Super Proposals For Valentine’s Day

Proposing to the person you love best in the world can be simultaneously the most anxious and wonderful moment of your life.

While you may be sure of the correct answer, a proposal needs to be as unique and memorable as possible because it will be a moment you both will remember.

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most preferred days for a proposal, but here are some great ideas to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Valentine's Day proposal engagement ring

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An Evening To Remember

Several years ago, being ‘notebooked’ was a trendy activity for a date. It consisted of a couple watching the movie ‘The Notebook .’

The steadfast love depicted in it would subsequently bring them closer together.

Consider creating a live-action highlight reel of all your favorite moments as a couple for the perfect Valentine's Day proposal.

Then, design a fantastic evening for your partner, skating at an ice rink, going to their favorite restaurant, having a private screening of their favorite movie, or even going for a long walk with unique pit stops, each with a message of love.

You can also include recreating moments like the first time you met or where you realized you loved your significant other.

The scope for interpretation is broad so let your imagination run wild.

Depending on what your partner loves or is passionate about, you can also design a local tour around a favorite hobby or activity, such as lining up all the best indie bookstores or best cafes.

Then, at the end of this fantastic evening of variety, you can pop the big question with an engagement ring and know you pulled off one of the most romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A Getaway

If you and your partner have been looking forward to a couple of nights away for a long time, Valentine’s Day is the time to do it finally.

But, first, you will need to plan and make bookings for everything from accommodation to activities; just make sure you choose a place that your partner will get a lot out of, such as scenic places or offer history and culture.

A 14-Day Treat

A heartfelt way to show your partner how much you care is to give them 14 individual gifts, leading up to Valentine’s Day Proposal with an engagement ring.

The gifts need to be thoughtful rather than extravagant, like your loved one’s favorite chocolate, a gift basket, or a spa day gift certificate.

Hire A Proposal Planner

Hiring a proposal planner is going the extra ten miles when it comes to proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A proposal planner is a professional individual or company that takes the time to know your story, your likes, and preferences and crafts the perfect unique proposal from scratch.

But, of course, a proposal planner, like VB-Events goes further than just brainstorming romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

They help you execute your plans beautifully, including communicating with vendors and bringing the proposal to life.

If you’ve hired the right proposal planner, they will usually go above and beyond and pay attention to even the most minor details, from the colour of ribbons used to the vendors procuring the flowers.

Many more prominent proposal planners operate in multiple countries offering customized services where you are through their established vendor network.

Valentine's day proposal table decorated with flowers, candles and plates

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Do I need a Proposal Planner for my Valentine’s Day proposal?

Proposing to the love of your life comes with its fair share of nerves and cold feet. Perhaps you aren’t fully confident you can pull off every detail masterfully and want the proposal to be perfect.

In that case, a proposal planner is a brilliant and very convenient option because they have experts who take care of every little detail after taking the time to get to know you and what you share about your partner.

Maybe your partner loves vintage vibes and old movies, or they like a very girly and pinky vibe- an expert proposal planner will know just how to make their heart sing.

The Ring

Popping the question on Valentine’s Day is certainly a romantic gesture and there are many ways to do it. But no matter what creative, unique, and Insta-worthy proposal you plan there is one thing that is a necessity - the ring.

The engagement ring symbolizes loyalty and commitment to the beloved partner, as well as the promise of marriage.

The ring's design hints at its meaning: it's circular, with no beginning or end, and has thus become a worldwide symbol of eternal love and faithfulness, perfection, and infinity.

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, it’s a good idea to know what style your partner likes. Over the time you spend together hints have probably been dropped about the shape they like and if they prefer white or yellow gold. Knowing this information in advance will not only make shopping for an engagement ring easier, but it will also ensure they will love it.

Cartier engagement ring Valentine's day proposal

Photographer: David Bastianoni Studio

How to Better Organize and Plan Valentine’s Day Proposal?

A Valentine’s Day proposal, when done right, requires careful consideration of the logistical aspects.

You need to select a location with a special significance attached to it, hire a photographer, arrange for food, preorder, plan for gifts and even look into more minor details like the weather forecast.

For your Valentine’s proposal to be near-perfect, you need to put in a lot of elbow grease as this day is not something to leave to chance.

A Romantic Backdrop

Choose a location that would mean a lot to your partner, so this is an individual choice.

If you want your proposal to go down in the annals of the best Valentine’s Day proposals of all time, you need to have a backdrop that speaks to your partner’s passion for life.

Is it hiking, nature, books, good food or something else like sports? The perfect setting tests how well you know the person you love and want to marry as there is no single universally brilliant option.

For the perfect backdrop, whether it is scenic or significant in another way, you need to make calls to make sure it is available; perhaps bookings will need to be done with advance payments and so forth.

When and if other vendors are involved in making your proposal happen, like live music players or caterers, they need to be informed beforehand and booked, so there is no confusion.

Valentine day's proposal Wedding decoration

Photographer: @nicola_santini_photographer

Events Leading Up To The Proposal

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, so you need to be sure of your significant other’s schedule and work commitments.

If you need to drive somewhere further or fly to another destination, you will need days off from work.

Having traveller’s cheques, making calls to confirm bookings, etc., are all standard practices to ensure even the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day reach fruition.

The best Valentine’s Day Proposals are planned very effectively because you get points for effort even if an unforeseen mistake occurs later.

valentine's day proposal champagne and two glasses

Photographer: David Bastianoni Studio

A Trip To The Jewelers

All rings are not made the same, and an engagement ring is one your partner will wear for the rest of the time, so you do not have the same allowance for mistakes.

This means multiple trips to the jeweller and a lot of local research to ascertain which jeweller specializes in the style of ring you have in mind.

The most beautiful engagement ring is the most vital part of the best Valentine’s Day proposals every year.


The theme ties into the backdrop or location you choose, but if you’re doing the proposal at home or a local venue, you will need to sit down and brainstorm the proposal ideas that suit a theme your partner is deeply passionate about.

It could be about their favourite music, movies, books, or TV shows!

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day could also be recreating the essence of an architectural style your partner loves or even lining up several curated activities that pique their interest.

At-Home Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

If you’re looking into the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, you may have missed out on one great option: doing the proposal right in the comfort of your own home.

The best Valentine’s Day marriage proposals are not necessarily the most elaborate or expensive but the heartfelt ones with the purest of intentions.

Some great proposal ideas to get you started proposing to your partner at home:

Cook For Them

Nothing shows love like a fancy home-cooked meal prepared to perfection.

You can even take cooking classes beforehand to learn how to make their favorite dishes! A delicious meal with dessert makes for some of the best Valentine’s Day proposals.

Decorate Your Whole Space

Make sure your partner is not at home when you put up a fitting Valentine’s Day décor complete with hearts, balloons, confetti, streamers, and scores of red roses.

You could also decorate with a theme you know your partner would prefer.

Having customized items like cushions, banners, mugs, or signs with your loved one’s face or name on them can further the setting, making it one of the best proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

flowers on decorated Valentine's day table for wedding proposal

Photographer: @sergiosandonaphotos

Unexpected Mail

You can write and post an old-fashioned letter to your partner asking for their hand in marriage or arrange for a delivery service to bring a cake or a bouquet of flowers with this customized message hidden in the package.

Proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day at home can be anything unexpected such as feigning having to travel the day before and leaving but coming back in time for dinner bearing gifts and an engagement ring.

The More The Merrier

Having your dearest family members and friends close by is one of the loveliest proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day.

You can have them on a zoom call or pretend you are talking to them and then take a moment to propose to the love of your life.

Of course, they could always be hidden in the house as well so that when your significant other gets home, they are there to surprise them after you have proposed.

When cupid steps into your life and presents you with the perfect soulmate, you’ll experience so many emotions. And when it comes to popping the question on Valentine’s Day, only you know your truest and innermost feelings.

But, just asking the question “will you marry me” sometimes isn’t enough.

Planning an incredibly unforgettable marriage proposal takes some time, planning, and sometimes even keeping secrets.

But whether you go all out with something amazing, or you pop the question at home, the most important thing is your pledge to each other. So, get ready, and let’s get ready for their YES!!!

Italy is a country with an unlimited amount of evocative landscapes from which lovers wanting to tie the knot may select their favourite setting: elegant or natural, inexpensive or expensive, well-known or unknown, old or modern, you just have to pick the one that speaks to your soul. 

And thanks to its vast history, natural richness, and incredible architecture, Italy is the perfect country for an unforgettable Catholic destination wedding and dreamy honeymoon. 

But with endless wedding venue choices and catholic traditions, you may find it challenging to choose one. 

So, to help you find the perfect place for your “I Do’s,” We put together this guide to the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations

Santa Maria del Fiore catholic wedding Cathedral Florence
Photographer: Fede Roveda

The Best Locations For A Catholic Destination Wedding in Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Sunny Sorrento is located in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, which is known for its stunning coastline, old Roman ruins, and delectable cuisine

And with so much beauty and history everywhere your eye can see, Sorrento is definitely one of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding settings. In addition, it has a nice, temperate climate, making it an ideal venue for weddings, especially in the less busy seasons of Spring and Autumn. 

Hosting Roman Catholic destination weddings in Sorrento at one of these venues will be unforgettable. 

