Insanely Good Signature Wedding Drink Ideas

January 25, 2023

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be all boring decisions and contracts. There are some fun things to look forward to, and if you’re looking for a way to elevate your cocktail hour or reception, we’ve got just the thing - signature wedding drinks. 

So whether you’re thinking of offering a signature wedding drink during the cocktail hour, reception, or the “after-party” (or all 3!), keep your guests entertained and captivated with a creative and unique wedding drink menu. If you’re wondering where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve curated a list of the best signature wedding drink ideas for your boozy and alcohol-free guests. 

The cocktail hour is a fantastic time to WOW your guests with a signature drink. This is when guests frequently socialize while the newlyweds enjoy a short period of bliss alone during a private walk or portrait session. 

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If you're planning this private time during your wedding, know there are many ways to personalize this short interlude—even in your absence. One of our favorite ways is to offer your loved ones a distinctive or signature wedding drink influenced by everything from your favorite cocktails to the history of your relationships.

A signature cocktail is a must in today's weddings — and the options are endless. We believe the drinks you serve at your wedding should be just as memorable as the food, if not more so. So, we've rounded up a few of our favorite signature drink ideas that incorporate seasonal and classic flavors, including some alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 

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How Do You Pick A Wedding Signature Cocktail?

Choosing a signature cocktail may be more challenging than it seems. But with some help, we’re sure you can select a cocktail mix that tantalizes your guest's taste buds and has them asking for the recipe. 

Here, we have a few pointers that will undoubtedly help you create an Insta-worthy drink concoction, but another great tip is to talk to your favorite mixologist. They’ll be able to whip some drinks up for you to sample, making choosing your signature wedding cocktail easier. 

Simple Is Best.

You want your guests dancing, not standing in line at the bar as the bartender stirs ice and mint together to make a blueberry mojito. That sounds fantastic, but I'm getting off track. 

Unless it can be premixed in a large volume, your signature cocktail should take less time to prepare and should have at most four ingredients.

Select A Beverage You Enjoy.

You're not competing in a mixology competition, so don't overthink it. Instead, you should genuinely want to drink your signature beverage on your big day, so choose flavors you love. 

Choose A Drink That Fits Your Aesthetic

Does it match the theme? If you love all things grape and wine, then why not go with an elegant wine-based cocktail? Or if your happy couple is so in love that they like peanut butter and chocolate together, then maybe a fantastic peanut butter cup martini could be their "something old."

Choosing Flavors Everyone Will Love

A critical aspect of choosing the best signature cocktail for your wedding is selecting flavors everyone will love or at least be intrigued to try. Of course, there are some wild and crazy drink concoctions, but if your guest list is a little more refined than a party bunch, you may want to keep your flavor selections and mixology a little more toned down.

Which Liquors Should You Use?

Choose cocktails with a variety of base spirits to ensure that most on your guest list can find a drink they will enjoy. Most suggest that you create a signature cocktail with clear and one brown liquor to accommodate the greatest number of pallets.

Create one drink, for instance, using tequila, vodka, gin, or white rum. By choosing whiskey, bourbon, or black rum for the other, you can then counteract that. Having liquor from both the clear and dark families will appeal to most guests. 

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Can It Be Made In Large Quantities?

Nothing could be worse than standing in a long line at the bar when they’re playing your favorite bust-a-move song. So, another great tip for creating a signature wedding cocktail that everyone will enjoy is to choose something that can be made in large quantities beforehand. 

Doing this will help reduce how long guests have to wait in line for cocktails. 

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The Best Signature Drink Ideas For Weddings

Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail

This gorgeous Champagne cocktail is incredibly easy to make and outrageously tasty. It's a stunningly sparkling drink that will encourage your buddies to dance. The syrup with blackberries and lavender is terrific. To make, add your blackberry syrup, then garnish with Champagne and a fresh blossom of lavender. It’s an elegant drink that is simple to make and looks divine. But here’s a hot tip from the experts- it’s best to use fresh lavender flowers.

champagne tower wedding drink

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This prosecco cocktail looks like it was designed specifically for weddings. You should muddle fresh raspberries for this signature cocktail to get the most flavor. You're in for a treat if you've never experienced Limoncello. It has a fresh taste and surprising alcohol content.

With this drink, your wedding guests will fall in love at first sight.

Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour

Some of the most flavorful and energizing drinks available are grapefruit cocktails. And this one has a beautiful flavor and stunning color. When combined, grapefruit and lime have a startlingly acidic and vibrant taste. So make sure to add simple ginger syrup for a spicy-sweet balance.

Finish it with a sweet and smooth bourbon in this cocktail, and your wedding guests will be as head over heels as you are.

Pretty Pomegranate Mimosas

The traditional method to celebrate the wedding day is with a mimosa, which is the ideal beverage for getting ready with the bridesmaids. But this mimosa isn’t just for those intimate moments, getting ready. 

