15 Best Luxury Wedding Villas in Italy

September 8, 2022

Choosing the perfect venue for your Italian wedding is never easy, especially with the myriad choices this wonderful country has to provide. There's a wide range of options, including castles, wedding villas in Italy, renowned 5-star hotels, and everything in between. You can tie the knot in Tuscany, Lake Como, Umbria, the Amalfi Coast, and the islands.

Italy is rich in history with a diverse range of natural settings, including the sea, mountains, lakes, and hills, as well as a large subset of villages and cities with a rich artistic past. Apart from this, Italy is also known for its pleasant weather, delectable cuisine, and excellent wine. This is why Italy has always been synonymous with exceptional quality, beauty, and fulfilling life!

Here are some of the top luxury wedding villas in Italy:

Lake Como

The Lake Como is your ideal wedding location: a stunning location brimming with unmistakable romantic charm. Legendary Lake Como is one of the most sought-after locations for luxury weddings due to its breathtaking scenery, warm weather, delectable cuisine, and outstanding wine.

1. Villa Balbiano

Rising from the western shore of Lake Como, Villa Balbiano is one of the best wedding villas in Italy. Built at the end of the 16th century, this gorgeous villa is steeped in history, rich with architectural wonders, and has a private boat dock and majestic gardens. Your guests will marvel at the luxurious interior of the Villa Balbiano featuring the finest art and furniture of age-old centuries, making it the perfect place for a chic day of love and joy. 

As one of our favorite luxury Italian villas, Villa Balbiano offers sunny wedding ceremonies, incredible experiences, and romantic reception cuisine in addition to its well-maintained lakeside lawns and English-inspired private gardens.

Facade of luxury wedding Villa Balbiano

2. Villa Balbianello

This world-famous Italian venue has hosted elite weddings and fashion photo shoots and has even been the backdrop for movies such as James Bond and Star Wars. So, if your dream is to have a luxury, celebrity-style wedding, the Villa Balbianello is for you. 

This Italian villa wedding venue is situated on a peninsula in the Lenno neighborhood, which dominates Lake Como on all sides. The villa's tiered grounds offer spectacular views of the western shore of Lake Como and Isola Comacina, making it the ideal setting for picture-perfect wedding portraits.

Couples and visitors can fully appreciate its splendor because this villa can only be reached by boat. Villa Balbianello is one of the most picturesque wedding venues since it features unparalleled lake views from every angle.

Beautiful scenery and gardens combine to create a truly magnificent event.

Villa Balbianello Luxury wedding villa in Italy

3. Villa Erba

Villa Erba is a charming location for an exclusive wedding day because of its location right on the water. If you’re searching for villas to get married in Italy, the Villa Erba is sure to steal your heart. Outdoor symbolic rituals can be held on the lawn by the lake or directly in front of the Villa. Large groups may be accommodated by building a platform over the pier to create a spacious place for the ceremony just above the water.

Also located on the South Shore of Lake Como, Villa Erba is rich in history, full of luxury, and offers unparalleled service. Villa Erba is a charming location for an exclusive wedding day because of its location right on the ocean. Outdoor symbolic rituals can be held on the lawn by the lake or directly in front of the Villa. Large groups may be accommodated by building a platform over the peer to create a spacious place for the ceremony just above the water.

Villa Erba is the perfect location for one-of-a-kind Italian weddings and celebrations. This timeless Italian villa wedding venue is renowned for its exceptional waterfront location, vast botanical garden, and exquisitely furnished rooms; you won’t be disappointed.

Beautiful facade of Villa Erba from Como Lake

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, along with Tuscany, is one of the most well-liked regions in Italy for destination weddings. This is due to the region's breathtaking scenery and the abundance of venues with spectacular views ideal for a perfect ceremony and reception, including opulent hotels and private villas that look out over the Mediterranean Sea's deep blue waters and dramatic cliffsides.

The Amalfi Coast is perfect for weddings and will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable experience. 

4. Caruso, a Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast

What little girl doesn’t dream of getting married in a palace? Perched between the impossibly blue mediterranean sea and sky sits this incredible 11th-century palace - Caruso, A Belmond Hotel. It is a majestic home straight out of a fairy tale, with historic frescoes and high ceilings interacting with a modern Italian flare.