Catholic Churches In Sorrento Italy

Planning traditional Roman Catholic destination weddings means you’re going to want to say “I Do” in a church. And trust us when we say the Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, will not disappoint. 

Grand architecture, rich history, and ornate artistic treasures make these Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, the perfect backdrop to join together as one. 

Stunning, right? We think any of these churches in Sorrento are a dream setting and the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues. 

catholic wedding church from the inside


When we think of a romantic setting for a destination wedding, you better believe that Tuscany, Italy comes to mind. 

There’s something magical about the scenery, the scents, the history, and the culture that it’s purely spectacular. From quaint villas to luxurious resorts, chic hotels, the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues can be found in Tuscany. 

Tuscany offers so many incredible venues and arguably some of the unrivaled vistas and cuisine in the world. And we have the best Italian wedding planners to design, plan and produce the most beautiful Italian Catholic wedding. 

All you need to do is select your favourite venues! Here are a few of our favourites. 

HotelBelmond and the garden
Photo: David Bastianoni


Ah, you know, Venice had to be on our best Catholic destination wedding location list. 

Venice is in the northeast of Italy, known worldwide for being a floating metropolis of extraordinary beauty. There are no streets or automobiles, only canals. 

All of the structures are surrounded by water, and the only modes of transit are boats and gondolas. Can’t you just imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony in a gondola? 

Here are some pretty unforgettable venues in Venice for your destination wedding in Italy. 

catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Barbarich Venice

Amalfi Coast

Possibly one of the most breathtaking sceneries you will ever see. If romance and whimsy are what you want for your destination wedding in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is for you! 

Here are our favourite destination wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. And if you need help planning your Catholic wedding in Italy, do not hesitate to contact VB-Events.  

wedding garden with table and chairs
Photo: David Bastianoni

Lake Como

This is simply one of Europe's most spectacular natural locations, and the sight of the small settlements strewn across the surrounding hills will undoubtedly delight you. 

There are numerous venues where you may have a spectacular Catholic destination wedding in Italy, but a Lake Como wedding is truly unique. 

Here are the best Catholic Italian wedding locations in Lake Como.

Here below the beautiful Villa Balbiano in Como lake.

catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Balbiano Como lake


The eternal city cannot be overlooked when it comes to Roman Catholic destination weddings.

A wedding in one of its centuries-old Catholic churches in Rome, or perhaps in one of the villas in the adjacent hilly area, or even in the thermal sub-region next to Tivoli, would add an element of exclusivity to your wedding that not everyone can afford. 

So here are some of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations in Rome. 

inside view of a church for a catholic wedding in Rome


Our list of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations could not be complete without including Sicily. 

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is also home to Europe's tallest active volcano (Mount Etna). 

It is an iconic portion of Italy in the world's eyes, representing the history of blending civilizations (European and Northern-African, Catholic and Islamic). A true melting pot, Sicily is rich with culture, delectable cuisine, luscious wines, and breathtaking scenery. 

It's no wonder that this is one of the most sought-after Roman Catholic destination weddings for international guests. 

If you want to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life here, Taormina is a must-see. 

Here are some other great ideas if you want to have a Catholic wedding in Italy. 

Garden and villa Donna Carmela Sicily in the evening

Roman Catholic destination weddings foster the utmost sense of indulgence, and these beloved Italian wedding locations and venues will not disappoint! 

Couples who marry in Italy know a thing or two about breathtaking romance. From the waterside villas encircling George Clooney's Lake Como villa to the countryside estates amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany to the colorful coastlines of the Amalfi Coast, a catholic destination wedding in Italy is a dream come true and an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

Hindu weddings are a treat to witness because they are not just the union of two beautiful souls but rather a spectacular, incredible journey that takes place over several days in which traditions and customs are practiced, and heritage is honoured.

Whether you are a wedding guest at a Hindu ceremony or looking to indulge in your cultural practices to the maximum, here are some of the most intriguing Hindu wedding traditions you can expect.

Some Hindu wedding celebrations in Italy consist of more than 40 traditions! This guide outlines some of the most practiced wedding traditions in the Hindu culture, including what to wear to a Hindu wedding.

indian groom fix up brides hair

Photographer: gauravfkumar

Authentic Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Traditions and Rituals


This is a pre-engagement ceremony at the bride’s home with her loved ones and at the groom’s house. Pithi involves sharing love and best wishes, and it is a gathering of relatives and friends but often extended relatives as well.

South Asian weddings are big on including as many people as possible, from relatives to acquaintances!

Chick flour paste, turmeric powder, and rose water are applied liberally to the bride and groom’s faces, arms and legs because it polishes the skin and gives it a good glow.

Yellow is traditionally the preferred Indian wedding colour palette. This is one of the many Hindu wedding traditions that are practiced frequently.

hindu bride in yellow traditional dress and tattoed hands
Photographer: ApertureWorks

The Engagement/ Sagai Hindu wedding tradition

The engagement is usually set through a process called Muhurat, which determines the best time for a couple to get betrothed according to various astrological readings carried out by an expert.

The Sagai ceremony kick-starts the wedding celebrations and consists of exchanging rings and distributing sweets and desserts, including throughout the immediate neighbourhood.

Many families may box up sweets and send them to the houses of friends and relatives. The groom also put a ‘tilak’ on the bride's forehead to signify their impending nuptials and express his hopes and dreams of a happy life ahead.

Sangeet And Mehndi

Sangeet and Mehndi are widely considered the most joyous and entertaining ceremonies out of the three commonly observed in a traditional Hindu wedding.

The sangeet ceremony is also a hit among the younger family members as it features more dancing and extravagance than the other ceremonies. Dances are usually performed in groups and sometimes rehearsed for months to sync perfectly. Most of the songs that are danced to are either traditional folk songs or Bollywood songs.

Mehndi is also the Indian name for henna, and it is a bridal custom that entails applying henna to the hands, arms, and in some cases, feet of the bride, a day or so in advance as henna takes a few hours to set properly.

Siblings, parents, and guests may also apply mehndi to join in the festivities and to signify their near relation to the person getting married.

Henna patterns are usually drawn by henna artists who have years of experience creating highly detailed designs with a high level of intricacy.

The bride may also hide her new husband's name in the palms of her hand to show her love!

Henna is traditionally believed to bring happiness, ward off the evil eye, and create love in the hearts of the bride’s new in-laws. It also cools the body down, relieves tension and stress, and is believed to be great for headache prevention.

hindu brides hands with mehndi tattoes wears red and gold bracelets
Photographer: Baljit Johan


This is the main wedding reception where most guests will be invited as the sangeet ceremony is more for people close to the couple as the event is not as formal as the baraat.

The baraat or vara yatra, as it is also called, is the arrival of the groom to take his bride home. As the name suggests, the arrival is met with a lot of fanfare, treating the groom like a prince or a celebrity as he arrives either riding a horse or in an uber-expensive car specially procured for the purpose and decked out with hundreds of flowers and ribbons.

The groom will never arrive alone at the venue and will be accompanied by dozens and dozens of his friends and loved ones that will all be dancing and singing.

Special bands that play trumpets and drums are usually hired for the baraat's arrival at the venue. Since the baraat reception costs more than other ceremonies due to the more significant number of guests, Hindu wedding packages are often offered by hotels and banquet halls that are preferred wedding venues.

When the groom arrives, he meets the bride and her family. And there's lunch or dinner at the end.

Envelopes of money are usually given to either the bride or the groom as other presents are typically not offered at a Hindu wedding. Presents are usually given before the reception or a few days before, while monetary gifts are more common.

Modern Indian weddings even have a 3-tiered cake, but the catering is always local traditional delicacies.

How To Make Your Hindu Wedding In Italy Unique

There’s no doubt that planning a Hindu wedding is an exciting time.

And while it contains many moving parts, lots of individual events, tons of outfit changes, and many traditions, it should still be unique.

Your love story is fantastic, and your wedding experience should also be.

Making your Hindu wedding in Italy unique can be done by adding fireworks, different culinary experiences, and other things that are near and dear to your hearts. Italian wedding planners like VB-Events will help you find the perfect experiences to include in your special day.

hands of hindu bride and groom
Photographer: BD_VAGHASIYA

Pokwanu & Tilak

This is one of the more special Hindu wedding traditions in which the bride’s family lovingly welcomes the groom into their lives and places a ‘tilak’ which loosely translated means ‘mark’ on the groom’s forehead.

This is also symbolic of his changed status as a newly married man, and the traditional Hindu bride wears the tilak either on her forehead or in the parting of her hair for the rest of her life (she reapplies it daily) if she wishes to show the world she is a married woman.

In addition, both the bride and groom will receive garlands of flowers or currency notes from each other’s families to wear around their necks.

The Wedding Mandap

The Hindu wedding mandap is where the ceremonial marriage rites occur, which happens after the baraat has ended. The setting of the mandap itself is stunning and artistic to look at, and it is symbolic of the start of married life and all the joys within. The Hindu marriage simply cannot take place without the mandap!

The mandap itself is a structure with four pillars that people have slightly varying interpretations of. However, the pillars can be understood to represent the four stages of one’s life, namely Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, and Sanyasa.

The small haven or fire burning in the middle of the mandap ensures the couple's future happiness and purges evil.

The couple proceeds to circle the fire seven times to complete the marriage rites, and this is called Mangalphera.

