The poets say that Rome knows love better than anyone ever could. The eternal city has brought lovers together through wishes in the Trevi, kept secrets under bridges, where kisses have been stolen and been the place to exchange vows for centuries.

Today Rome is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world; known to be "one of the world's most romantic and charismatic cities."

Couples flock to its grand churches and venues to promise a love that will live as long as Rome.

Planning to get married in Rome may be daunting, especially being a destination wedding. So our simple advice on how to get married in Rome is:

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Romans are synonymous with passion and romance; you can infuse this fiery beauty into your wedding plans, incorporating Roman traditions and elements into your celebrations.

Beautiful Colosseum view in Rome

Break down of how to get married in Rome:

  1. Get help from a wedding planner
  2. Scheduling your arrival & activities
  3. Pre-wedding activities and celebrations
  4. Planning your wedding day
  5. Planning your post-wedding events

1.   Get Help From A Wedding Planner

When you decide to have a destination wedding in Rome, it is easy to feel overwhelmed:

How will I find a venue? And how will I get the best vendors? How will I get married in Rome?

It may lead to a complete sense of despair. The best thing to remember is that Rome was not built in a day.

There are simple steps to making sure your day goes off without a hitch.

The first step is to find a local wedding planner to help save you time, money and stress.

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2.   Scheduling Your Arrival and Activities

After months of planning and selecting every element of your perfect day with your planner, the day is finally approaching.

Having a professional planner, all will be organised and in place by the time you arrive. Just land and enjoy all that Rome has to offer.

You and your partner are in the most romantic city with some of your nearest and dearest. You must experience the city's charm, it will be hard not to.

The first step of how to get married in Rome- is actually to see it, live it, and experience all it has to offer.

Our must-do list of Romantic Roman activities:

  1. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish - not only will it come true, but it is also a promise that you will return to Rome one day.
  2. Climb the Spanish Steps - you will be sure to find artists and poets here captivated by their elegance.
  3. See the Colosseum - The extreme grandeur of the architecture is evidence of the power the Roman Empire possessed.
  4. Cruise down the Tiber - get a different perspective on the majestic Tiber river that flows through Rome, marvel at the harmony of the ancient and the modern-day architecture.
  5. Fall in love with the city at Aventine Hill- with a perfect keyhole to have a spectacularly framed view of St Peter's.

Once you have done all these things it is vital that you then see the city at night, there is a sense of euphoria looking over the twinkling lights of Rome.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

3.   Pre-wedding activities and celebrations

Once the city has been explored and you have fallen more in love with it, it will be time to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

It is important that when you arrive in Rome, you meet up with your planner to go through your itinerary.

They may have arranged pre-wedding activities where times and destinations need to be confirmed and break down how you will be getting married.

The most important pre-wedding event will be the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner sets the tone for the rest of the wedding celebrations.

Take your rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to experience something different; if you are getting married in a villa, maybe having your rehearsal dinner outdoors will create the ideal ambience.

Think about your party and where best they would fit, do they need space to dance and celebrate or somewhere cosy for heartfelt speeches to be shared.

This does not mean you have to plan it exactly like your wedding day, as you would want to keep this as a surprise for your guests, but it is a chance for your party to gel and experience what is plentiful in Rome: good food, good music and good drinks.

Romans are fiercely proud of their gastronomy, celebrated around the world for their dishes like carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, saltimbocca,supplì, carciofi alla giudia, and so many more.

Keep your guests merry with Negroni: gin, Campari and red vermouth, popular Roman cocktails. Having authentic local Italian food and drink is how to get married in Italy.

Carbonara plate in Rome restaurant osteria da Fortunata

4.   Planning Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be uniquely and authentically you, celebrating your union and love as a couple. However, it would be fitting to pay homage to Roman culture and traditions.

This can be done through several elements:

Arriving at the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage is not only romantic but it gives you an extra moment to take in that you are getting married in Rome!

If you are intending to wear a veil, it is a tradition that you tailor your veil to represent how long you have been together, a meter for every year.

Ask guests to toss rice after the ceremony to celebrate the union, this is believed to symbolise fertility, another Italian tradition.

An obvious way to give tribute to your Roman wedding is to serve Roman dishes. Gift your guests Bomboniere, this is a small gift to thank guests for coming to your wedding and are traditionally an odd number of sweet covered almonds.

The last thing to do when getting married in Roman is to dance the night away, 'La Tarantella' is a traditional Italian dance where guests hold hands in a circle and move clockwise as the music speeds up, before reversing the same motions (this may have to be practised at the rehearsal dinner).

5.   Planning Your Post-Wedding Events

With aching feet, sore heads but full hearts it is vital for you and your guests to be fed well yet again. Arranging a brunch for after the wedding is common to practise, this will be the first time after the wedding you will be seen as man and wife with your family and friends united.

This will give you all the opportunity to revel in the amazing celebrations and say thank yous and blessings once more.

Red Vespa near red heart shaped baloon in wedding garden

The ideal way to arrive and leave a wedding brunch is key to the Italian flair, however, you can never go wrong with a Vespa in Italy.

The blessing about a destination wedding in Italy is that it does not have to end after you drive off on your Vespa, the celebrations can continue onto buddy and honeymoons as there are many more wonderful places to explore in Italy.

Get Married in Rome: Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

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