Italian Wedding Package - What To Look For When Planning Your Wedding

May 28, 2021

When planning a destination wedding, it is essential to know what your wedding package includes so that all your needs and requirements are met for your special day. The uncertainty of not being on the ground can be overwhelming so having a wedding who you trust is imperative. 

What should you look for when choosing your Italian wedding package?

Our wedding experts have compiled a list of the top things you need to look for when starting to plan your luxury Italian wedding. Below is a list of things you must consider when you get started:

● Find an experienced Italian wedding planner

● Emerge yourself in the Italian culture and start reserving you locations and vendors

● Consider the costs of an Italian wedding package

● Infuse your personal style and taste

● Consider the must have items: Venue, Photographer, Caterer & more

● Other Items to Consider: Legislation, Accommodations, Transport & More

● Extras in your Italian Wedding Package - the cherry on top (Fireworks, live band, &


Find an experienced Italian wedding planner

With VB-Events we are rather methodical and have perfected the steps of planning over years of experience. To start we always have a complimentary consultation where you and your partner get to meet our team. This allows both parties to understand the dynamic and get a feeling for each other. It is of great importance that you feel like you have been understood and your vision is seen. We want your wedding celebrations to be stress-free, allowing you and your partner to focus on each other and not all the nitty-gritty things. 

Emerge yourself in the Italian culture and start reserving you locations and vendors.

Once you have fallen in love with your planner and the excitement is bubbling, VB-Events makes a bespoke agenda. This well thought out plan includes everything from locations to vendors galore. When possible we encourage our couple to meet us in their Italian destination, where they can experience the sights, smells and tastes themselves. When it is not possible to be submerged in the environment we have multiple online meetings and video calls, where you take you through it all just as detailed.

Every aspect of the wedding is time-sensitive when it comes to booking. Reserving your ideal location and vendors early on is a must as this can dictate your dates. VB-Events only works with the highest level of vendors such as Waterfall Visuals and David Bastianoni.

bride and groom in perfect lighting

Photo by David Bastianoni

Consider the costs of an Italian wedding Package

One of the most common questions about wedding packages is how much it is all going to cost. VB-Events specialises in bespoke luxury events, that are uniquely tailored to each couple, it would be impossible to give a cooky cutter figure for all the different events. Rather, during our consultation, we ask what you are prepared to spend and what you really want. Then we will make it happen.

Each couple we work with has a well planned and managed excel sheet. We manage all the quotes and contracts to best suit your budget. The budget is strictly managed to avoid any unnecessary costs and ensure complete transparency. After being in the industry for so long we are lucky to have built up amazing relationships with the Italies best vendors. This has proven to be an asset to our couples in not only being able to book them but get them at a competitive price.

bride and groom with traditional Italian wedding cake

Infuse your personal style and taste

Each couple we work with is uniquely different and has their own personal style and taste that we infuse into their event. VB-Events takes special note of your aesthetics and needs, in our initial meeting. The VB team then carefully constructs a comprehensive mood board, that includes everything from colours and textures to lighting and layout.

VB-Events love to include hints of true Italian style into the styling of the venue to make it coherent within the location. This is often done with local produce and indigenous foliage and carried through into the menu and plating. After all, if you are wanting a wedding package, it is important to have a splash of Italian style to have la dolce vita.

Once aesthetics have been approved, the talented VB team will make sure that is consistently carried through every aspect of the wedding. For couples that possibly have not seen the venue in person or have intricate aspects such as lighting, the VB team renders scaled sketches of the space to better visualise what it will look like on the day.

Moodboard of a wedding composed by photos of the table set up, with pink roses, candles, silver dishes

Consider the must have items: Venue, Photographer, Caterer & more!


One of the most important services needed in your destination wedding package is a variety of venue choices. Not being a local there yourself it may be difficult to know of every venue that is available to you. Having a local wedding planner can be vital to introduce you to less commercial options that may be better suited for your big day.

