Most Luxurious Wedding Venue on Lake Como - The Villa Balbiano

December 12, 2022

It's never easy to select the ideal location for your Italian wedding, especially with the wide range of options this great nation offers. Castles, Italian wedding villas, renowned 5-star hotels, and everything in between are among the many incredible venues to choose from. 

We know that narrowing it down to just one is a monumental task, and as a Como wedding planner, we want to make it a bit easier. So, we put together this venue spotlight to introduce you to one of our favorite Lake Como wedding venues. 

Italy is a country rich in history, with a wide variety of natural landscapes, such as the sea, mountains, lakes, and hills, as well as many villages and cities with a long history of artistic production. In addition to this, Italy is renowned for its wonderful weather, mouthwatering cuisine, and top-notch wine. 

Italy has long been associated with having some of the most breathtaking scenery and wedding venues; today, we’ll introduce you to Villa Balbiano

Best Locations For Weddings in Lake Como

Villa Balbiano, located on the picturesque western shore of Lake Como, is the gem everyone is looking for in the best Italian wedding venue. A truly remarkable and majestic wedding setting for your special day. The villa has an exceptional heritage beginning with the famous Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, who created it and lived there at the end of the 16th century, 100 year later, Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini used this hidden gem to host daily festivals, banquets, and dances, etc. 

Today, Villa Balbiano is the most recognizable private residence in Lake Como and further. Located by the lake with 2HA property, with a widespread luxurious garden that was designed by the British Society of Garden Designers. 

The Villa itself possesses an outdoor swimming pool and a private boathouse with a pier. The interior is designed with first-class historical furniture and spectacular 17th-century frescoes created by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva that are still spotless on the walls of the Lake Como wedding Venue. 

An Italian Opulence

Weddings in Lake Como, the 3rd largest Italian lake recognizable worldwide for its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque locations, will be perfect for your dream wedding that emits luxury, magic, and class. 

When asked for Lake Como's best locations for weddings, one of our first choices is always Villa Balbiano. The extraordinary beauty not only of the Villa itself but the whole surroundings, the nature, lake view, and perfect Italian garden. 

Villa Balbiano - An Architectural Masterpiece from the 16th Century

Whenever you hear the word masterpiece connected with the 16th Century, the first thing that comes to mind is the Renaissance and its perfect art creations. Well, fortunately, this Villa has it all. Heavenly statues and fountains squirreled away in the perfectly shaped garden and bring life to the ambiance. 

Wedding Chambers and Accommodation for your Guests

The Villa Balbiano offers exclusive accommodation; the newlyweds can enjoy the Master Suite, which has a king-size bed, sitting area, living room with gorgeous furniture, a walk-in dressing room, a bathroom with bathtub, and a shower, a private terrace with lake views for morning coffee with your loved one.  

The Villa has a total of 14 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 28 guests. Each of these rooms offers an unforgettable, out-of-this-world experience. The chic furniture, the 16th-century frescoes, sculptures and statues, and the lake and mountain views make your stay a complete adventure.

In addition, as an extra service, you can get butler and chef service, helicopter transfers, wines from the cellar, beauty and spa treatments, and so on. What an incredible way to treat your guests to an unforgettable Italian wedding experience. 

A Fairytale Wedding

Imagine this, you, your lovely partner, caring family, and dearest friends, all together, at a wedding in Lake Como, on YOUR big day.  Let's start from the entrance. You will get an elite, one-in-a-lifetime arrival at the villa by boat. A pretty incredible way to impress your guests. As you step off onto the peninsula, you will feel the breeze that leads you to the terraces that hold a miraculous viewpoint over the lake. 

You have a couple of options for your reception. It can be the upper Loggia Segre that can accommodate up to 60 seated guests. Its own private terrace can later be used for dancing, cocktails, or maybe even an after-party.  Your second option can be the lower garden terrace. Its capacity is a maximum of 150 people seated. 

An interesting and unique thing about Villa Balbiano is that it is one of the very few Lake Como Villas and Venues that are “neighbours free,” and that can mean only one thing: partying all night with no guilt.

Unbelievable Wedding Photo Backdrop Locations

In addition to the lake view, boat, and garden photographs, we will give you some insider tips for a perfect photo. Probably the most famous and celebrated spot of the villa will be the three-arched loggias. A truly special place, the spot that gazes north to Bellagio and the mountains in the distance. Across from the mountains is the single island of Como. This spot can be used for a special ceremony like reading your vows or even an intimate dinner. 

Other ideas for photographs can be with the luxury furniture that is all over the Villa. Ancient and historic furnishings, stunning frescoes, and amazing architecture throughout the villa create beautiful photo backdrops. A professional photographer will instruct you on making the perfect pose that will bring out the best version of you.

And, of course, you can never get too many wedding photos with the awe-inspiring and picturesque view of Lake Como. It will emit a vibe from the Renaissance period itself. And lastly, pianos always create a beautiful wedding portrait. The whole ambiance at the villa just complements love and is an unbelievable addition to your love story.  

3 Main Reasons Why Villa Balbiano Is Perfect For Your Wedding Day

Each couple has unique reasons for choosing a specific location as their wedding venue. And when speaking of the Villa Balbiano, there are a million reasons to think of, but here are just a few reasons why we think it’s a wonderful location to say “I Do” in Italy. 

It is an Architectural Masterpiece

A true masterpiece. Being able to see all of the art that is on the property, art that just speaks for itself, representing the wealthy history and its hard but beautiful tale. Every bit and corner of the whole property just screams luxury, royalty, chic, class, style, elite, and art! The terrace, the two loggias, the peninsula, the Villa itself, the views, the decorations, the nature, the garden...we can just keep on going. The Villa needs to be experienced and not described.

Royalty and Luxury Are Present all the time.

By choosing Villa Balbiano, you will definitely feel like royalty. Starting with the boat arrival, the villa’s service, and perfect and different reception spots, the Villa Balbiano is definitely one of the best Como wedding locations. 

It’s hard to beat the breathtaking views, vibrant green nature, deep blue sky and water, chic furniture, luxurious halls, and interior decor with ancient frescoes that inspire us to dream and wonder, providing truly the best Italian wedding experience.

Uniqueness and a Lifetime Experience

If you’re searching for an Italian wedding venue that will create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, the Villa Balbiano is it! 

Wedding guests enjoy a unique chance to fully experience Lake Como's architecture, art, light, and drama at the majestic Villa Balbiano. The entire experience is characterized by flamboyant styling and opulent detail, and two hectares of well-maintained grounds provide innumerable lovely vantage points from which to take in the striking vistas. 

The property may provide a window into the life of the villa's controversial former owner, Cardinal Durini, who lived there and extended it in the late 18th century. His passion for the arts as a papal nuncio is still clearly visible in the property's Italianate gardens with their dramatic fountains and thoughtful sculptures, beautiful ceiling frescoes, and a world-class library, which all interestingly contrast with the simple lines of the villa's Renaissance façade.

It’s important to remember that your wedding story is about the love that you share for each other and joining together as one. And while the Villa Balbiano is a majestic and unforgettable venue, the true experience for everyone in attendance is based on your love. 

Every venue is perfect as long as you and your partner are in it. The couples that marry at Villa Balbiano make it even more beautiful and magical than it already is, the architectural and natural blessings are just supplementary. Are you ready to become part of this palatial villa’s evolving history? We can help you plan it! Give us a call today.

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