Before the mandap custom begins, there is usually a ‘jhoota chupai’ in which the bride’s sisters, cousins, and friends hide the groom’s shoes, and he has to offer money to all of them to get them back.

It is usually a Hindu custom where the groom drinks sweetened milk, and lots of jokes between the bride and her friends ensue.

Ganesh Puja

Praying to the God Ganesh is pivotal in Hindu wedding traditions. This puja can be done on any of the days or more than once, and many wedding celebrations begin with this puja.

Ganesh removes the evil eye from the happy couple, blesses them, and removes difficulties from their future. This puja is also done so that the wedding proceedings go on without any hiccups and no unforeseen events.

What should I wear to a Hindu wedding?

A Glorious Red Wedding Dress

It's a common tradition for couple and guests to wear traditional Indian clothes, such as saris with shades of red or maroon with gold, they are an unsaid rule for Hindu weddings or baraat dresses.

Every bride must wear red as black and white are associated with bad luck and mourning.

Most brides need anywhere from 4 to 10 dresses depending on how many public appearances they will make before heading off on their honeymoon.

Every ceremony requires its own elaborate outfit decorated with handwoven embroidery, sequins, pearls, gems, gold thread, and so forth.

Saris are a traditional, much loved, and worn Indian outfit, and a red sari is the ultimate bridal statement.

However, it can be challenging for Hindus living away from home to find the best wedding dresses as the cost of multiple receptions can be higher in other countries.

The cost of a Hindu wedding in Italy can vary depending on how many guests and events are included. But, if you plan on shopping for a traditional Hindu wedding dress, you may pay more in Italy as it is a specialized elaborate gown.

Suppose you are a wedding guest wondering what to wear to a Hindu wedding. In that case, you will likely be expected to wear extravagant and luxurious clothes, whether it is silk, organza, or velvet, and the more elaborate, the better! And of course, the Sari is traditional clothing worn by many wedding guests.

So, what to wear to a Hindu wedding? This is your time to pull out all the stops and get glammed up!

hindu bride in red sari dress during her wedding
Photographer: artawkrn

Kanyadaan & Hastamelap

Kanyadaan is the act of the parents giving the bride away and wholeheartedly expressing their acceptance and joy at the union.

The bride’s father typically gives away his daughter to the groom and puts her hand in his.

Hastamelap is when the bride’s mother prepares and pours sacred water on the couple (usually their hands), and this is symbolic of the bride’s new life that is waiting for her away from her parents. Next, a Jai Mala may follow; this is a custom in which the bride and groom exchange vibrant floral garlands that reach the waist.

Hindu weddings in Italy can be just as dazzling and spectacular as they are in other countries worldwide.

They are an incredible experience over several days and feature interactive events, lots of dancing, celebrations of love, and many Hindu wedding traditions.

If you want to host a wedding in Italy with Hindu traditions, we’re here to help.

Contact VB-Events Italian Wedding planners to inquire about Hindu wedding packages or to simply find out the cost of a Hindu wedding in Italy.

Together we can plan an unforgettable wedding celebration including as many or as few Hindu wedding traditions as you like.

Italy is a land created for lovers. From the sensual sound of water lapping against the walls of Venice's historic palazzi to the enticing scent of citrus blossoms in Sicily, Italy is known as the country of love.

And as the country of love, it is an extremely popular location for couples from around the globe to tie the knot.

But, of course, a huge part of what makes Italy so romantic is that Italy has plenty of sex appeal.

From fairytale castles, stunning beaches, and three very macho and unpredictable volcanoes,  Italy is the perfect location for your wedding.

And if you want to keep things traditional, you'll need to know the authentic catholic wedding traditions.

So, to help you plan the traditional Italian wedding of your dreams, we've rounded up everything you need to know about Italian Catholic wedding traditions in Italy.

No matter which part of the world you choose to get married in, you'll always find different and unique wedding traditions. This is because many different cultures make up the world.

For example, Italy and the Italian culture have some long-standing Catholic wedding traditions and some that may truly WOW you.

catholic wedding with bride and groom in the church scaled

Photography: @davidbastianoni

Italian Catholic Wedding Traditions You Should Know

Catholic weddings traditions are filled with long-standing customs, but they're much more than a few Bible words and a priest officiating. Fortunately, many Roman Catholic wedding traditions are well known. With this guide, you'll know what to expect when you sit down in that pew, whether you're a bride-to-be or a wedding guest.

Before The Wedding

Remove Gold Jewellery

There are some Italian regions where it’s believed that wearing gold jewellery, other than your wedding ring, of course, can bring bad luck.

No Pre-Wedding Glimpses

The age-old custom of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding is a tradition known worldwide, but in some Italian regions, the bride is not even permitted to see herself before the wedding.

La Serenata

This wonderful tradition dates back and is one of the most romantic Italian wedding traditions. La Serenata is the custom of having a pre-wedding night serenade under the bride's window.

To add intrigue to the plot, friends and relatives are informed of the precise time and moment while the bride is kept in the dark. Then the groom secretly brings musicians and instrumentalists to the bride's window, where they sing beneath her balcony. It's a mission completed' if she wakes up to the charming romantic music.

The Ceremony

Always In A Church

You'll need to get married in a Catholic church if you really want to stick to Roman Catholic wedding traditions. Many dioceses demand that marriage occurs in a physical church because they are "settings created for worship and prayer" that ensure Jesus Christ's genuine presence.

However, some couples might prefer to have their wedding outside or somewhere else, although exceptions are rare. An Italian wedding planner can help you plan your wedding in Italy.

How Long Does A Catholic Wedding Ceremony Last?

A complete mass and communion are generally included in a Catholic wedding ceremony, lasting up to an hour. However, some couples opt for a Rite of the Marriage ceremony (which does not include a mass) this type of ceremony can run anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

The Processional

First up are the guys. The groom and the best man will enter from the side of the church. Then the bridesmaids, or bridal party, and groomsmen escort each other up the aisle, followed by the maid (or matron) of honour, who enters alone. And last, and most anticipated, the bride and her father (or another male family member) make their grand entrance.

The Priest’s Greeting

In Italian Catholic wedding traditions, the priest generally greets the wedding guests and invites everyone to join in singing an opening hymn, usually "Gloria".

Once it’s over, the priest will say the opening prayer for the newlyweds. The wedding guests remain standing from the wedding processional through the hymn and opening prayer. Once the priest has finished, everyone may be seated.

Liturgy Of The Word

An authentic Italian Catholic wedding cannot lack liturgies and religious songs.

Traditionally, this is how it is done: it starts with the Liturgy of the Word, which consists of various readings performed by the priest or the couple's chosen friends or family members. It all starts with a reading from the Old Testament.

Frequently, couples select a reading from the book of Genesis, which tells the narrative of Adam and Eve's creation. Following that, the cantor and the entire congregation will either speak or sing from Psalms.

Responsorial psalms are the assembly’s reaction to the word of God; the cantor typically sings the verses, and the congregation, or wedding guests, sing the chorus.

This is followed by a family member or friend reading from the New Testament, and then the priest recites a passage from one of the Gospels.

After the readings will be the homily, where the priest will contemplate the readings and marriage. The assembly stands for the gospel only and remains seated for all other readings.

The Vows

Probably better known to Catholics as the rite of marriage, the vows serve as a declaration of intent and consent by both parties receiving the marriage rites.

In Roman Catholic traditions, it’s acceptable for the couple to memorize and recite the vows to one another, read the vows from a book, or have the priest read them aloud while they respond with "I do".

Wording may vary from church to church, but most follow a similar pattern. Some Catholic priests may allow couples to write their own vows or add a couple of lines to the traditional ones.

The wedding guests will stand for the duration of the entire vow exchange or Rite of Marriage and ring exchange.

Ring Ceremony

Following the vows, the rings will be exchanged and blessed as the priest's symbols of love and fidelity.

brde and groom are exchanging the rings in their catholic wedding

Photography: @wedding_photography

Nuptial Mass

If the couple opts for a nuptial mass, this is the point at which the wedding service begins to resemble a Sunday mass.

This starts with the preparation of the altar for the Eucharistic Liturgy,  or communion. The offertory, or the offering of gifts of bread and wine to the priest, maybe assisted by particular family members or close friends who are chosen ahead of time.

Lords Pray & Sign Of Peace

The Lord's Prayer is spoken or sung in unison by the entire congregation. The newlyweds will next kneel in front of the altar to receive the priest's blessing on their nuptial blessing.

The assembly may join in quiet prayer and offer the newlyweds their own blessings. The wedding party and guests then share a peace sign by shaking hands and saying, "Peace be with you."

Holy Communion

The couple may choose to include communion or the Eucharist; this event represents the Last Supper where Jesus broke bread with his disciples before his death.

Guests will leave their seats to line up before the priest and wait for their turn to receive bread and wine.

While non-Catholic wedding guests or those not prepared to receive communion may come forward for a  blessing, with arms crossed over their chests, or may choose to stay seated [or kneeling] while silently expressing good thoughts or prayers for the couple, only Catholics can partake in this particular in the Eucharist.

The Big Kiss

Although the kiss is not part of the religious ceremony, it is commonly practiced and a part of most rituals.

How The Catholic Wedding Ends

As the catholic wedding ceremony comes to an end, the priest will recite a final prayer and bless the new union and the entire assembly. The couple may choose to sign the marriage certificate at this time, and then the priest will dismiss the congregation.

