The Best Wedding Venues in Sicily

February 14, 2023

Sicily is the epitome of an amazingly perfect destination wedding location due to its historical cathedrals, vineyards, and no lack of immense natural beauty coupled with some of the world’s most impressive architecture. So whether you want a luxury wedding in Sicily or a slightly toned-down but still high-value reception, Sicily offers it all with the world’s most astonishingly beautiful island backdrop. 

How To Plan A Stress-Free Wedding In Sicily

Contrary to popular opinion, planning for a luxury wedding in Sicily does not need to be stressful; it can be hassle-free and full of absolute joy from each decision to the next. The magic ingredient is the right wedding planner who will capture your vision of a dream wedding. 

They’ll take your vision and recreate it on location for you, perfecting each aspect, from the flowers to the favor boxes to the catering. Hiring a local wedding planner is ideal as they can network with nearby relevant vendors for the best service at the best rates.

Local wedding planners in Italy can also research the aesthetic you are aiming for and decide how to execute it in any chosen locations they may already be used to working in. 

An expert tip for all significant matters relating to planning a wedding in Italy (destination or otherwise) is to book well in advance to ensure you have no stress as the date draws near. This includes the venue, caterer, wedding planner, and even plane tickets and accommodations if you are not native to Italy and want a destination wedding in Sicily. 

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Where Can I Marry In Sicily? The Best Sicily Wedding Venues

Suppose you adore some fairytale allure for your luxury wedding in Sicily. In that case, you will find an abundance of venues that provide sophisticated and spectacular wedding packages to suit every budget and aesthetic. 

Most couples that go through the extra expense of a destination wedding in Sicily want to capitalize on the inherent glory and beauty of the island itself and traditional Italian styles and cuisine. 

The options are expansive, from palaces to villas to beaches and old historical sites, depending on how you see your wedding coming to life. Sicily is the best place for a destination wedding

Here are a few of our favorite wedding venues in Sicily. 

Grand Hotel Timeo, a Belmond Hotel, Taormina in Sicily

The Grand Hotel Timeo is nested in the shadow of authentic Greek theatre and Mount Etna; it has Michelin-star restaurants and cuisine and has all the stunning beauty of Italian architecture with just the right hint of modern comfort and luxury. 

They have a Taormina church within the hotel grounds and picturesque gardens for wedding ceremonies. No matter which part of the hotel you choose, it will dazzle and impress, along with some of the most amazing delicacies you are likely to find at a wedding in Sicily. 

Donna Carmela, Resort & Lodges in Sicily

Donna Carmela is a beautiful venue for the laid-back destination wedding Sicily couple. It has a gorgeous in-house spa and various other boutique resort services so the couple can have their reception and continue to enjoy their honeymoon there. 

Their event halls have a capacity of under 100 persons, making them perfect for smaller destination wedding gatherings. In addition, their location is in the middle of the countryside overlooking the sea; it does not get more idyllic than that! 

Villa Igiea in Sicily

For old-money grandeur, no couple can beat the iconic and majestic Villa Igiea. That is nothing short of a celebrity haunt, so don’t be surprised if you hear about movie scenes that may have been shot there. For couples looking for an uber-deluxe experience and the best of what luxury wedding Sicily has to offer, the Villa Igiea is a magnificent, dream-like, regal venue. 

It has many terraced gardens, it overlooks a rocky coastline, and it has the classic Italian feel of the villas of European nobility as the story of its ownership goes back more than a hundred years. 

Verdura Resort in Sicily

The Verdura Resort is for couples and their loved ones looking for a luxury wedding in Sicily with quite a lot of adventure, complete relaxation, and rejuvenation. The Verdura Resort promises a world-class experience spa, the best golf course in Italy overlooking the majestic coastline, and hectares upon hectares of lush greenery.

It’s perfect for a magical wedding ceremony, outdoor day, or evening reception. Fine dining and immaculate Italian cuisine are at Verdura's heart, with fresh produce always available and some of the best chefs in town. 

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Frequently Asked Sicily Wedding Questions

How Much Does A Wedding in Sicily Cost?

The cost of having your wedding celebrations in Sicily combines several factors, from the venue, catering, and décor to whether you have gone for more bespoke custom wedding packages or more budget-friendly ones for a destination wedding in Sicily. 

For 4 or 5-star venues and hotels, the cost can vary anywhere from 50 thousand euros to even 100 thousand, but lighter luxury wedding packages can be as low as 15 thousand euros to 30 thousand.

Is Sicily A Good Place To Get Married?

Sicily is an absolute dream destination for island lovers and enthusiasts of old European architecture. Not only is its historical importance and natural beauty beyond compare, but it also has many world-famous hotels and restaurants appropriate for wedding receptions. The hotel accommodations also make it easy for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoons, sampling the best fine dining in Italy. 

Whether you fancy the countryside with acres of greenery without a soul in sight or the stunning coastline or ancient architecture as the backdrop, Sicily has it all. 

What Is The Best Month To Get Married in Italy?

For the quintessential Italian wedding experience, the months of May and September are ideal due to near-perfect weather conditions for any festivities. June and August are good months, too, as there is less chance of being drenched by rain or poor weather. 

As with all wedding Sicily dates, you will need to choose them depending on guest availability and work holidays. 

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Can Foreigners Get Married in Italy?

Foreigners can get married in Italy, and the destination wedding Sicily concept is a favorite for those who adore Italian culture and the epitome of luxury wedding celebrations. No matter where you are traveling from, you need to carry identification and get registered, and you do not need to be a resident of Italy for a legal wedding. 

Sicily is an island paradise with gloriously long, heaven-like summers, picturesque landscapes with orchards, greenery, and beaches, and a wealth of historical architecture for enthusiasts of art, culture, archeology, and history. Not to mention food lovers will find much to pique their interest! 

As far as luxury destination weddings go, Sicily promises the world on many fronts for the couple that appreciates quality and extravagance.

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