Grooming the Future: 2024 Wedding Trends for Grooms

September 15, 2023

From stepping out in their best kicks to incorporating unexpected elements such as bold colors and floral prints, groom trends in 2023 and 2024 are breaking the mold, and we couldn’t be more excited. Wedding days have always been about the bride, but in modern times this has changed. Grooms are just as unique and special and should be celebrated in the same way as the brides. So, today, we're celebrating all the guys tying the knot; we’ve curated the hottest list of groom trends - and if you’re getting married, you have to read this!

What Is The Groom Suit Trend In 2024?

Grooms Wear White

Traditional wedding trends tend to dictate that the bride is the only one that should wear white on their wedding day, but we believe that grooms look dashing in white. So, yes, grooms can sport a white tuxedo or suit. 

But, there is one vital aspect to consider. All whites are not the same. It’s essential to speak with your finance to understand the dress's color because wedding dresses come in a range of shades of white. There are stark white, ivory, different shades of champagne, blush hues, and soft white colors. 

You don’t want to choose a white suit or tuxedo that is more bright white than the bride, so the best thing to do is ask your fiance to get a swatch of the fabric of her gown so you can match it to the best suit or tuxedo color.  

The Black Tux

Don’t worry; if you love tradition, the classic black tuxedo isn’t going anywhere. We are pretty sure this fashion icon will be around forever. But what we are seeing is that today’s couples want to put their own unique spin on it. In late 2023 and 2024 groom trends, the black tux is getting a little extra panache. Here are a few ideas to elevate your black tuxedo to newer heights.

Large Lapels: Large lapels are a game-changer in modernizing the classic black tuxedo. These wide lapels give your outfit a dash of modernism and flair. Large lapels are ideal for grooms who want to make a dramatic statement and stand out from the crowd. While it may be a simple and small detail, the large lapels highlight your chest region, giving you a trendy and confident appearance.

Black Velvet Jacket: Another great way to jazz up your black tuxedo is to do away with the classic black tuxedo jacket and replace it with velvet. Sleek and sexy, a velvet tuxedo jacket is an incredible way to add your unique personality and style. It sets you apart from the groomsmen with its smooth texture and sophisticated look. 

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Bold Colors

Groom suits no longer only come in the traditional colors of black, dark blue, and brown. Color is everywhere now, and grooms seem to love it! They are frequently seen wearing suits in vibrant hues, such as burgundy tones like a soft rose (yes, that’s pink), plum, dark purple, and brilliant red cherry. 

Dark greens, green blues, terracotta, and even soft pastel tones of pink and light blue are becoming increasingly popular for individuals who prefer a more subdued appearance. What we love most about this trend is that it allows grooms to infuse their unique personalities into their weddings through fashion choices. 

Expressive Designs and Floral Prints

Bold designs and colors are appropriate for grooms wanting to add fun to their wedding day attire. Flowers aren't just for décor and bouquets. Bold floral prints are popular for wedding shirts, pocket squares, socks and jackets as men look for ways to show off their distinct style and personality.

These patterns enhance the groom's appearance with a hint of romance and playfulness, making them ideal for outdoor weddings. A modest floral accent on a tie or pocket square can still make a statement for those who prefer a more understated appearance.

Textured Fabrics

Another great option for grooms today is to choose a textured jacket. It’s an incredible way for the groom's wedding day fashion to stand out from the groomsmen. Think beyond velvet which has been trendy for a few years. Modern-day grooms are rocking linen suits, tweed, seersucker, and even more formal choices like brocade or jacquard jackets. 

While linen and seersucker can be great for warmer weddings, the velvet and brocade and jacquard options are perfect for cooler temps. The brocade and jacquard jackets also provide a level of sophisticated style. They are designed with colorful, all-over raised designs (often floral) with an embroidered or embossed effect. It’s unexpected and ultra-stylish. 

Well-Fitted Look

When dressing grooms for their wedding day, it isn’t only about colors and textures; how the suit or tuxedo fits is equally essential. And in the expected 2024 groom trends, the well-fitted style will reign supreme.

When you rent, achieving this well-fitted wedding day look can be challenging, so consider purchasing a suit and having it tailored specifically for your body. You don’t have to get flashy or fancy with unique patterns or bold colors; sometimes, the tailored look is all you need to exude confidence and make a statement.

groom attire dress detail on the jacket

Floral Lapel

For the more conservative guys who want to keep their wedding day outfit somewhat traditional, you can still elevate it to a higher level by accessorizing. And one 2024 groom trend is a floral lapel. If you haven’t seen this trend yet, prepare to be captivated…it’s a cascading explosion of flowers pinned to one lapel on the groom's jacket. 

Rather than the traditional boutonniere, which is small and less prominent, the groom's floral lapel stands centerstage, showcasing his love for fashion and commitment to the overall aesthetics of the wedding. We love it!

It photographs beautifully; the best part is he can take it off at the reception and have a completely different look without changing his outfit. It’s truly the best of both worlds - tradition and style together. 

Secret Messages Of Love

Another beautiful idea that is increasing in popularity is hidden odes to their significant other. Grooms can be just as emotional or sentimental as their brides, so this 2024 groom trend flutters our hearts. 

To achieve this, grooms get creative by adding an intimate ode to their spouse in their wedding day outfits. Some use unused portions of the wedding dress fabric to line their suit jacket; others inscribe unique messages in hidden places, like under the collar of their coat or custom-made socks with the couple's names. These incredibly romantic gestures go far beyond a wedding day love note. 

The Second Look

For many brides, the day often involves several outfit changes during the wedding day. She may have a ceremony dress, a different gown for the reception and a festive and fun look for the grand exit. It’s a trend that’s been around for many years, and now we’re seeing the grooms have fun with it too. 

While grooms may not have as many options, more are embracing a wardrobe change for the reception and the epic wedding exit. This groom trend allows them to showcase their unique sense of style while also feeling comfortable throughout the event. 

Grooms can change into a dinner jacket after the ceremony, forgo the jacket altogether, rock the suspender look, trade in their formal dress shoes for sneakers, or simply switch their formal ceremony jacket for a colorful or patterned groom suit or jacket to dance the night away. 

Late 2023 and 2024 groom trends will continue to be infused with unique and unexpected elements such as bold colors and patterns, textures, playful fashion accessories and more. It’s an honor to see them embrace their individual personalities and get more involved in the planning and execution of what is likely to be one of the most important days in their life.

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