At this time, the exit recessional takes place in the reverse order of the processional, beginning with the newlyweds and bridal party. The recessional can sometimes include the ministers, and it is usually accompanied by a song of the couple's choosing. A wedding reception, or cocktail hour, will usually commence shortly afterwards.

wedding cuople in the garden

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What To Wear To A Catholic Wedding?

Are you wondering what is appropriate to wear to a Catholic wedding? On the fence about your outfit? Here are some tips on what to wear to a Catholic wedding and what not to wear.

What Is Acceptable To Wear To A Catholic Wedding?

Choosing the appropriate outfit to wear to a wedding may be a stressful experience for wedding guests, particularly those attending a Catholic wedding in Italy.

You may be concerned about the style of attire you should wear to the wedding and the colours you should wear. However, with some knowledge of the dos and don'ts, you should be able to attend that Catholic wedding confidently.

Because most Catholic weddings are semi-formal, guys should wear shirts and ties, if not suits.  

Women, on the other hand, can dress in skirts, dresses, or even dress pants.

When it comes to Catholic weddings, modesty is essential. Also, they aren't that dissimilar from other types of weddings. So, make sure to pay attention to the wedding invitation, the time, and the season of the wedding to determine if the event is semi-formal or formal.

For the ladies, it’s essential to understand that modesty also covers the length of your skirt, showing your shoulders in church, low backs, and of course, plunging necklines. So, don’t show up at church showing too much cleavage, have a wrap or shawl to cover your shoulders, and don’t show too much leg.

bride with flower on the balcony

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What Is Not Acceptable To Wear To a Traditional Italian Catholic Wedding?

White Is A No No

This rule, of course, applies to the wedding guests. Whether the bride is wearing a white wedding dress, all-white attire is forbidden for anyone but the future wife.

Unless you want to commit a huge fashion faux pas, here are some other things you should not wear to a Catholic wedding.

Avoid Sweats

We’re not sure that sweats are ever acceptable wedding attire, but most certainly, they are not appropriate at a Catholic wedding.

Avoid Denim

Any type of denim is always fashionable and in style, but please don’t embarrass yourself by showing up to a Catholic wedding in denim.

Avoid See-Through Material

Uh! Does this need an explanation? See-through clothing shouldn’t be worn to ANY wedding.

No Shorts

While shorts might be acceptable at an outdoor, rustic wedding, or a barn wedding, they are not acceptable at a Catholic wedding.

Catholic weddings are a beautiful expression of love and faith.

But they are also filled with lots of time-honoured traditions, some Bible verses, and emotions.

So, whether you’re planning an Italian Catholic wedding, want to incorporate a few religious traditions in a less formal wedding,  or are attending a traditional Catholic ceremony, we hope you found this guide helpful. Stay tuned for more wedding inspiration!

Opera once said that "the more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

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As Italy is home to some of the world's most charismatic and romantic cities, such as Cinque Terre and Venice being some of the best places to get engaged.

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Getting engaged in a romantic destination seems like a fairy tale but a logistical nightmare. VB-Events can help make this a reality, arranging every unique aspect for you to pop the question.

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Wedding rings with pink case


There is no doubt that luxury weddings are our speciality, VB-Events has years of experience planning hundreds of weddings. We offer extensive options for your wedding package.

With irreplaceable local knowledge and connections throughout the country, planning a wedding in Italy is a dream.

Your luxury destination wedding is more than just a day and is an experience that spans over your stay.

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Ultimately taking off a huge amount of stress from you as a couple, saving you money, due to their local knowledge and professional relationships, and allowing you to enjoy your time as fiancees.

Bride and groom looking at each other with Tuscan Vineyard as background

Baby showers

What could be a greater joy than welcoming a new baby into the world? Planning a bespoke and elegant affair to celebrate the love that is and the love that the new baby will have.

This is a moment when your friends and family gather together to show their support to the future Mumma, as they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

Having professional Italian event planners, like VB-Events, arrange the celebrations allows all your guests to relax and enjoy what is the most important thing; this also takes a huge pressure off the couple.

The planner will also be able to deliver an event to your taste and style, perhaps with Italian traditions infused into the celebrations.

Vowel Renewals

When you just want to shout from the hills the love you have for your partner that you want to get married all over again.

After years of marriage your relationship evolves and you grow as a couple- it is important that you reflect on that, perhaps you wish to make more promises or renew the ones you initially made, renewing your vowels is a romantic and cherished way to do that.

This differs from a wedding as your family and friends would have got to see you as a married couple and how you are together and that is worth celebrating.

It is a moment to reflect on challenges, accomplishments and significant moments shared as a couple and how they have made you stronger. Secondly, it is a time to party and dance the night away and there is no better place to do that than in Italy.

Guests waving napkins when bride and groom make their entrance at the reception

Corporate Events

VB-Events does not just want to only help you celebrate your milestones in your personal life but in your career too.

No matter the size of your business VB-Events can perfectly tailor your corporate celebrations. Have your Italian event planner arrange everything from:

Hiring local Italian event planners will ensure your function goes off without a hitch.

Every detail of the event would have been taken into consideration from seating to sound and lighting. Relieving stress and resulting in a perfectly organized event that is a distinct representation of your company.

Hiring a local events planner will also, in turn, save your corporation financially, as there will be no unnecessary costs and spending. Due to their experience and local connections getting you the necessary services at the most competitive price points.


Creative expression is instinctual for Italians, and as there is no better place to showcase your creations and performances than in Italy, this may be the perfect location to host your event.

Sting playing during a concert for a wedding event

Italy boasts uniquely beautiful venues from grand villas and manicured gardens to rustic countrysides and beaches.

Having a local Italian events Planner, like VB-Events, is the perfect partner to deliver the 'stage' for your creations.

With impressive portfolio events like Jil Sanders Pitti Uomo show at Villa Gamberaia and the Multibrands Young Style show, are just a few of the impressive events VB-Events has brought to life.

If you can think of it we will be able to make it happen; a runway over a fountain or through an olive grove, concerts and poetry evenings under the Italian stars, to art shows on rooftops of gorgeous villas.


There is a never-ending list of things to celebrate in this life and it is important to share all the milestones and accomplishments both personal and career-wise.

Hiring local Italian event planners can help avoid stress, save money and make your unique vision come to life for your celebrations.

Get in touch with us to start planning any event of your dreams, with our free consultation now.

There is always an excuse to party when you are in Italy!

Fireworks at the end of a wedding

The poets say that Rome knows love better than anyone ever could. The eternal city has brought lovers together through wishes in the Trevi, kept secrets under bridges, where kisses have been stolen and been the place to exchange vows for centuries.

Today Rome is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world; known to be "one of the world's most romantic and charismatic cities."

Couples flock to its grand churches and venues to promise a love that will live as long as Rome.

Planning to get married in Rome may be daunting, especially being a destination wedding. So our simple advice on how to get married in Rome is:

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Romans are synonymous with passion and romance; you can infuse this fiery beauty into your wedding plans, incorporating Roman traditions and elements into your celebrations.

Beautiful Colosseum view in Rome

Break down of how to get married in Rome:

  1. Get help from a wedding planner
  2. Scheduling your arrival & activities
  3. Pre-wedding activities and celebrations
  4. Planning your wedding day
  5. Planning your post-wedding events

1.   Get Help From A Wedding Planner

When you decide to have a destination wedding in Rome, it is easy to feel overwhelmed:

How will I find a venue? And how will I get the best vendors? How will I get married in Rome?

It may lead to a complete sense of despair. The best thing to remember is that Rome was not built in a day.

There are simple steps to making sure your day goes off without a hitch.

The first step is to find a local wedding planner to help save you time, money and stress.

Looking to plan the ultimate luxury wedding? Check out our article here.

2.   Scheduling Your Arrival and Activities

After months of planning and selecting every element of your perfect day with your planner, the day is finally approaching.

Having a professional planner, all will be organised and in place by the time you arrive. Just land and enjoy all that Rome has to offer.

You and your partner are in the most romantic city with some of your nearest and dearest. You must experience the city's charm, it will be hard not to.

The first step of how to get married in Rome- is actually to see it, live it, and experience all it has to offer.

Our must-do list of Romantic Roman activities:

  1. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish - not only will it come true, but it is also a promise that you will return to Rome one day.
  2. Climb the Spanish Steps - you will be sure to find artists and poets here captivated by their elegance.
  3. See the Colosseum - The extreme grandeur of the architecture is evidence of the power the Roman Empire possessed.
  4. Cruise down the Tiber - get a different perspective on the majestic Tiber river that flows through Rome, marvel at the harmony of the ancient and the modern-day architecture.
  5. Fall in love with the city at Aventine Hill- with a perfect keyhole to have a spectacularly framed view of St Peter's.

Once you have done all these things it is vital that you then see the city at night, there is a sense of euphoria looking over the twinkling lights of Rome.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

3.   Pre-wedding activities and celebrations

Once the city has been explored and you have fallen more in love with it, it will be time to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

It is important that when you arrive in Rome, you meet up with your planner to go through your itinerary.

They may have arranged pre-wedding activities where times and destinations need to be confirmed and break down how you will be getting married.

The most important pre-wedding event will be the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner sets the tone for the rest of the wedding celebrations.

