (Click here to find out more how VB Events caters to all cultures and religions).

VB Events Luxury Italian Wedding Planners

Finally, tours and various ac7vi7es are the best way to experience our captivating country. VB Events will organise all of this for you. The list below showcases a few of these stellar attractions.

Italy is steeped in beauty and cultural richness. The picturesque setting that our country offers is the perfect location for a luxury wedding. At VB Events we will bring your flawless day to life, marrying your own tastes with the magnificence of our country. Please contact us with any queries or questions.

Weddings are not only unions of love; they are a co-mingling of faith, culture and national heritage. Each person brings their unique identity to the marriage and this should be celebrated accordingly.

That is why VB – Events champions and caters to a kaleidoscope of people, whether you say “я люблю тебя” or are adorned with henna. We will plan your bespoke wedding with cultural sensitivity and religious accuracy, as well as bring elegance and luxury to your special day.

In the past we have worked with diverse clientele and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and adaptability. We have perfected the wedding planning process and have ample experience; ranging from traditional Jewish ceremonies and same sex marriages to couples with Russian and British backgrounds.

The possibilities for your wedding are endless.

Furthermore, we ensure that your ‘festivities and ceremonies’ are accurate using these three steps…

  1. Communication with the couple and their families is always insightful and adds tremendous value. In this way, we learn about religious and cultural traditions as well as your own personal preferences.
  2. Knowledgeable outside parties are also consulted, such as the officiate of the ceremony. Our rich network of connections also enables us to connect with other informative sources.
  3. Secondary research is another step that is paramount, and we consult reliable articles, guides and blogs.

Once we are equipped with knowledge about you and your partner, we can begin crafting your custom wedding experience.
The aesthetics of your wedding are intertwined with both your personal style and any religious or cultural requirements.

This could include anything from incorporating lucky colours or important symbols into various aspects of the event. Whatever you desire, will be delivered. The location is another way that we celebrate your traditions and we ensure that the setting can accommodate and bolster any religious or cultural practices.

With the order of events, we ensure that the officiate is credible and all other proceedings are of the highest standards.
Food often encapsulates one’s identity and heritage, which is why catering is another aspect of the wedding that we mould to your tastes.

Although Italian customs and heritage may be unfamiliar to you, we will ensure that you feel at ease in our magnificent country. To read more about the importance of having a local, Italian wedding planner click here.

We are here to make YOUR day the epitome of perfection; whether that involves following traditions and customs or helping you envisage your own.

Cosa sai dell'organizzazione di un matrimonio in Italia?

The question above is an imperative one: How much do you know about planning a wedding in Italy?

To start, if you could not understand the question itself, this does not bode well for your planning prospects. A local Italian wedding planner understands this question and is equipped with all the answers that you could possibly need. The benefits, however, go far beyond language barriers. Local wedding planners, specifically VB – Events, ensures that your luxury wedding is steeped in grandeur. We are dedicated to the pursuit of client satisfaction.

Let’s delve into the specific areas that we can enrich:

You may be somewhat proficient in Italian or may only know the words ‘ciao’ or ‘grazie’. Local wedding planners, on the other hand, are fluent in Italian and will ensure that there are no communication mishaps or misunderstandings. This is pivotal in ensuring everything runs smoothly as they can organise all aspects of the wedding adeptly. It is also noteworthy that our team, at VB – Events, all speak impeccable English, due to our international exposure and experiences abroad.

Couples often think that spending money on a wedding planner can be an exorbitant waste. This is entirely untrue. The correct wedding planner, such as VB – Events, will actually save you money. (The section below, on Connections, outlines how this is possible). Moreover, we aid you in the budgeting process. We ensure that you stay on target, or we provide you with informed recommendations on what to substitute or cut out of your budget.  

At VB – Events, our 15 years of experience means that we have hand-picked the vendors that we rely on. As we bring these external sources clients, our partnerships cannot be matched by couples planning a wedding by themselves. This rapport with such outside sources, ranging from venue owners to caterers, also means that our clients get the best possible prices. We even have bargaining power, further safeguarding your budget. So too, these relationships are imbued with trust, and the quality of our network of connections guarantees that all vendors will deliver at their optimum.

The services that we at VB – Events provide are bespoke and moulded to each couple’s grandest desires. The use of a wedding planner ensures that your wedding experience is highly personal and hands-on. We are fully dedicated to making your vision tangible and do so by having thorough consultations, meetings and calls. This is something that makes our services stand out. We will also accompany you in venue hunting and catering tastings, as well as provide you with an array of options for each selection that you make. The full extent of our services can be perused, here.

If you strip away the aesthetics of a wedding, it comes back to the love between a couple. This celebration should not be tainted by stress or mismanagement. As local wedding planners, we have a fine-tuned planning process that takes care of every exhaustive detail. So all you and your partner have to do, is watch your dream day unfold and revel in the celebration of your love.

