The wedding party does not come together on a whim; it is a collection of individuals near and dear to the bride and groom that form the backbone of all the celebrations! Regardless of how modern you want to go with your wedding planning, you need a wedding party to get you through your wedding day and the challenging days before. Here is an assortment of roles you must fill to honouring tradition and have fun. 

An Honorable Position 

Having a maid of honour is more than just ticking a box. She is your friend, your confidant, and your go-to for all manner of wedding-related emergencies. The maid of honour is only one person, so if you have a large group of friends, you can place them in highly coveted bridesmaids' positions or other wedding party roles.

The maid of honour is typically the best friend who can hold your hand as you try on your dress for the first time or offer that much-needed glass of champagne when you morph into a bridezilla at the florist or the wedding planner. She will also be expected to write a killer toast that can make an audience laugh and cry. A man of honour is the perfect position for the bride’s brother or best friend, and they're assuming this role means all the same responsibilities! 

Bride with her bridesmaid in the role wedding party

Bridesmaids Make Everything Better

No wedding party is complete without scores of bridesmaids to motivate, encourage, troubleshoot problems, crack jokes, and divide wedding errands. Whether choosing wedding party entrance songs or helping find the most fantastic caterer, bridesmaids are an army of powerful women to help you get through the incredible stress of planning and executing a wedding. 

For nieces and younger cousins or sisters, the title of junior bridesmaid is solicited with matching attire to the older beauties. They help with wedding tasks except for attending or organizing the bachelorette party. 

Bridesmaids hold a special place in the wedding party as they provide unwavering support and cherished companionship to the bride. Their role goes beyond wearing a pretty dress; they offer emotional support throughout the wedding journey, assist with wedding planning tasks, participate in dress shopping, and provide invaluable help on the wedding day. 

Bridesmaids create lasting memories, celebrate the couple's love, and serve as lifelong friends. Being a bridesmaid is an honour and a privilege that involves bringing love, dedication, and friendship to ensure an unforgettable wedding experience.

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Flower Girls

Regarding wedding party roles, flower girls are simpler from a bygone era. If you trace the historical origins of this wedding role, it usually symbolizes fertility, joy, and luck for the couple about to be married. While flowers were traditionally scattered, wheat or other grains and herbs would also be showered on the aisle where the bride was supposed to walk. 

Younger relatives or daughters of friends between the ages of 4 and 8 are chosen to be flower girls, often made distinctive with a large bow on their head and a decorated basket filled with flower petals in their hands. To add a festive touch, the flower petals can be from roses or seasonal or wild blooms. 

Ring Bearer

No, we are not talking about Frodo Baggins!

The role of the ring bearer is an adorable and symbolic one in a wedding ceremony. Typically a young boy, often a family member or close friend of the couple, the ring bearer, carries the precious wedding rings down the aisle. This role represents the significance of the rings as symbols of eternal love and commitment.

With his charming presence and careful handling of the rings, the ring bearer adds a touch of innocence and sweetness to the ceremony. At the designated moment, the ring bearer presents the rings to the couple or the Best Man, signifying the exchange of vows and the beginning of their marital journey.

I Pronounce You The Best Man

The best man or woman is a wedding role not dissimilar to the maid of honour as it needs to be the groom’s best friend or sibling, and he or she is responsible for providing moral support, organizing a stellar, memorable bachelor party, and generally never leaving the groom’s side.

Safekeeping the rings, helping with planning, and writing a toast for the ages are all part of the best man’s responsibilities. 

Men In Black

The groomsmen are the groom’s brothers and closest friends in one power-packed group, and they may dress alike to stand out from the crowd. They’re generally less involved than the best man.

Still, they help with planning the bachelor party or a wedding after-party, and they accompany the groom on various errands like suit fittings or buying an engagement ring. 

They are a group of men that know and love the groom best. Junior groomsmen like younger brothers or nephews may form part of the wedding party and may interchangeably be called upon to be ushers or ring bearers or to help shower guests with flowers. 

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Page Boys & Ushers

Page boys and ushers play essential roles in a wedding, contributing to the ceremony's smooth flow and overall atmosphere. Page boys are typically young boys, often family members or close friends, who assist with tasks such as carrying the bride's train, holding decorative items, or escorting guests.

Ushers, on the other hand, are responsible for greeting and seating guests, ensuring everyone is comfortably settled for the ceremony. They offer a warm welcome, guide guests to their designated seats, and assist with any questions or needs, ensuring a pleasant and organized experience for all attendees.

Groom and Bride with celebrant

Officiating The Union 

Every wedding needs to have an officiant of some kind, and for most weddings, it is usually a religious figure like a rabbi, pastor, priest in the case of catholic weddings, a minister, or any other. It can also be someone registered with a government authority with the power to administer wedding ceremonies. 

The officiant should be booked and secured well in advance as they are essential. Furthermore, the officiant should be someone you trust or get along with so that the wedding starts smoothly, and many couples choose someone they’ve known for a long time or underwent pre-marital counseling with. 

Choose Wisely

Picking and choosing your wedding party and the roles you want to fill for the big day is no small decision! You may ask yourself, ' Who Should Be at My Wedding Party? ' Not only do you want to make all the fantastic people in your life feel special, but you also want to ensure you aren’t just picking people because of proximity and convenience. 

Your wedding party roles must be filled by individuals who have known you for a long time and inspire thoughts of joy and comfort. A mistake many couples make is that they design their wedding party poorly and include people who may not have their best interests at heart or who need to learn them properly. 

When you are choosing your group of bridesmaids or groomsmen, always make a point of having a planner or an undeclared leader at the helm as plenty of organizational abilities are needed to complete all the wedding tasks on time, and delegating is advised for brides and grooms-to-be.

Even when filling out wedding party favours, you need an inside man or woman to tell you additions the group would enjoy. 

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