How to: Plan Your Luxury Wedding in Italy In 12 Months

October 27, 2020

Weddings are infused with love and celebratory bliss. Yet, they are also notorious for being stressful, as they require thorough planning. Anyone tasked with organising a wedding is thus placed under a significant amount of strain. That is why VB-Events exists.

We oversee everything in fastidious detail. Our 15 years of experience and impeccable organisational skills ensure that your wedding day is one of grandeur and eminence. Let us take the reigns, so that you can sit back, take a sip of champagne and take pleasure in this enchanting process.

Our 12-month plan below is the ultimate guide to luxury wedding planning. It has been hand-crafted to bring each couple a bespoke experience. It outlines our planning process and how we mould your vision into an unforgettable reality.

12 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Rough guest list and bridal party selection
  2. Work out budget
  3. Find a wedding planner
  4. Venue hunt - Ceremony & Reception
  5. Confirm Church
  6. Narrow down date (1-3 days)
  7. Collect Inspiration - style of wedding
  8. Start supplier search
  9. Start Wedding File
  10. Reserve Photographer & Videographer
  11. Book dress appointment

11 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize date
  2. Start booking suppliers
  3. Florist appointments
  4. Dress searching
  5. Honeymoon options
  6. Wedding website
  7. Finalize guest list
  8. Ask bridal party - “will you be my…” gift box

10 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Gift registry
  2. Search for Officiant
  3. Start music selection - ceremony & reception
  4. Finalize dress & veil
  5. Taste cake and catering
  6. Look for groom attire
  7. Look for party attire
  8. Develop Stationary

9 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Book rehearsal dinner venue
  2. Book hair and make up
  3. Purchase grooms attire
  4. Start alterations
  5. Find shoes and accessories
  6. Book honeymoon
  7. Hire sound and light equipment
  8. Send save the date

8 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Confirm all vendors
  2. Purchase wedding party attire
  3. Reserve guest accommodation
  4. Purchase shoes and accessories
  5. Think about party favors

7 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Edit and proof read invites
  2. Purchase stamps and envelopes
  3. Book Caterer
  4. Book Music and entertainment

6 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Start other Stationary - menu, seating cards..
  2. Think about transport
  3. Send invitations

5 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Book tables and chairs
  2. Hire table clothes and chair covers
  3. Other extras to hire…

4 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Double check looks - garter, lingerie etc.
  2. Finalize florist
  3. Complete favor order
  4. Choose wedding rings

3 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize all the accommodation for guests
  2. Finalize the order of service
    Follow up on RSVPs
  3. Finalize ceremony readings
    Plan party roles - speeches etc.
    Hair and make up trial

2 Months Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize all wedding vendors & payment
  2. Start thinking vows
  3. Start seating plan
  4. Finalize guest list

1 Month Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize seating & table plan
  2. Book Spa day
  3. Confirm guest number to caterer & florist
  4. Communicate arrival time to vendors
  5. Final fittings
  6. Confirm honeymoon info - flights etc.
  7. Order thank you notes
  8. Confirm playlist with DJ

2 Weeks Before The Wedding:

  1. Finalize Vows
  2. Finalize back up plan (marquee, etc..)
  3. Pack for Honeymoon
  4. Spa day
  5. Finalize payments for vendors
  6. Pack wedding bag - rings & licenses
  7. Confirm Party roles
  8. Send timeline and schedule to vendors

Day Before The Wedding:

  1. Final drop offs at venues (if needed)
  2. Rehearsal
  3. Welcome cocktail & dinner
  4. Early to bed

The Big Day:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast/ light lunch
  2. Rings to best man/ page boy /flower girl
  3. Final payments handled by friend
  4. Have fun & enjoy !!

Now that you have an idea of the overall planning that goes into your dream wedding, it is also beneficial to be familiar with the finer details.


Currently, questions about travel may be intertwined with logistics surrounding COVID-19. Queries about quarantine times, tests, and safety guidelines should be directed to your local embassy to ensure that you are fulfilling all the necessary requirements. We also recommend contacting Dr Kerr, an English speaking doctor in Florence, for any other questions that you may have. You can access his website, here.

Your other travel logistics, such as the legal documentation needed, is also highly individualised and depends on your country of origin. Ensure that you consult your embassy or a well informed travel agent. We recommend that you are highly organised and that you get your information from reliable sources; bureaucracy should not interfere with your dream day.

For any queries pertaining to visas and documentation, or any other travel information, please feel free to contact us, here.

The Wedding Day and Our Services:

At VB–Events we offer a myriad of services to ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is awe-inspiring. To view these services in depth, click here.

Any other queries or questions you may have can be directed to our contacts page, here.

We look forward to bringing your dazzling day to life.

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