Blushing Brides: Discovering Wedding Makeup Inspiration

September 15, 2023

Weddings are filled with thousands of decisions and to-do lists that have no end, but one item that seems to be overlooked is choosing your wedding makeup. For most brides, choosing their wedding day makeup look comes at the very end of the planning process, which can make things stressful. So, today, we’re revealing some wedding makeup ideas to help get you inspired.

From soft glam wedding makeup, smokey eye makeup and the uber-trendy natural wedding makeup, we have a look for you! 

Natural Wedding Makeup

Worrying about your makeup and whether it is staying on, still fresh, and as lovely as when it was initially applied is the last thing you need on your special day. But with the natural makeup look and a professional makeup artist, you won’t need to worry about this.

The natural makeup trend is characterized by focusing on enhancing one's features with a subtle and fresh look while using products that appear as if the wearer is not wearing makeup. 

But natural wedding makeup doesn’t mean your face is naked. And it also doesn’t mean you can’t have contouring; it’s simply achieved differently. This wedding makeup look aims to achieve a natural, radiant, and effortless appearance; what could be more perfect on your wedding day?

In today's modern times, there are two types of people: those who love a little more subdued makeup look and those who paint white and brown stripes on their faces and buff them out for a precisely sculpted look (you’ve probably seen this on TikTok). 

When it comes to natural wedding makeup, subtle is your friend, so underpainting your contour or putting your contour and highlighter on before your foundation rather than on top of it will help soften things up. This creates a more natural romantic wedding makeup look.  

Natural wedding makeup is your go-to; if you won't be able to touch it up frequently, a nude lip means no colorful smearing after a ceremonial smooch, and as it wears off by drinking and eating, it won't be noticeable. A natural bridal makeup look is also ideal since it brings out your greatest features and makes you feel most beautiful on your big day.

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The “No Makeup” Makeup

If you don’t wear makeup in your regular, everyday life, you don’t have to start on your wedding day. Loving your natural beauty is an incredible feeling, so yes! We champion any woman who feels confident wearing bare skin on her wedding day. After all, you don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like someone else, right? 

For your no-makeup wedding day look, you only need a healthy skin care regimen, a moisturizer that makes your skin glow, and possibly a few drops of concealer. And for picture-perfect pouty lips, maybe some nude lip gloss. 

You can do This simple wedding makeup look yourself; no need to worry about booking makeup artists or the associated costs. 

Makeup bride for Italian wedding

Soft Glam Wedding Makeup

A step up from natural makeup and a step down from full glam is "soft glam wedding makeup." Soft glam makeup steers clear of the harsh lines and heavy finishes of a full glam look, creating an ultra-romantic look. Everything is gentle, usually monochromatic, and well-blended. Glowing, smooth, and natural skin should be the goal paying closer attention to the eyes. 

In soft glam makeup, your eyes will be enhanced by subtle eyeshadows and smudged eyeliner, and to complete the look, whispers of bronzer and blush will enhance your cheeks. A truly romantic wedding makeup look that will photograph beautifully and look incredible in real life. 

Glam Wedding Makeup

When searching for wedding makeup ideas, you must also check out the glam wedding makeup trend. This is a beautiful look, but if we’re being honest, it isn’t for everyone. If you typically avoid makeup in most situations or prefer a simple look, you may want to avoid glam makeup on your wedding day. 

To achieve a bridal glam look, you'll need a dramatic lip color, blending eyeshadow in a hue that suits your eyes or the colors of your wedding decor, eyeliner, filled-in brows, mascara or fake eyelashes, rosy blush, and shining highlighter. 

Full Glam Bridal Makeup

Brides whose daily makeup borders the extravagant and heavy should opt for full glam wedding makeup. Choose blushes, corals, or pinks with golden or orange overtones for your cheeks, chin, and temples. For the eyes, go for modern, cleanly carved-out eyebrows paired with thin, layered, or elaborate graphic eyeliner, smokey eye makeup, with eyeshadows that shimmer will make everything pop. 

Although we enjoy, both full and soft glam looks, full glam has its place. It was initially designed to exaggerate a woman's features for stage and movie productions, so it can appear pretty startling up close and in broad daylight. If you love the full glam makeup style, it is best suited to an evening affair.

Old Hollywood Glam Makeup For Weddings

Bright crimson lips, dramatic and moody eyes, and well-defined brows are all part of the Old Hollywood allure. The vintage Hollywood glamour makeup look is what you should choose if you want to stand out on your wedding day or at a significant event. 