Ravello is renowned as a supreme romantic getaway and is among the most prestigious wedding locations in the world. This Italian villa wedding venue, Caruso Belmond Hotel has hosted countless weddings and celebrations, each unique in its particular tale and the perfect location for romance scenes. The setting is ideal, with views stretching across the enticing Amalfi coastline and the soft aroma of fragrant lemons in the air.

Stunning view of mediterranean sea from Caruso Belmond Luxury Hotel

Photo: David Bastianoni Studio

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5. Palazzo Avino

Tucked away in the historic medieval hilltop village of Ravello, perched high on the majestic cliffs, 1,000 ft. above the sparkling Mediterranean sea, Palazzo Avino overlooks the coast’s most picturesque and charming fishing villages. With the most vibrant blue waters, rugged cliffsides, and views that seem endless, Palazzo Avino is a beautiful luxury wedding venue in Italy. 

One of Revello's most recognizable hotels, Palazzo Avino, is distinguished by its pink terracotta walls, lush floral decor, and clifftop vistas. The five-star premium hotel features a Michelin-starred restaurant, an outdoor heated pool, over thirty rooms, and ten suites. It also has a sun terrace with a whirlpool. 

The Palazzo Avino is an exceptional Italian wedding villa providing five-star service; if you want an Italian wedding with awe-inspiring views and an unforgettable experience, host your wedding at the Palazzo Avino.  

Palazzo Avino luxury wedding villa in Italy


Puglia weddings are ideal for couples that value picturesque settings with an off-the-beaten-path vibe. Puglia is the perfect destination for those who appreciate effortless style because of the relaxed pace of life, friendly natives, clean air, and delicious cuisine. The Southern Italian area of Apulia is attractive and has a lot to offer tourists because of its rich culture, history, tradition, cuisine, and spirituality.

6. Masseria San Giovanni

The Masseria San Giovanni is another stunning wedding villa in Italy that will astound your guests. It's the ideal beach wedding location in Italy because it's surrounded by stretches of old olive trees in the Itria Valley and is close to the magnificent Adriatic beaches of Savelletri and Torre Canne. 

The Masseria San Giovanni is stunning, white-washed with 15 bedrooms, incredible views, and the cutest little chapel. 

The wonderful ambience that permeates the estate leaves an indelible emotional impact on every event held at Masseria San Giovanni. 

Wonderful facade of white Masseria San Giovanni in Puglia, Italy

7. Masseria Don Luigi

In Puglia, Italy, Masseria Don Luigi is a historic 19th-century villa with lovely surroundings ideal - perfect for a spectacular wedding.

At the Masseria Don Luigi, take pleasure in the wedding to end all weddings. The Don Luigi has been renovated, becoming an opulent, upscale resort with traditional Apulian squared architecture. Get pampered by the staff and spend time with your nearest and dearest while enjoying the surroundings and rustic charm.

Luxury Wedding Masseria Don Luigi Villa

8. Masseria Torre Maizza

Among the most stunning wedding villas in Italy, located on the Adriatic coast of Italy, Masseria Torre Maizza, a former farmhouse that has been transformed into a haven, is surrounded by centuries-old olive orchards and a vast, lush garden. Masseria Torre Maizza is a divine resort where you may hold your southern Italian wedding since it marries rustic Italian charm with laid-back contemporary luxury.

Torre Maizza, a wondeful white wedding villa in Italy


Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the world's most stunning and captivating cities. The city has a significant artistic tradition. In addition, numerous national monuments make for lovely photos and ceremony settings. As a result, Rome has become a popular location for destination weddings.

9. Castello Odescalchi

The Odescalchi castle in Santa Marinella provides the couple with a stunning location for a memorable wedding. On one side of this magnificent property is the Mediterranean garden, framed by palm trees and pines, and on the other side is the breathtaking sea, which can be seen from the castle's terraces. The castle, an ancient princely palace separated into various surroundings, is in the center and provides for the ideal planning of your wedding.