Turn your traditional mimosa into your signature wedding beverage by choosing pomegranate juice instead of the more common orange juice for a creative twist on the classic brunch cocktail.

Caramel Apple Martinis

This is one cocktail that will surely be hard to pass up. Instead of sticking with traditional drinks, try intriguing alternatives like these delightful caramel apple martinis. Add cinnamon sugar and a wooden stir stick to the glasses to decorate them. We’re sure these will be a huge hit, not to mention some pretty Insta-worthy photo opportunities. 

Blackberry + Honeysuckle Spritz

Serve your guests a delectable cocktail that they'll remember all year. Combine sweet honeysuckle vodka with juicy, garden-fresh blackberries to create a vibrant cocktail that tastes like summer in a glass.

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Make A Splash With These Tasty Mocktail

Mocktails are excellent alternatives to alcohol for your wedding guests. They can be made with fruit juice or soda, and you can even use tea as the base if you want to go all out. You can also add alcohol-free liqueurs like cherry brandy or vanilla vodka. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mocktails!

Also, consider mixing up a signature version of your family's favourite cocktail for everyone at the wedding table. Still, we've included some signature mocktail ideas below that will significantly add to any wedding menu.

The Best Mocktail Wedding Signature Drink Ideas

It's simple to forget that alcohol isn't necessarily an essential component for a fantastic reception, and there are some unique soft drink ideas your guests will adore. In addition, couples may choose alcohol-free or alcohol-restricted solutions for various factors, including financial savings and personal preferences. 

Here are some creative mocktail ideas you can serve if you want to organize a wedding reception without alcohol or want to provide your guests with exciting beverage options.

Lemondrop Martini Mocktail

The classic lemon drop martini is refreshed with creme de Leche and garnished with an orange twist in this fun take on the cocktail. Add mint leaves to give it just enough flavour without being too sweet or overpowering.

Fizzy Basil Lemonade Mocktail

This mocktail has a ginger beer base and plenty of fresh basil to give it its distinct flavor and color—and if you’re not into those two things, there are optional instructions for making the drink without them! On the other hand, if you want something less alcoholic than beer or wine but still have that summery feel, try fizzy juices like this!

Tom Collins Mocktail

Simply take out the alcohol to make this signature mocktail, which is remarkably identical to the original - Tom Collins drink. This vintage signature drink contains non-alcoholic gin (Yes, that’s a real thing), club soda, sugar, and lemon juice. 

Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail

If peaches aren't your thing, but champagne floats are still too much for you to handle (or are just too expensive), try this frozen peach bellini mocktail instead! It's perfect on its own or mixed with soda water over ice cubes for a refreshing treat on hot summer days when all drinking alcohol seems like torture after hours spent sweating under direct sunlight outdoors.

Wedding signature drink ideas for mocktails

Spicy Grapefruit Ginger Fizz Mocktail 

This beverage is ideal if you're searching for something for your non-drinking friends. It has a bite from muddled jalapenos and is sour, lemony, and spicy. In addition, the combination of grapefruit, ginger beer, and mint is superb.

If you want to make it an alcoholic beverage, the recipe suggests adding bourbon or vodka. Mocktail or cocktail, we’re sure it’ll be a hit.

Sparkling Cran - Citrus

A mocktail is a terrific addition for individuals who don't drink or young guests. Orange-flavored sparkling water is given a splash of cranberry juice to give it a beautiful coral tint. Add sugar to each glass's rim and an orange wedge as a garnish to create the look of an adult beverage.

Cantalope Ginger Spritzer

A delicious spritzer with some zing is always a good choice. Include unusual flavours like ginger and cantaloupe for a drink that will get people talking all night long. It’s fun, unexpected, and sure to delight guests of all ages. 

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Adaptogenic Drinks

Adaptogenic drinks are a great alternative to traditional wedding cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. For example, a cocktail made with plant and herbal elements like ginseng is an adaptogenic beverage, and they are taking the wedding scene by storm. 

Some manufacturers of adaptogenic drinks claim their products boost energy, replace alcohol, or promote relaxation. People who desire to experiment with a sober lifestyle while drinking something that can loosen them up have grown increasingly fond of this distinctive cocktail trend. 

While you can certainly make these drinks without alcohol, they also make for a nice change from wine spritzers or other non-alcoholic options that can seem boring and sometimes need to be noticed on wedding menus.

Adaptogenic drinks are perfect for weddings because they can offer a boost of energy so guests can still enjoy all the festivities throughout the evening!

Don't let the bar end up being an afterthought since you've already given so much care to the other aspects of your wedding, such as your dress, flowers, and vows. Keep the traditional wine and beer flowing, but a signature cocktail is how you make a big "just married" statement. 

These cocktail ideas may be the special touch you and your spouse have been waiting for, with their unique names and seasonal flavors.

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