Wedding at Villa Erba, Where Luxury Meets Love

December 13, 2022

A destination wedding in Italy fosters the ultimate sense of indulgence due to the opulent venues, unique culinary delights, and exceptional service. From the majestic waterside villas surrounding Lake Como to the countryside estates nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany to the colourful shores and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, couples who tie the knot in Italy know a thing or two about creating unforgettable experiences and romance.

With so many awe-inspiring Lake Como wedding venues, narrowing it down to just one can take time and effort. So, today we’d like to introduce you to one of our favourites - Villa Erba.

A Luxurious Hotel Nestled On Lake Como

If you are an artistic soul, love majestic places that scream royalty, luxury, and class, and are looking for a wedding venue in Lake Como, then you are at the right place.

The location of Villa Erba is marvellous, surrounded by the lake and a vast botanical garden spreading over more than 100,000 square meters making this Villa one of a kind.

A variety of art can be seen around the property, such as balconies made from stone and different types of colourful frescoes, precise and valuably carved ceilings are just one of the reasons why this Villa is called the Italian Jewel. And can a Villa like this be without gold details? Of course not; on the property, you can find golden gilded decor and golden murals.

This Venue can accommodate up to 450 people for the reception in different areas, such as the old ballroom or the reading room. Unfortunately, the Venue does not offer accommodation on-site, but it can provide you with hotels just a few minutes away from the Venue.

History Of Villa Erba

Carlo Erba, the owner and founder of a pharmaceutical company, built the Villa to show off his wealth. The Villa was designed and established between 1898 and 1901 by Angelo Savoldi and Giovan Battista Borsani. An interesting fact about the whole venue is that the German Commando occupied it during the war; as luck would have it, the composition was undamaged.

Types Of Wedding Ceremonies Offered At Villa Erba

Exclusivity at its finest. Everyone that is searching for something majestic will find it here. In addition, the waterfront wedding venue offers you various wedding ceremonies, such as: on the lawn by the lakeside or right in front of the Villa. 

But please bear in mind if you are considering choosing one of the Lake Como best locations - Villa Erba is only open from April to October, so plan carefully. 

The Most Picturesque Wedding Ceremony Location In Italy

Villa Erba is one of the most picturesque, if not the best, locations for outstanding photographs. Its 100,000 square meters garden that overlooks Lake Como is just one of the reasons why people choose this location. The centennial park, palatial botanical patrimony, and countless species of exotic, fancy plants clasp the Villa giving multiple options throughout the year for great photos due to different shades and colours.

The Villa also has the Darsena, known as the boat house where water meets the land, and numerous indoor locations such as the Grand Interior Room. Everywhere you turn, there are beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos.

Wedding Ceremony Locations At Villa Erba

When it comes to Villa Erba, luxurious and elegant wedding ceremonies are their mark. With different types of locations, whether you like it indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather conditions, they will offer you dreamy setups with incredible decorations and give you a true love story to tell your kids.

The Majestic Darsena (or boat house)

Every couple's dream is to make a grand entrance (or exit) on their wedding day; this Lake Como wedding Venue gives you just that. The Majestic Darsena, as the name states, will provide you with a one-in-a-lifetime, opulent, exclusive entrance by boat. An Ideal spot for a ceremony and magazine cover photographs. You can accommodate up to 200 seated guests in this area.

The Villa’s Gardens

No words can describe the extravagant garden of the Villa Erba. Its immeasurable beauty will suit you best for your romantic, special moment where you will say the words you carefully chose, your vows that will echo into eternity and seal your love path. 

Grand Interior Rooms

One of the things we love the most about Villa Erba is that every room is unique. Let's start with the design; at the Villa, each window has its own story. Every angle has a different view, making all rooms a different kind of masterpiece. 

Each room has intricate decor, a different colour palette, frescoed ceilings and walls, and original stone, tiled, or wood flooring.

Villa Erba Wedding Reception Locations

When you’re planning a wedding in Lake Como in a grand, stately chateau in Italy, there will be many beautiful settings for your reception. This is true at the Villa Erba. Here are a few ideas for hosting your wedding reception at Villa Erba.  

Villa Erba Botanical Park

It’s not just the numerous flowers, plants, or trees that make this Botanical Garden - Park special. It is the tradition and what it represents. Just imagine, as “John Lennon” said, having something that has sustained for more than we can remember or that we will ever experience; it is just enviable and yet extraordinary at the exact moment. 

Here you can host up to 200 guests seated in the middle of the colour palette that the garden brings hope for your love and friendship to last as long as the garden itself.

Grand Terraces 

We all know the fairy tales and stories where you meet your forever one at some grand terrace and have the perfect dance along with the forever-lasting kiss; this Lake Como wedding venue will provide you with just that. 

Perfect lake view, outstanding architecture, an ambience vibrating love notes, you, your partner, family, and friends all together making core memories and capturing all the incredible and lovely moments together while dining and having fun.

Elegant and Luxurious Dining Areas

Several locations can be picked for dining at the property. For example, you can choose the Ballroom for your reception if you are keen on chic and luxury decorations and ambience, or the Botanical Park, where you will feel like you are “Alice in Wonderland” with all the precious and remarkable nature traits that the garden is nurturing. 

And there is the “Grand Terrace” with an outstanding lake view that will make a perfect dining area where you can wait for the sunset and enjoy your magical, dreamy, fantastic day.

The Heart Of The Villa - Cathedral Hall

As the title describes it, the heart of the Villa is the Cathedral Hall. Stone balconies make the space remarkable and dramatic. The Cathedral Hall is a mix of modern architecture, extraordinary colour palettes, ravelled decoration details, frescoes, walls with original tiles, and wooden and stone flooring. And next-level lightning and sound gadgets make it a perfect spot for dancing till dawn.

How To Get To The Palatial Villa Erba

Can’t you imagine arriving and entering your wedding ceremony by private boat? You and your partner glide through the lake, the wind caressing your hair and face while your impatient family and friends are waiting for both of you to come up and start the wedding ceremony. 

You step onto the land, and a thunderous ovation starts from the crowd, clapping continuously as you march and arrive, ready to begin your wedding ceremony. Goosebumps!

The wedding is the day when all your wishes must come true! So do not hesitate to make this day one of the best experiences in your life, and where better than in an exotic and classy location such as Villa Erba on Lake Como?

The land of love, Italy, is home to countless wedding locations. However, Villa Erba is the greatest if you're searching for one that encapsulates Lake Como's natural beauty, history, incredible décor, luxurious finishes, and an experience no one will ever forget! So give us a call if you're prepared to begin organizing your Italian wedding!

The Most Picturesque Wedding Ceremony Location In Italy
A Luxurious Hotel Nestled On Lake Como
Wedding Ceremony Locations At Villa Erba
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