A Seasonal Guide to Wedding Planning

December 30, 2020

Close your eyes and picture the colours and theme of your ideal wedding.

Did you imagine warm autumnal hues or fresh pops of green foliage? Perhaps vibrant flowers in a multitude of shades is more appealing? What about violet, cerulean, scarlet or blush?

Most people have a vague idea of the ‘aesthetics’ that they want. Yet, they often forget how this can be linked to the date and the season when the wedding takes place. That is why VB Events will guide you in this selection process.

A few important question to consider are listed below:

  • Do you have a preference for a certain season?
  • Do the colours or flowers you love lend themselves to a specific season? 
  • Is the cuisine that you want influenced by or limited to its availability during certain times?

These are things that are all worth taking into consideration as the season should inform a few of your wedding choices. So too, your wedding choices should reflect the season you select.

First, VB Events will aid you in your choice of season. We will take into consideration which season or time of year best suits you as a couple. We will also provide insights regarding the temperatures and weather in the various, magnificent regions of our country. From there we can delve into the details.

We consult our masterful suppliers in order to make the most informed decisions: 

  • Renowned florists guide us as to which flowers are in season and compliment the aesthetic wishes of the couple. 
  • So too, lighting designers are conferred with in order to create the desired atmosphere and mood.  
  • Caterers are also consulted in order to champion seasonal cuisine and create a sublime menu.
  • VB Events will also utilise the latest trends as a muse and springboard.

It is noteworthy that there is no specific location for a specific season. Our expertise and strength lies in ensuring that the venue’s location is perfect, irrespective of the time of year. Our priority is to bring your wedding vision to life. This means that we always have a ‘Plan B’ in case there are any tumultuous weather conditions. Whether this involves having a backup marquee or moving the event indoors, our meticulous planning ensures that your day is stress-free.

We will always prioritise your wishes and our highly tailored service ensures that we communicate with you effectively. Whether you are adorned with lavender and white flowers or have floral displays boasting autumnal shades, VB Events ensures bespoke beauty.

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