Take your rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to experience something different; if you are getting married in a villa, maybe having your rehearsal dinner outdoors will create the ideal ambience.

Think about your party and where best they would fit, do they need space to dance and celebrate or somewhere cosy for heartfelt speeches to be shared.

This does not mean you have to plan it exactly like your wedding day, as you would want to keep this as a surprise for your guests, but it is a chance for your party to gel and experience what is plentiful in Rome: good food, good music and good drinks.

Romans are fiercely proud of their gastronomy, celebrated around the world for their dishes like carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, saltimbocca,supplì, carciofi alla giudia, and so many more.

Keep your guests merry with Negroni: gin, Campari and red vermouth, popular Roman cocktails. Having authentic local Italian food and drink is how to get married in Italy.

Carbonara plate in Rome restaurant osteria da Fortunata

4.   Planning Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be uniquely and authentically you, celebrating your union and love as a couple. However, it would be fitting to pay homage to Roman culture and traditions.

This can be done through several elements:

Arriving at the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage is not only romantic but it gives you an extra moment to take in that you are getting married in Rome!

If you are intending to wear a veil, it is a tradition that you tailor your veil to represent how long you have been together, a meter for every year.

Ask guests to toss rice after the ceremony to celebrate the union, this is believed to symbolise fertility, another Italian tradition.

An obvious way to give tribute to your Roman wedding is to serve Roman dishes. Gift your guests Bomboniere, this is a small gift to thank guests for coming to your wedding and are traditionally an odd number of sweet covered almonds.

The last thing to do when getting married in Roman is to dance the night away, 'La Tarantella' is a traditional Italian dance where guests hold hands in a circle and move clockwise as the music speeds up, before reversing the same motions (this may have to be practised at the rehearsal dinner).

5.   Planning Your Post-Wedding Events

With aching feet, sore heads but full hearts it is vital for you and your guests to be fed well yet again. Arranging a brunch for after the wedding is common to practise, this will be the first time after the wedding you will be seen as man and wife with your family and friends united.

This will give you all the opportunity to revel in the amazing celebrations and say thank yous and blessings once more.

Red Vespa near red heart shaped baloon in wedding garden

The ideal way to arrive and leave a wedding brunch is key to the Italian flair, however, you can never go wrong with a Vespa in Italy.

The blessing about a destination wedding in Italy is that it does not have to end after you drive off on your Vespa, the celebrations can continue onto buddy and honeymoons as there are many more wonderful places to explore in Italy.

Get Married in Rome: Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

If you want to understand all the details about how to get married in Rome, reach out to the experts. When it comes to getting married in Italy, VB- Events has years of experience and expertise in planning and designing luxury, bespoke weddings all around Italy.

If you decide you want to get married in our beautiful country we would be more than happy to help assist in making that a reality, have a look at our past events or book a free consultation now.

How many people have dreamed about their wedding since they were little kids? What did you imagine for yourself? A luxury wedding in Italy?

Most people want their wedding day to be perfect. But not just perfect: they want it to be luxurious. As travel restrictions are lifted, luxury weddings in Italy have become the hot, new way to tie the knot.

Luxury wedding table setup with lilac candles, flowers and glass underplot

What Makes a Wedding a Luxury Wedding?

Is it the price tag? The decor? Is a wedding luxury if it has a certain colour scheme? Or if the dresses and tuxes cost a certain amount? What makes a wedding luxury is all of the above, and more.

There are 3 factors that make a wedding into a luxury wedding: the location, the details, and the entertainment.


Location is a big part of a luxury wedding. Imagine getting married on the Amalfi Coast in a historic Italian villa. Or in the middle of Rome, the most romantic city in the world, where you will be surrounded by centuries of art and history.

The best way to turn your wedding into the most amazing experience of your life is to tie the knot in Italy.

The second aspect that makes a wedding luxurious is the details. Bridal Guide suggests using lighting, a unified theme, bouquets for chairs, lounging furniture, and pooling table linens.

However, if this sounds like a lot of work for you and your beloved, that’s because it probably will be.

If you don’t want to worry about every little thing on your wedding day, consider working with VB Events to take the stress out of wedding planning.

The last aspect of a luxury wedding in Italy is the entertainment. Most people think they have to choose between a DJ or a band for the wedding, and that those two are their only options.

However, what makes a wedding luxury is going beyond just a band or a DJ. Luxury weddings in Italy often have live dancers, fireworks, and light shows to entertain the couple and wow the guests.

Top 5 Locations For A Luxury Wedding in Italy

The truth is that you can’t go wrong when it comes to wedding locations in Italy. Whether you want a vineyard wedding, a beach wedding, or a villa wedding, Italy is full of beautiful, historic wedding locations. Here are the 5 most luxurious venues for your wedding.

1.    Donna Carmela

Donna Carmela, near Catania, dates back to the 19th century. Since then, it has become a prime location for luxury weddings and for those who want to enjoy exquisite cuisine.

The resort sits on 550 hectares that are home to a nursery full of tropical Mediterranean plants, a vineyard, 26 private rooms, and a restaurant to give your guests a taste of Italy.

If you and your guests value your privacy, you will love Donna Carmela because you can rent out all 26 rooms for up to 70 guests.

This means that you will have the entire resort to yourself, where you can enjoy privacy with your closest friends on your special day.

Donna Carmela wedding location surrounded by palms and mountains
Carrubba di Giarre. Donna Carmela Country Resort

2.    Grand Hotel Timeo

Located in Taormina, the Grand Hotel Timeo has historically been home to artists, writers, and political thinkers.

Nothing is more luxurious than being surrounded by art! When you have your wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo, you can book the exclusive Presidential Suite, which has its own private terrace, a jacuzzi, and panoramic views of both the city and Mount Etna.

Many couples choose the Grand Hotel Timeo for their special day because they want nothing but the best.

3.    Villa Erba

Villa Erba is an architectural gem on Como Lake in Cernobbio. Built in the 19th century, its carved ceilings, expressive frescoes, expansive gardens, and lakefront view make it the most luxurious setting for a wedding.

If you recognize the architecture, it may be because Villa Erba was the backdrop to Tess and Danny Ocean’s elaborate, heist-filled love story in Ocean’s 11.

Villa Erba is a popular destination for a luxury wedding in Italy because it is so large that you can walk the aisle in the garden, on a terrace, or inside one of many grand ballrooms.

Villa Erba wedding location

4.    Castello Odescalchi

Castello Odescalchi is just north of Rome, the eternal city. As one of the most imposing mansions in Rome, it provides a romantic setting fit for royalty.

The castle is large enough for weddings of up to 1,000 guests and has ample room for all your wedding festivities.

The castle is a popular wedding destination among the rich and famous, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but you too can tie the knot within those historic walls.

5.    Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro is a 5-star luxury resort near Siena in the heart of Tuscany. At the centre of this beautiful resort is a lovingly restored 13th-century villa.

Couples from all over the world fall in love with Borgo Santo Pietro because it marries nature with luxury.

 The restaurant honours a “farm to table” tradition, so you will be eating the freshest, most natural food during your reception. Once you and your beloved are ready to unwind from the big day, visit the immersive spa for a complete healing experience.

Borgo Santo Pietro wedding location

The Details of Luxury: How Decorations Can Transform Your Wedding

Luxury is all about the details. This is as true for weddings as it is for fashion. You don’t need to go big to enjoy a luxurious experience.

When it comes to the decorations, having a destination wedding in Italy takes care of most of that for you. When your venue is a stunning, historic castle, you really don’t need much else to tie the whole wedding together.

The experts at VB Events recommend that you let the natural beauty of the setting speak for itself and focus on the details of the reception instead. Here are some small ways to make your wedding a luxury wedding in Italy to remember:

It is best to avoid anything too garish. Using muted, classic colors that look good on everyone is the easiest way to elevate your wedding.

A wedding can’t be luxury if everyone in the wedding party isn’t looking their best. When you style your wedding party in different complementary outfits, you can add layers of beauty to the wedding and highlight each person’s important role in your lives.

Bride and bridesmaids with bouquet of buttercups and flowers

For brides: consider wearing a simple dress that flatters you and pair it with a large, statement piece for the veil. For grooms, prioritize a tux that fits like a glove and is made from quality materials, over a glitzy outfit.

Here’s the most important thing you can do to have a luxurious wedding in Italy: don’t try to do it all yourself. There is nothing luxurious about being stressed.

Instead, hire the experts in luxurious wedding planning, VB Events. We will handle everything from the venue to the flowers. All you and your beloved have to do is enjoy your special day.

The Best Food in Italy For Your Luxury Wedding

Food is a big part about what makes a wedding luxury. When you get married in Italy, the home of the best food in the world, no wedding would be complete without a locally sourced, custom menu from Italy’s best chefs.

This is where VB Events comes in. We specialize in handling all the catering. Our team will source the best chefs in Italy to cater your wedding and help them customize the menu to your tastes.

If your guests have any food allergies or preferences, we will ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Some venues for luxury weddings in Italy come equipped with a farm-to-table restaurant on the grounds.

This way, you can enjoy the freshest menu with ingredients that are sustainably sourced. If your venue does not have a local restaurant, VB Events will help you find a caterer to make your wedding dreams come true.

Mozzarella and tomatoes for wedding cocktail

The key to making your wedding luxurious in every bite is the details. No one wants anything mass produced or frozen on the most important day of their life. Gourmet is a must.

