Few countries on the earth can match Italy's beauty and romance. You'll be enamored with la dolce vita as soon as you step foot onto a cobblestone square or watch the world float by from a gondola. And if you've got a big question to pop, where better to make the moment all the more unforgettable than Italy? 

But with so much beauty, romance, and love wafting through the air, it can be hard to settle on one location to pop the question. So, we put together a list of the best places to propose in Italy...a Yes is undoubtedly in your future. 

Italians definitely love romance, as seen by Romeo and Juliet, Puccini's operas, and of course, no one can forget the legendary Casanova. 

Italy is brimming with romantic spots. From medieval hilltop towns overlooking rolling hills studded with vineyards and olive groves to breathtaking mountain ranges giving way to mirror-flat lakes and azure oceans softly caressing sandy beaches with dramatic sea vistas, there's something for everyone. 

Every bowl of spaghetti, drop of prosecco, cobblestone, and corner in Italy emanate romanticism. So, if you're thinking about proposing to your loved one, Italy is the ideal location. We’ve rounded up the best place to propose in Rome, Venice, and Florence. 

What Is The Most Romantic Place To Propose In Italy?

When it comes to the best places to propose in Italy, we have to admit there are many to choose from. While we wish we could say that there is just one absolute best place to pop the question in Italy, it just isn’t that easy. 

Choosing the place where you’re going to ask the love of your life to marry you is a personal choice. And everyone has different tastes and likes. So, today, we will provide some ideas on the best places to propose and the most romantic places to propose in Italy. Your dream proposal is on the horizon, and it’s going to be swoon-worthy. 

Romantic Places

If you are looking for a romantic place to propose, you can never go wrong with anywhere in Italy. The breathtaking landscape, fresh air, and unbelievable culinary experiences all blend together to create the most magical place on earth. 

But it’s not just the landscape, history, or architectural beauties; Italy also has an unbelievable spirit and culture. So, it’s no surprise that you’re considering it as the destination to pop the question. 

Our favorite places to propose in Italy undoubtedly have to be Rome, Venice, and Florence. There is culture, food, WINE, and of course, the incredible landscapes all make for remarkable settings to not only pop the question but also to enjoy a new chapter in your lives. 

When you travel, it’s an exploration of the earth but also an exploration of your soul, your love, your dreams, and your spirit. 

The two of you are about to join in marriage as one, which is embarking on a new journey or chapter in life. Experiencing new cultures and countries awakens the innermost dreams in your soul and will help to prepare you for marital bliss. 

What Are The Best Places To Propose In Rome?

We have some terrific tips to help you find the perfect (and most photogenic!) proposal spot, whether your style is uber-romantic, distinctive and eccentric, or private and intimate. 

The romantic city of Rome is a favorite destination for couples from all over the globe. And almost every historic cobblestone street in the Eternal City inspires romantic gestures, an unexpected kiss, or even a marriage proposal. Below you’ll find the best places to propose in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

Sure! This is one of Rome's most famous and popular tourist attractions, but it is also an incredible location to pop the question. We recommend that you start by taking a brisk walk to enjoy the sites. 

Then, beginning at the Pantheon, make your way to the Trevi Fountain. Make sure to hire a photographer to capture everything on film ahead of time. 

After popping the big question, the photographer can snap some celebratory shots of the post-proposal glow at the Spanish Steps. This short route covers three of the most important and historical attractions and the most iconic picture spots in Rome, and they are all fantastic locations to propose.

rome trevi fountain view best places to propose

The Pincian Hill & Villa Borghese

The Pincio Promenade (Pincian Hill) is a balcony or terrace that overlooks Piazza del Popolo from Villa Borghese park. 

This Rome marriage proposal idea offers amazing, incredible west-facing views of the city of Rome (perfect for a sunset engagement), and you can walk through the beautiful historic gardens and fountains.

The setting is very romantic, making for the perfect place to pop the question in Rome. So practice it now: Amore Mio, will you marry me?

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After your love says yes, you’ll need to know how to get married in Rome, and we have everything you need to know. 

best places to propose in Rome Villa Borghese

What Are The Best Places To Propose In Venice?

When it comes to romance, we have to say it’s probably pretty hard to beat Venice. A floating city filled with vibrantly colored historic buildings, a river with a Gondola, and of course, experiencing the sounds and smells of Italy…hard to beat, right? 

But, Venice is one of the best places to propose in Italy.  The whole island is full of incredible places and a magical atmosphere. So, here are the best places to propose in Venice.

Gondola Ride

Yeah, we know! Not the most original proposal idea for Italy, but stay with us for a moment. A Gondola ride is an experience that most have never experienced and may never experience again. 

So, that alone makes it a great place to propose. But, to elevate the proposal experience even higher, find a narrow alley to float down while your Gondolier sings the most romantic tunes

The narrow space will make the sound even more epic and provide incredible photo opportunities. Just make sure to have a photographer on hand to document it all—definitely an experience and the best place to propose in Venice.

Rialto Bridge 

The Ponte di Rialto is another well-known structure in Venice. Although Venice has thousands of bridges, this one is the most spectacular on the entire island. 

During the day, it is consistently crowded with people attempting to capture photographs. Our recommendation is to visit the Rialto Bridge at a very late hour, based on your schedule — the later, the better since there will be fewer people. 

The view from below the bridge is breathtaking. Gondolas and Vaporetti will pass beneath the bridge, and the moonlight will shine on the water. Find a spot at the bottom with the bridge in the backdrop; your proposal would be spectacular here.

Ponte Rialto view with gondolas and vaporetti in Venice

And What About The Best Places In Florence?

Florence is one of the most romantic cities globally, and there is no better spot to propose to your sweetheart. But, before you pop the question, take a look at our selection of the best places to go to propose in Florence.


Where are all our adventure seekers and wild wanderers? This location is ideal for individuals who enjoy being active and athletic; to reach the pinnacle of Florence's Duomo, you must climb over 400 steps. 

When you reach the very top of the Cathedral, safe and sound, you have the entire city of Florence below you to assist you in asking the most important question of your life. Truly one of the best places to go to propose in Florence. Talk about breathtaking views and Insta-worthy photo ops!!

best places to propose florence cathedral


You may have never heard of this little hidden gem, but when it comes to the best places to propose in Florence, this is one of the best. 

Off the beaten path a little bit, Fiesole offers incredible views, a fantastic culinary experience, and an epic backdrop to propose. 

Fiesole, a little village just a few minutes from the city center, is the perfect spot to go for fantastic views of Florence and no people. This charming hamlet, home to one of Italy's best-preserved theaters, is a lovely, tranquil spot ideal for wrapping up a trip to Florence and popping the question. 

One of our favorite places and best places to propose in Florence, without question. 

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No doubt, choosing Italy as your destination for your marriage proposal is exciting. From all the great sites you will see to the memories that you’ll make, Italy is the ideal proposal setting. 

Once the love of your life says Yes, then it’s time to find a place for your “I Do’s.” Check out our post, “The 10 Best Places To Get Married In Italy.” Embarking on a new part of your life is an exciting time, and we couldn’t be more excited for you both. 

Contact us today if you need help planning your marriage proposal or wedding in Italy!

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