Destination Weddings: The Importance of Hiring a Local Wedding Planner

October 30, 2020

Cosa sai dell'organizzazione di un matrimonio in Italia?

The question above is an imperative one: How much do you know about planning a wedding in Italy?

To start, if you could not understand the question itself, this does not bode well for your planning prospects. A local Italian wedding planner understands this question and is equipped with all the answers that you could possibly need.

The benefits, however, go far beyond language barriers. Local wedding planners, specifically VB – Events, ensures that your luxury wedding is steeped in grandeur. We are dedicated to the pursuit of client satisfaction.

Let’s delve into the specific areas that we can enrich:

  • Language

You may be somewhat proficient in Italian or may only know the words ‘ciao’ or ‘grazie’. Local wedding planners, on the other hand, are fluent in Italian and will ensure that there are no communication mishaps or misunderstandings.

This is pivotal in ensuring everything runs smoothly as they can organise all aspects of the wedding adeptly. It is also noteworthy that our team, at VB – Events, all speak impeccable English, due to our international exposure and experiences abroad.

  • Budget

Couples often think that spending money on a wedding planner can be an exorbitant waste. This is entirely untrue. The correct wedding planner, such as VB – Events, will actually save you money. (The section below, on Connections, outlines how this is possible). Moreover, we aid you in the budgeting process. We ensure that you stay on target, or we provide you with informed recommendations on what to substitute or cut out of your budget.  

  • Connections

At VB – Events, our 15 years of experience means that we have hand-picked the vendors that we rely on. As we bring these external sources clients, our partnerships cannot be matched by couples planning a wedding by themselves. This rapport with such outside sources, ranging from venue owners to caterers, also means that our clients get the best possible prices. We even have bargaining power, further safeguarding your budget. So too, these relationships are imbued with trust, and the quality of our network of connections guarantees that all vendors will deliver at their optimum.

  • Details and services

The services that we at VB – Events provide are bespoke and moulded to each couple’s grandest desires. The use of a wedding planner ensures that your wedding experience is highly personal and hands-on. We are fully dedicated to making your vision tangible and do so by having thorough consultations, meetings and calls. This is something that makes our services stand out. We will also accompany you in venue hunting and catering tastings, as well as provide you with an array of options for each selection that you make. The full extent of our services can be perused, here.

  • Stress reduction

If you strip away the aesthetics of a wedding, it comes back to the love between a couple. This celebration should not be tainted by stress or mismanagement. As local wedding planners, we have a fine-tuned planning process that takes care of every exhaustive detail. So all you and your partner have to do, is watch your dream day unfold and revel in the celebration of your love.

The allure of VB - Events

We are experts in the field of wedding planning. This is further enhanced by our matchless local knowledge, renowned services and Italian flair. Your wedding is in unrivalled hands with VB – Events.

For any other questions that you may have, we invite you to contact us, here.

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