The ingredients should also be organic and locally-sourced. VB Events team also recommends tailoring the menu to tell your unique love story. For example, if you and your beloved have traveled extensively or lived in different countries over your courtship, consider having each course represent the cuisines of those countries.

Entertain Your Guests With These 6 Unique Ideas

There are so many popular games that couples can incorporate into their weddings. From the shoe game to lawn games like cornhole and giant Jenga, wedding receptions are as much about the activities as they are about the dancing.

These activities are fun and entertaining, but are they a good fit for luxury weddings in Italy?

The key to unlocking luxury is to think outside the box. For your wedding to be truly luxurious, it has to offer new, elevated forms of entertainment. Here are 6 unique ideas to blow your guests away during your luxury wedding.

  1. Fireworks - Nothing says grandeur like fireworks. A beautiful firework show across the sky is the perfect way to end the night for all guests.
  2. Light Shows - Light shows for weddings are a contemporary twist that will add a little something extra to your big day. If you are concerned for the local pets, a light show is a quieter, safer alternative to fireworks. Not only will you and your beloved get some amazing photos with the light show, it will render your guests speechless.
  3. Dancers - There is something so magical about a live performance. If you and your beloved are former dancers or if you just enjoy the arts, consider hiring dancers to perform at your wedding. A ballet performance will perfectly match the high-class venue by incorporating one of the most beautiful dance forms. Depending on the venue, you could book aerialists to perform a silk waltz in the air.
  4. Wine Tasting - Everyone loves to drink at weddings. The trick to elevating your wedding is to drink mindfully with a wine tasting. There is nothing more luxurious than wine tasting in Italy, especially when you say “I do” in a historic Italian vineyard. Your guests can experience world-famous wines while they celebrate your love.
  5. Classy Bars - Candy bars, ice cream bars, and cocktail bars are very popular at weddings. The trick to making them luxury is to give guests a chance to sample some of the finer pleasures in life. Consider offering a cigar bar, a whiskey bar, or a scotch bar. Guests can taste the woodsy undertones as they enjoy vintage bottles.
  6. Elevate the Music - You have more options than just choosing between a band or a DJ. Consider hiring a harpist or opera singers to perform at the reception. The music will echo all around your castle venue and wrap the guests in beautiful music.
“Emotional Band” playing on stage during a wedding

Learn More About Luxury Weddings in Italy

Are you ready to feel like royalty for a day as you tie the knot? Planning a luxury wedding in Italy does not have to be hard or stressful.

When you work with VB Events, we will handle everything, including booking the venue, the decorations, the entertainment, and all your translation needs. Contact VB Events today to make your dream wedding a reality!

Being surrounded by phenomenal scenery, with the warm sun on your face and delicious Italian aromas in the air. Booking a wedding in Italy is a dream come true.

However, planning a destination wedding in Italy may seem like a steep hill to hike to make this a reality. But we are here to help your dreams come true! When booking your wedding in Italy, there are a few key steps that you need to consider:

Top five steps for how to book a wedding in Italy:

  1. Find a local wedding planner
  2. Set a realistic budget
  3. Find the best location
  4. Come up with your theme
  5. Execution and final decisions

Bride on piazzale michelangelo, overlooking florence

1. Find a Local Wedding Planner

When you first start looking into how to book a wedding in Italy, it is imperative to have a local wedding planner that is on the ground and that you trust. A good wedding planner is an extension of you.

They will need to understand your needs and your desires. They will make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to, so you must find a planner that gets you and that you work well with.

A local wedding planner will help you exorbitantly when booking your wedding in Italy. They have spent their careers building strong relationships with reliable vendors and they will know the ins and outs of what you have access to with your budget, ultimately giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

Not only will having a local wedding planner help you save money and keep within budget, but they will also be able to give you access to venues and vendors that are not publicly advertised and have restricted access to.

A local wedding planner can help you book your wedding in Italy and make it a reality as they have the experience and know each step required.

They will be able to take an enormous amount of pressure off you and allow you to enjoy your time as an engaged couple.

Finding a planner may seem daunting as you are giving up some of the control of your day to someone else, but it will be so worth it.

Here are our top three steps in picking the perfect planner:

  1. Look at their portfolio - Look if they have done events similar to your style and to the party size you estimate your wedding to be. Also take note if they can cater for different religions and cultures if that is something you want as part of your day.

For more information on wedding planners and if you need one, click here.

Bride and groom holding their hands

2.   Set A Realistic Budget for your wedding

Once you find your perfect, local wedding planner you can rely on, it is important that you sit down with them and have a frank conversation about how much you are willing to spend.

This is one of the most important steps when looking into how to book a wedding in Italy - and is vital as this will dictate all your decisions moving forward.

Having a set budget allows you to work with your planner in dividing and prioritizing what you want to spend on and where you can cut back, for example, what type of entertainment you wish to have.

Breaking down your budget will allow you to see each section of your wedding and help manage expectations of delivery. Your segmented budget will help your planner propose ideal venues that fit your budget and meet your taste.

3.   Find The Best Location

When it comes to booking a location for your wedding in Italy, this should be one of the first steps tackled. Venues are often snapped up quickly and availability is scarce. It is imperative that you reserve and book a venue as early as possible.

The availability of the venue may also affect the date of your wedding, so if you can not be flexible with your dates booking the location months in advance is a must.

This may seem overwhelming but this is the exact moment you need to lean on your planner for support. They will have the contacts and the knowledge of when venues will be available at the most competitive price.

Working with and sharing your expectations sincerely with your planner will also help them find a venue that suits your style, party size, entertainment and most importantly budget.

The best location for you and your partner will be able to cater for your needs and not bust the bank. And lucky you, to book a wedding in Italy with the top wedding destinations in the world finding the perfect venue will be a joy as we are spoiled with choice in this beautiful country.

4.   Coming Up with Your Theme

Now the fun begins!

Another important step when you start looking into how to book a wedding in Italy is coming up with your theme. Once the budget and venue have been ticked off the list you can work with your planner to start visualising how your venue will be laid out and transformed into your perfect day.

A professional wedding planner will develop bespoke mood boards for you; curating all your colours and textiles to develop your theme.

If the space is large or hard to imagine how the layout will work; your wedding planner can draft mock-ups and wireframes of how tables, lighting and floral arrangements will be placed. Doing this allows you to see all available options and use the venue most optimally without the cost and all the labour.

When coming up with your key colours and theme there are a few things that can help you create cohesion throughout:

Firstly, develop a theme that works in harmony with your selected location, use the surrounding landscape to inspire your creative decisions. Bring in natural elements to pull in your theme and make it flow through the venue.

Be respectful of where you are and give simple nods to the location. You could do this simply by adding olive branches in your arrangements if you were in Tuscany or make a statement with bold, bright ceramics local to the Amalfi region.

Secondly, curate a theme that is natural and genuine to you as a couple.

You can do this simply through your stationery choice, your favourite colours or a nod to how you met. By adding these quirky elements that are authentic to you, it will make your day that more memorable and special.

Wedding stationery

5.   Executions and Final Decisions

Lights, camera, floral, food and action... Once you tackle the first three steps in booking a wedding in Italy, the fun of creating it and seeing it come together is euphoric. Making the final decisions or what florals to include, the lighting set-up and what food to serve your guests is all just the cherry on top.

Booking a wedding in Italy should be a joyful experience and a chance to delve into the culture.

\Take advantage of your wedding planner's knowledge to curate an unforgettable day for you and your guests. The same is true with the vendors you collaborate with; ask your florist their suggestion on ideal flowers for the day, as well as your caterer for traditional flavour profiles.

Wedding fireworks

Booking a wedding in Italy will be one of the most special things you do in your life. This country of pure love and passion will be the perfect start to your chapter as newlyweds. We would love to be a helping hand in writing that chapter. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation with us here; to help you book your dream day and make it a reality. Or read more about how to plan your luxury wedding in Italy in 12 months.

Discover the 10 Best Places to Get Married in Italy

With idealistic landscapes, gorgeous architecture and celebrated cuisine, Italy is the perfect place to get married. It is easy to understand how the famous artists and poets came to be when submerged in Italian culture. The same is true when you witness the grandeur of the buildings; you can grasp how powerful and influential Italians were throughout history.

Each region in Italy has its own story and is beautifully unique; this may have you overwhelmed with the choice and have you questioning, where the best place to get married in Italy is.

Depending on your taste and style as a couple and what you want your guests to experience at your wedding, these are the 10 best places to get married in Italy: and why

  1. Florence
  2. Siena
  3. Forte dei Marmi
  4. Rome
  5. Venice
  6. Como & Garda Lake
  7. Puglia
  8. Amalfi coast
  9. Verona
  10. Sicily

1.   Florence

Florence is the birthplace of the renaissance and home to some of the grandest architectural feats, galleries and museums in the world; it exudes culture. The city itself is an open-air museum with majestic sculptures dotted throughout; even a cast statue of David by Michelangelo overlooks the awe-inspiring skyline proudly.

Florence's links to history are evident in all aspects of Florentine life: from monuments like the Ponte Vecchio, still housing the finest goldsmiths. Florence is celebrated for its fashion and leather workers, who have inspired luxury fashion houses for centuries, like Gucci, Pucci and Ferragamo.