Pair this dramatic wedding makeup style with Hollywood glam waves in your hair for a showstopper look. And don’t worry, if you don’t love red lipstick, you can choose a bright lip color like maroon, pink, or purple. And to make your eyes pop, use eyelash extensions or artificial lashes to get those lush, dramatic lashes, then complete this look with black winged eyeliner; it’s a surefire hit for any Old Hollywood glam look, and for a bride, it’s glamorous and elegant- we love it!

Makeup For Wedding Guests

Now that we’ve covered the hottest trends for bridal makeup let’s talk about makeup for wedding guests. Sure, weddings are exciting, and everyone loves to get the honored invites because not only is it a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time to get dressed up. 

And while choosing what you’ll wear can be stressful, deciding on the appropriate makeup for wedding guests can be just as challenging. You want to look beautiful for the countless pictures that will be taken, but you don’t want to go over the top with something too flashy or bold for the event. And you definitely don’t want to outshine the bride or couple. So, finding the ideal balance is essential to get the most fantastic makeup look for a wedding. 

Whether you cry a lot or love to dance all night—or both!—we have wedding makeup ideas to keep you looking stunning all night. From gorgeous eyelashes, dewy nude makeup, and a splash of lip color, you’ll be the best version of yourself with these wedding guest makeup ideas. 

Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas

First, it’s essential to understand the theme and location of the event, as that will set the tone for not only what you wear but how you apply your makeup. A garden wedding, for example, will dictate a pretty dress but nothing flashy or formal, and your wedding guest makeup should follow suit. 

So, make sure to check your invitation for any dress code requirements and the time and location of the event, then start planning your makeup. 

Wedding Makeup for guests

Monochromatic Pastel

Opt for a monochromatic pastel makeup look if you love color but don’t want to be too loud. For a lovely monochrome pastel look, let the hues of your clothing serve as your makeup inspiration. You can use earth tones for eyeshadows and soft pinks or corals as blush and on your lips. Coordinating with your outfit will help you make a cohesive and beautiful look. 

Nude Palette

From eyeshadow to lipstick, nude or natural makeup looks timeless and effortless. If you're one of those people who prefers their natural beauty to stand out, look at our suggestion for natural wedding makeup above. If your wedding attire is so vibrant that it can speak for itself, you might also do this barely-there makeup style. You only need a little lip balm with color and minimal foundation.

Glam Wedding Guest Makeup

Yes, in some situations, it’s acceptable for you to go glam with your wedding guest makeup. Some people look their best in glam makeup, so if that describes you, you should try metallics. Metallic eyeshadows add a touch of glam and elegance without being too over-the-top or bold. 

Give yourself a bright appearance by highlighting your hair and eyes with gold. Put on a glossy lip to finish. Black or dark wedding attire with a hairdo that draws your hair away from your face would create a beautiful look that would stand out.

But remember to consider the location, time and theme of the wedding. A glam wedding makeup look isn’t always suitable for a guest.

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Glowy Bronzed Look

Another excellent makeup idea for guests is the glowy, bronzed look. Choose neutral and earthy tones with gold highlights for that shimmering bronzed look that will have you glowing throughout the event. Makeup for wedding guests doesn’t have to be understated, but it also shouldn’t be too bold, so the beautiful taupe or brown shades combined with a bronzer will look magnificent. Complete the look with a nude or soft pink lip gloss for a seamless finish.

Other wedding makeup important questions

How Much Should Wedding Makeup Cost?

On average, as the bride, you can expect to pay $150 - $600 for wedding makeup. Why such a big range? Prices for your wedding makeup will vary based on your location, the experience of the makeup artist and any additional products you require. For example, if you want false eyelashes or extensions, this is an additional cost. 

Is It Worth Getting Makeup Done For A Wedding?

Yes, we believe it is! Professional makeup artists are skilled and trained in various products and looks that can help you achieve your desired look. They know how to apply it darker than you usually would to help you look your best in photos, and it can help eliminate some of the stress of getting ready. While it may be an additional expense, we believe it’s money well spent.  

How Do You Do Natural Wedding Makeup?

Natural wedding makeup does not mean a complete no-makeup look. But it does mean keeping the products minimalist. Go with the natural skin tone for foundations, nude lip colors, and an enhancing blush shade to look fabulous. And remember to wear lush eyelashes!

Which Type Of Wedding Makeup Is Best?

The answer to this question lies in your personal preferences. But one of the best bridal makeup styles is the matte finish. This kind of makeup uses substances that effectively absorb extra skin oil. This conceals imperfections and gives a smooth, velvety finish. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to wear this look on your big day. If you love a Dewy look, that’s how you should look at your wedding. It’s your day, and you should look how you want. 

The wedding day makeup that you choose enhances your overall look, but your natural beauty will radiate from within. Selecting a makeup color palette that fits your personal style and wedding is essential. We suggest you meet with professional makeup artists for a few trial runs to decide which look fits best. 

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