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January 10, 2022

Italy is a country with an unlimited amount of evocative landscapes from which lovers wanting to tie the knot may select their favourite setting: elegant or natural, inexpensive or expensive, well-known or unknown, old or modern, you just have to pick the one that speaks to your soul. 

And thanks to its vast history, natural richness, and incredible architecture, Italy is the perfect country for an unforgettable Catholic destination wedding and dreamy honeymoon. 

But with endless wedding venue choices and catholic traditions, you may find it challenging to choose one. 

So, to help you find the perfect place for your “I Do’s,” We put together this guide to the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations

Santa Maria del Fiore catholic wedding Cathedral Florence
Photographer: Fede Roveda

The Best Locations For A Catholic Destination Wedding in Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Sunny Sorrento is located in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, which is known for its stunning coastline, old Roman ruins, and delectable cuisine

And with so much beauty and history everywhere your eye can see, Sorrento is definitely one of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding settings. In addition, it has a nice, temperate climate, making it an ideal venue for weddings, especially in the less busy seasons of Spring and Autumn. 

Hosting Roman Catholic destination weddings in Sorrento at one of these venues will be unforgettable. 

Catholic Churches In Sorrento Italy

Planning traditional Roman Catholic destination weddings means you’re going to want to say “I Do” in a church. And trust us when we say the Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, will not disappoint. 

Grand architecture, rich history, and ornate artistic treasures make these Catholic churches in Sorrento, Italy, the perfect backdrop to join together as one. 

Stunning, right? We think any of these churches in Sorrento are a dream setting and the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues. 

catholic wedding church from the inside


When we think of a romantic setting for a destination wedding, you better believe that Tuscany, Italy comes to mind. 

There’s something magical about the scenery, the scents, the history, and the culture that it’s purely spectacular. From quaint villas to luxurious resorts, chic hotels, the best Catholic Italian destination wedding venues can be found in Tuscany. 

Tuscany offers so many incredible venues and arguably some of the unrivaled vistas and cuisine in the world. And we have the best Italian wedding planners to design, plan and produce the most beautiful Italian Catholic wedding. 

All you need to do is select your favourite venues! Here are a few of our favourites. 

  • Borgo Santo Pietro
  • Palazzo Pfanner
  • Villa San Michele, A Belmont Hotel
  • Il Salviatino
HotelBelmond and the garden
Photo: David Bastianoni


Ah, you know, Venice had to be on our best Catholic destination wedding location list. 

Venice is in the northeast of Italy, known worldwide for being a floating metropolis of extraordinary beauty. There are no streets or automobiles, only canals. 

All of the structures are surrounded by water, and the only modes of transit are boats and gondolas. Can’t you just imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony in a gondola? 

Here are some pretty unforgettable venues in Venice for your destination wedding in Italy. 

  • Luna Hotel Baglioni
  • Bauer Palazzo
  • Ca’Segredo
  • Villa Barbarich
  • On A Gondola
catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Barbarich Venice

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Amalfi Coast

Possibly one of the most breathtaking sceneries you will ever see. If romance and whimsy are what you want for your destination wedding in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is for you! 

Here are our favourite destination wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. And if you need help planning your Catholic wedding in Italy, do not hesitate to contact VB-Events.  

  • Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast
  • Palazzo Avino
  • Villa Astor
wedding garden with table and chairs
Photo: David Bastianoni

Lake Como

This is simply one of Europe's most spectacular natural locations, and the sight of the small settlements strewn across the surrounding hills will undoubtedly delight you. 

There are numerous venues where you may have a spectacular Catholic destination wedding in Italy, but a Lake Como wedding is truly unique. 

Here are the best Catholic Italian wedding locations in Lake Como.

  • Villa Balbiano
  • Villa Del Balbianello
  • Villa Erba

Here below the beautiful Villa Balbiano in Como lake.

catholic destination wedding in Italy Villa Balbiano Como lake


The eternal city cannot be overlooked when it comes to Roman Catholic destination weddings.

A wedding in one of its centuries-old Catholic churches in Rome, or perhaps in one of the villas in the adjacent hilly area, or even in the thermal sub-region next to Tivoli, would add an element of exclusivity to your wedding that not everyone can afford. 

So here are some of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations in Rome. 

  • Castello Odescalchi
  • Villa Clara
  • Villa Aurelia
  • Hotel de la Ville
inside view of a church for a catholic wedding in Rome


Our list of the best Catholic Italian destination wedding locations could not be complete without including Sicily. 

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is also home to Europe's tallest active volcano (Mount Etna). 

It is an iconic portion of Italy in the world's eyes, representing the history of blending civilizations (European and Northern-African, Catholic and Islamic). A true melting pot, Sicily is rich with culture, delectable cuisine, luscious wines, and breathtaking scenery. 

It's no wonder that this is one of the most sought-after Roman Catholic destination weddings for international guests. 

If you want to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life here, Taormina is a must-see. 

Here are some other great ideas if you want to have a Catholic wedding in Italy. 

  • Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo 
  • Donna Carmela, Resort & Lodges
  • Villa Igiea
  • Verdura Resort
Garden and villa Donna Carmela Sicily in the evening

Roman Catholic destination weddings foster the utmost sense of indulgence, and these beloved Italian wedding locations and venues will not disappoint! 

Couples who marry in Italy know a thing or two about breathtaking romance. From the waterside villas encircling George Clooney's Lake Como villa to the countryside estates amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany to the colorful coastlines of the Amalfi Coast, a catholic destination wedding in Italy is a dream come true and an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

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