Selecting the dream venue is very time-sensitive and the availability of the location can affect your dates. We suggest reserving your venue 11-12 months before your dream wedding day.

It may be difficult to choose where to get married in Italy. As it is overflowing with beauty. You will not be disappointed no matter where you choose. Here are our top 5 places to get married in Tuscany.

Villa Gamberia and grounds at dusk

Photography and videography:

An absolute must. After building and your dream Italian wedding surrounded by your nearest and dearest, we guarantee that you will want to have these moments capture and reserved for years to come. This too is very time-specific, good photographers are generally booked year-round, so again start looking and ask the planner of your wedding package about this from the get-go.


You can not get married in Italy and not think about the food. Italians pride themselves on their
bursting flavours and wedding catering abilities. Every region has their own signature flavour profile. This
distinction may prove helpful when deciding what region to wed.

The spritz and spirits of the north, the warm Tuscan red wines to the sweet limoncello of the south.

Having a local wedding planner will help bring out the famous flavours of your location, resulting in an unforgettable wedding experience.


An Italian wedding would not be complete without breathtaking florals and foliage. Having a
reputable florist is essential, wedding arrangements are rather specific. We would hate to see
wilting flowers or pollen dusted all over your precious dress or lapel. VB-Events has a long
relationship with our florists who only deliver the highest quality.


Lastly and possibly most importantly, when looking for a wedding package make sure concierge is included. Being a destination wedding it is dier that your planner is reachable when you need them. VB-Events is available 24/7 so you can reach us from anywhere in the world.

We handle every meticulous detail to ensure that your wedding celebrations go off without a hitch.

Other Items to Consider: Legislation, Accommodations, Transport & More


This is very important and something to double-check! Depending on where you are coming from it may be necessary to have all legal documents done in Italy to make sure the marriage is legal. VB-Events can manage all the legalisation processes of the day to make sure you have all the essential paperwork.


Having accommodations will be necessary for you and your party, as well as all your guests. This
may be difficult to manage and organise the logistics for all members, so it may be a stress reliever if it is included in your wedding package.


No matter the size of your party it is always a good idea to arrange transport to and from the venue. This takes the stress of you and your guest and avoids guests from being late or getting lost.

VB-Events also organises luxury and vintage vehicles for the couple to leave the ceremony and
celebrations in. The perfect cherry on top for a day of love and luxuries.


Depending on the venue and what you want, extra lighting can be added. As well as intricate or statement lighting that creates an awe-inspiring ambience.

Hair and Makeup:

VB-Events has worked with the best in the business when it comes to hair and makeup. This can often be stressful for the bride sourcing a reliable artist for her big day, so your planner must be someone you trust to refer you. After meeting with you and understanding your style the VB team will be able to select a professional artist that can deliver exactly what you want. We also suggest that you have a trial before the big day.

Extras in your Italian Wedding Package - the cherry on top

These are not often included in traditional Italian Wedding Packages but they can be the icing on the cake to your wedding celebrations.


Typically done at the reception adding excitement and colour to the event. There is nothing more beautiful than the Italian night sky lit up celebrating your love.

Live band:

Feel like you are the main character of the night with the band serenading you and your partner. Playing all your favourite songs. This is the perfect way to make sure everyone is on their feet and dancing into the night. VB-Events manages one of the most talented bands with years of experience and the ability to pull off almost any genre.

Gifts and Favours:

Once the campaign has been drunk and the fireworks popped. It is a lovely sentiment to give your guests a little token of your thanks for celebrating your marriage. VB-Events and source and arrange that each guest gets a parting favour, unique to your event.

For a time-specific plan on booking and vendors see our other blog.

Trust The Professionals

There is an endless list of things VB-Events can offer you on your big day and having a tailored wedding package can ensure your dream day becomes a reality. Taking all the stress and panic away from you and making it appear like magic.

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