The city of Florence is glowing yellow, bowled together along the river Arno. The streets are often flooded with music by buskets and dotted with cafes and bars to enjoy a good espresso or negroni. The Florentine steak, gelato and Fettunta are just a few of the local dishes, not to mention the array of pasta options.

Florence is one of the best places to get married in Italy if you adore art. There are magnificent villas with stunning frescos and manicured estates. Surrounded by olive groves and showered in the sunshine, your heart feels light and golden in Florence.

View on Ponte Vecchio in Florence

2.   Siena

Siena is an old Tuscan city and according to the legend, the sons of Remus -whose brother founded Rome, founded it. Notorious for its medieval brick cityscape and the Palio, the traditional horse race that happens twice a year in the famous shell-shaped square.

The residents of Siena are fiercely proud and competitive, each district of the town is represented in the Palio, they have been competing against each other since the middle ages.

Neighboring Florence the two cities have always been rivals in politics and culture. Both boasting to talented artists and influence in the art world. The city is filled with works of art by famous artists like Simone Martini, Guido of Siena and Ambrogio Lorenzetti; the city is a gateway for art lovers.

Like all regions in Italy, Siena boasts bold flavours to match its rich heritage. Neighbouring the Chianti region the residents of Siena only drink the best wine Italy has to offer and the pairing of cuisine does not differ.

Traditional Siena dishes like pappardelle con lepre, ribbon-shaped pasta with a sauce made with hare and pici, long, extra-thick spaghetti with a rich sauce. Siena does have a sweet side though, famous for its confectionaries like Ricciarelli biscuits and gingerbread.

Siena is the one of the best places to get married in Italy if rich bold flavours excite you and competition and art are earthly delights you chase.

Bride walking through Siena field

3.   Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a Tuscan seaside town known for its beautiful beaches. Its famous pier, The Pontile, juts out into the Tyrrhenian Sea, offering breathtaking views of the stretching sea and the city surrounded by the Apuan Alps.

This luxury seaside town has glittering nightlife and luxury fashion boutiques. Markets and festivals are the main activities besides taking in the Tuscan sun on the glowing beaches.

There is always something happening with restaurants with raving reviews and bustling bars. Forte dei Marmi is the best place to get married in Italy if you love to party and you plan to dance into the night.

4.   Rome

Rome is the eternal city. This proud city is deeply rooted in its history and the grandeur of the Roman empire is still evident today. Architectural feats like the coliseum, St. Paul's cathedral in the Vatican, Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain stand boldly, radiating pride.

The Dome of St. Peter's Basilica offers one of the highest viewpoints in the city; at this peak, you see the city span greatly flirting with the horizon.

In the bustling Roman streets, lines in avenues of orange trees, you can find anything your heart could desire. Music, art, food and shopping are all moments away; one can stand completely still and constantly be amused by the happenings of Rome.

Like all Italian cities, Romans have traditions and tales that add to the character of the city; be sure to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, in return, you will be promised to be returned to Rome again because you are bound to fall in love with it.

Discover the best venues to have your luxury wedding in Rome, Italy

This city is also fiercely proud of its gastronomy with celebrated dishes like carbonara, cacio e pepe and porchetta originating from here. Rome is the best place to get married if you and your partner like grand and bustling cities, your love will last an eternity just like the city.

5.  Venice

The floating city of Venice, mazed with canals between renaissance and gothic palaces, sits in a rose-colored light. Venice is truly otherworldly, the craftsmanship of locals has been celebrated for eternity.

The bright coloured, hand-blown Murano glass is exported around the world for its beauty.

The delicate lace from Burano is any bride's dream; the women of this colourful Venice island have mastered this craft for generations and still hand weave the delicate silk to produce these angelic creations.

The city of canals has been romanticised and is a sort out wedding destination in Italy. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin exchanged their vowels in the gorgeous, historic Palazzo Papadopoli built-in 1550.

Venice is a maze filled with wonderful experiences that leave you in a state of gratitude that you stumbled across such wonders. The city resonates with the chiming of St Mark's Campanile and the hum in the piazzas is in harmony with the boats and gondolas in the channels.

There is no better place on earth to watch the sunset with a glass of Bellini than in Venice. Rich in history and proud in state, this romantic city may just be the best place to get married in Italy.

6.   Como & Garda Lake

Lake Como and Garda are like a fairy tale - these incredibly large, deep lakes are nestled in the mountains.

The serene waters are skirted with beautiful villas that hold breathtaking frescos, on perfectly manicured grounds.

Como and Garda are a true luxury and one of the best places to get married in Italy if you and your partner enjoy the luxury life of speed boats, fresh crystal water and grand villas.

These lake towns have perfect boutiques housing Italy's finest crafts, dotted between romantic cafes and restaurants. To sum up the great lakes it would be fresh, rejuvenating, and luxurious.

A destination desired by many couples, many grand events have been hosted at the shores of these lakes; the union of John Legend & Chrisey Teigen happened on the shores of Lake Como.

Villa Balbiano on Como Lake

7.   Puglia

Puglia has hundreds of kilometres of coastline forming the heel of the "boot" of Italy. The whitewashed hill towns run along the coast, scattered between century-old farmland.

Most well known for Alberobello and the Itria Valley that is home to "Trulli," stone huts with distinctive conical roofs, that is a UNESCO heritage site. Puglia is the breadbasket of Italy being responsible for 40% of all olive oil production, brilliant wine and grains.

Each town along the Puglia coast offers unique flavour profiles and different ways of preparing fish and traditional dishes. Burrata cheese, orecchiette pasta and tiella are just a few of the famous dishes found on this coastline.

Discover the best venues to have your luxury wedding in Puglia, Italy

One can spend a lifetime in the tranquil sea and desirable beaches of this coastline.

Cliff jumping and boat trips are the main activities besides floating in the Mediterranean waters. Or you can explore the rustic farmlands and wineries, experiencing the fresh and organic produce.

Puglia has the feeling of the easy-going south, the fresh ocean breeze balances perfectly against the crisp white towns. The best place to get married in Italy, if the ocean has your heart and you love the sun on your face.

Masseria san giovanni in puglia

8.  Amalfi Coast

The magnificent towns that grip the cliffs of the Amalfi coast overlooking the crystal blue sea know the true meaning of la dolce vita. Life in the Amalfi is just as sweet as the Lemon granita and limoncello local to this region.

Bright uniquely painted ceramics are found everywhere, with ceramic fishes leading the way to the clear, warm waters. Mosaics line the streets and coat the churches, the bold, dynamic colours of the town juxtapose the tranquillity of the sea.

Amalfi caters for all moods. One could easily lay on the beach all day with a book, being kissed by the sun and dipping in the waters to cool off.

You can hike the cliffs, find glimpses of the most breathtaking views or kayak between towns and get a whole new perspective of the amazing Amalfi coast.

With the dreamy island of Capri moments from the shore. Boat trips are essential, with the celebrated grottos to see and the big blue to swim in.

There is no better place than Amalfi to be completely submerged in southern Italian life and adventure.

Amalfi is the perfect place to get married in Italy if you want to be outdoors surrounded by beauty and nature, with magnificent venues to host your celebrations.

View of Belmond hotel Caruso in Amalfi

9.  Verona

There is a reason Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was set in the romantic city of Verona. This northern medieval old town, now a UNESCO heritage site was once the home of Italian Kings and has such a rich history, with outstanding universal history; heavenly damaged during World War II, as Verona was a strategic city and as such a prime target.

Despite this fact, its most famous monument is the Arena, a Roman amphitheatre, built in 30 AD, and is incredibly well preserved.

The city encapsulates mystery, charm and luxury. The city often is dressed in morning fog brought over from Lake Garda, creating a delightful airiness, for sneaking lovers.

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs."

— William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

When the fog burns off the ancient cobbled streets are revealed and the streets start to hum and opera echoes in the piazzas. Opera is notorious in Verona with its world-famous open-air opera festival in the Arena.

It is known as the city of love and thus the best place to get married in Italy. It is less busy compared to its neighbouring cities: Milan and Venice, feeding into its laid back charm.

10.   Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island that is exploding with culture and flavour. Truly a place of romance with the sonnet originating from Sicily in the 13th century.

It has such a rich history that has been so well preserved some will argue they have better Greek ruins than Greece itself. Once an independent state but it has been ruled by many other states such as the Ancient Greeks, the Byzantines, the Romans, the Arabs just to name a few.

The Island is surrounded by three seas: the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. All are tranquil warm water ideal for spending days on the beach, catching a tan and swimming.

The island is rather mountainous and home to The Etna volcano, the highest and most active volcano in Europe. Sicily is the best place to get married if you love adventure, with so many

dynamic towns to visit and outdoor activities to do, it is impossible to stay stagnant. Not to mention it is celebrated and said to have the best street food with dishes like Cannoli originating from the island.

Villa Igiea in Sicily

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to ideal places to get married in Italy. These top ten are just to name a few, if you wish to find out more or want to discuss further, reach out.

With years of experience in planning luxury weddings, VB-Events can make your dream day reality in the best places to get married in Italy.

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Did you know that Italian villas were the original farm-to-table household? When you tour the gardens of 14th and 15th century villas, keep in mind that those gardens are not just for show.

They were lovingly planted to provide the master and misses of the estate with fresh fruit, grapes for wine, and any other home-grown delicacy that they could have wanted.

