Italian Wedding Planners - Do You Need One?

July 24, 2021

Italy is one of the most desired places on planet earth to get married. The culture, landscape and cuisine ooze romance, making complete sense to have your destination wedding in Italy.

However, most couples hum and haw about the necessity of having a local Italian wedding planner for their big day.

Facts and fiction of having an Italian wedding planner:

Fiction - having an Italian wedding planner is a waste of money.

Fact - Having a local wedding planner guarantees your wedding stays on budget.

Fiction- My family and friends can be my wedding planner Fact- It is wise to have a local, professional wedding planner Fiction - A planner only knows how to do their style.

Fact- A professional Italian wedding planner will bring your ideas to life.

Fiction - All a planner does is make things pretty.

Fact- Planners do make things gorgeous but, it goes far deeper from pre and post celebration planning, legal documentation to family counselling, a wedding planner will help you through it all.

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Is an Italian wedding planner a waste of money?

Many couples believe that a wedding planner is a luxury and an added cost to their wedding budget, but that could not be more wrong. Every couple deserves a wedding planner for their big day.

"A wedding planner helps couples save money and time while providing peace of mind on their wedding day."- Shutterfly Community.

Having a wedding planner will ensure that you have access to all the local deals and vendors. Italian wedding planners spend their careers fostering trusted, meaningful relationships with events vendors. Meaning that you not only have access to reliable vendors that will deliver the highest possible quality, you get them at the most competitive price.

If you went directly to the vendor, they would charge you their top price for their service. Having a local wedding planner negotiate contracts for you saving time and money. They know the cost of delivering that service and will be able to deliver it at the best price.

Experienced Italian wedding planners will also know what they are doing. They most definitely have planned more weddings than you! They will know the common mistakes to avoid, helping you dodge costly errors.

Planners know where to cut costs and what is necessary, they can advise against impulse buys or splurges of money and keep a tight belt on the money bag.

Why having a local wedding planner is a good idea:

Engagements and weddings are exciting and family and friends often wish to be as involved as possible. A lot of the time, couples will recruit friends and family to help plan and organise aspects of their wedding day.

This is wonderful to have such support but it can often get muddy. Plus, this is a celebration and none of your guests should be working during the festivities.

Senior Italian Wedding Planner is making the event perfect

Having local Italian wedding planners is optimal for a couple reasons:

  1. They know the land far better than anyone, they have scouted venues and have the connections at hand.
  2. They speak the language. Having a destination wedding in Italy, you may not speak fluent Italian, having a planner that can be the middleman between all parties will be a huge help. Lastly, they have the experience working with other local Italians and you will benefit from these relationships.

Do Italian wedding planners only produce their style events?

It is true that Italians and Italian wedding planners are very proud of their style and believe that there should be a sense of Italian flair if you are to wed in Italy. However, this is your wedding and a professional wedding planner will help bring your vision to life.

When it comes to styling and decor a planner is merely there to help in decision making. You want your day to be perfect and it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing every aspect of your wedding from colour palette to menu selection.

Your planner will walk with you through every choice and help break down each choice. With perfectly curated Pinterest and mood boards - bringing a space to life with accurate digital renderings of layout options and designs.

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When selecting a wedding planner it is important to go through their portfolio of past events to see if they have a similar aesthetic to you. Read the reviews of past couples to see their experience working with that particular Italian wedding planner.

What does a planner do?

It is assumed that all a wedding planner does is make things pretty, although it is true that they make your day picture perfect it goes far deeper than that. A planner manages every aspect of your wedding including everything between layout and decor to scheduling and legal paperwork. A good wedding planner is hyper organised, having lists on lists, meticulously planning every detail. Some wedding planners even act as counselors, keeping the couple calm while helping to manage family and friends.

Your planner will schedule and coordinate the entirety of the celebrations. Including pre and post-wedding festivities, like rehearsal dinners and brunch the following morning. Working on a tight time plan and making sure everything is synchronised and runs seamlessly.

When having a destination wedding, it is ideal to have someone on the ground, overseeing every aspect. Your planner will become an extension of you, being your eyes and ears on location. Your wedding day is considered the most important day of your life. It can be difficult to give up any control over your wedding day; that is why it is so important to find an Italian wedding planner that you trust, someone experienced and reliable.

Having a wedding planner manage all the nitty-gritty planning of the day takes huge pressure off the couple and allows them to have more time to enjoy their engagement and the wedding day and less time stressing about planning.

What Italian Wedding Planners Offer

When looking for a planner, look at what packages they offer. It is ideal to find a wedding planner that can deliver a comprehensive package. Meaning you can then tailor to your needs for how hands-on you wish to be in the planning.

Finding a wedding planner that has an array of services means they will be able to make your day unique to you, with elements you would not have thought were possible initially. A good Italian wedding planner will deliver the perfect Italian experience of good food and drink, music, entertainment and beautiful settings.

Get A Planner That Does It All

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