The allure of VB - Events

We are experts in the field of wedding planning. This is further enhanced by our matchless local knowledge, renowned services and Italian flair. Your wedding is in unrivalled hands with VB – Events.

For any other questions that you may have, we invite you to contact us, here.

Weddings are infused with love and celebratory bliss. Yet, they are also notorious for being stressful, as they require thorough planning. Anyone tasked with organising a wedding is thus placed under a significant amount of strain. That is why VB-Events exists.

We oversee everything in fastidious detail. Our 15 years of experience and impeccable organisational skills ensure that your wedding day is one of grandeur and eminence. Let us take the reigns, so that you can sit back, take a sip of champagne and take pleasure in this enchanting process.

Our 12-month plan below is the ultimate guide to luxury wedding planning. It has been hand-crafted to bring each couple a bespoke experience. It outlines our planning process and how we mould your vision into an unforgettable reality.

12 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Rough guest list and bridal party selection
  2. Work out budget
  3. Find a wedding planner
  4. Venue hunt - Ceremony & Reception
  5. Confirm Church
  6. Narrow down date (1-3 days)
  7. Collect Inspiration - style of wedding
  8. Start supplier search
  9. Start Wedding File
  10. Reserve Photographer & Videographer
  11. Book dress appointment

11 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize date
  2. Start booking suppliers
  3. Florist appointments
  4. Dress searching
  5. Honeymoon options
  6. Wedding website
  7. Finalize guest list
  8. Ask bridal party - “will you be my…” gift box

10 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Gift registry
  2. Search for Officiant
  3. Start music selection - ceremony & reception
  4. Finalize dress & veil
  5. Taste cake and catering
  6. Look for groom attire
  7. Look for party attire
  8. Develop Stationary

9 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Book rehearsal dinner venue
  2. Book hair and make up
  3. Purchase grooms attire
  4. Start alterations
  5. Find shoes and accessories
  6. Book honeymoon
  7. Hire sound and light equipment
  8. Send save the date

8 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Confirm all vendors
  2. Purchase wedding party attire
  3. Reserve guest accommodation
  4. Purchase shoes and accessories
  5. Think about party favors

7 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Edit and proof read invites
  2. Purchase stamps and envelopes
  3. Book Caterer
  4. Book Music and entertainment

6 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Start other Stationary - menu, seating cards..
  2. Think about transport
  3. Send invitations

5 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Book tables and chairs
  2. Hire table clothes and chair covers
  3. Other extras to hire…

4 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Double check looks - garter, lingerie etc.
  2. Finalize florist
  3. Complete favor order
  4. Choose wedding rings

3 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize all the accommodation for guests
  2. Finalize the order of service
    Follow up on RSVPs
  3. Finalize ceremony readings
    Plan party roles - speeches etc.
    Hair and make up trial

2 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize all wedding vendors & payment
  2. Start thinking vows
  3. Start seating plan
  4. Finalize guest list

1 Month Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize seating & table plan
  2. Book Spa day
  3. Confirm guest number to caterer & florist
  4. Communicate arrival time to vendors
  5. Final fittings
  6. Confirm honeymoon info - flights etc.
  7. Order thank you notes
  8. Confirm playlist with DJ

2 Weeks Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize Vows
  2. Finalize back up plan (marquee, etc..)
  3. Pack for Honeymoon
  4. Spa day
  5. Finalize payments for vendors
  6. Pack wedding bag - rings & licenses
  7. Confirm Party roles
  8. Send timeline and schedule to vendors

Day Before The Wedding:

  1. Final drop offs at venues (if needed)
  2. Rehearsal
  3. Welcome cocktail & dinner
  4. Early to bed

The Big Day:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast/ light lunch
  2. Rings to best man/ page boy /flower girl
  3. Final payments handled by friend
  4. Have fun & enjoy !!

Now that you have an idea of the overall planning that goes into your dream wedding, it is also beneficial to be familiar with the finer details.


Currently, questions about travel may be intertwined with logistics surrounding COVID-19. Queries about quarantine times, tests, and safety guidelines should be directed to your local embassy to ensure that you are fulfilling all the necessary requirements. We also recommend contacting Dr Kerr, an English speaking doctor in Florence, for any other questions that you may have. You can access his website, here.

Your other travel logistics, such as the legal documentation needed, is also highly individualised and depends on your country of origin. Ensure that you consult your embassy or a well informed travel agent. We recommend that you are highly organised and that you get your information from reliable sources; bureaucracy should not interfere with your dream day.

For any queries pertaining to visas and documentation, or any other travel information, please feel free to contact us, here.

The Wedding Day and Our Services:

At VB–Events we offer a myriad of services to ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is awe-inspiring. To view these services in depth, click here.

Any other queries or questions you may have can be directed to our contacts page, here.

We look forward to bringing your dazzling day to life.

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