Luxury Wedding in Italy Castello Odescalchi

10. Villa Clara

A renowned Italian architect named Foschini constructed this Roman villa in the 1920s. It has been transformed into a luxurious stately home today, with golden and marble mosaics and a beautiful collection of artwork around the property. Along with the meticulously maintained garden, visitors may delight in the rooftop terrace, which features a jacuzzi, a dining area, and 360-degree views of Rome.

Villa Clara, a historic mansion that stands alone in the center of Rome close to Villa Borghese, is a hidden gem that raises the bar for luxury lodging in the area. This location is ideal for small weddings and parties because it includes four suites in addition to the gorgeous living room and dining room and a rooftop patio.

Front view of wedding Villa Clara in Rome

11. Villa Aurelia

The gorgeous classic structure known as Villa Aurelia, ideal for elegant wedding receptions, is perched in a commanding location above the old city of Rome. With the option to choose your vendors, this place is one of the perfect villas to get married in Italy. Villa Aurelia enables you to design your distinctive, individual wedding celebrations. In addition, the exquisite grounds, which include lovely terraces, a lemon grove, and a private garden, are available for outdoor symbolic weddings.

Facade of gorgeous classic structured Villa Aurelia in Rome Italy

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Sicily is yet another fantastic place that brilliantly combines Italian and Mediterranean culture. With a wide array of venues and numerous transport and lodging alternatives for your guests, this is one of the best locations in Italy to tie the knot, regardless of your budget or wedding aspirations.

12. Grand Hotel Timeo, a Belmond Hotel, Taormina

The Grand Hotel Timeo Villa in Sicily makes weddings a dream come true. It will undoubtedly be a stunning occasion, whether it is a religious service in the Taormina church, a civil wedding at the town hall, or a blessing in our rich Italian gardens. Your wedding will be custom-made to your requirements, ensuring that every last aspect is just as you envisioned. 

Grand Hotel Timeo, a Belmond Hotel, Taormina Sicily


Foreigners that travel to this lovely nation have long been drawn in by the colourful Tuscan countryside bathed by warm sunshine and the grandeur of its terrain. There are many classic countryside villas and trattorias in the Tuscan countryside near Florence. This makes it a popular location for Italian weddings and the ideal setting for a rustic celebration.

13. Borgo Santo Pietro

A five-star boutique hotel called Borgo Santo Pietro is situated right in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, not far from Siena. The countryside villa contains a variety of rooms, each of which is distinct and designed using the warm, rich hues of the area. If you are planning a wedding in Tuscany Villas, Borgo Santo Pietro can range from small, private gatherings to significant, formal events with up to 100 guests.

Italian wedding Villa Borgo Santo Pietro surrounded by green trees and gardens

14. Palazzo Pfanner

The historical and well-known Palazzo is famous amongst all Lucca lovers. The wedding in Villa Florence dates back to the 15th century and has maintained the elegance of bygone centuries. The Italian-style garden makes a perfect setting for pictures. In contrast, the interior halls decorated with original frescoes and antique furniture make it a romantic countryside villa backdrop for a wedding reception. It is ideal for weddings with up to 110 guests.

Palazzo Pfanner facade

15. Villa San Michele, a Belmond Hotel, Florence

If you desire a luxurious wedding in a Tuscany villa, Villa San Michele is the perfect location because of its renaissance romance. This former monastery, perched in classic Italian gardens with a view of the Florence cityscape, will captivate you. Additionally, a professional team can customize your wedding in Villa Florence to ensure your special day is all you envisioned.

Whether planning a wedding in Tuscany villas, a wedding in Villa Florence, a countryside villa wedding, a romantic getaway under the Puglia sun, or a whimsical celebration near beautiful Lake Como, Italy's a unique wedding locale. Italy has long been a popular destination for couples looking to wed abroad due to its abundance of ancient history, world-renowned cuisine, breathtaking beauty, and, let’s not forget about the wine. 

High view of wedding Villa San Michele in Florence

These are not all the choices VB Events has to offer! So if you are in search of other destination wedding venues, get in contact with our wedding planners!

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