Where to Get Married in Tuscany - 5 Amazing Places to Plan a Wedding.

May 13, 2021

Tuscany is a province in central Italy, encompassing breathtaking scenes of rolling hills, dotted with olive groves and vineyards. Beautiful beaches of crystal blue; and majestic towns and cities that are hubs of history, culture, cuisine and art. 

You are spoilt for choice, as Tuscany is known for its diverse natural landscape, if you are struggling to find the perfect place where to get married in Tuscany, here are some gorgeous places to make your Big Day even more magical.

5 Amazing places to get married in Tuscany:

1. Florence

2. Siena & Chianti area

3. Lucca

4. Versilia

5. Elba Island


‘The City of Lilies' - The capital city of Tuscany, Florence, is the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to many masterpieces of art and architecture. Florence is an open-air museum, exploding with history.

Florence must-see:

· The Duomo

· The Galleria dell’Accademia - displaying Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture.

· The Uffizi Gallery - that exhibits Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.”

In Florence, you will experience not only Italian beauty in scenery but fashion too. You will be able also to walk by the iconic, luxury boutiques of the most famous brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci and so many others. 

Many of these brands were born in Florence and have unique flagship stores and museums here, that have unique and selected pieces only available these locations:

· Gucci Garden - Holding the brands most prised archives as well as unique collections available for purchase. The famed Gucci Osteria is also located in the garden.

· Salvatore Ferragamo Museum - is a fashion museum dedicated to the life and work of brilliant shoe designer Ferragamo, containing over 10,000 models of his work.

Florence has been the capital city of Italian fashion and its streets are the mirror of this. Together with the worldwide known brands, you can find typical boutiques that sell the finest jewellery or leather products that Florence is famed for.

Last but not least this city is packed with suggestive spots where to enjoy your time with a glass of wine and some typical Italian finger food. 

In the evenings the streets fill with music and people gather in the piazzas or along the magical River Arno to enjoy  an aperitivo and watch the sunset.

Florence is the perfect place to get married in Tuscany if you love art, culture and historical cities. Known for amazing villas with stunning panoramas a stone throw away from the historical centre, such as Villa Gamberaia and Villa la Fontanelle

Planning your magical day in Florence means being surrounded by Italian beauty. 

This city is nothing short of spectacular and every church, square or street will be the perfect backdrop to create indelible memories. 

Florence is known as "the city of dreams," the most idyllic place to have your dream day.

Photography: Photo Santucci

Siena & Chianti area:

If you love the idea of planning your magical day in a country rustic chic style, then Siena is the right place for you to get married in Tuscany. 

The city Siena lent inspiration to the naming of the reddish-brown hue due to the colour of the earth and its brick buildings. Globally known for its artistic treasures and medieval monuments this city is the perfect fusion of art and nature.

Siena Must see:

· Piazza del Campo - a square, shaped like a shell with scalloped edges square

· The Palio, the traditional horse race held in Siena twice a year.

· Antinori's estate

Bride and groom holding each other hands while walking in the Tuscan countryside.

Photo: David Bastianoni

The Chianti area is mostly known for its vineyards where it produces one of the most famous Italian wine that is adored all over the World: Chianti.  Historically bottled in a squat bottle and enclosed in a straw basket. 

The Antinori's estate is one of Italy's oldest wine producers and possibly the most indelibly linked to the Chianti region. It is not widely known that this place is also crawling with small historical hamlets with very typical boutiques and restaurants where you can taste the real Italian cuisine.

Planning a wedding in Siena and the Chianti region means plunge yourself into an idyllic atmosphere. You will Photo: David Bastianoni experience and see landscapes that belong in movies and storybooks. 

With beautiful Villas and venues, this area represents at the very best what is on offer, the gold of the wheat, the green of the cypresses trees and the blue of the sky.

It may be the best place to get married in Tuscany. 

View on the Tuscan countryside at sunset. The hills are full of green cypresses, typical trees from Italy

Luca Micheli


Lucca has many nicknames, from “the city of the walls” to “the city of the 100 churches”. 

Lucca lays on the Serchio River and is its historical old town is encircled by fantastic Renaissance walls

These massive 16th- and 17th-century ramparts are lined with majestic trees and are pedestrian zones, that are the most well preserved in all of Europe. 