If you and your beloved are committed to buying from local farms, eating fresh fruit, and being close to nature, you will love the beautiful, historic villas in Italy.

Do you want a wedding that is both luxurious and down to earth? Do you want to honor your love of Mother Earth while feeling like a prince or princess for a day? Consider having an Italian villa wedding! Destination weddings are the biggest trend for 2021 and 2022, so why not say “I do” in a 15th century villa in the Italian countryside.

Italian Villa Boscarello view from above

Why You Should Choose an Italian Villa Wedding

Your wedding day should be everything you want. It should be the most beautiful day. You should be the happiest you’ve ever been. Couples who choose an Italian villa wedding are

often looking for adventure - that comfortable kind of adventure, with warm nights, great food, and history everywhere you look.

Whether you and your beloved are history lovers, big fans of the Medici TV show, or enjoyers of luxury, Italy is home to many villas that would be perfect for your big day. The best wedding venue villas were built between the 15th and 17th centuries, making them ideal spots for experiencing history.

Because each villa is well preserved, spotlessly clean, and perfectly cared for, you can experience a day in the life of a member of the elite Medici family.

The number one reason that couples come to Italy for their wedding is because villas offer the best wedding experience. Since 15th century villas were built to house the entire extended family as well as the staff, such villas have more than enough room for the entire wedding party and the guests.

One challenge of destination weddings is whether the couple or the guests should be responsible for the cost of accommodations. One way around this issue is for the couple to rent out an Italian villa, and allow guests to stay in the extra rooms. If you choose to go this route, having everyone in the same place can give guests a chance to meet and mingle.

Villas also provide a variety of locations for where to walk down the aisle. You and your beloved could hold the ceremony outdoors in the gardens, in the villa’s ballroom or another large room, or on the front steps of the villa. This makes it easy to customize the wedding to perfectly fit you and your beloved’s love story.

Whether you want to get married in a city center or out in the countryside, Italy is home to so many historic villas that you can have your pick. Want to get married overlooking Lake Como? VB Events recommends Villa Pizzo (where Chrissy Teigen and John Legend tied the knot), Villa Del Balbianello (which appears in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones), Villa Balbiano or Villa Sola Cabiati - where the gardens provide complete privacy and the walls are covered with frescoes worthy of Milanese aristocrats.

Italian villa view overlooking Amalfi Coast

Where is the Best Place To Have an Italian Villa Wedding?

With so many beautiful villas in Italy, it is impossible to go wrong when you pick a venue for your special day. VB Events has worked with couples from all over the world, and a few of the most sought after locations include Villa Astor on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Igiea in Sicily, Villa Clara in Rome, and Villa del Balbianello near Lake Como.

With so many potential venues to choose from, it helps to work with expert wedding planners. This is where VB Events comes in. We have been helping wedding days run smoothly for 15 years. As local experts, we also know the ins and outs of all the best wedding venues in Italy, from villas to vineyards. Contact VB Events if you need a hand making your Italian villa wedding dreams come true.

Here are the top 4 villas to consider for your wedding:

1.  Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como

Lake Como is home to several villas that would all be perfect for your special day, including Villa Balbiano and Villa Erba.

Villa del Balbianello was built in 1787 by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini. Parts of the villa were originally a Franciscan monastery, which were converted into a villa for the cardinal’s personal use. This villa has historically been a hub for political activity, including as a meeting place for Italian patriots and the Carbonari. Its walls have also been home to famous writers, artists, and architects.

Villa del Balbianello is the perfect wedding venue because it sits atop a peninsula, so you can say “I do” with the glimmering expanse of Lake Como stretching out behind you. While guests cannot stay overnight at this villa, there are many villas and hotels located nearby.

If photos of this venue look familiar, it is probably because the villa appears in Casino Royale, as the backdrop to James Bond’s epic adventures, shoot outs, and romantic entanglements. In late 2018, superstars of the silver screen Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh also chose Villa del Balbianello as their wedding venue.

Villa del Balbianello view from above

2.  Villa Clara in Rome

Nothing says romance quite like the eternal city of Rome. If you want to tie the knot in the middle of an exciting city center, then Villa Clara is perfect for you and your beloved.

Villa Clara stands out both for its luxury and because it was reimagined in Art Deco style. Considered a hidden gem in Rome, Villa Clara was built in the 1910s, just before the start of the first world war. It was not finished until 1929 when famous architect Arnoldo Foschini took over the project and leaned heavily into his Greco-Roman influences.

Villa Clara radiates luxury, from the classic villa garden on the property to the over 1,000 square meters of marble and other semiprecious stone surfaces. When you hold your Italian villa wedding in this beautiful place, you will notice the wall panels made from rare amethyst, as well as the vast art collection.

Whether you love Greek and Roman pieces, Chinese and Japanese art, or European contemporary designs, the eclectic and well cared for art collection has something for everyone.

The best part about having your destination wedding at Villa Clara in Rome is that there is so much to explore in the city.

Many couples choose to combine their destination wedding with the honeymoon. After saying “I do” at Villa Clara, couples can get some time to themselves seeing the sights, shopping, experiencing Italian food, and jetting around Rome on a Vespa a la Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

For couples who are also interested in the villas of the past, Rome is just a bus ride away from the remains of Pompeii. Sadly, Villa of the Mysteries with its iconic red room, Villa of Papyri in Herculaneum, and the House of the Tragic Poet with its iconic “Cave Canem” guard dog mosaic barely allow tourists, and weddings are out of the question.

However, if you can’t have your dream Italian villa wedding in the villas of the far past, you can at least have it in a villa from the recent past. Then you and your beloved can tour the well-preserved villas in Pompeii and enjoy all the history that Italy has to offer.

Villa Clara in Rome view of the indoor
Photographer Bruno Ehrs

3.  Villa Igiea in Sicily

Villa Igiea was originally built to be a private residence at the end of the 19th century. In the early 1900s, the Lorio family purchased the villa and turned it into a hotel for royalty, members of the Hollywood elite, and dignitaries. In 2019, Rocco Forte Hotels acquired Villa Igiea and brought it into a new era of opulence and accessibility. The historic villa was carefully restored to protect and preserve its heritage, while updating it to meet the standards of luxury of the 21st century.

This villa is the perfect marriage between the past and the present while maintaining luxury and quality. It is ideal for weddings because it can accommodate more than 100 guests. Each room is completely unique, all decorated and designed to pay homage to the history and beauty of Sicily. The bathrooms are even made with locally sourced marble.

If you and your beloved want to treat yourselves, Villa Igiea is the perfect place for your dream Italian villa wedding. Located at the base of Mount Pellegrino and the Gulf of Palermo, it marries natural beauty with human innovation. This venue is perfect for couples who want a wedding in nature, but who also want luxury, and don’t want to “rough it” on their special day.

Villa Igiea in Sicily Italian Villa Wedding

4.  Villa Astor on the Amalfi Coast

The best word to describe Villa Astor is “paradise.” Overlooking the Bay of Naples, it has one of the greatest views in the world, as well as unparalleled splendor both inside and out. Of all the venues for an Italian villa wedding, Villa Astor is one of the most glamorous.

The villa dates all the way back to the 1st century A.D. when the grandson of Emperor Augustis made it his residence. Since then, Villa Astor has been a destination for the rich and noble. It was purchased by Lord William Waldorf Astor in 1905. He expanded the property to add a garden and a Pompeiian villa.

In the 70s, Villa Astor welcomed all manner of rich and famous guests, including Princess Margaret, Sofia Loren, Gregory Peck, Rudolf Nuriev, and Gianni Agnelli. Now, a villa that has been a beacon of luxury for the rich and famous can be the backdrop to your magical day.

To complete the experience, Villa Astor can accommodate your guests and wedding party. When you and your closest friends and family member stay the night at Villa Astor, you will notice the luxurious marble bathrooms, the art collection, and the furnishings sourced from Sotheby’s.

If you and your beloved want an Italian villa wedding, Villa Astor is the crème de la crème of authentic, luxurious, Italian villas. A place once home to the richest man in the world and all his famous guests, you can tie the knot in those same halls. There is no better location to hold the happiest day of your life.

Villa Astor in Amalfi overlooking Mediterranean sea

How To Have an Italian Villa Wedding? Hire a Wedding Planner

Having a romantic, intimate, completely unforgettable wedding in an Italian villa is easy to daydream about and easy to create a Pinterest board for, but it’s hard to make it a reality. Many couples know what they want, but they don’t know where to start.

Here’s what you do: Hire a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings in Italy. If you want your Italian villa wedding to be stress-free and to go off without a hitch, hire VB Events to make all your dreams come true.

Not only are we the masters at organizing weddings across borders, we also have connections with all the most desirable wedding venues. If you don’t know how you could possibly decide between all these beautiful villas, we can make a recommendation based on your tastes and your unique love story.

Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for traditional weddings, but it is a must for destination weddings. The team at VB Events speaks the local language and can help you and your wedding party navigate any language differences.

We will also handle all of the small wedding details for you, including design, the flowers, concierge services, and lighting. If you need makeup or photography taken care of, we can handle that too. VB Events works with talented local photographers, artists, stylists, and florists to create the beautiful wedding that you have always dreamed of.

Are you ready to start planning your dream wedding? Contact VB Events today to get started!

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