17 Unbelievable Color Palettes For a Fall Wedding

October 20, 2022

Choosing your wedding colours is a crucial step in planning a wedding in any season, but it can be challenging when it’s for an Autumn wedding. Of course, given that it's pumpkin patch season, orange is a no-brainer, but if that's not quite your thing, don't worry. Numerous fall wedding colour schemes are available, including deep jewel tones, earthy neutrals, and pastels, which will capture the season's charm while looking chic and current. 

Have you decided on your fall colour scheme yet? We’ve rounded up some great examples of fall wedding palettes that will spark your imagination and help you plan your dream wedding. 

Autumn  wedding palettes
Fall wedding colors

Fall Wedding Colors That Aren’t Boring

Autumn weddings are popular yearly because the weather is getting cooler than summer, but not yet the frigid winter. And, of course, (depending on where you live) the shades on the trees are changing, different florals are blooming, and the humidity isn’t so bad. So it’s genuinely a great time to get married. 

Terracotta and Greenery

Terracotta is a lovely option for a fall wedding for you and your significant other. This warm, earthy color has been popular for some time, and we're not surprised. It's ideal for making your wedding feel warm and inviting.

Beautiful contrast between flora and terracotta. It feels like home when there is greenery around because it gives the walls an earthy, terracotta-like texture. It can serve as a backdrop for photographs or as subtle accent lighting around your venue. Everyone will like the aesthetically pleasing setting created by the contrasting greens and browns!

Navy and Burgundy

Want something classy, stylish, and romantic? Choose burgundy roses and dark navy blue flowers for a natural appearance. Flowers can be lavishly arranged in large and tiny bouquets, with one bouquet for each person. This is a dramatic and elegant color palette for your Fall wedding. 

Teal and Tangerine

Teal and orange are the perfect combinations if you're looking for a rich, colorful palette. At first sight, these textures might not appear to go well together, but they go pretty well together. Because teal and tangerine are complementary colors or opposites on the color wheel, they create a visual contrast that helps intensify each hue's intensity when used together. 

Both of these colors are warm and cool, and they both have characteristics that complement one another. As accent colors or stand-alone colors, they both can give your wedding-day outfit more depth and dimension. In addition, these wedding colours photograph beautifully. 

Copper and Merlot

You know the American saying, “If you find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck”? A penny's coating is made of copper, which has long been thought to bring luck and love into one's life. That’s perfect for weddings, right?

Copper is one of our favorite wedding colors because of its glamorous sheen and the elegant and sophisticated ambiance it creates. When combined with a deep merlot-inspired hue, it appears opulent and welcoming. For a European-chic aesthetic, include traditional calligraphy, wax seals, and gentle greenery in this fall wedding color scheme.

Raspberry and Green

Raspberry and green are beautiful for any type of wedding but look especially beautiful at vineyard weddings. 

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are often a safe bet, which is why fall weddings continue to choose them year after year. To give your palette a regal feel, incorporate deep hues like burgundy, green, navy blue, and dark purple. Flatware, candlesticks, and table chargers with gold trim add glimmer and romanticism to a tablescape with jewel tones.

Plum, Green, and Ivory

The result is tasteful and romantic when you blend the muted versions of these lovely hues. If you want to create a garden-inspired wedding theme, green and purple are stunning colors to use. It will look even better if you include unexpected details like herbs and dried floral arrangements that enhance the botanical motif. 

We can absolutely picture this wedding palette at the stunning Italian wedding venues' ancient and well-manicured gardens with the majestic sea as the backdrop

Burgundy and Gold

This one is one of the most adaptable (and risk-free) color schemes for an autumn wedding. Burgundy and gold are timeless colours, regardless of your wedding's boho, rustic, or formal theme. 

While burgundy is a deep, muted red and gold is a metallic yellow, both warm hues will give everyone the impression that they are at an autumn wedding. However, you may easily incorporate these two colors into your clothing even if you don't have much décor.