Walking on the walls looking at the city from above is an experience that you’ll never forget. The historical town of Lucca is made up of astonishing architecture, full of majestic gardens and cobbled streets. 

Lucca is yet another city of such beauty that you would expect to see in a film. In fact, it was the backdrop to the award-winning film ‘Young Husbands' directed by Mauro Bolognini in 1958. 

Lucca is also the "City of Composers" being the birthplace of worldrenowned composes Giacomo Puccini, Nicalao Dorati, Francesco Geminiani, Gioseffo Guami, Luigi Boccherini and Alfredo Catalani.

Lucca has also an abundance of churches of different ages, amazing buildings for planning religious ceremonies or even just for a visit. 

It is the perfect place where to get married in Tuscany if you look for amazing palaces finely furnished following the Italian taste for elegance and charm

Like all the Italian cities, Lucca has a renowned cuisine tradition. 

The most famous local dish is the “Buccellato”, a sweet bread stuffed with raisins and served during special occasions. 

The craftsmanship is another feature that distinguishes this city. Via Fillungo, the shopping street, is full of small craft boutiques where you can find authentic products, which contribute to making unique this wonderful convey destination. 

Ancient and avant-garde at the same time Lucca is a city full of values and traditions. 

If you like food in music wrapped in beautiful history Lucca may be the perfect destination to get married in Tuscany. 

View over Torre Guinigi, a historical tower of the city of Lucca

Marian Brandt


Versilia, a place for fun and parties, is the area right along the Tuscan coast named after the Versilia river. 

Its iconic long, fine-sand beaches and coastal dunes run between the cities Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio.

Forte Dei Marmi, with its famous weekly market and its luxury stores located on the promenade in the centre of town, has always been the face of refined glamour.

Notorious for its nightclubs, like La Capannina, perfect for bachelor and bachelorettes.

Pietrasanta, located further inland a town of classic and contemporary arts. With beautiful cathedrals, baptistries and bell towners.

It was here that Michaelangelo found the marble of his dreams, he was one of the first to work with this marble, comparing it to sugar in the 1500s.

Camaiore, a Romanesque city, nestled at the foot of the Apuan Alps, is celebrated for its cast-iron artisanry. 

Finally, Viareggio is the carnival city since the 1800s. Today it is a romantic seaside hub, boasting elegant Art Nouveau constructions. 

It is young and trendy, comprised of fashionable restaurants and clubs.

Versilia is characterized by its golden beaches and nature reserves, this place has always been a symbol of the Italian good life, “La Dolce Vita.” 

Versilia is the perfect place to get married in Tuscany if you are planning to have a dreamy beach wedding facing the Tyrrhenian sea, followed by a party.

Aerial view over the Italian coastline at night.

Clay Banks

Elba Island:

Elba Island is in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and one of seven islands in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, 10 Kilometers (6.2miles) from the coastal town of Piombino. 

Elba island is wrapped in beautiful beaches and surrounded by an aquamarine sea, sense to take your breath away. 

Like most of Tuscany, Elba has a rich and interesting history.

It is most well known for being Napoleon's place of exile in 1814-1815. 

It has been desired by many provinces and nations- being ruled by many Italian cities such as Pisa, Genoa and Florence; and being claimed by Spain and France, returning to unified Italy in 1860. 

While Napoleon was in exile he had two residences, his chief residence, the Mulini Palace and his summer residence, Villa San Martino, which is now a museum. There is a spring far west of the island named after Napoleon and is known for its mineral water and has been said to have healing properties.

Elba is rich in history and seeing its rich iron mountains and glowing coast, wrapped by the sea, it is easy to understand why so many have marvelled at it. 

Elba may just be the perfect spot for your destination wedding.

Final Thoughts:

Each and every location in Italy is infused with charm and romance. 

Deciding where to get married in Tuscany, however, will tick all your boxes; over-following with culture,art, music, cuisine and the most phenomenal views. 

Saying your “I Do’s” here and starting your new chapter as a couple could not be more perfect. 

VB- Events can help your Italian wedding dreams come true, from rehearsal dinners to sending you off on your honeymoon. 

Please get in touch and we can start writing your fairytale together.

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