Beautiful Color Palettes

Lavender and Amethyst

If your wedding has a vintage theme, we recommend a two-tone palette with light and dark purple tones. These fall wedding colours can be gorgeous, romantic, edgy, or all of the above, depending on how you design them!

We especially love how lavender can add vibrant pops of color while amethyst infuses a rich fall aesthetic. 

Navy and Gold

Are you planning a traditional wedding? The perfect colors for any elegant autumn celebration are navy and gold. They are classic and elegant without being overly simple. Leave them as-is, or add burgundy and burnt orange splashes to other parts of your design for extra cosiness.

Dusty Blue, White, and Green

To master this autumn palette, you should start by picking a dusty blue. Incorporating it into your wedding is best done by combining it with white and green flowers. Green will assist bring more color without overpowering the other elements in the space, while white will lighten the color scheme and add some contrast between your dress and bouquet.

fall full coloured leaves

Dusty Rose and Burgundy

You can choose any shade of dusty rose as a gentle, muted pink. It works well for both floral centerpieces and wedding invites and your decor. You might, for instance, use Dusty Rose as the background color of your invitation or as an accent color on the envelope or RSV{ card.

Try to include burgundy details throughout the venue (such as napkins) and dress up the tables with burgundy flowers like rose or ranunculus bouquets to tie these colors in with other elements of your big day! The result will be a romantic and beautiful wedding. 

Burgundy, Peach, and Greenery

Peach is a pale orange hue, whereas burgundy is a dark red. These two hues go well together since they are complementary to one another. Instead of utilizing black or navy blue for your bridesmaids' dresses, burgundy can be a more traditional choice. Additionally, combine it with greenery (consider pine trees) to provide an earthy atmosphere ideal for autumn weddings (or fall-inspired ones).

Brown and Red

Red has been a popular wedding color for decades because it symbolizes love. But when it’s a fall wedding, you can really have some fun with red accents by mixing them with some unexpected Autumn hues. 

Particularly for rustic fall weddings, vibrant orange and crimson are frequently combined. However, this dark red, black, and brown texture scheme feels equally suited for any elegant and rural wedding with a modern twist if you want something pastoral.

Orange and White

Orange and white (or ivory) are your go-to colors because they make us think of homemade pies for dessert, hot apple cider, lots of pumpkin decor, and nice flannel blankets.

Champagne and Salmon

Salmon and champagne are both chic neutral hues. They can serve as the primary colors in your wedding palette or serve as accent colors.

Suppose you decide to utilize these as your primary fall wedding colors. In that case, they look stunning with less saturated versions of the champagne and salmon we've just discussed (for example, pale skin tone ivory is a great color choice). Even better, you might emphasize their neutral tones by including white or silver accessories in your decor!

Emerald Green and Moss

A beautiful two-tone color palette can be made with several tones of green. For example, when combined with a mossy color, sophisticated emerald or dark teal looks exceptionally stylish. This combination would look fantastic for a forest, garden, or vineyard wedding.

Fall is a beautiful time to get married, and if you choose one of the color palettes, you’ll undoubtedly be designing an unforgettable aesthetic. Using these hues in your decor and your flowers and bridal party attire will create a cohesive look. And if you add metallic touches such as gold or copper, it will elevate the theme to a luxurious and sophisticated style. 

All of our life experiences are sewn together by color. For example, a particular hue of yellow may instantly transport you back to your childhood summer days spent playing on the beach's soft sand, while the color red may remind you of your yearly family road trip when the leaves change.

An infinite number of colours finishes, and undertones to pick from enables you to entirely create the ambiance of your wedding day, down to the napkins and bridesmaid dresses. So feel free to infuse your favorite color and definitely your personality, and the result will be a fabulous event no one will forget. 

Full coloured flowers in red, yellow, orange, violet and purple
Flowers coloured in yellow, orange, red and rose

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